An Encounter on the Morning Commute

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Email Sign up! Reach Angie Jackson at Follow her on Twitter at angiejackson A solid 5 inches of snow were measured in Duvall, Washington, at around ' elevation early Monday morning.

PST on Sunday, Feb. Travel disruptions and delays were reported throughout the Seattle area Monday, as a significant snow event blanketed the region. The totals around Seattle were about 2 to 4 inches with 4 to 8 inches farther east, and over 10 inches in the higher terrain east of Seattle.

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It is not rare to see snowfall in Seattle, but it is also not common, as snowfall happens there about two to three times a year as an estimate. Seattle eclipsed its normal snowfall for all of February 1. Average total snowfall for a year in Seattle is 6. Several roads were closed due to the weather. The city of Kent named a number of roads that were closed on Monday, including sections of James Street and 42nd Avenue, in a tweet. The state department warned drivers to be careful around them, as two trucks were struck by other drivers Sunday night, taking them out of service, WSDOT said in a tweet.

Wintry weather overnight in Denver could make for slick Tuesday morning commute.

The Seattle Pacific University announced a late start for campus due to the snow. The university later announced in a tweet that all classes and activities would be canceled on Monday. And no one inside the car, or on the platform, tried to help him. And every time I think about that moment, I honestly wish I could be there again just to give him a gentle push onto the A train, to get wherever it was he needed to go.

And eventually he gave up and slowly drifted elsewhere.

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  6. In less than a minute I could no longer see him in the swelling crowd, everyone standing above him, anxious to catch the next train that came by. I spent the rest of that morning in a haze of questions: How did that happen to him? Was he born that way?

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    Was he in a horrible accident? Did he have someone in his life to take care of him?

    Morning commute

    Did he have no one? But what this man presented me with on that muggy summer morning is perspective. They were my blessings, my luck, if you believe in that sort of thing. My supposed burdens were expensive electronics and gadgets and of my own choosing. The factors of my morning that I begrudged are the ones that led me to a job that I have AND like, if you can swallow that.

    My morning commute and all that came with it was the beauty of my life and I was missing it all because of a preoccupation to complain, to feel inconvenienced, to find something wrong with everything. If you asked a lot of people, I have a good life. Not a perfect life, of course, and I encounter real problems to face like anyone else.

    But the sight of this man visibly struggling just minutes after my own trail of negative thinking made me feel embarrassed, ashamed of myself in a way I never have before. Who gets to choose?