The Magical Truths of Phoenix Rising

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The Phoenix is a powerful archetype and symbol of a profound, life-changing initiation for many women This ancient, cross-cultural mythical bird represents renewal and resurrection.

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At a tipping point, the Phoenix sets itself on fire until it burns to ash, and then rises to begin a new life — a death and rebirth of sorts that represents a thriving through adversity. Watch as Sabrina reveals how the Phoenix Gateway helps us survive whatever life deals us and awaken into sovereign beings —empowered, liberated, and launched into an inspiring next act, ready to go after our dreams.

I have deep gratitude for the Phoenix Gateway.

Phoenix Rising Spoilers

It required dedicated work on myself and a willingness to be witnessed in my transformation by other women. What does your Phoenix Gateway look like? Did you discover something new about this new phase of your life in this article or elsewhere?

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