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Dexter suspected that Joe's apparent heart attack was actually murder. However, the body was cremated before Dexter could obtain proof, and thus he never found out what "Rudy" had done. Rudy and Dexter stole Joe's ashes and scattered them at the entrance of Joe's favorite bowling alley. Joe and Dexter, when compared, are shown to have great physical resemblance, and Dexter also inherited his father's bowling skill. She has extremely high standards, making her judgmental of her daughter and her grandchildren.

After she arrives, she becomes suspicious of Dexter, claiming that he is hiding something. She distrusts Dexter, and believes him to be a drug addict, and believes Rita is repeating her mistake with Paul by getting involved with another addict. Near the end of Season 2, her attitude causes Rita to break off her ties with her mother and force her to leave her home and return to Michigan , not wanting her children to be exposed to her the way she was.

In Season 3, Gail refused to attend Dexter and Rita's wedding, claiming that because she had started teaching again she was too busy. She did, however, send a scathing card expressing her hope that Rita's third marriage would be "the charm", though Rita is hiding that fact in stating that her mother means the third child it is also revealed that her surname, and therefore Rita's maiden name, is "Brandon". Paul Bennett is Rita's abusive and manipulative ex-husband and the father of Astor and Cody.

Paul correctly suspects Dexter of framing him for the drug charge that sent him to his latest stint in jail. Rita later tells Dexter that he provoked a fight shortly thereafter with another inmate, who beat him to death with a pipe. In the book series, Rita's ex-husband is mentioned but never makes an appearance or is named since he is dead before the events of the books. In the TV series, by contrast, Paul appears in the second half of the first season and in the first episode of the second season, and his interactions with Dexter lead to a key plot point.

In the books, he beat Rita's children as well as beating and raping her; in the series he clearly loves his children, the two of them appearing ignorant of the full reasons why their parents split up, and his violent tendencies are directed only toward Rita, though she says that "she bore his abuse so they wouldn't have to", suggesting that he would have beaten them too. In the TV series, it is Astor who finally calls the police on Paul, while in the book series Rita does when he begins to beat Astor and Cody as well.

They are quite the opposite of their son, providing love and comfort to both Rita and her kids after her separation from Paul. First appearing played by unknown extras in the season four finale, taking their grandchildren to Walt Disney World, they return to Miami in the season five premiere, only to learn of Rita's murder. After Rita's funeral, as Astor decides she wants to live with her grandparents, rather than Dexter, Bill and Maura bring both their grandchildren with them back to Orlando.

Although they are not Harrison's biological grandparents they have shown love and have cared for him when Dexter needed them to. The Camilla Figg of the books and television series differ significantly. In the books, Camilla Figg is a young member of the forensics team who has a crush on Dexter.

She is later killed by Bernard Elan, who attempts to use her obsession with Dexter to make him suffer. In the television series, Camilla is older than Dexter, and had a close relationship with his father. She was a records supervisor at the Miami Metro Police Station. She and her husband, Gene, were good friends with Harry Morgan and his wife. She also knew Dexter and Debra while they were children and was still very good friends with Dexter who often brought donuts to her workplace at the records room.

She knew far more about Dexter's past than she let on to him and was even willing to say that the case files had been destroyed, in order to protect Harry's secret. On Harry Morgan's orders, she destroyed the file of the crime scene where he had found the young Dexter. Near the end of the second season, she informs Dexter this will be her last year working as she is retiring. In Season 3, it is revealed that she has terminal lung cancer just like her husband, who died one year earlier, as they were both smokers, and in her deathbed Figg reveals that she knew that the Ice Truck Killer was Dexter's brother as she read his report before destroying it.

During her agony, she frequently asks Dexter to bring her the "perfect key lime pie " until he realizes it is meant as a euphemism for euthanasia. Dexter complies to her wishes, but before she dies he tells her that it was he who killed his brother. She surprises him by smiling and telling him that "it's good you did" right before she dies. She is the first victim of Dexter's who wanted to die by his hands as well as the first victim he felt he showed mercy towards.

Lieutenant Esme Pascal is a Haitian American police officer who becomes well-respected considered a "real up-and-comer" by Captain Matthews after being shot in the line of duty but recovering. She suspects him of adultery on little real evidence, which gradually casts doubt on her rationality. Her obsession becomes so strong that she uses department resources to investigate him, tracking his phone calls and having the forensics department do tests on his shirt stating it had the smell of another woman on it.

As a result of this, Captain Matthews becomes increasingly concerned that he had made the wrong decision in replacing LaGuerta with Pascal, but LaGuerta remains stalwart, apparently standing behind Pascal on principle of loyalty. Captain Matthews is impressed by LaGuerta, believing her to have abandoned her political scheming, and returns control of the Homicide Division to LaGuerta. Lundy was recruited by Cpt. Matthews to lead the task force dedicated to identifying and arresting the Bay Harbor Butcher. Lundy was cool, calm, confident, and incredibly intelligent.

He learned about the criminal mind, often finding the important case evidence the frustrated Miami PD normally overlooked. Lundy was infamous with police agencies due to him breaking impossible high-profile criminal cases e. On a personal level, he had a wife, who died due to cancer, and a daughter.

He is fond of classical music. Lundy devotes 15 years of his career to hunting down the "Trinity Killer", tracking him and seeing him as the most elusive serial killer he has ever encountered, but cannot convince any of his colleagues that Trinity even exists. During the hunt for the Bay Harbor Butcher, Lundy became dangerously close to finding out Dexter is the Butcher he is seeking, and at the same time becomes involved in a relationship with Debra, helping her get over her left-over chaotic emotions from her time as the prisoner of the Ice Truck Killer.

In the end, Dexter outmaneuvers and frames Doakes as the Butcher, causing Lundy to lead the entire police forces in a full-scale manhunt to find Doakes. After Doakes is killed in a seemingly accidental explosion, the case is considered closed and Lundy moves on to find another serial killer in Oregon. After tracking him to Miami, Lundy, no longer possessing access to the full resources of the FBI, asked for Dexter's, and later Debra's, help in pursuing the Trinity Killer.

Eventually, Lundy began to close in on Trinity, going so far as to predict where and when the murders would occur, as well as identifying Arthur Mitchell albeit unnamed as a suspect. In the course of the investigation, Lundy and Debra rekindled their relationship, but shortly afterward, both Lundy and Debra were shot by an unseen gunman.

Lundy bled out and died from his injuries. Dexter mourned Lundy's death, having seen him as a "worthy adversary" and feeling that he deserved a more fitting end. Debra, however, blamed herself for what happened. He first appeared in the episode "Waiting to Exhale" where he met Debra Morgan at a workout gym. Noticing that Debra was checking him out, he offered to help her start training with a punching bag. This did not bode well; while taping up her hands, Debra had a flashback of her abduction by Rudy Cooper. She quickly ran from the scene with little explanation.

She apologizes a little later however and they start going out, she takes him back to Dexter's flat where she handcuffs him to the bed on the grounds that the last person she slept with tried to kill her and Dexter walks in on them by accident. She begins to wrongly become suspicious of him and goes as far as searching his belongings and checking his e-mails. She finds an e-mail concerning a story he has written called "The Ice Princess" and believes that he is writing a story about her and leaves him accusingly. She then finds out that he is trying to be a children's writer and apologizes.

They go on several more dates but breaks up with him due to her increasing attraction to Frank Lundy. Dexter has an affair with her, leading to his breakup with Rita. She confesses to Dexter that she went sober after unintentionally killing her ex-boyfriend while intoxicated. She is in fact a sociopath who hangs out in support groups in an attempt to feel emotions she is otherwise incapable of. She immediately sees through Dexter's "mask" and becomes obsessed with him, believing him to be her soulmate. She sets her own loft on fire and helps Santos Jimenez attack Dexter, believing that she and Dexter are closest in times of crisis.

When she breaks into Rita's house, afraid that Dexter might have gotten back together with her, Dexter immediately ends their relationship. In retaliation, she seduces Angel Batista, has rough sex with him and then accuses him of rape , having taken Rohypnol immediately after sex so it would look like Angel had drugged her. Enraged, Debra asks Lundy to run a background check, discovering Lila is working under an alias. A fingerprint analysis turns up Lila's real surname West and that she has been illegally living in the United States on an expired visa. Debra confronts her and demands that she leave the country or be deported.

Lila, following Dexter and watching him on his boat with Rita, Astor and Cody, breaks into his van, takes his GPS device and finds the address for Jimenez's cabin. Arriving at the cabin, she finds Doakes caged inside and, upon learning from him that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher, decides to protect Dexter and ignites a propane tank inside the cabin, killing Doakes.

After finding evidence that Lila killed Doakes, Dexter has the justification he needs for killing Lila. Dexter gathers his tools in a bag and goes to Lila's apartment under the guise that they will leave town together. Dexter's plan is foiled when Debra shows up and Lila walks in on them. Lila leaves the apartment, taking Dexter's bag with her. Upon examination of the bag, Lila learns of Dexter's plan to kill her. She abducts Astor and Cody, and uses them to lure Dexter inside her loft, and sets it ablaze again.

Dexter and the kids narrowly escape, and Lila flees Miami. While living in Paris , Lila checks her mail and discovers a postcard from Miami with Doakes' picture on the back. Dexter emerges from the shadows, injects Lila with a spinal epidural so he can speak his peace to her while also ensuring that her death is painless and lays her down on the couch. Lila pleads for her life and tells him that she killed Doakes for Dexter's sake. Dexter asks if she tried to kill Rita's children for his sake as well, thanks her for helping him embrace what he is, and then stabs her through the heart.

He wraps her corpse in a plastic garment bag. Lila is so far one of the few main antagonists who was not given an official nickname. However, she has been called a "vampire" by Debra as an insult, alluding to her skin, which according to Debra is "pale like a freaking corpse". Throughout the season she exhibits other psychopathic tendencies as well including manipulating and taking advantage of Dexter and others. She was mentioned once by Rita and once by Vince in Season 4. She and Hannah McKay were the only female main antagonists throughout the series. He appeared in two episodes during the second season.

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She first appears in the episode " The Dark Defender ", and has appeared in a total of 7 episodes as of the season 5 finale. Miguel Prado was a senior Assistant District Attorney, infamous for his harsh enforcement of the law, making him powerful, influential and popular with the regular police and citizens of Miami, and the main antagonist of Season 3 along with George King.

He has a romantic history with Lt. LaGuerta and he comes from a well-connected family, about whom he cares greatly. As such, Prado takes it hard when his younger brother Oscar is found dead in the house of a drug-dealer nicknamed "Freebo", and even worse when it was found Oscar was a drug addict to whom Freebo sold and that Oscar was in Freebo's debt.

Prado even goes as far as to learn the Code from Dexter, and is the third person to witness Dexter in a kill room after his father Harry and Sgt. James Doakes. With Dexter's guidance he would go on to kill a mob enforcer. Later that same night, without Dexter's knowledge, Prado kills Ellen Wolf, a defense attorney who was trying to ruin his career by claiming some mistakes he made in his cases were "proof" of Prado's claimed "illicit prosecution tactics, which include witness tampering and deliberately ignoring evidence".

Dexter was disappointed with Miguel's violation of the Code and digs up Wolf's body for the police to find to teach Prado a lesson. Prado seems to have learned his lesson after a talk with Dexter, but Dexter later begins to doubt the authenticity of Miguel's friendship when he learns Miguel used exactly the same language he used in a talk between them in a talk with Rita about trust. Dexter's suspicions are confirmed when he examines the shirt Miguel gave him after the murder of Freebo. The blood on the shirt is in fact cow blood, and Dexter realizes that Miguel has been manipulating him all along.

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When Miguel discovers that LaGuerta is investigating him, he plans to kill her, but Dexter discovers what Miguel is planning, traps him at LaGuerta's house when Prado goes there to kill her and kills Miguel by garroting him, but not before telling him that he killed his brother. The entire city of Miami mourns the passing of Miguel Prado, a hero to all, and so the City Council votes to name the city's main freeway interchange after Miguel. Dexter is able to convince her that doing so would only hurt Miguel's family and the Cuban Community, and even then there is a high chance that nothing could be proven, so she drops it.

It was later discovered through Miguel's brother, Ramon, that he also lied about the story of defending his family from their abusive father where it was in fact Ramon who did it. He stated that Miguel "always had to be in the spotlight" and that he had been covering up for Miguel for years. He was married to Sara portrayed by Paula Miranda , and the couple had one son, Carlos portrayed by Aramis Knight and a daughter in pre-school.

His increasing recklessness eventually drove him to the point of kidnapping and torturing one of Freebo's clients, which in turn got him arrested by Debra and Quinn. Having been taken on earlier as a bodyguard for Miguel against Dexter whom he had always had a slight distrust of , and so was driven to hunt Dexter.

He instead drew his pistol and jammed it in Dexter's face, but was stopped and arrested by Batista and Debra. Quinn helps Debra out by giving her Anton's information in hopes that he will help her find a lead to Freebo, to which he obliges. Debra continues to meet with Anton to help her find information about both Freebo and later The Skinner because of his connections. Debra becomes close to Anton and eventually develops a romantic relationship with him, which occasionally clouds her judgment. She also finds out that Anton is not officially a CI because Quinn was trying to do him a favor by keeping it off the books.

The police end up using Anton as bait in a possible trap for The Skinner, but Debra objects. The Skinner kidnaps Anton and removes two strips of skin from his back before Debra and Quinn rescue him. After Debra finds out that her father cheated on her mother with a CI, she becomes wary of Anton and they eventually break up. At the end of Season 3, they get back together when Debra realizes with the help of Dexter that her father Harry would have been so proud of her for being a great cop and getting her detective shield, regardless of her relationship with Anton.

At the start of Season 4, their relationship starts to move forward just as Lundy returns and admits he still has feelings for Debra. Debra, who had begun to feel claustrophobic in her relationship with Anton, eventually realizes she returns Lundy's feelings and sleeps with him.

This results in Anton and Debra breaking up and Debra leaving his place after she admitted she slept with Lundy to Anton. Anton visits Deb in the hospital, where she officially ends their relationship for good. He has not been seen since. Yuki Amado is the Internal Affairs officer who was pressuring Debra Morgan to give her information on Joey Quinn, promising to help her become a detective in return. Debra does not agree to help, and becomes extremely irritated with Yuki's persistence. Yuki, pressured to move forward in her case on Quinn starts giving Debra orders as if she had agreed to help the case.

After being confronted by Debra that Quinn told her that it was just a personal grudge of hers, she states that he is lying and is investigating him because of his alleged tendency to cut corners. Sylvia Prado is Miguel Prado's wife.

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She is a real-estate agent and becomes close friends with Rita, even hiring her as her assistant. Later she confides in Rita that she suspects her husband is having an affair. After a miscommunication with Dexter, Rita believes that Prado is cheating on his wife with LaGuerta, which she later tells Sylvia when trying on bridal outfits.

Due to bad timing, she sees her husband leaving LaGuerta's house and she believes he has been cheating on her all this time and forces him out of her house. Sylvia was devastated when Miguel was killed, apparently by The Skinner really Dexter. Ellen believes Miguel, whom she derides as a " fascistic prosecutor," bends the rules to put innocent people in prison while Miguel believes Ellen helps guilty people get off.

Miguel believes that people like Ellen are the root of the problem that Dexter tries to solve through killing. However, his opinion of her seems to change favorably when Wolf betrays her client, a murderer named Albert Chung. Later, after participating in one of Dexter's murders, Miguel realizes he's capable of cold-blooded killings himself, comes to Wolf's house alone and murders her.

Wolf was a close friend of Lt. LaGuerta, who is devastated upon Wolf's death. LaGuerta quested to solve the crime, and in the end discovered Miguel's actions. She initially vowed to tear what life he left behind apart Miguel had recently been killed by Dexter, although everyone thought it was the Skinner , though Dexter makes her understand she would be hurting Prado's family, the local community who supported and admired him and the city at large, and there was no guarantee she would find anything. In the end, LaGuerta accepted Dexter's advice and closed the case, keeping Prado's actions a secret and saying goodbye to her friend.

Orozco tortured and killed people for a living, earning the nickname "The Blade". His time in the army left him with a deep need for respect. Orozco left the army and moved to Miami, founding and becoming boss of his own tree-trimming company. When Freebo, a petty criminal, disappeared killed by Dexter while in debt to Orozco, Orozco resolved to hunt him down and make him pay for his affront, though Dexter saw this as a transparent excuse for his own sociopathic needs.

As Debra Morgan met with Freebo's old associates in an attempt to find him, Orozco trailed her, covertly watching their homes under the cover of trimming their trees, and eventually kidnapped each of them, tortured them for information and killed them, taking a patch of skin from each victim, for which he was dubbed "the Skinner".

Upon questioning, Orozco deflected attention to one of his violent employees; but when the employee learned Orozco was involved, he had a near-panic attack, causing the police to focus on Orozco. The police then set up Anton Briggs, a former confidential informant, as bait by making him seem to know where Freebo was. Orozco kidnapped and tortured Briggs, but Debra and Joey Quinn interrupted, saving Briggs's life and forcing Orozco to flee. The man-hunt continued, escalating when Dexter framed Orozco for ADA Miguel Prado's death in reality by his own hands , but Dexter was ultimately captured and abducted by Orozco, having been told by Prado that only Dexter knew where Freebo was.

Orozco intended to torture and skin Dexter for information, but instead Dexter effectively stripped him of his control by revealing the truth that Freebo was long dead , then broke free. In a brutal fist-fight, Dexter broke Orozco's neck, killing him. The police arrived, having tracked down Orozco's hideout, but Dexter avoided detection by dropping Orozco's body in front of one of the speeding squad cars, making it look as if the collision caused the death.

Getting hit by the car skins his face; Debra joked that "what goes around comes around". Batista in season 3 and becomes his girlfriend. According to Vince Masuka, Gianna's a "Wikipedia of perv". She is attacked and beaten by a would-be "john", and Sgt. Batista has Dexter run her keys for blood and DNA. She meets him when she is working undercover as a hooker and he is a would-be client, and she is initially standoffish when, after she declines to arrest him, he later attempts to woo her.

In the beginning of Season 4, it is revealed that they have broken up. Angel credits this to their "wanting different things". Arthur Mitchell is the main antagonist of the fourth season. He is an unassuming suburbanite man who has been living a double life as one of America's most prolific and deadly serial killers, dubbed the Trinity Killer by FBI agent Frank Lundy. She starts a relationship with Quinn, often seducing classified police information out of him, including the Vacation Shootings, and the return of Frank Lundy to Miami.

The police use her to help catch the Vacation Murderers. She also reveals that she saw Arthur commit his first murder, and she shot Lundy to prevent Arthur's arrest. The police find out the biological connection and arrest her. She did not confess, however, until Mitchell angrily tells her that he wishes she had never been born.

Devastated, Hill calls Debra to her apartment and confesses to killing Lundy, begging for forgiveness, but an enraged Debra sobs at the news and then snarls that she will never forgive Hill and that Hill will rot in jail for the rest of her unloved, unwanted life. A completely broken Hill then pulls out a gun as Debra calls in officers to arrest her, and as Debra turns around, Hill sticks the gun into her mouth and shoots herself.

Elliot becomes the neighbor of Dexter and Rita, after moving in with their family following their wedding. Recently having separated from his wife, he's now a single father, and becomes friends with the Morgans, much to Dexter's annoyance. Even though he has a new girlfriend, Kate portrayed by Marisa Petroro , Elliot eventually develops a romantic interest in Rita.

During Thanksgiving he shares a kiss with her, as witnessed by Masuka. When Dexter eventually finds out, he responds with knocking Elliot down. After Rita's death, he is interviewed as a potential witness and suspect, but is cleared. Later, he apologizes to Dexter for kissing Rita. Later, he meets Lumen Pierce while she is staying at Rita's now-unoccupied house. The entire family appears loving, is a pillar of the community, church-goers, and involved in a project to build homes for the homeless. However, this is revealed in "Hungry Man" to be a facade; Arthur is very controlling and abusive.

His wife, fearing her husband, perpetually puts on a cheery facade and is willing to let her daughter continue a perceived affair with Dexter as long as Arthur remains unaware. She is last seen in tears being taken out of her home by the police when they uncover that Arthur is Trinity. Unable to accept the reality of her husband being a veteran serial killer, Sally begins blaming her children for the loss of their lives, hoping Arthur returns to "whisk her away".

The blame shifting impacts Rebecca significantly, leading to her suicide, which in turn leads to Jonah beating his mother to death in retribution. Blood-splatter indicates that the murderer was someone of Trinity's height, making people believe that Trinity had found killed them, when in reality Jonah killed his mother standing on the stairs at the same height as his father was. Jonah Mitchell is the son and oldest child of Arthur and Sally.

He is a member of JROTC , plays football and at one time played baseball for his high school, which he quit; angering his father greatly. Jonah tells Dexter he always comes up with excuses to explain the injuries given by his father to the school, but due to the number of injuries, is running out of excuses. He later snaps during Thanksgiving dinner and destroys his father's awards as well as smashing Arthur's sister's urn , causing him to nearly kill Jonah by strangulation but he is saved by Dexter.

When Dexter is trying to find a child Arthur kidnapped, Jonah goes on Arthur's computer, discovering his father had been looking up vacant houses although he does not know Arthur's intent for doing so. In the season 4 finale, he is seen being taken out of his home by the police when they uncover that Arthur is Trinity. In season 5 he is seen in a store where Quinn approaches him with a composite sketch of Kyle Butler which resembles Dexter. In season 6, he reappears in the episode "Nebraska" as the sole survivor of his family who has been murdered by who was reported to be the Trinity Killer.

While Dexter suspects that Jonah was the perpetrator, with evidence supporting, Jonah's guilt emerges in a confrontation which shows that he killed his mother for instigating his sister's suicide. No longer truly fitting the Code of Harry, Dexter tells him to forgive himself and returns to Miami. Rebecca Mitchell is the daughter of Arthur and Sally.

Though she is a year-old teenager her room resembles that of a young child. After running away once Arthur now has locks on the outside of the door and on the windows. Arthur sometimes calls her "Vera", the name of his deceased sister. When Dexter asks her about this and tries to console her, she asks him to take her away, saying she would do "anything", implying she will give him sexual favors to do so which Dexter flatly refuses. Both Becca and her mother believe he will take Becca up on her offer, however, the latter hopes that Dexter will not allow Arthur to find out.

A year later, due to the unstable rantings of her mother, Rebecca committed suicide in a way similar to the second victim in her father's cycle of kills. This discovery prompts Dexter to investigate. Lumen Pierce is first seen after witnessing Dexter kill Boyd Fowler, a serial killer who had been keeping her captive. Despite Lumen being a witness to the murder and a clear threat to Dexter, due her not fitting Dexter's code by being innocent, he is morally obligated to keep her alive and keeps her locked up in a secluded area to give himself time to decide what to do with her.

At first, Lumen is petrified of Dexter, believing that he will kill her for being a witness to his crime. Despite Dexter's constant assurances that he will not kill her, Lumen refuses to trust him. After an escape attempt, she is once again captured by Dexter. Instead of imprisoning her again, Dexter shows Lumen the bodies of Boyd Fowler's previous victims, and assures her that had he not killed Boyd, she would have been next.

It is at this point that Lumen confides in Dexter and tells him that Boyd was not the only one who hurt her. It is ultimately revealed that she had been held captive for an unknown amount of time, during which she was repeatedly raped and tortured by a group of five men. Her mentally scarring experience has left her with a desire for vengeance, and she attempts to enlist Dexter's help to hunt down and kill the remaining perpetrators.

He is willing to do this for her, but suggests that she gets on with her life and leave Miami. Upon returning to her motel room, Dexter discovers that she has been attempting to track down the group of people who raped and tortured her, and has gone to kill a sex offender who Dexter, having hunted him down earlier, knows to have been wearing a tracking anklet. This revelation leads Lumen to realize she does not possess the skills or experience to discover the identities of the men who tortured and raped her and kill them.

However, finding herself unable to leave Miami, she shoots a man she suspects of being one of her abusers, due to recognizing his distinctive smell. When the man escapes after being shot once in the leg, Lumen calls Dexter, who helps track down the wounded criminal, albeit reluctantly, and cautions her about killing the wrong person. Protesting innocence at first, the victim calls his co-conspirators on Lumen's cell phone, confirming her suspicion and prompting Dexter to kill him.

They later meet at Dexter's house, where Lumen reveals that his death brought her a sense of peace, stating that the only way she will be able to find that peace again is to kill all of her other abusers. Dexter recognizes this as being her own "dark passenger", and agrees to help her.

Lumen turns up at the crime scene where Boyd's stocked and preserved bodies have been discovered following a traffic crash, where she is spotted by Quinn, who asks Liddy to investigate her connection to Dexter. She identifies Cole Harmon, Jordan Chase's head of security, as one of her torturers, and manages to saves Dexter from a surprise attack by Cole when Dexter attempts to gather information from Cole's house. Setting up base at the hotel where Jordan Chase is giving his seminar, Lumen assists Dexter prepare for the kill. Cole spots her in the lobby and gives chase, with Dexter barely managing to save her from Cole.

Unable to extract any information from Cole, she watches while Dexter kills him. They then dispose of the body by dumping it in the ocean from Dexter's boat, and Liddy is seen photographing them. Lumen then acknowledges that she knows what a risk he is taking by being with her, and tells him that he has been her only way through the experience. Lumen proves instrumental in getting information from Emily Birch, the first victim of Chase's team and the only other known survivor.

Tilden is Lumen's first kill, as Dexter allows her to make the killing blow at her request. The two then return to Dexter's apartment, where they have sex. Lumen and Dexter begin to plan how they will capture Chase when they realize that they are being watched. Once Dexter determines that they are being watched by the police, he attempts to convince Lumen to leave Miami for her own safety.

However, Lumen refuses to abandon him, and Dexter ultimately admits that he wants her to stay. After receiving a distressed call from Emily, who says Chase contacted and threatened her, Lumen goes to her house to reassure her, having been unable to contact Dexter. This was a trap meant for her and Dexter, however, and Jordan Chase murders Emily and takes Lumen back to camp Jordan, which he owns, and which is the location where each of the victims was originally raped and tortured.

Dexter arrives at Emily's house to find that Lumen and Jordan have already left and he is able to tell that Lumen fought, albeit unsuccessfully, and swears that he will not lose her too. Dexter finds the location of the camp and shows rescues Lumen, who finally kills Chase. After Lumen and Dexter dispose of Chase's body, she admits to Dexter that she did not think they would be able to pull it off, describing it as a miracle. The next morning Lumen tearfully reveals to Dexter that her "dark passenger" has left her and that she no longer feels the need to kill.

She tells Dexter that she does not want to leave, but has to, because his dark passenger has not left him. Dexter ultimately understands, and tells her that she should not be sorry that her darkness has left her, promising her that he will carry her darkness as well as his own.

Dexter is devastated by her departure, but swears that he will be thankful for what she gave him, and notes that Lumen is the only person whose life has been made better by discovering his secret, "true" self i. Cira Manzon is a young Hispanic police officer that gets assigned to the Santa Muerte murders investigation.

Debra accepts her to the team mainly due to her knowledge of the neighborhood plagued by the Santa Muerte killings. She quickly proves competent and a valuable addition to the force, despite being somewhat of a rookie and having a hard time handling some of the more gruesome murder scenes. While she has no trouble getting acceptance from her new colleagues, her optimistic outlook makes her somewhat an odd bird at the Miami Metro PD. When an attempt to arrest the Fuentes brothers at Club Mayan gets their informant killed because of LaGuerta's bad judgment call, LaGuerta plans to use Manzon as a scapegoat for having a sidearm on her during the botched sting operation, but Debra fiercely defends her by asking LaGuerta to "stick together" rather than pinning the blame on someone else.

However, Manzon backs LaGuerta's version of the story, blaming the incident on Debra alone and thus betraying Debra's trust. Manzon is rewarded with a sudden promotion to detective and transfer to the detectives division — leaving Debra, the enraged scapegoat, working in the dreary file room.

Jordan Chase birth name Eugene Greer , is a highly intelligent and well known and highly regarded author, a motivational speaker , and the main antagonist of Season 5 along with Stan Liddy. Alongside his books, Chase is also famous for his audiotapes and seminars, encouraging people to "take what they think they deserve". In private, Chase is actually a misogynistic , misanthropic , and cynical person who uses his words to encourage people to act out their frustrations.

He was obese as a teenager, a fact which caused Dexter and Lumen to misidentify him in a picture of the 'Barrel Girl' gang as teenagers.

1. Sherlock Holmes

When Dexter and Lumen start tracking down the members of a secret circle of men responsible for the rape , torture and murder of several young women, they come to suspect that Chase is a part of it. They are eventually proven right, and that he is the driving force within the circle.

Even though Chase never participated in any actual rape or killing, he cheered on and commanded his followers, watching and videotaping them as they brutally raped and tortured their victims, delighting in mocking and tormenting Lumen and the other victims. Dexter approaches Chase, claiming to seek counseling for his grief over Rita 's death, Chase eventually figures Dexter out. He responds by sending a message, through Lumen, that not only does he know about Dexter's motive for having contacted him, but he is also aware of Lumen's identity as the circle's escaped victim.

With this, he enters the police station giving his DNA voluntarily as he never touched them, only commanding and cheering the others on , and begins planning to destroy Dexter. He allows Emily Birch to identify the last attacker, Alex Tilden, knowing that Dexter and Lumen would execute him, planning to set them up to the police. However, they escape as they moved Alex to another house before killing him, with the police finding the house empty. In another attempt to catch Dexter and Lumen, Chase has Emily call Lumen to convince her and Dexter to come to her house, planning to kill all three of them to cover all his tracks.

However, only Lumen shows up, which sends Jordan into a rage. While he is screaming at Lumen, Emily tries to defend her, and Chase kills her with a fireplace poker. There is an off-screen scuffle between Lumen and Jordan in which he stuffs her into the trunk of his car. He then drives her to an abandoned summer camp he owns outside of town under the name Eugene Greer, presumably to avoid suspicion , which is the location each of the gang's victims including Lumen had been raped and tortured. Dexter eventually arrives, and is subdued by Chase.

He takes Dexter into the basement where Lumen is, and inspects Dexter's kill tools.

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He notices one knife is missing, which Dexter hid and uses to stab Jordan in the foot and subdue him. As Chase is restrained, he mocks Dexter's belief that killing him will atone for failing Rita. He also takes credit for the new strength in Lumen, claiming that he allowed her to discover it. He then taunts her by reminding her of the pain she suffered the last time she was in the room, and an enraged Lumen stabs him in the heart.

As he is dying, she tells him "that's not just for me, that's for everyone you've hurt, even Emily". Sonya becomes Harrison's nanny after Rita's death. For most of the episodes, she mainly takes care of the infant and offers her opinion of his development. She appears a warm and gentle woman, originating from Ireland, and a devoted Catholic. A former hospital nurse, Sonya explains that she was let go due to budget cuts, and therefore is more than happy to become Harrison's nanny. After some initial arguing over Dexter's parenting and tendency to, from Sonya's point-of-view, put his work before his son, she decides to quit working for him.

Much thanks to Sonya's love for Harrison, Dexter is able to convince her to come back, and comes to appreciate her religious insight even if he does not share it. During his final pursuit of Jordan Chase, Dexter arranges for Sonya to take Harrison to the Bennetts to be with his brother and sister for a while, in order to ensure that Harrison is not caught in the crossfire if Jordan tries to attack him directly. She does not appear in later seasons; Dexter has since hired Angel's sister as his nanny, but no explicit information is given about the reason for her dismissal.

Quinn hires Liddy to look into Dexter's past. Liddy discovers Lumen and takes pictures of Dexter and Lumen disposing of Cole Harmon's body, though he is not sure what was in the bags. Liddy, assuming the bags to contain either drugs or a dead body, attempts to report to Quinn, but Quinn ends the investigation as his feelings for Debra now have become serious.

Liddy refuses to stop, believing he has stumbled upon criminal activity that he can use to reintegrate himself in the police force. After Dexter realizes he's being watched, Liddy sets a trap in his van and manages to apprehend Dexter. Having phoned Quinn, ordering him to come to the van's location, Liddy attempts to force a confession out of Dexter in order to regain his Liddy's reputation and status as a police officer. However, Dexter manages to fight back and in a short struggle, kills Liddy with his own knife in self-defense.

When Quinn arrives at the van, he tries calling Liddy and shortly walks away, but not before a drop of Liddy's blood drops onto his shoe. Dexter then disposes of Liddy's evidence. The police find Liddy's body, and Quinn is considered a suspect, due to Liddy frequently calling him and the blood on his shoe. Quinn refuses to say what the nature of their relationship was, likely to protect Debra. Realizing how much Quinn means to Debra, Dexter sabotages the blood test, making it appear that it was not Liddy's blood on Quinn's shoe, clearing him.

Quinn later thanks Dexter for this, although Dexter pretends to not know what Quinn is talking about. Brother Samuel Wright is a born again Christian and a reformed criminal who runs an auto-body shop in Miami where he tries to extend his good luck to other ex-convicts by giving them a place to work. While Dexter is skeptical of his reformation, Brother Sam proves himself redeemed and Dexter befriends him, introducing him to Harrison.

At the end of the sixth episode, Brother Sam was shot in his garage by Nick, an ex-gang member who wished to return to the gang. On his deathbed, Sam tells an angry Dexter to forgive Nick for shooting him. Travis Marshall is a researcher in artifacts, professionally a bible restorer who is tied to the Doomsday Killings DDK, also stands for 'Doomsday Killer' and the main antagonist of Season 6. He is in fact directly involved in these murders, with mentor Professor James Gellar passing on his legacy to his student, making him believe that every murder committed is justified.

However, his empathic nature leads to him to come in conflict with Gellar's demands. Travis has a sister Lisa Molly Parker , a teacher, who tells her students that he is a talented artist. As the season progresses, particularly after his encounter with Dexter, Travis begins to feel guilty about the suffering of their victims despite Gellar's insistence that the victims are sinners and their deaths are necessary.

When told to brand their " Whore of Babylon " he relents to her suffering and releases her, which leads to the police looking for an accomplice. He also leaves Gellar and returns to live with his sister, though Gellar continues to stalk him. When the police department begin researching possible accomplices, his sister answers Debra's house call.

Dexter also attempts to recruit Travis before the police find him, which Travis refuses in fear of Gellar. Deciding he has waited long enough, Gellar brands Lisa as the Whore and kidnaps Travis, chaining him at their base. Dexter tracks down their headquarters, but Gellar escapes. Travis pledges allegiance to Dexter in vengeance. Dexter stashes away Travis while he hunts for Gellar; Gellar somehow finds him and paints a message to repent on the bathroom wall, which Travis tells Dexter is a message to meet. On arrival, Gellar reprimands Travis and allows him to return, though he knocks him unconscious.

When Dexter enters, he attempts to locate Gellar but instead finds Gellar's frozen long-dead body. Dexter concludes that Travis has a dissociated identity in Gellar. When faced with the body of Gellar, Travis detaches himself from his persona of Gellar and resolves to "finish what they started", seeking new acolytes in the Dorseys to complete the tableau of "Wormwood", a poison gas attack.

He also is determined to locate Holly Benson, the first Whore, and kills her. While falling for a trap Dexter sets, the side-effects of the gas's components disorients Dexter which allows Travis to defeat him, completing his "Lake of Fire" tableau in the middle of the ocean.

In the season finale, Travis, believing Dexter to be dead, prepares for his final ascension into Heaven by completing the last of his tableaus during a solar eclipse. Hiding in Dexter's empty apartment, Travis learns of Harrison, and as the final sacrifice requires the death of an innocent, Travis kidnaps Harrison at his Catholic school's Sunday pageant and attempts to kill him atop the Miami Transcorp Building. In the midst of his ritual, Travis is halted by the reappearance of Dexter who proceeds to bargain his life for Harrison's.

As Travis believes Dexter to be the embodiment of The Beast and values his death above all others, he agrees to release Harrison but not before demanding that Dexter inject himself with some of his tranquilizers to render himself unconscious. Unbeknownst to Travis, Dexter, having anticipated his demands, plays possum and manages to overpower DDK, knocking him out during their ensuing struggle. After dropping Harrison back home, Dexter brings Travis back to the abandoned church, and after a heated debate concerning the existence of God , Travis screams that it is not God's Will that he is to die by Dexter's hand, with Dexter concluding that things are exactly the way they are supposed to be.

Dexter then stabs DDK in full view of his sister Debra, who had unknowing walked into the church at the exact moment Dexter murdered Travis. At the beginning of Season 7, Debra and Dexter burn Travis' body to make it look like a suicide. By the end of season 7, Capt. Professor James Gellar is a former religious studies teacher at the University of Tallahassee, fired for stealing an ancient Roman sword which belonged to John the Revelator.

Gellar had since then gone underground and was unheard of until the Doomsday Killings. Gellar has a blog , which has a cult following ; it is dedicated to explaining the End Time as described in the Book of Revelation. With time, Gellar became consumed in recreating these scenes with his apprentice, Travis Marshall, acting as the two witnesses. The first three killings are successful, but Gellar's callous treatment of his victims leads to Travis releasing their Whore and leaving him.

Gellar continues to stalk Travis and his sister Lisa, and upon seeing her talk to Deb , he kills her in the playground as the Whore of Babylon, kidnapping Travis when he arrives. Chaining him in the headquarters, he berates him before branding him with an iron. Upon Dexter's arrival, Gellar is able to escape while observing Dexter.

Working alone, Gellar tracks down the devoutly atheist Professor Casey, whom he sees as a false prophet and disembowels to serve as the seven bowls ; he uses Casey's hand to paint a message for Travis in blood. Travis tells Dexter that he posted on his blog telling him to meet, where an angry Gellar tells Travis to repent, before knocking him unconscious.

As Dexter searches the church for clues, he discovers an opening that leads to a basement. In that basement, Dexter is shocked upon seeing Gellar's dead body in a freezer, concluding that Travis was acting alone the entire time, under Gellar's imaginary guidance. In reality, Travis was the one who stole the sword three years prior to the doomsday killings, incriminated Gellar and came up with the gruesome idea to act out the End of Days.

Gellar called Travis on his delusions and advised him to seek professional help, but instead, Travis stabbed Gellar multiple times to "prove" their immortality. Refusing to grasp reality, Travis stored Gellar's body in the freezer, keeping him alive in his delusions, until Dexter's discovery forced Travis to accept Gellar's death and move on to find new disciples.

Mike Anderson is hired by Deb as her replacement on the detective squad after she is promoted to Lieutenant. Transferring in from Chicago , he initially causes friction by believing Debra is only pranking him when she introduces herself as Lieutenant, which Debra dismisses to maintain her composure. He however begins to mesh well with the team, noting on Dexter's incredible deductive skill in bloodwork and leading the religious research division of the Doomsday Killings when he notes the religious significance of the "tableaux" as he dubs them.

She attends the university Vince Masuka teaches a class for in Forensic studies. Originally a fellow student, Peter, was chosen in favor for an internship with Vince, as he placed the highest test scores. However, later on when Omar Rivera's body was found, Peter faints at the scene, and Vince immediately replaced him with Ryan. She works alongside Vince Masuka during the Doomsday Killings acting as both his partner in the case and understudy, and slowly forms a relationship with him. Vince worked up the courage to ask her out on a date, and Ryan agreed.

Ryan has a fascination with the buried Ice Truck Killer case; Masuka eventually brought up the evidence from the investigation for her to look through as a sort of gift. She expressed her fascination with the case, having followed it since the details were made public. A mannequin arm left in the evidence box was later stolen by her and sold on the internet because she needs money for rent.

The breach of trust led to Vince replacing her with Louis Greene, leaving Vince quite sore about it. He is a computer genius, whose expertise leads to critical breaks in the Doomsday Killer case. Louis falls for Detective Batista's sister, Jamie, and reveals he is well off due to his side-gig of developing video games.

Louis was developing a video game based on serial killers, and seeking Dexter's approval, showed him the game much to Dexter's disgust. He tries to destroy Dexter for discouraging his video game for which Dexter warns him to leave his life, to which Louis refuses. Dexter gets him fired and broken up with, leading Louis to attempt to sabotage Dexter's boat. In the process, he ends up getting killed in a mix up with Isaak Sirko. Hannah McKay was a fifteen-year-old from Clopton, Alabama when her boyfriend Wayne Randall commenced a three state killing spree.

She spent six years in Juvenile detention after pleading guilty to being an accomplice. She claimed not to have actually committed any crimes and received immunity from prosecution after agreeing to testify against Randall. She married an older man but poisoned him when he was pressuring her to have an abortion, in spite of later claiming she wanted to have the child. She inherited her gardening business from her mentor, whom she is later suspected of poisoning with aconitum. Dexter is assigned to get the sample and he seems quite infatuated with her, becoming uncharacteristically distracted in his work.

After Randall commits suicide, she assists in locating the remaining bodies. While on a date, Dexter takes Hannah to a closed Christmas-themed amusement park, where it turns out Dexter has a kill room set up. He prepares to kill Hannah, but cannot go through with it and releases her. They end up having sex in the kill room instead. When Sal Price, an investigative true-crime writer who has written a book about Wayne Randall, wants to write a sequel about her, she agrees to an interview. She admits to stabbing the woman at the hotel.

She poisons Price who later collapses and dies in Dexter's apartment. Furious over Sal's death, and knowing that Hannah had confessed to him, Debra calls Hannah in for questioning. Debra has very little proof against Hannah and instead baits her with information about a miscarriage. Dexter realizes that Hannah is showing sincere emotion - this isn't an act. Dexter later confronts her at her home, telling her that Price's death was needless. Hannah is touched to learn of Dexter's deleting of Price's files.

The two later sleep together. Realizing that Hannah has gotten away with killing Price the next day, and, angry that she got away again, Debra Morgan called Dexter and asked him to kill her, surprising Dexter.

Season one might have disappointed in the end, but it was almost novel how frustrating this entire second attempt was to watch. Tough as nails. Nothing was a false lead in that sense: every detail was connected, though most were only tertiarily relevant to the case originally assigned by their respective departments. Not in the least. The bird mask, never in question to its origins, was confirmed to be the only real piece of diversion.

Which you can see in the background after Ray gets shot as missing exactly one mask. It was plodding, much in the way real detective work must be, and the chemistry was stilted as the group lacked the camraderie of Cohle and Heart.

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  • Mudarse por mejorarse (Spanish Edition)!
  • Serving the Insane : True Stories from the Diary of a Psychiatric Nurse.

At which point Ray DOES goes all Sherlock, which appears to have been deduced beforehand but maybe he just had too much sex and forgot who shot that guy who saved his life twice. Either way, Ray is the one who puts the puzzle pieces together. It was never going to be Carcosa-compelling when a dirty in so many senses middle-aged man in a position of power gets offed, no matter how horribly the body was mutilated.

Masters of the Universe…the same men who murdered his father and mother. But it was satisfying. It felt like justice. For all you know, you could still be living down in the basement with all your rat friends. Not that Frank, with his sunken investment and circling vultures on his clubs and casinos, is the only one who wakes up thinking FML. Like, every movie about cops, the spectrum of the collective force mentality ranges from indifferently annoyed to threateningly and overtly hostile. Rarely does the underdog beat cop triumph in noir scenery; they are lucky if they make it out alive and the wiser for it.

No one ever refers to the whistleblowers in law enforcement as heroes. And we also know happens when mobsters try to go straight. And thanks to predecessors like Breaking Bad and The Sopranos, we know that men who claim they need to run an illegal empire to help their families are penalized heavily for lying to themselves: because they are constantly placing the onus of their amorality on the one thing they claim to care about above all, guys like Frank never live long enough to see their brood grow up and move away, only coming home to carve up the Thanksgiving turkey and go play with their new X-Box.

Sometimes with a less dull power drill or wrench, but those were the exceptions, not the rule.

They fumbled and faltered to find meaning anyhow: Paul in starting a new family, Ray in his redemption for the sake of his son though does it count as doing the right thing when you call your ex high on coke and trade a paternity test for visitation rights? Those monsters. Sure, they had recruited Black Mountain ops and were in bed, literally, with the local government and police force. Why did all the special investigations, missing girls and blue diamonds feel so hopelessly arbitrary? Why were we supposed to care about this monkey fuck?

Unless you are that tiny middle slice of the Venn Diagram who has watched this show but not The Wire , the procedural element this season was whatever the antonym of revelatory is. The answer: because it was meaningless, in the end. Nothing changed. A crooked cop, a mobster, and a highway patrolman lost their lives on purpose, as opposed to all the civilian casualties chalked up to crossfire. Oh yeah, and all the people our anti-heroes just straight murdered for the sins of being caught in crossfire, of being misidentified as a rapist, or because they talked to Vince Vaughn on the phone.

At least Ani felt sort of bad for killing that security guard, though not enough so that she loses the knife before heading to extradition-free Whatever Island in Venezuela. Seriously: there were SO many people this season who had to bite it just because they were doing their jobs or happened to be in the vicinity of our central characters. Hell, Catalyst was building a mass transit system in a city that recently had a protest about their lack of public transportation.

Paul was killed by his own special ops unit. For men who only stumbled inadvertently onto this vast web of vice and corruption, their deaths were all the more painful because of how unnecessary they were. Ray could have left. Frank could have left. Paul could have just admitted he was gay and gotten out from that movie star blow job lawsuit.

Ani could have not gone to a consensual sex party with no motivation other than to feed her own adrenaline and pride-starved ID. So many lives could have been saved.