Chasing Destiny

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Energetic Dance Force Non-profit organisation. Alliance Dance Team Dancer. EJD fans will not be disappointed with this offering - although there is nothing new about this piece because it contains the classic components, vibe and cadence found in his last few novels -- it is a novel filled with a colorful supporting cast, a few steamy interludes, and witty dialogue just in time for a Spring release. Nov 11, Zarinah rated it it was amazing. How did I let this book slip through my book list? Thanks to my new book club I had a chance to read this amazing drama filled book.

I wavered between 4 and a 5 star but because I'm a fan of Eric Jerome Dickey I gave the book a 5 star rating. What I loved about this book was from the beginning I was pulled into Billie!

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I love a strong female character. I was growing close to Billie's character and thought I would lose her because of the title and thought the plot would shift to all abo Wow! I was growing close to Billie's character and thought I would lose her because of the title and thought the plot would shift to all about Destiny.

But it was really Billie's crazy story. What I loved about Mr. Dickey's style of writing is the comic relief of the characters. Also the passion he creates for his characters always move me. Makes me feel all warm inside like a hot bowl of oatmeal : Then the drama spins out of control and I'm like okaaay this is getting super duper crazy -side note had me telling my girls dont every trust anyone to give you a drink-but real talk I loved what the author did with characters with a little mystery jumping off with all the choas in the plot.

The only thing I kind of hope was for to see how the characters reacted to how all the drama connected together. I love this author it is as if he studies women for a living. His accuracy is almost intrusive. This was a very intriguing story, it has action, love, lust, and soooo much drama! There has to be a part two, when it is released I will be first in line to read!

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He is so on point it scares me, he know the inner thoughts of a woman, when you read you feel exposed! I loved all of the characters even the ones I wanted to personally attack. Eric knows how to breath life into his characters like a GOD o I love this author it is as if he studies women for a living. Eric knows how to breath life into his characters like a GOD of literature! May 08, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: urban , romance , african-american. I don't know exactly what it was, but this book irritated me.

The random, academic words thrust into a colloquial-sounding sentences was annoying. During a sex scene, "His amalgamation filled me up. It sounded like some "smart" editor tried to make the book more intellectual? I don't know. I give it three stars because i I don't know exactly what it was, but this book irritated me. I give it three stars because it did have a couple interesting plot detours, as well as moral dilemmas that were interesting to ponder.

Chasing Destiny

I will say that it's definitely a good book for a person who is typically a non-reader, or someone who thrives on drama Mar 16, Bennita rated it it was amazing. Holy crap this book is great. I actually listened to the audiobook version. I found myself making up reasons to drive to the store just to hear what happened next. It's filled with hateful exes, couples on the verge of divorce, psycho grandparents willing to stop at nothing to protect their child, a man torn between doing what's right and doing what his heart wants and a poor little girl forced to face horrible consequences for one night of poor decision making.

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Enough said. Great book. Oct 07, Princess J.

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Antoinette rated it liked it. This was an okay read for a desperate girl that was trying to grown to fast. You live and you learn right? Jun 09, Black Carrie rated it it was amazing. This was a really great book! It's so hard to describe, because there are no words to describe how great this book was.

Loved it! I can't quite understand why there are so many negative reviews on this book from "so-called EJD fans". Part of being a fan of someone's writing is allowing them to evolve as a writer and following them faithfully down the paths they choose to travel. I enjoyed this book tremendously. The characters were dramatic, well-developed and very real. I particularly liked the This was a really great book! I particularly liked the way the characters' lives all intertwined The ending was classic and not typical.

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I hope this is not the last we read of Destiny, Billie, and Carmen. Jul 26, Winter Sophia Rose rated it it was amazing. A Awesome Read! I Loved It! Dec 19, Micah rated it it was ok. I think it may be the trashiest, most morally bankrupt book I've ever read, and I've read a lot of men's adventure fiction. It's awesome, in the horrible ironic sense the word has recently acquired.

First: credit where credit is due. The dialogue is amazing. And it's all perfectly pitched. Everyone in this book is incredibly melodramatic. It's like a soap opera on the page. You almost don't have to imagine the smash zooms and cheap key lighting. It's right there. It's in the dialogue. It's not e I think it may be the trashiest, most morally bankrupt book I've ever read, and I've read a lot of men's adventure fiction.

It's not even subtext. Characters talk about it. They compare themselves to the movies the author is ripping off. Shit is text. That said, make no mistake, Chasing Destiny is a very, very bad book. Sure, it started strong, but by page ten I was rolling my eyes.

The entire book exists at a level of simultaneous hand-wringing and voyeurism normally found on true crime TV shows and Law and Order: SVU. Conversations meandered on. Critical scenes were cut short. Words, phrases, facts and metaphors are repeated an nauseum in the space of a few pages and then immediately forgotten. The massive character count and interconnection of events bogs down the narrative. A lot goes down but it takes hundreds of pages for the plot to progress even the tiniest amount.

Then, Spoilers: The book falls apart. The ending is stretched and scattered to the point of anticlimax. The uplifting conclusion? It's the revelation that the entire book was a short and relatively pointless episode, one of many bad break-ups in the main character's life. I know that by writing about it I've made this book sound much more interesting than it actually is. I know what you're thinking. Leave poor EJD alone. He knows what he's doing. Eric Jerome Dickey makes more money than god, so yeah, maybe he knows what he's doing, maybe he's exactly where he wants to be, but where he wants to be sucks.

This book was hard to get through. This book hates women. This book needed an editor. This book wants to be porn and a pastor at the same time, but isn't particularly good at either. Was this book entertaining? Kind of. If you feel the urge to spend your time on this book, by all means indulge it.

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I did. But this book wasn't worth it. View 2 comments. May 24, Sarah rated it liked it. It's funny, when I started reading, I didn't realize it was written by a man. It definitely reads differently--almost to the point where I was going to give up on it. It just feels obvious and overly harsh. In any case, once I realized it was written by a man from the full-page photo of Dickey on the back cover--DUH!

Doesn't that sound bad? But somehow it does make a difference! Changes perception, etc. Like reading Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks alllll those years ago before he was a known author and thinking, "Wow, this is cheesy," but when I realized it was a man writing it was "sweet," and "romantic. Jan 26, Robins rated it liked it Shelves: favorites.

I was in love with this book until I got to the middle and the end made me want to burn the book. I was so disappointed. The readers are left hanging high and dry. This book is way too negative it had more negatives than positives.

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And what happened to Destiny made me not want to read the rest of the book. The ending pissed me off the most because I wanted Billy and Keith to stay together. But basically SPOILER Billy falls in love with Keith even though he's still married but seperated, gets pre I was in love with this book until I got to the middle and the end made me want to burn the book. What some BS. I'm not reading anymore EJD books after this one. Jan 15, Adrienna rated it liked it. Eric Jerome shocked me. I had to read about adulterous affairs during separation and this man ended up going back with his wife for the sake of their devious daughter, Destiny.

I was surprised to read about a family and how it affects them, not such couples committing adultery. Feb 22, Falling for Books Tia rated it it was amazing. Loved the highs, lows, and craziness of this story. EJD is still my fave author! Nov 11, Marilyn Diamond rated it liked it. This was a hard read for me. Dickey went somewhere else that I wasn't considering and it went towards street literature and it wasn't up to par for a Dickey novel for me.

Apr 17, Lydia rated it it was amazing Shelves: literature-fiction-african-americ. Eric Jerome Dickey is a fantastic writer. I read this book in about two days. It was filled with all the drama you would expect from Eric and then some. Aug 15, Keyarica Carson rated it really liked it.