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Dritan Xhakolli, 29, of Queens, N. That was hammered home during a mission to clear the town of Shannanah alongside an Iraqi company, he said. Related stories:. Bringing back Balad Ruz: Area swept of al-Qaida in grueling battle. Road warriors of Gila. Despite new restrictions, battalion kept traveling to supply troops. With Iraq violence down, focused on training, rebuilding.

Iraqi children smile and giggle as soldiers from 1st Platoon, Company A, Task Force Armor and the Iraqi army pass by during a joint patrol in February in Tahweela. Home Lifestyle. Area swept of al-Qaida in grueling battle. Related stories: brought the big guns, but rarely fired them Bringing back Balad Ruz: Area swept of al-Qaida in grueling battle Road warriors of Gila soldiers tasked with getting Iraqis autonomy Despite new restrictions, battalion kept traveling to supply troops With Iraq violence down, focused on training, rebuilding.

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Welcome home 172nd Infantry Brigade: Bringing back Balad Ruz

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Al Rajhi Bank launches new medical plan

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    Leveraging on its established principles and operations in the Middle East, Al Rajhi Bank ventured out as an international bank by setting up its first overseas operations in Malaysia. Operating on the same platform as the home bank, Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia extensively uses the latest banking technology to consistently provide customers with speed and convenience in banking.