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Jesus was perfect, yet there were still people who tried to pick out faults in Him and bring Him down. Check Your Circle.

Sowing Seeds of Love

Check your circle because your circle is defining your future… At the end of the day, your friends are a reflection of yourself. You can actually determine who someone is by the company of their friends.

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Good friends constantly challenge you, inspire you and encourage you to achieve your dreams and goals. If your friends on the other hand, are tearing you d Jealousy Ain't Pretty. Jealousy is something I know a lot of people struggle with.

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But the reality is: jealousy stems from a lack of self-confidence - it destroys your peace and robs y Dating Non-Believers. My point is: why would you want to hinder your relationship with Jesus? Everyone experiences some form of mental health issue - you are not alone in this journey. But the main reason is the Eucharist Holy Communion. Yet, every breakup is an opportunity to focus on you, love yourself and to become the best version of yourself.

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Stop identifying yourself as an option but start identifying yourself as the option. Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it and stop relying on someone else to fulfil you. It's this fear of the unknown that causes us to stress way too much about exams.

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Guilty Of Crucifying Jesus. Jesus, I condemn you to death on a cross, every time I crucify you with my sin… Jesus, I crown you with thorns, every time I choose to have pride, every time I place myself above others, every time I sin with my thoughts and mind, I force those thorns deeper. Jesus, I scourge you with sharp bones which whip and strip away at your flesh, every time I choose to strip a person of their dignity, every time I strip myself of modesty, every time I strip away from the truth throu The Greatest Love Story. Thousands of years before the Cross, in the midst of Genesis and Exodus, God hinted at the greatest love story that would eventually unfold — the story of the Cross.

Let's Talk About Sex. A lot of Christians are lukewarm when it comes to sex. If Christians don't talk about it, then we invite the world to talk incorrectly about it. The common misconception is that sex is bad, sex is dirty, and sex is wrong. God defined sex to be good and pure, but society have perverted it to equal lust. Whereas, love says this is my body given up for you, lust says this is your body taken by me.

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The sad reality is that many young girls these days have fallen into the trap o Stop Looking Back. How many of us live our lives wishing we could go back in time and change things, fix things or even start a fresh? So many of us waste our time dwelling on the past and forget to live in the present.

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From a Buddhist perspective, everything affects our consciousness and enters metaphorically as a seed. Through the development of the practice of mindfulness, and using its tools to maintain a state of awareness and openness to self and others. Readers interested in Zen Buddhism will learn how to nurture such seeds as compassion, joy and generosity and to use personal challenges such as jealousy, anger and self doubt as a means of growth.

Using precepts from many faiths and traditions, The Seeds of Love fosters the practice of using simple, basic actions to reach the best within ourselves and share it with those around us. It will be an invaluable guide to anyone seeking deeper and more conscious relationships. Availability: In stock.

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