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Alanis Morissette — Excuses. Alanis Morissette — Out Is Through. Who's the one that's stuck? Who's it torturing now With an antique knot in her stomach?

This Grudge

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MusicBrainz: This Grudge. Once a solid foundation had been formed to build off of, Jim Filipowski fitted the car with Strange Engineering struts connected by a Stilleto rack and pinion. Out back , they opted for a fabricated 9-inch rear end stuffed with a Strange Engineering Pro Series aluminum third member sporting a 4.

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For the rear suspension, Filipowski set the car up with a custom four-link to drive the inch-wide Hoosiers into the ground and Strange coilovers to control the immense forces the car was sure to exert. Once the car was transformed from just a shell into a roller, it was time to find a heart that could fully test the capabilities of the chassis, and Wilhelm found just the piece when an old Pro Stock racer's Sonny Leonard Hemi-headed big-block Chevy came up for sale.

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Now, as a grudge racer who doesn't want the competition in the lane beside him to know exactly what kind of power he's got under the hood, Wilhelm likes to play things a little close to the chest and won't actually say exactly what the engine is. With a slight smirk on his face, he'll tell anyone who asks that it's " cubic inches or bigger. Further hinting at the true potential of this engine combo is the fact that the block itself is billet rather than cast, and the fabricated intake manifold is topped with a set of split Holley Dominators from CFM Performance Carburetors that feed air into and out of the engine through giant titanium valves being controlled by a beefy Jesel valvetrain.

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To couple all of that horsepower to the driveline, a Browell SFI-certified bellhousing , along with a inch triple-disc, billet RAM clutch was utilized to mate the magnesium-cased Liberty Extreme five-speed manual transmission up to that impressive Sonny Leonard mill. Some may wonder why an automatic wasn't used, but Wilhelm told us he likes the manual because, "It brings the driver back into it.

Alanis Morissette - This Grudge Lyrics

You've got to hit the shift points and cut the light with your foot, not a button. To help lower the amount of time between shifts, the optional pneumatic shifter from Liberty was fitted to the unit, a massive improvement over the manual shifter when thousandths of a second could mean the difference between a win and a loss. With the driveline sorted, the car went over to Sliwa Composites, where longtime friend Mike Sliwa went absolutely nuts with the carbon fiber in an impressive effort to save every ounce of weight that they could.

The seat was formed out of carbon, the entirely carbon floor was painstakingly laid up and cut to shape before being Dzus-fastened into place, the hoodscoop was molded out of carbon and fit to the car, massive carbon wheel tubs were crafted and put in place, a custom Precision Shaft Technologies carbon driveshaft was ordered, a one-off carbon wing and carbon supporting strut rods were formed, and carbon window vents designed to pull vacuum from inside the car were created.

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A prototype set of Don Ness carbon-fiber wheelie bars using sailboat mast material sourced from Australia were finished using machined aluminum couplers to join all the bars together and attach them to the car. The assembly saves about 10 pounds when compared to a similarly designed titanium set. What really blew our minds: The motor plate and mid plate that hold the drivetrain to the chassis were built out of military-grade -inch carbon-fiber plate, saving 16 pounds over the aluminum pieces they were modeled after. Another thing that sets this car apart in our eyes is that it doesn't have the goofy proportions of a typical Pro Mod.

Wilhelm wanted the car to be as original-looking as possible, so the body he started with was a full-scale Glasstek recreation of a Camaro, complete with a factory wheelbase and factory-height front end.

This Grudge (Vancouver sessions) è tratto dall'Album So-Called Chaos (bonus tracks)

He also wanted people to look at his car and assume that it's a steel car, even though it's not, so he started the painstaking bodywork and panel fitting before Dave Bloomingberg and Shawn Sherril from Dave's Collision in Livonia, Michigan, took over to help get it ready for its debut.

Wilhelm opted to do the final sanding and prep just before paint to make sure everything was done to perfection, then a custom shade of PPG paint dubbed Sinister Blue mixed by Randy Borcherding of Paint House was sprayed by Wilhelm himself before Jeff Matauch airbrushed all the graphics on the car, including the front grille, emblems, and even the marker lights. Once the body was painted and the chassis had been powder-coated by Bill Walker of QC Dun-Right Coatings, the final assembly began in Wilhelm's backyard shop.