The Gardener: Sampler The Gardener and His Dark Audacious Mistress (BDSM Discoveries Series)

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A stand-out entry in the "Freehold" saga by Michael Z. The struggle for independence on two colony worlds—Mars in the not-so-distant future, and a distant world circling another star in the far future, both threatened by powerful forces and faceless bureaucrats. Birth of Fire: A teenage delinquent on a crowded, corrupt Earth, Garrett was given a choice: rot in prison on Earth, or be deported to Mars to work in the colony there.

But on Mars he would find an inner strength that he had never known before, and when Mars revolted against the multinational corporations that controlled the colonist's lives, Garrett was on the front lines in the battle for planetary freedom. A new Empire has arisen and is annexing Earth's surviving colony worlds. Haven had fallen back to a nineteenth century level of technology, and the basic requirement for a colony world to be admitted to the Empire as a full-fledged member with the right of self-government is that the colony have space travel.

Unless Haven can somehow develop a spaceship, and quickly, the planet will be ruled by Imperial agents and the inhabitants will be little more than medieval serfs. Two complete novels in one volume by New York Times best-selling author Jerry Pournelle, telling of the eternal struggle of freedom against tyranny throughout the galaxy. Jerry Pournelle is a reigning master of military science fiction, widely known for his novels of John Christian Falkenberg and his legion of interstellar mercenaries.

He and his wife live in Los Angeles. Jon Moore knew that better than most, having learned to fight to survive before he'd hit puberty. So when a former comrade, Alissa Lim, asks for his help in rescuing a group of children pressed into service by rebels on a planet no one cares to save, he agrees. Only later does he realize he's signed up to do far more than he'd ever imagined.

Jon's commitment hurtles him and Lobo, the hyper-intelligent assault vehicle who is his only real friend, into confrontations with the horrors the children have experienced and with a dark chapter from his past. A former Executive Vice President for Ziff Davis Media and a national technology columnist, he's published over a thousand computer-related articles and multiple science fiction stories in a variety of magazines and anthologies, including the Year's Best Science Fiction.

The Prescot family were miners. At one time, they were contracted to develop technology for a mineral rich but uninhabitable system. Gradually, all the investors shied away. Then the Prescots broke through with the technology needed to exploit entire planets, and incidentally develop domed playgrounds for the perversely rich, including indoor ski slopes and cable cars over megavolcanos, casinos and rides.

This created the economic problem of being the richest people in the universe, having more money than most governments and effectively unlimited resources. Money is a small blessing when enemies are quite willing to spend billions for the chance at trillions. Bryan Prescot and his daughter might as well have targets painted on their backs for the thugs, kidnappers and assassins their cmpetitors would throw at them.

Bodyguards were necessary—Highly trained bodyguards who could be bought once and be utterly loyal no matter the circumstances. The altercation comes to a head inside the domes and mines of Govannon, with their enemy desperate to do anything to save their own lives, now that the gloves are off. Caron Prescot has only six bodyguards against an army, but she has two aces in the hole: The miners are on her side, and Elke, Ripple Creek's psychotic demolition expert, has a nuke.

With a new destroyer command under him, now-Captain Daniel Leary and master spy Lady Adele Mundy are off to the backwater Veil region on a diplomatic mission. What they find is a local warlord ready to throw Cinnabar from the region, a vile aristocrat dealing in slave labor—and a huge Republic of Cinnabar Navy defeat that has thrown the entire sector under the crushing heel of the vile Alliance.

Time to fight back—and that Alliance stronghold in the nearby Monserrat cluster looks awfully vulnerable. Okay, actually, it looks impregnable to any but a determined Leary and Mundy. But should they achieve the impossible yet again, they do have an occupying army nearby— if only they can free it from its chains! The focus in this story, however, is on the younger siblings—the so-called Barbie Consortium—and their down-timer associates and enemies.

Marine Corps trying to adapt to new circumstances, and the First Railway Company, formed to provide logistics using a combination of up-time and down-time methods and technology. David Carrico's "Heavy Metal Music" continues the story of the interaction between up-time and down-time musicians that he began in last issue's "The Sound of Music. The fourth volume of the Gazette also contains factual articles dealing with the development of an oil industry, advances in textile and garment manufacture, possible uses of biodiesel technology, and differing views on the prospects of creating a machine gun using the resources and technology available after the Ring of Fire.

First came the news that a flying saucer had landed in Iowa. Then came the announcement that the whole thing was a hoax. End of story. Case closed. Except that two agents of the most secret intelligence agency in the U. And four more agents who were sent in also disappeared. So the head of the agency and his two top agents went in and managed to get out with their discovery: an invasion is underway by slug-like aliens who can touch a human and completely control his or her mind.

What the humans know, they know. What the slugs want, no matter what, the human will do. And most of Iowa is already under their control. Sam Cavanaugh was one of the agents who discovered the truth. Unfortunately, that was just before he was taken over by one of the aliens and began working for the invaders, with no will of his own. And he has just learned that a high official in the Treasury Department is now under control of the aliens. Since the Treasury Department includes the Secret Service, which safeguards the President of the United States, control of the entire nation is near at hand.

Robert A. Heinlein was the greatest science fiction writer who ever lived. His novels have been translated into every literate language on the globe—over 25 million Heinlein books are in print in this country alone. For five decades, young readers of science fiction discovered Heinlein, then gone on to voraciously devour every Heinlein book they can get their hands on. His now-legendary Stranger in a Strange Land was the first hardcover bestseller by a science fiction writer. In a career spanning half a century, he wrote over forty books, and four of his novels won Hugo Awards, an unequalled record for almost four decades.

For the last three generations of readers, Heinlein is science fiction. Captain Daniel Leary and his friend, the spy Adele Mundy, have been in the front lines of Cinnabar's struggle against the totalitarian Alliance. Now these galactic superpowers have signed a peace of mutual exhaustion The Republic of Cinnabar was on the verge of collapse under the weight of taxes, casualties, and war's disruption of trade.

That the Alliance of Free Stars was in even worse condition helped only because it has made peace possible. Years of war have been hard on Daniel and harder still on Adele, whose life outside information-gathering is a tightrope between despair and deadly violence. Their masters in the RCN and the Republic's intelligence service have sent them to the fringes of human space to relax away from danger. But the barbarians of the outer reaches have their own plans, plans which will bring down both Cinnabar and the Alliance.

The enemies of peace include traitors, giant reptiles, and barbarian pirates whose ships can outsail even Daniel Leary's splendid corvette, the Princess Cecile. Unless Daniel, Adele, and their unlikely allies succeed, galactic civilization will disintegrate into blood and chaos.

He served the next two years in the Army, spending as an enlisted interrogator with the 11th armored Cavalry in Viet Nam and Cambodia. He has been a full-time freelance writer since His "Lord of the Isles" fantasy novels for Tor are genre best sellers. The previous titles are: With the Lightnings; Lt.

Captain Alexandra "Alex" McLaughlin is not a woman to be underestimated. Under her petite exterior is a spine of solid steel and a disposition to laugh in the face of impending death. A former member of the Terran Navy's elite force, the Dead Jokers, electronic-warfare pilots with a mortality rate to match that of old Japan's Kamikazes, Alex is a born survivor. But sometimes survival can be a curse. Humanity is locked in a war of survival with the Xan-Sskarn, an alien race that refuses to acknowledge the rights of "weaker" creatures to live.

It is a war that will not end with a peace treaty, but only the complete subjugation of one species to the other. And right now, the alien side is winning. However, the enemy on the outside is not the only one to be faced. As the battles take on an eerily familiar pattern of no-win scenarios, Alex realized the horrifying truth; humanity has a traitor, and it's somebody close. As each battle brings more death, Alex's ghosts grow and so does her desire for vengeance. There is only one way for this to end, and Alex is just the human to take it there—to Ragnarok.

The Thirty Years War continues to ravage 17th century Europe, but a new force is gathering power and influence: the Confederated Principalities of Europe, an alliance between Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, and the West Virginians from the 20th century led by Mike Stearns who were hurled centuries into the past by a mysterious cosmic accident. While the old entrenched rulers and manipulators continue to plot against this new upstart nation, everyday life goes on in Grantville, the town lost in time, with librarians, firefighters, and garbage collectors trying to make do under unusual circumstances.

And what better place for an undercover spy from France than working with the garbage collectors, examining 20th century machines that others throw out and copying the technology though he wishes one device—the paper shredder—had been left behind in the future. There are more sinister agents at work, however. One of them, Ducos, almost succeeded in assassinating the Pope, but his plan was ruined by quick action by a few Americans.

Now, the would-be assassin not only has a score to settle, but has also decided on two excellent targets: Grantville's leader Mike Stearns and his wife Rebecca. Readers return to such books because those characters have become their friends, and there is no limit to the number of times you want to be with your friends again. It's the companion for everything Miles and Vorkosigan: Insightful essays, encyclopedic entries on the characters, the plots and—most of all—the fantastic world-building!

Plus, an extensive story-behind-the-story essay on the creation of the books, and a Bujold mini-biography! Seeker's Mask : After an epic adventure that will become the stuff of legend, Jame has been reunited with her older brother Torisen and with her people, the Kencyrath. But when she is placed in the Women's Halls and expected to become a normal, quiet Kencyr lady, normal and quiet are not what the Women's Halls are going to get.

Shadow Guild Assassins, ghosts, and other strange beings are soon after her, sprung not only from her own adventurous past but from the tragic, mysterious events that nearly annihilated her family in her father's time. To Ride a Rathorn: Jame's adventures continue as she arrives at the randon military college Tentir to face cut-throat competition and find even more buried, poisonous family secrets.

The Kencyr have a phrase, "to ride a rathorn," referring to a task too dangerous either to accomplish or to give up. This is true for Jame both figuratively, given her military career in a college which no Highborn girl has ever attended before, and literally, in that she is being stalked by one of these murderous, ivory-clad creatures whose mother she killed and who is now after her blood. All in all, Jame's school days are shaping up to be anything but golden. About the Author: Pat Hodgell can't remember a time when she wasn't passionately interested in science fiction and fantasy.

God Stalk and Dark of the Moon , the novels included in The God Stalker Chronicles , begin her critically praised fantasy saga which is concerned not! Recently retired, she was a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in modern British literature and composition, and teaches an distant training course on science fiction and fantasy for the University of Minnesota.

Pat lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in a nineteenth-century wood-framed house, which has been in her family for generations. In addition to writing and teaching, she attends science fiction conventions, collects yarn, knits, embroiders, raises cats, and makes her own Christmas cards. The Thirty Years War continues to ravage 17th century Europe, but a new force is gathering power and influence: the United States of Europe, a new nation led by Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, and the West Virginians from the 20th century led by Mike Stearns who were hurled centuries into the past by a mysterious cosmic accident.

While the old entrenched rulers and manipulators continue to plot against this new upstart nation, everyday life goes on in Grantville, even under the shadow of war, as this lost outpost of American freedom and justice must play David against a 17th century Goliath of oppressive feudalism. A splendid example of character-centered alternate-history, this is a must read for its series' growing fandom.

Fans of alternate history and military sf should enjoy this rousing tale of adventure and intrigue. Now an evil death cult known as the Church of the Temporary Mortal Condition wants to capture Owen in order to gain the favor of the great Old Ones. The Condition is led by a fanatical necromancer known as the Shadow Man. Fortunately, this bait is armed and very dangerous This three volume set presents for the first time the genre-defining Slammers series in a uniform hardcover set.

This volume will feature an introduction by Barry Malzberg. In another like narrative set six years after the events in The Tau Ceti Agenda , this exciting action story unfolds in a single critical day in the history of the United States of the Sol System, the extra-solar colonies, the Separatist Revolutionaries of the Tau Ceti system, and all of mankind. As another of Earth's colonies, Ross , secedes from the union, the President of the United States, former marine major Alexander Moore, takes swift action to prevent a second American Civil War, this time on an interstellar scale.

He sends the flagship of the U. But the Tau Ceti Separatists have stationed their own teleporter there and the flagship will be met with heavy resistance from the Separatist Navy. And, unknown to the president and first lady, their eighteen year old military school cadet daughter has been kidnapped and whisked away to the Separatist leader's house on Tau Ceti. You won't want to put it down. Taylor -"Doc" to his friends-has earned his soubriquet the hard way: He has a doctorate in optical science and engineering, a master's degree in physics, a master's degree in aerospace engineering, all from the University of Alabama in Huntsville; a master's degree in astronomy, and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Auburn University.

He's currently working on several advanced propulsion concepts, very large telescopes, space-based beamed energy systems, and the next generation space launch concepts. In his copious spare time, Doc Travis is also a black belt martial artist, a private pilot, a SCUBA diver, has raced mountain bikes, competed in triathlons, and has been the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of several hard rock bands. He currently lives with his wife Karen, and their daughter in Harvest, Alabama. As a freelance writer, Jack Naile was used to getting an occasional letter from one of his readers, but when one of those readers sent him a clipping from a magazine, it would not only change his life, but could alter the course of history as well.

When the historian sent him a photo of the 19th century Jack Naile, what had seemed like an interesting coincidence immediately became much more bizarre. The four people in the photo, dressed in the style of the time, were unmistakably Jack, his wife, their grown son and teenage daughter. Jack decided he would have to take a trip to that town to investigate further. And if he and his family were somehow going to travel back in time, he was going to be prepared—and be well-armed.

Jerry and Sharon Ahern have published over 80 novels in the categories of general fiction, science fiction, horror and adventure, with sales figures in excess of ten million copies. Decades after the last footprints were left on the Moon, the U. It would have to be a rescue mission. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world China had sent its own Lunar expedition. A manned expedition. Time was running out, and if the four Chinese astronauts were to be rescued, the American lunar mission would have to launch immediately, with only a skeleton crew. Once the heroic U.

Could the U. Travis S. He's currently working on several advanced propulsion concepts, very large space telescopes, space-based beamed energy systems, and next generation space launch concepts. He lives in Auburn, AL with his wife Karen and their daughter. He has also appeared in three episodes of the Science Channel series, Exodus Earth.

Listen to the authors discuss the book here on the Baen Free Radio Hour. Captain Dominic Flandry has been knighted for his many services to the Terran Empire—an Empire which is old, jaded, and corrupt, as Flandry well knows—but he also knows that the Empire is better than anything that is likely to take its place. What it is not likely to do is make him more of an object of interest to the alien Merseians, whose plots against the Empire he has repeatedly foiled. They already are as aware as they can be of how much simpler their plans to rule the galaxy would be if their most dangerous adversary were the late Sir Dominic Flandry.

For too long, they say, have hot blooded babes in brass bras and chain link bikinis been held up to scorn as the embodiment of male fantasy wish-fulfillment and non-fictionality. You think they look cute? Well, maybe not too seriously. In fact, they made a lot of people laugh. And now the first three books in the series are combined in one volume. The swordswomen like a good laugh as much as the next amazon. Stirling, K. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, two children, and two rambunctious cats. Athena Hera Sinistra never wanted to go to space.

Never wanted see the eerie glow of the Powerpods. Never wanted to visit Circum Terra. Never had any interest in finding out the truth about the DarkShips. You always get what you don't ask for. Which must have been why she woke up in the dark of shipnight, within the greater night of space in her father's space cruiser, knowing that there was a stranger in her room.

In a short time, after taking out the stranger—who turned out to be one of her father's bodyguards up to no good, she was hurtling away from the ship in a lifeboat to get help. But what she got instead would be the adventure of a lifetime— if she managed to survive. About the Author Sarah A. Hoyt has sold a dozen novels in various genres, including her new Musketeers Mysteries series, starting with Death of a Musketeer , and her acclaimed Shakespearean fantasy series, which started with the Mythopoeic award finalist, Ill Met by Moonlight. An avid history buff and longtime reader of sci-fi, fantasy, and mysteries Sarah has published over three dozen short stories in esteemed magazines such as Asimov's , Analog , Amazing and Weird Tales , as well as several anthologies.

Residing in Colorado with her husband, two teen boys and a pride of cats, Sarah is hard at work on her next dozen novels. Between the Solar Array Pumped Laser and Troy, the two trillion ton nickel-iron battlestation created by eccentric billionaire Tyler Vernon, Earth has managed to recapture the Sol system from their Horvath conquerors and begin entering the galactic millieu. But when the Rangora Empire rapidly crushes humanity's only ally it becomes clear the war is just beginning.

At the heart of nickel iron and starlight are the people, Marines, Navy and civilians, who make Troy a living, breathing, engine of war. Survivors of apocalypse, they know the cost of failure. Val Con has been playing a deep game, far from the orderly life of clan and kin. Fleeing his latest mission, he saves the life of ex-mercenary Miri Robertson, a Terran on the run from interplanetary assassins.

Thrown together by circumstances, Val Con and Miri struggle to elude their enemies and stay alive without killing each other-or surrendering to the unexpected passion that flares between them. Which name — or face — will the agent choose when the game gets tough and an escape for only one of them seems possible? Carpe Diem : On the run from interplanetary assassins and a ruthless interstellar crime cartel, covert operative Val Con yos'Phelium and former mercenary sergeant Miri Robertson formed an alliance of necessity and wound up stranded on a planet with no rescue in sight.

Their on-world problems were looking manageable after they assumed new identities as musicians, that is until a local war forced them to reveal their alien combat skills — and doubt their own growing partnership of trust and love. By then the relentless hound of an agent on Val Con's trail was closing in with the very weapon Val Con and Miri most feared, and the game got very rough indeed.

About the Authors Sharon Lee and Steve Miller live in the rolling hills of Central Maine with two insistent muses in the form of cats and a large cast of characters. Someone is assassinating the leaders of both the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the recently liberated former slave planet of Torch. Though most believe the Republic of Haven is behind the murders, Anton Zilwicki and Havenite secret agent Victor Cachat believe there is another sinister player behind the scenes.


Queen Berry of Torch narrowly escaped one assassination attempt, and a security officer from Beowulf has been assigned to protect her, a task complicated by the young monarch's resentment of bodyguards, and the officer's growing attachment to her. Meanwhile, powerful forces in the Solarian League are maneuvering against each other to gain the upper hand, not realizing or, perhaps, not caring that their power struggle is threatening the League's very existence and could plunge the galaxy into war.

Of the once innumerable battle clans of the Posleen only a handful survive. And that on the sufferance of a group of despised Indowy and Himmit. Plucked from the maelstrom on Earth they are cast out into the eternal blackness of the stars with only a slighltly insane Indowy and a computer virus to guide them. What follows is a trail of tears and remembrance as the Posleen retrace the footsteps of their ancestors in a search for their homeworld. A search to determine if the Posleen posess the one thing no Human would give them credit for: A soul.

A veteran of the 82nd Airborne, Ringo brings first-hand knowledge of military operations to his novels of high-tech future war. Tom is currently an attorney practicing in southwest Virginia. The plan: wipe out and enslave those weed-eating, monkey-spawn humans and march on toward galactic domination! Now the smarter Kzin see the writing on the wall and form alliances of convenience with humans.

But the battle rage on! A strange OLD world seemingly settled by pre-Romans is about to have the honor of Kzin enslavement—unless a human and mercenary-Kzin team can stop it. And a Kzin horde is racing toward a huge anti-matter cache in deep space as one reluctant human protector stands against this ultimate threat! A hard-hitting, spellbinding addition to the 'Man-Kzin Wars' shared universe created by multiple New York Times best-seller, incomparable tale-spinner, and Nebula- and five-time Hugo-Award-winner, Larry Niven!

Tasmarin is a place of dragons, a plane cut off from all other worlds, where dragons can be dragons and humans can be dinner. It's a place of islands, forests, mountains and wild oceans, filled with magical denizens. Fionn—the black dragon—calmly tells anyone who will listen that he's going to destroy the place. Others strive to refresh the magics that built this place. To do so they need the combined magics of all the intelligent species, to renew the ancient balance and compact.

There is just one problem. They need a human mage, and dragons systematically eliminated those centuries ago. Their augury has revealed that there is one, and they seek her desperately. Unfortunately, she's fallen in with Fionn, who really doesn't want them to succeed. He has his own reasons and dark designs.

The part he hadn't worked out is that she will affect his plans too. Honor Harrington is arguably the most popular character in modern science fiction, but there are many other stories in the Honorverse besides those in which she has the central role.


This fifth volume in the popular Worlds of Honor series explores some of those stories with the help of such top writers as best-selling author Jane Lindskjold, New York Times best-selling author Timothy Zahn, and more—including an all-new Honor Harrington adventure, set in her younger years, when a mob of space pirates made the mistake of tangling with Commander Harrington. That was a fatal mistake—for the pirates. David Weber is the science fiction phenomenon of the decade.

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Mike sets out to find his brother, never suspecting that he is about to be shuttled back and forth in time, and between alternate universes. Fred Saberhagen was the top-selling author of many popular science fiction and fantasy series, told in over forty novels and sixty short stories. His Berserkers menaced the universe for over 40 years. Equally intriguing are his exploits in the area of historical fantasy where figures such as Hitler and Lincoln, Daedalus and the pharaohs, populated his alternate worlds. On the border of history and fantasy he created a unique picture of an old favorite, Dracula.

Many of his works also appeared in audio and e-book format. Before abandoning himself to imagination, he served in the US Air Force, worked as a civilian electronics technician, and wrote and edited articles on science and technology for the Encyclopedia Britannica. Born and raised in Chicago, he later lived and worked with his wife, Joan Spicci, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he died in Old soldiers never die Old soldier Wes Stauer is dying inside, from sheer lack of purpose.

And then comes the knock on the door: "Our leader's son and heir has been kidnapped. We don't know where he is. We need you to get him back for us. The people who have him are numerous, warlike, and well armed. But money is no object. Two development teams have utterly vanished planet-side. A third is on the way to set things back on track. Clarke or Stanislaw Lem's sentient oceans. And behind it all a new physical law so unexpected and fundamental that it may change the universe forever!

New York Times best-seller James P. Hogan delivers another stunningly visionary tale in the grandest tradition of SF! Hogan's Mission to Minerva. At twenty-three, Jazen Parker has completed his Legion hitch a hero. But in four months, he'll have a price on his head. Worst of all, he's chosen to search for them on the deadliest planet known to mankind. When Jazen reluctantly hires on to a Trueborn Earthman tycoon's safari to bag a deadly trophy, the reluctant mercenary finds himself shipped out to Downgraded Earthlinke , the outpost at the end of the universe known to everyone except its tourism bureau as "Dead End.

But the hunt goes terribly wrong, and Jazen must survive a tough, beautiful local guide who hates mercenaries, an eleven ton beast that can crush main battle tanks with one claw tied behind its back, and the return of a nightmare that has haunted Jazen since birth. Then Jazen learns that the stakes are not merely his own life, but the fate of an entire alien race. Robert Buettner was born July 7, in Manhattan, grew up in Cleveland and eventually slid west to Colorado. He earned a B. He worked in mining as a rig hand and prospector in the Sonoran Desert of Southwest Texas and the mountains of Alaska, and worked his way through law school as a petroleum geologist.

He practiced natural resources law while serving out his Army Reserve Intelligence Commission as a Captain. He has been writing fiction since He currently lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge north of Atlanta with his family and more bikes than a grownup needs. John Grimes will one day command his own starship, and change the course of Galactic history, but right now he's a wet-behind-the-ears junior officer who finds that he keeps running into problems which were never covered in his courses at the Academy. Bertram Chandler was born in England in and grew up to sail the world in everything from tramp steamers to troop transports.

He was a frequent contributor to the legendary magazine Astounding Science Fiction later retitled Analog during it's Golden Age, and contributed the classic novella "Giant Killer" to the magazine during the s. In the s through the s he contributed stories to the leading science fiction magazines, and published a steady stream of novels, most, but not all of them, chronicling the exploits of his popular hero, John Grimes, who has often been called the Horatio Hornblower of science fiction. He wrote more than 40 novels and shorter works and was the Guest of Honor at the World Science Fiction Convention.

He died in The most popular alternate history series of all continues. When an inexplicable cosmic disturbance hurls your town from twentieth century West Virginia back to seventeenth century Europe—and into the middle of the Thirty Years War—you'd better be adaptable to survive.

And the natives of that time period, faced with American technology and politics, need to be equally adaptable. Here's a generous helping of more stories of Grantville, the American town lost in time, and its impact on the people and societies of a tumultuous age. And much more, including stories by the New York Times best-selling writers Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce, in the latest installment of this best-selling alternate history series. With David Drake he has written six popular novels in the Belisarius series, and with David Weber collaborated on , and The Baltic War , two novels in the Ring of Fire series, and on Crown of Slaves , a best of the year pick by Publishers Weekly.

Flint received his masters degree in history from UCLA and was for many years a labor union activist. When Lieutenant Gerald Yamato of the Republic of California Air Force bailed out of his doomed fighter he had no idea he would land in a culture that would forever change his life. But they are not alone. Alaska Republik is a love story replete with artillery barrages and aerial dog fights that resonates long after the last page.

IX and Jim Baen's Universe. After 31 years in Alaska he now lives in the Las Vegas metro area with his wife, Colette, their ever changing number of cats, and Pullo, their energetic Australian Blue Heeler. He is an avid hiker and velocipede enthusiast. Nicholas van Rijn, the most flamboyant member of the Polesotechnic League of star traders, could see dark times ahead.

Fellow league members were using tactics verging on outright piracy, and others were all too eager to sell starships and high-tech weapons to alien barbarians. A planet not previously known for interstellar commerce suddenly revealed a secret fleet of armed starships, and started building an empire. Even if Van Rijn and his right-hand man David Falkayn could find a way to stop this blatant aggression, the glory days of the League were over. Hereafter, for its own protection against well-armed alien marauders the Earth must maintain a strong military fleet, and one charismatic man would found an empire that would learn nothing of the lessons history taught about the fates of other empires as it began annexing other star systems, whether they wanted to join the Terran Empire or not.

This is the third volume in the first complete edition of Poul Anderson's Technic Civilization saga, and it includes a classic novella which appears here in book form for the first time. So, when Gustavus invades Poland, managing to unite all the squabbling Polish factions into repelling the common enemy, the time-lost Americans have to worry about getting dragged into the fight along with the Swedish forces. But Mike Stearns has another problem. So Gustavus orders Mike Stearns to go to Saxony and restore order.

But he makes one mistake. On the colony planet of Terra Nova, Carrera has achieved his revenge, destroying those who had destroyed his life by killing his wife and children in a terrorist strike. And, with this help of his second wife, he has thwarted an attempted coup that would have restored the rule of the oligarchy and undone his hard-won victory. But his fight is not over yet The problem of the Tauran Union's control of the Transitway between Terra Nova and Earth remains, as does the problem of the nuclear armed United Earth Peace Fleet, orbiting above the planet.

The Taurans will not leave, and the Balboans—a proud people, with much recent success in war - will not tolerate that they should remain. And yet, with one hundred times the population and three or four hundred times the wealth, the Tauran Union outclasses little Balboa in almost every way, even without the support of Old Earth.

Sadly, they have that support. Draper paints the picture of a real girl—with tantrums and attitude, problems with mean girls and oafish adults. This is an eye-opening book with an unforgettable protagonist and a rich cast of fully realized, complicated characters. As in The Red Pyramid and The Throne of Fire , the cast of characters here is confusingly large and the backstory sometimes seems tucked into the spaces between the battles.

After this dark beginning, the story skips forward two years to when the remaining family members are forced to move to an ancestral house in a small town. Rumored to be haunted, it is unkempt and forbidding. The kids search for her and discover a doorway into another world, where their mother has been swallowed by a monster and is being taken away.

Still, what other choice do they have in this strange place? Gorgeous illustrations with great color bring light to this gloomy tale. Filled with excitement, monsters, robots, and mysteries, this fantasy adventure will appeal to many readers, but it does have some truly nightmarish elements. This celebration of human capability subverts expectations with every page turn, as Otoshi Two and Baumgarten twist physical actions, such as planting or lifting, into more abstract ideas. Images created from handprints and fingerprints, inked in a vibrant palette of paint and set against white backgrounds, accompany reader-directed questions that are broken up over page turns, allowing each surprising conclusion to make its full impact.

Part Goonies, part MacGyver, part Percy Jackson, this big series starter is sure to please readers looking for underdog heroes and their unbelievable adventures. Ten-year-old Novak became a YouTube sensation with his Kid President series, coproduced by actor Rainn Wilson, which encourages positivity and cooperation with funny pep talks and celebrity interviews.

From a mysterious knight and a medieval castle to a spooky dungeon and a secret passage, The Knight at Dawn has everything to keep young readers turning pages. Now he is back in their lives, for a week at least, looking after them while their mother is away. Readers intrigued by the magic theme will also appreciate the appended instructions for a card trick. A practically perfect science picture book. Equally excellent for classroom or storytime, this harmonious blend of text and illustrations executes a simple concept beautifully, in a manner that allows readers of various ages to approach the book in different ways.

An eye-catching jumping-off point for further investigation. This hefty volume is also a tall, handsome one, with fine paper, richly colorful full-page and spot pictures, and simple, attractive borders on pages of text. John Rocco…illustrates the myths with drama, verve and clarity. A must-have addition to the Percy Jackson cannon. Hale nicely interweaves feminist sensibilities in this quest-for-a-prince-charming, historical-fantasy tale. Strong suspense and plot drive the action as the girls outwit would-be kidnappers and explore the boundaries of leadership, competition, and friendship.

Backmatter tells more about each step in the cycle, using solid explanations and science vocabulary. An engaging and lyrical look at the water cycle. The journey to, through, and past tragedy is romantic and heartbreaking, as characters and readers confront darkness, joy, and the possibilities—and limits—of love in the face of mental illness.

If there is a complaint from readers, it will be that Paolini revels too much in long conversations between his characters while action takes a backseat, but fans of the genre will bask in his generosity: …. As all parties converge on the royal city for battle, Smith packs the pages with action, adventure, and a satisfying conclusion. Once again, the expected fantasy elements are well in place, and the characters and their relationships continue to develop nicely.

The ending promises an even more cataclysmic battle ahead. It is a dragon egg, fated to hatch in his care. Christopher Paolini is a great author who has been able to conjure up a fantastical yet believable world. Some of them are:. When Otto returns home, on the back of a turtle, all is once again right with the world. Come to the library and check out one of these wonderful books or go to our catalog to find more. Told from the perspective of Aron, a Jewish boy in the ghetto, it is the study of the sadistic and systematic deprivation and dehumanization of a people.

Forced with his family from the countryside into the ghetto, where he joins a band of hardy young smugglers, Aron eventually loses his entire clan to typhus, malnutrition, and forced labor and ends up in an orphanage in the ghetto run by Janusz Korczak, an important historical figure from this period.

Shepard also skillfully depicts the blighted human and moral landscape within the ghetto, where normal understandings of right and wrong have become impossibly compromised under the pressure of extermination. Surrounded by devastation, hopelessness, and cruelty, Korczak becomes an exemplar of all that is good and decent in the human spirit. Few will be able to read the last terrible, inspiring pages without tears in their eyes.

The book offers an impressively imagined account of Seymour, Dickens, and a huge host of others the sheer scale of the book is, itself, Dickensian … [Death and Mr. Pickwick] is a staggering accomplishment, a panoramic perspecitive. Bento and colleague Liz Huizar—who racked up student loans to obtain a master of library science degree, then found herself working as a dancing chicken for a fast-food restaurant—are at the center of an eccentric cast, including Bogart look-alike Philyaw; Gillespie, an unscrupulous cop whose Y2K fears led him to imbibe silver, permanently turning his skin blue; and Roland Sussman, a bestselling writer who returns from a three-year retreat in a commune to learn that his ex-girlfriend has stolen all his assets.

Fans of Jonathan Franzen and T. VERDICT Though this story of small-town characters may appear quaint, it packs great emotional punch, fearlessly touching on issues ranging from racism to depression. The storytelling never wavers, and bittersweet events are laced with gentle humor. A modern novel with the feel of a classic. Take it from year-old Ana Juric, conscripted into the Yugoslav civil war in the early s by the bad luck of simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She is able to calm herself by going through the motions of loading and reloading a munitions magazine. By the time Ana becomes a student at a New York university, all that violence has been bottled up inside her head for a decade. She also turns this tale of brutal hardships and stubborn dreams into a lush, swirling, evocative jazz composition, in which she sensitively depicts a city-in-flux shaped by poverty and romance, immigrants and migrants, anti-Semitism and racism, visionaries and gangsters. A graceful and involving affirmation of the transcendent power of art.

But just a few months later, he started losing his language, with God the last word to go. As Cody turns 21, his parents are divorced, with Charles, living alone in the family house, writing daughter Emmy as she leaves for college, and Allison seeking comfort in Judaism. After startling revelations, comfort comes, thanks to an ambitious art student and a feisty Italian nun with dementia.

Reconnecting with her past and building a life for herself and Callie is the order of the day. Having another man in her life—especially one as appealing as Griff Lott—or realizing that something evil and dark has followed her to Rendezvous Ridge is certainly not on the agenda. And lying warm in bed, companionably. In this book, Haruf, who died in , returns to the landscape and daily life of Holt County, Colo. Loving, a Civil War veteran, takes Willie under his wing and teaches him how to shoot and ride a horse. When Loving dies, Willie renames himself Nat Love in honor of his mentor and heads to the town of Deadwood in South Dakota Territory, where he befriends Wild Bill Hickock, among other colorful characters.

When Ruggert hears that Nat is living in Deadwood, he sets out after the young man again. But when longtime love Michael finally pops the question, Mia is more than happy to surrender to the fairy tale. Unexpectedly, however, this Vietnamese communist sympathizer finds himself being tortured by the very revolutionary zealots he has helped make victorious in Saigon.

He responds to this torture by extending an intense self-interrogation already underway before his incarceration. The narrator thus plumbs his singular double-mindedness by reliving his turbulent life as the bastard son of a French priest and a devout Asian mother. Haunted by a faith he no longer accepts, insecure in the communist ideology he has embraced, the spy sweeps a vision sharpened by disillusionment across the tangled individual psyches of those close to him—a friend, a lover, a comrade—and into the warped motives of the imperialists and ideologues governing the world he must navigate.

In an antiheroic trajectory that takes him from Vietnam during the war to the U. Compelling—and profoundly unsettling. Meanwhile, Catherine determines that the man responsible for the brutal murders of three people close to her is Tomas Santos, a drug dealer who was recently released from prison in Caracas—and who hates Catherine for killing his wife in a shoot-out. Paranormal scenes in which Catherine and Cameron communicate at a distance serve to heighten the sexual tension between them.

Tom Cage. When Tom is accused of killing his former nurse, he jumps bail to evade the far-extending reach of the Double Eagles, a Ku Klux Klan secret cell. Frank Knox, the deceased Double Eagles leader, was rumored to have been highly involved with the assassination of John F. Tangible proof of the conspiracy is rumored to be in a giant cypress known as the Bone Tree, but Forrest and the rest of the Double Eagles will do anything to stop Penn, Caitlin, and Cage.

Is his demise a result of acute rivalries within the academic community? Or is it related to his background in Germany? Inspector George Mason, of Scotland Yard Special Branch, is assigned to solve this crime, which has major repercussions in official circles in England, Germany and France. Mason is ably assisted in his investigations by Detective Sergeant Alison Aubrey, as by detectives seconded from other police forces in Britain.

His enquiries take him to parts of rural England, France, Switzerland and Germany, accurately portrayed by an author who spent several years teaching and traveling in Europe. But before Max and Awena can tie the knot, the bishop dispatches him to the nunnery of Monkbury Abbey, where the sisters produced a fruitcake that sickened the Earl of Lislelivet some months after he visited the abbey.

Meanwhile, he has a possibly related crime to solve. The ending with a traditional gathering of the suspects will please Golden Age fans. On their second night, four armed men invade the campsite while Anna is on a solo canoe float. Barr touches again on her recurring theme, that man is the biggest threat in nature, as Anna works unseen to disarm the thugs and free her friends. But once Mummy decides her memoirs are too scandalous for publication, Georgiana must seek new employment. With options limited, she writes Queen Mary, who rewards her with a royal audience and a business proposition.

But Altringham, an uncouth sheep farmer, needs help acclimating to British high society, which is where Georgiana comes in. Inevitably, a murder crosses her path, and the quasi-royal again gets to show off her detecting chops. The efforts of an American dressed like a cowboy to get it to her before the train pulls out of the station are to no avail. Later, in Paris, Jordan is stunned to see the cowboy-looking American she encountered in Brussels. Stranger still is the cowboy ending up outside her hotel as a hit-and-run victim. Jordan and Alex eventually reach the village of Fontvieille, where her hotel room is ransacked and her new suitcase flung open.

Someone apparently believes Jordan has something valuable in her possession, but what? Seasoned with humor and evocative descriptions of magnificent historic sites, this whodunit should appeal to fans of both cozies and traditional mysteries. Since the location was used as practice for the amphibious assault that will be launched shortly in France, the higher-ups are concerned that a link may exist between the dead man, who was shot in the head, and the secret invasion plans. A feud among local gangsters that Boyle learns about suggests a less sinister theory, but the path to the truth is appropriately complex.

The affable and capable Boyle continues to grow as a character, and Benn effectively uses the impending Allied invasion of Europe as the background for the whodunit plot. Good luck with that. Verdict This Cormoran Strike adventure delivers on all the promise of the first one. Indeed, Harrison, who had a serious green thumb, seemed happier tending his garden than playing the role of the rock star.

Many critics thought he would disappear from the spotlight after the Beatles officially split in April A must for all Beatles collections and for fans of the quiet man himself. For everyone who has been fascinated and moved by his music, the book will be full of deep insights into how Glass the man became Glass the composer. Pulitizer-winning historian McCullough Truman sees something exalted in the two bicycle mechanics and lifelong bachelors who lived with their sister and clergyman father in Daytton, Ohio. He finds them—especially Wilbur, the elder brother—to be cultured men with a steady drive and quiet charisma, not mere eccentrics.

McCullough follows their monkish devotion to the goal of human flight, recounting their painstaking experiments in a homemade wind tunnel, their countless wrong turns and wrecked models, and their long stints roughing it on the desolate, buggy shore at Kitty Hawk, N. C, Thanks largly to their own caginess, the brothers endured years of doubt and ridicule while they improved their flyer. McCullough also describes the fame and adulation that the brothers received after public demonstrations in France and Washington, D.

His evident admiration for the Wrights leads him to soft-pedal their crasser side, like their epic patent lawsuits, which stymied American aviation for years. A mesmerizing storyteller, she shares legends from her Potawatomi ancestors to illustrate the culture of gratitude in which we all should live. In such a culture, Everyone knows that gifts will follow the circle of reciprocity and flow back to you again… The grass in the ring is trodden down in a path from gratitude to reciprocity.

We dance in a circle, not in a line. She reminds readers that we are showered every day with gifts, but they are not meant for us to keep… Our work and our joy is to pass along the gift and to trust that what we put into the universe will always come back. The 30 crew members were arrested and, along with their ship, taken to Murmansk, where, after cursory court appearances, they were promptly remanded for two months while facing piracy charges carrying year sentences. The personal stories that Stewart recounts are appealing enough, but the crew was deeply affected by their time in prison and the people they met there, and the author wisely imparts that immensely interesting aspect of the story as well.

He would rather play tricks with the law of England than with his own conscience, as Holmes put it after he let a killer go free. A delight for Baker Streeters. With great clarity and poignant human stories throughout, Ian Millhiser has written a book that all who are interested in American government and our legal system—which should be all of us—must read. In recounting his treks over the past 20 years, Roberts addresses debates both academic, …and moral, such as whether discovered objects, including baskets and pottery shards, should be left in place or removed and incorporated into museum collections.

Putnam vividly captures a dynamic change in American society—the widening class-based opportunity gap among young people. The diminishing life chances of lower-class families and the expanding resources of the upper-class are contrasted in sharp relief in Our Kids, which also includes compelling suggestions of what we as a nation should do about this trend.

Geyser University Professor, Harvard University. In a fantasy world imbued with Norse mythology, young Karn is rescued from undead pursuers by a half-giant girl named Thianna. Thianna and Karn are both being hunted by magical foes and rely on one another to survive. Narrator Tassone has developed separate accents for the people of the story—the Ymirian frost giants; the humans of Norrongard; and the wyvern riders, who hail from a foreign southern land.

He does well voicing inhuman characters like the oafish trolls; the undead draug; and an ancient, irritated dragon. These transitions are seamless, and Tassone is equally compelling narrating a female character. The on-point readings of an abundance of unfamiliar Nordic words and fantastical names make listening to this fantasy a particular pleasure. This fast-paced story, with heroes who defeat vicious enemies using their wits, launches the Thrones and Bones series.

House of Representatives at age 25, gets a stirring treatment here. The complete time line at the end of the book helps fill in the gaps, and the story generates interest that will encourage additional research. A reference to harsh laws passed by whites is coupled with a dramatic two-page spread of whipping, a potential lynching, and lots of angry white faces in the foreground, fists clenched.

A small African American boy covers his eyes at the scene. A scene of the horrors of a school burning shows praying figures overshadowed by masked attackers with burning torches. This heartfelt and humorous debut novel comes to the U. Fans of the ongoing Warriors series will enjoy this first volume in the Omen of the Stars subset. Dovepaw is a reluctant heroine, furious about her powers and new responsibilities. The perilous journey creates powerful bonds between the clans, but ancient grievances portend new battles.

In the year since year-old Alaskan Victoria lost her father, she has felt isolated from her mother and her community. She pours herself into working with the dog-sled team she and her dad loved and runs in local sledding races, finding little else to engage her interest or energy. Setting out one morning with the team to a distant neighbor, she comes across a wrecked snowmobile and its unconscious driver, Chris, as a deadly snowstorm rolls in. Emotionally satisfying and insightful, this story has staying power.

Already prone to overthinking, Trent is overwhelmed by disturbing thoughts, which he draws in a closely guarded book, and very angry. He backs away from his best friend, acts out at school, and clashes with his family. With help from a persistent classmate, who is known as much for the large scar on her face as for her weird outfits, and a similarly dedicated teacher, Trent is gradually able to let go of his intense guilt and regain his confidence. Unbeknownst to Maggie, her 11th year is one of those times. Two dads, four sons, one dog, one cat, one imaginary cheetah.

Levy makes some bold choices here. The chapters are alternately narrated by the brothers, who each has his own problem to work through. Four brothers and all their friends make for a lot of characters and a lot of story. However, the warmth of this family and the numerous issues that readers will easily identify with make this a welcome choice, especially for boys. An interview in a local paper explains how this family became one. Irish immigrants to England, Molly and Kip make their way to the Windsor house in search of employment. The great house stands in the shadow of a menacing tree, which locals speak of only in fearful whispers.

Despite her young age and the warnings of a local storyteller, Molly uses the power of her own words to secure work, but soon realizes that all is not right in the house. Constance, Bertrand, Penny, and Alistair Windsor each struggle with personal demons, and strange footprints appear at night. A malevolent spirit, the Night Gardener, haunts the estate, dooming its inhabitants with foul dreams while the tree grants wishes to entrap the recipients.

Auxier gives readers a spooky story with depth and dimension. But the treasure she expects to find—the prototype for a long-lasting battery—is nothing compared to what they actually discover: the subterranean Omega City, built during the Cold War to support life if the Earth were to become uninhabitable. The city has fallen into disrepair, and the pitfalls in its crumbling depths are as much a threat as the trio of armed thugs who are trying to steal Dr.

When Pip arrives at the clinic, however, life soon turns chaotic: the town is infested with combustible pests fuzzles , and a ruthless government inspector keeps threatening her aunt. Pip teams up with the neighbor boy and an anxious unicorn named Regent Maximus to save the town from a fiery end and to save the fuzzles from an untimely death. Through conversations with Pip—yes, she can talk to the animals—these creatures prove themselves to be memorable characters in their own rights. Lighthearted and funny, this slim book will delight readers who prefer their stories with a fantastic flair.

What would you do if you had the chance to meet the adults you know back when they were kids? But something magical happens, and Annie wakes up in to discover her grandmother as a young girl. Snyder infuses her novel with a touch of magical realism and, of course, time travel , and many readers will wonder what the grown-ups in their own lives were like as kids. Filled with historical facts that weave seamlessly with the narrative, this is a heartwarming story about knowing, and truly understanding, your family. Watson is a logger, and spotted owls spell big trouble for the logging industry.

Then the little owl imprints on the gruff Mr. And the lives—and views—of one logging family are changed forever. Basil E.

  • Regulatory Lymphocytes and Intestinal Inflammation (Annual Review of Immunology Book 27)?
  • nanaho no ehon (Japanese Edition)?
  • Signaltheorie: Grundlagen der Signalbeschreibung, Filterbänke, Wavelets, Zeit-Frequenz-Analyse, Parameter- und Signalschätzung (German Edition);
  • A Path Through The Bible;

Frankweiler will find this another delightful lesson in art history. Louis in the record-breaking cold winter of Web-Exclusive Review. Charles F. Brannock who invented the first tool to accurately measure foot size , Cher Ami a pigeon who effectively saved American soldiers during World War I , and Thomas Jefferson founding father, author, architect, president, and the man who introduced Americans to macaroni! A rare picture book, The Death of the Hat is a rich but accessible collection that children and adults alike will treasure.

Hilli Levin. And for the first time since her own childhood, the grandmother opens up about her life during WWII, the star she had to wear, the disappearance of her parents, and being sent to the country where she had to lie about her name and her beliefs.

Every year, more stories set during the Holocaust are released, many for children, and this one is particularly well done. Set in occupied France, the story told is honest and direct, and each scene is revealed with care. The frankness of the storytelling is tempered by appealing cartoonlike illustrations that complement the story and add a layer of emotion not found in the narration. A Holocaust experience told as a bedtime story? It sounds crazy, but here it works.

With gorgeous mixed-media illustrations and accessible, engaging language, this picture book will spur interest in the world of hippos. Two types of text appear on each page: larger print encompasses the main narrative full of fascinating facts ideal for reading aloud , while smaller print presents drier statistics and additional facts of interest.

With a focus on high-interest details—such as a spread featuring two bull hippos flinging dung at each other in warning—this title stands out. A multiethnic group of young friends—Nick, Pedro, Yulee, Sally, and others—take part in activities together as they prepare for a street fair to raise money for the local library. The neighborhood tour includes some familiar picture book community staples, such as the library and a community garden. The sunny illustrations are packed with inviting details and friendly characters.

Parents and teachers will particularly appreciate that Ritchie also stresses the role of retirees, local businesses, and ordinary citizens. Sanchez uses a mix of full spreads and panels, depicting myriad dramas unfolding on and below the streets. With humor and sensitivity, Spiegelman reveals how getting lost can be the first step toward finding your way—while also giving NYC residents and visitors alike a valuable primer on the subway system and its history.

As scientific innovation swept France in the eighteenth century, Mesmer decided to bring his own discovery to the mix—animal magnetism, an invisible force responsible for remarkable, seemingly spontaneous healing. Dubious of the true benefits of being mesmerized, King Louis XVI called on the most popular man of science, Ben Franklin, to help investigate. Each page is teeming with personality, from the font choice to the layout to the expressive figures to the decorative details surrounding a name—on one spread, Franklin is in a tidy serif, while Mesmer is nearly choked by flourishes.

Together, Rockliff and Bruno make the scientific method seem exciting, and kids interested in science and history will likely be, well, mesmerized. While learning the game, Astrid learns how to be a friend and, maybe, that not all friendships are forever. The stories include facts that are not usually in textbooks or taught in classes. Each chapter concludes with three short questions to test readers on what they absorbed. This books is a great learning tool that can be used by parents and teachers to teach American history in a new and exciting way.

A visually striking and enriching overview of animals living independently and as part of an ecosystem. Her father is gay. Illuminating and deeply felt. While informative, segments detailing trip preparation and training are expectedly less gripping than accounts of perilous climbing expeditions; in the most dramatic one, Romero describes being slammed by an avalanche on Mount Everest.

The emotional pitch of the story remains high as Romero contends with extreme weather, frustration, exhaustion, and homesickness to reach, with almost palpable exhilaration, each peak. Showing its origins as an infrequently updated webcomic, the book opens with one-page vignettes, which are choppy and abrupt. But as the comic progresses the characters become clearer, the vignettes get longer and more developed, and the book becomes an often painfully blunt look at the insecurities and cruelties universal to teens—even flying teens.

The central story focuses around Marsha, a tomboyish, frumpy broom-flyer, and Wendy, her beautiful best friend who can transform into a fox. The humor is sometimes slapstick, but more often it offers ultra-dry observations on modern disengagement. Tamaki is playful and loose with her art, unafraid to be experimental as she draws us into a world where true feelings are the greatest danger. Unprepared for the realities of her new role, particularly the stifling rules of protocol and lack of control over her environment, Sisi repeatedly clashes with the wishes of both her mother-in-law and, more dangerously, her husband.

Mara Bandy, Champaign P. Such a work is this marvelous collection of stories about remarkable people whose lives had been reduced to mere footnotes. At the top of her craft, the empathetic Bergman Birds of a Lesser Paradise embellishes select moments in their history. While the stories themselves are unequivocally fictitious, the characters are not. Vincent Millay, to name but a few. The author has infused her characters with passion and yearning; they are so lifelike we feel we know them. VERDICT Writing with brilliant cadence and economy, Bergman is an impressionist who uses her brilliant palette to illuminate facets of the lives of these brave and creative lesser-known strivers.

Left as orphans, the two brothers escape to the nearby city of Orgun, where they scrape by as panhandlers and transporters in the bazaar, until another explosion leaves Ali legless and requiring expensive long-term hospitalization. Aziz becomes a trained combatant and joins a unit opposing Garzan. While stationed at the firebase near the strategic border village of Gomal, Aziz associates with the corrupt American military liaison known as Mr.

Jack and visits the village leader, Atal. Aziz is thrown into the maelstrom of deceit, greed, and betrayal as the different factions extend the war for personal gain. Ben and his wife, Caroline, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, hope to build a new and better life by converting an old farming estate into a country inn. Instead of the idyllic life they expected, alarming things start happening. A shed on their property mysteriously catches on fire. To make matters worse, Caroline becomes increasingly paranoid. Ben needs to discover who or what is responsible.

Having decided to write about the village, he begins seeing eerie connections between events in the past and the present. Duffy does a good job building the suspense, but some readers may feel let down by the implausible ending. But when syndicate Underlord Haymarket Hector and his entire gang are brutally murdered, both Paige and Jaxon see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—Jaxon wants to be the new Underlord, and Paige thinks she can finally turn the self-serving, corrupt syndicate toward her cause of bringing down Scion.

VERDICT Full of the action, turns, and surprising revelations that readers have come to expect from Shannon, this new installment ends on a wholly unexpected twist. Separated by principles and temperament, each must find her own way forward as she faces moral questions and life-or-death choices. Haunting, action-packed, and compelling. Nora is not entirely likable—a self-centered person mired in depression rarely is.

But Nora is also proud, fierce and angry—and slowly, slowly she wins you over. Even more important, she eventually finds a way to save herself. It has a kind of deliberate, note-by-note crescendo—but very few crashing cymbals—as Nora rediscovers her love of singing, learns how art can help her navigate through grief, and how music can help even the most quiet among us to regain our voice. This is a story of two men, a deputy and his prisoner, and the uncommon bond forged between them. A stunning work from the first pages to the last, this is a book that will not be let down.

As a child, Peter is troubled and troublesome. Growing up, the brothers are always at odds. After a stock market crash wipes Peter out financially, his wife, Alana, leaves him, taking their two boys with her. Readers should be prepared for revelations of wickedness on a vast scale in a family melodrama that only dedicated Steel fans are likely to find of much interest. The president has swallowed the bait, issuing an ultimatum to Iran: allow the U. Track back that connection, and the president will have to listen; fail, and another Middle East fiasco explodes.

Lots of thriller writers know how to work a ticking clock, and lots more come to the genre with some experience in international politics, but few put the two together as effectively as Berenson, former New York Times reporter, does in this compelling, globe-trotting time bomb of a novel.

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Action fans will get all they came for, as Wells slashes his way from Russia to Israel to Egypt and on to South Africa for the High Noon-style finale, but those looking for genuine insight into the subtleties of the geopolitical chess game will be equally satisfied. The constant surprises will shock even the most jaded thriller reader. Sure enough, the couple soon learn of a missing passenger, possibly a victim of extortion, and reports of a poltergeist that made off with a tennis racquet. On arrival in Japan, they are asked to perform a delicate mission for the prince regent that is vital to the future of his country.

While some may not like the idea of a married Holmes, many will find the character deepened by his partnership with the spirited and clever Russell. As April lies in a medically induced coma, Joe has to balance his personal crisis with an environmental one: finding the poachers who slaughtered a flock of 21 sage grouse, a species approaching endangered status. Her new book, Falling in Love, harkens back to the first novel in the series, Death at La Fenice, in which Brunetti cleared the name of opera singer and murder suspect Flavia Petrelli.

At first the attention and the adulation was flattering, but that was before the roses began to pile up in her dressing room and in her locked apartment. And before a young singer publicly complimented by Petrelli was brutally thrown down a staircase. Brunetti must intervene with the able assistance of ever-so-resourceful and devious Signorina Elettra in an attempt to forestall any further violence.

Fans of exceptionally character-driven mysteries will find lots to like here. The year is Henry James and Sherlock Holmes travel together to America to solve the mystery surrounding the death of socialite Clover Adams whom, some say, James would later use as his inspiration for his novels Daisy Miller and The Portrait of a Lady. James is convinced Clover killed herself, while Holmes seems equally convinced it was murder. At age 42, the grossly overweight Decker is barely scratching out a living as a PI.

The arrest of Sebastian Leopold for the slaughter of his family and a mass shooting at a local high school combine to put an unwilling Decker back into the game with temporary credentials as a policeman. Rusty but still brilliant, he rejoins his former partner, detective Mary Lancaster, in investigating both cases. A startling discovery links the school killings and those of his family. Baldacci supplies a multitude of clever touches as his wounded bear of a detective takes on a most ingenious enemy. Priest Literary Agency.

Whether writing as J. Robb or Nora Roberts, this author knows how to hook readers, and her latest enthralling Eve Dallas book ticks along as smoothly as a meticulously crafted Swiss watch. New details emerge—including that real Pa gave away the family dog, Jack! Illustrated with maps, photos, and artwork, and appended with additional manuscripts and an extensive bibliography. Weisman, Kay. Culture and modern medicine encourage an end-of-life approach that focuses on safety and protection but is sadly shallow. He frets that residents of nursing homes are often lonely and bored.

Physicians are keen on intervening whenever a body is diseased or broken. Gawande suggests that what most of us really want when we are elderly and incapable of taking care of ourselves are simple pleasures and the autonomy to script the final chapter of life. George Rice who sent a message congratulating Eric on his success. He knew the faculty wanted him to succeed. Since then, Eric has served in numerous positions including: head basketball coach at Carroll High School, assistant principal at Jefferson Upper Elementary, and assistant principal at Richwood Middle School, where he served for 11 years.

He learned different leadership styles from his supervisors, again forced to adapt to his environment. He allows people space to work, trusting their judgment as professionals. He believes in letting faculty and staff find their niche, what works for them in the classroom. Treating colleagues to respect their own intuition and talent allows faculty the opportunity to rise to their own potential.

When interested students ask, Eric describes the quality, personal education he received at ULM, how the training determined his success as an administrator. ULM is a solid institution, consistently making huge strides in curriculum, research, and campus improvements. The visual changes alone since he attended in the early s are impressive. He knows the teachers care, the campus positions students for success, and is willing to accommodate those nontraditional students who have home and workplace responsibilities to balance while they pursue higher education.

We represent alumni who honor the traditions of our university and who share a sense of achievement and pride. We create a network of professionals, establish scholarships and advocate for our University through community engagement. To address this, we will be offering a non-invasive body contouring product called Velashape. This type of system stimulates the growth of new and better collagen and elastin. Each treatment lasts about fifteen minutes and most patients describe the treatment as feeling like a warm massage. For many women, skin imperfections can impact self-confidence.

We also know women considering facial rejuvenation procedures are inhibited by high cost, pain, downtime and side effects. We found that Sublative and Sublime skin treatments are an ideal solution. Healthy skin around the treated area accelerates the healing process of the skin and new collagen and skin cells are produced. Sublime treatments improve facial contour and overall skin quality by heating dermal tissue with combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energy, stimulating collagen production.

And while results with more invasive procedures may be dramatic, few are. No woman wants to lack confidence with intimacy. To help with this, we will offer an in-office non-surgical treatment that uses laser energy in gynecological applications called CO2RE Intima. CO2RE Intima is a medical laser that delivers controlled C02 energy to the tissue improving skin tone, texture and appearance. If you would like to hear more about any of these options, please give us a call at to schedule a consultation.

You can also visit us online at thewomansclinic. Pictured Above — Bottom Row: Dr. Erin Gullatt, Dr. Sara Klug, Dr. Dawn Pennebaker, Dr. Adrienne Williams; Top Row: Dr. Amber Shemwell, Dr. Jason Wilson, Dr. David Bryan, Dr. Terry Tugwell, Dr. Won Lee, Dr. Laura Petty. Are We There Yet? I can recall a time when traveling with little ones, hearing this question 45 minutes into what would amount to a day long drive.

Initially, this was a humorous question reflecting child like innocence and their poor sense of time. It is an inquiry suggesting interest, anticipation, enthusiasm and readiness to experience something new and different. I have found whether it is an hour drive or a flight half way around the world, whether you are a child or an adult, most would agree that the anticipation of a trip and then arriving to the point of destination uplifts the spirit, boosts the mood and brings pleasure.

Research shows that the mere thought of traveling increases happiness as it gives us something to look forward to experiencing. Traveling is more than a destination to a physical place but is an emotional and mental journey stimulating every sense and enriching every emotion. It provides you with the freedom of experiencing and learning the world for yourself and not according to what others see, say and believe.

In essence, traveling helps widen our lenses when experiencing other cultures, places and people. Travel interrupts the stereotypes, assumptions and habitual patterns we may hold in exchange for patience, flexibility and awareness. It provides a panoramic view of life from others perspectives and at the same time allows us to stand back and view our own lives.

Traveling helps us to see the best of the world and to venture out of our comfort zone. It helps us discover ourselves, while learning about others. The more we travel the more connected we feel to the world. It allows us to rethink how we do things, where we do things and who we do things with. Traveling brings the unfamiliar and the different into our lives and makes it a part of our reality. Relax, relate, revive and rejuvenate through travel. Traveling whether for business or for enjoyment allows us to physically and emotionally get away. Traveling provides a change of pace, allows us to slow down, to step away from the daily grind and catch our breath.

Planning a trip is as important as packing, be mindful of the time zone you are traveling in and adjust accordingly. Besides, happiness is derived more from experiences than material goods. Alleviate stress and anxiety by getting plenty of rest before traveling, while traveling and following your trip. Know when to take a vacation and do so regularly. Travel is a way to provide us with the goal of living life for life itself. Be adventuresome and embark on something new. Explore your soul while traveling to the farthest place you have ever dared to go.

Seek the depth of your spirit while visiting the unknown. Discover the treasures of the place you are visiting. Be mindful every place has its own character, cuisine, lifestyle, culture, beauty and pride Relish the differences you discover and the similarities you share. While you are on vacation cultivate an interest you can continue when the vacation ends. When traveling seek connection with yourself, the people you meet and with the friends you have been too busy to call. Leave the stressors of home at home and the demands of the job at the job.

Traveling is an incredibly beneficial thing to do for our mind, body and soul. The benefits of traveling extends beyond having fun, it provides valuable lessons, broadens perspectives, offers exposure and adds to the wonderment of life. Whether you decide to cruise to a far off island, or hike through the mountains, take a cross country train ride, a bus tour of your favorite travel destination, travel with an open mind and the willingness to experience anything and everything. For more information about counseling services and outreach programming contact Dr.

Polk during WWII. In , Armand E. In , they sold the furniture and supply business to a local competitor, so they could focus on a new vision of technology in the workplace. During this transition, the name was changed to MOEbiz. Currently the company core business includes network services, copiers, printers and an overall one-stop shop including a full-time help desk and call avoidance team. When MOEbiz entered the network services space, they joined a peer group to understand the business model and determine the best path for them. We understand customer frustration when one service provider blames another and all you really want is the answer and the problem solved!

That being said, we offer a one-calldoes-it all philosophy on the networks side of our business. This has also allowed us to staff a call-avoidance team for our copier printer business which helps resolve issues remotely versus waiting on a technician to arrive. The long term goal is to be a zero waste facility. The service-based organization includes delivery and retrieval of files as well as scanning services. Bulk shredding, purging and monthly services are available, as well as clean up and organization File Depot also has the ability to manage records for a customer with multiple locations.

File Depot is one of 31 independently owned and operated franchises. The new Ferrand Street location will soon house a third business. The discounted merchandise will include home goods, office furniture, lamps, lights, candles, and accessories. Sofas, end tables, coffee tables, and headboards will be available along with night stands, barstools, and rugs. The pop-up style of Hidden Finds will depend on when the trucks are delivered. Ann anticipates her first sale before summer, as the Ferrand location is already stocked with furniture and accessories.

She will make sure the merchandise is displayed in a classy, inviting environment, a place people want to shop for the best bargains. Chap and Ann are excited to have their three businesses under the same roof and look forward to continuing to serve the Monroe area.

MOEbiz moebiz. This event is dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of some of the most high-achieving real estate professionals in all of Northeast Louisiana. It is a prestigious tradition that links years of industry trailblazers to the current generation. Both commercial and residential experts were named at the top of their field. Since , John Rea has engaged a team of community advocates who continue to bring people together in the creation and communication of favorable aspects of Northeast Louisiana. The inaugural event began with a St. The tentacles of this outreach are evidenced through the four John Rea recipients who are continuing to feed positivity in places where progress might be hidden in plain sight.

One of her most notable community involvements, other than becoming working mom to six, has been her service as a board member to the Monroe Symphony Orchestra as well as President of the Board in - just prior to the birth of baby number five, Ruby Jayne. Kathy VanVeckhoven served on the. Finally, the mention of Al Peterson brings a smile to all who know him. He has served on the state level representing his real estate colleagues and as a director on the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council.

He is well rounded, serving on the coordinating council of Northminster Church. My wife and I travel out of town a fair bit for vacations and family commitments. Sometimes I travel alone for hobby activities. Unless I am time limited I find any journey is easier and more fun if I plan some interesting stops. Given my interests the stops I choose are often history, military or aviation related.

It goes without saying that a stop can be all three of those things at the same time. I had been there before but going with my son made a second visit even more enjoyable. In addition to stops during a journey I often plan trips specifically to see places that are of interest to me. Many years ago I was able to arrange for my son and I to stay overnight on the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown when a Scouting trip from our then home city had two open spots.

Our first vacation trip to Savannah not only included Fort Pulaski on Tybee Island and some Colonial and Civil War sites in town but was also timed to catch. When I go somewhere for family purposes and work purposes before I retired I like to take advantage of any free time I might have and visit area points of interest. A rainy morning during a family reunion at the beach in Galveston gave me an opportunity to take my nephew to the Lone Star Flight Museum. The museum has since moved to Houston. My brother-in-law knew to grab his boys and take me to see the Tulsa Air and Space Museum when we were visiting that city for a wedding.

A business trip to Williamsburg VA was tailor-made for my interests. Perhaps the most fun comes from unexpectedly finding somewhere interesting to stop during a journey. I did not realize they were there until I decided to take the ferry across Mobile Bay just for something different and fun in lieu of staying on the main highways. On a regular basis the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum here in Monroe gets visitors who happen to see one of our billboards and decide to make a quick stop. More often than not these quick stops turn into hours and sometimes even all day which then requires an unplanned overnight in our town.

As a member of the Museum board it is gratifying to hear when this happens. Just as it is gratifying to hear when someone plans a trip from distant locations such as Houston or Chicago just to come see what we have on display at the Chennault. The list of fascinating military and aviation places of interest in our Nation seems limitless. An Internet search for United States military or aviation museums, US Navy ships on display or state historical sites can give you a long list of possible stopping points for any travels you may have planned or wish to plan.

Take advantage of the ability to see how the men and women who fought for our country lived and served or how they pioneered the frontiers of air or space to increase the catalog of human knowledge. What you will find might surprise you. It happens to almost all of us as we age. Ask people to speak up or repeat what they said. And hey, the quiet can be kind of nice, to be honest.

The decision to treat or ignore hearing loss should not be taken lightly. In the study, scientists concluded that treating hearing loss by wearing hearing aids reduces the risk of cognitive decline associated with hearing loss. Researchers credited the results to both increased alertness and improved balance. Treat Hearing Loss — That same study found that people who use hearing aids reduced the risk of income loss by 90 to percent. It also reported that most hearing aid users in the workforce said wearing hearing aids has helped their performance on the job.

Adults caring for infants and young children need to know when their charge is crying or in distress. Treat Hearing Loss — Treating hearing loss with hearing aids enhances your awareness of your surroundings and can help ensure you hear every smoke detector, bike bell, emergency alert or distress call. This, alone, is significant, as social isolation is closely linked to numerous quality-of-life issues, including depression, illness, exhaustion and even shorter life spans.

April is a good time to ply the shallow areas for both white perch and bass. They can be found around the numerous cypress trees and stumps that populate the shallow waters throughout the lake. Bream fishing can be fantastic once a bed is located in the sandy bottom areas located around the state park area.

The question is, where would be the best place or places to go? Since we do have an overabundance of fishable waters here in north Louisiana, I felt it would be best to choose a select few lakes and offer some basic, yet helpful information about each of them. While all the lakes are different in their overall appearances, they can be fished quite similar. Here is the choice of lures I would not hesitate to use on any of the following bodies of water. These are my go-to lures for these bodies of water because they consistently catch fish.

These five lures will allow you to cover any fishing situation you may run into, regardless of which of the five lakes you are fishing. Without a doubt this is still the king of north Louisiana lakes. The lake has everything a fisherman could ask for. If you like to fish shallow water, the grass flats and cypress trees are in abundance.

If you like to fish deeper water areas there are numerous channel areas and sloughs. This lake is a mini Toledo Bend. The actual lake itself can be broken down into three lakes in one. The Corny arm is on average the clearer part of the lake. Located north of Arcadia, Louisiana Lake Claiborne has always had a reputation for being a striped bass lake but over the past few years the bass fishing has gotten much better due to the stocking of the Florida bass several years ago.

And with the addition of the Tiger bass, the fishing just seems to get better and better! The lake itself has several feeder creeks, boat houses, standing timber and in some parts of the lake aquatic vegetation. On the lower end of the lake you will usually find clearer water and in the creeks and the upper areas you will find more stained water. Whatever your preferred method of fishing, Claiborne may be the most complete lake and the easiest to fish. Still the big bass champion of north Louisiana, Caney Lake is starting to rebound now that the vegetation is back in the lake.

Bass, white perch and chinquapin all seem to thrive and grow in this extremely fertile fishery located just north of Jonesboro in Jackson Parish. There are five major creeks on the northeast side of the lake and all five have reputation for producing bass, white perch and chinquapin in the trophy category. Fishing the outer edges of the vegetation or using more weedless lures such as a Zoom Fluke to penetrate the inside sections can make for a fun day on the water and the bass of a lifetime.

Caney may well be the best equipped of the five lakes as far as parks, boat ramps and amenities around the lake. It is set up with the vacationer in mind. The lake has wind rows, back water coves and a lot of fishable habitat for the white perch enthusiast as well as rock banks and boat houses that are great starting points when looking to find active bass. One thing to note; Poverty Point is also susceptible to spring storms. For any of you readers who are wanting to plan a family weekend getaway, all of the aforementioned lakes have the accommodations. Each lake on our list has a State Park which usually include RV hookups, camping sites and in some cases even cabins to rent for a weekend.

Well, it looks like we have run out of time and space for another month. I sure hope we were able to give you some ideas on where you might launch your boat for your next fishing trip or weekend getaway. Be sure to observe the state rules and regulations no matter the choice of lake you visit and be safe on your spring time travels.

See you next month and catch one for me! Luckily, the brewer s who made it do. There are four main ingredients that make up beer. Water, barley or other fermentable sugar , hops, and yeast are where it all begins. Water makes up 90 percent of the brew, so using tasty water makes a big difference. Malted barley is most commonly used to fill the sugar quota in a brew recipe.

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Some brewers will substitute a percentage of corn, rice, wheat, or other grains to add a lighter flavor to the beer. These are known as adjuncts. Hops are cone-like flowers found on a hop vine. They lend the bitter flavor to beer that balances out sweetness. Hops provide a fruity, citrusy note and balancing bitterness, as well as a floral aroma. The yeast used helps determine the style of the brew. Lagers are light, crisp and golden; ales, darker and more alcoholic. Adjuncts are often used in large scale brewing. The most common are rice and corn.

Louisiana is one of the top producers. Corn is used by brewers in two main forms: milled grits or flakes. Corn grits are the most widely used adjunct by commercial brewers in the United States. Grits are produced from yellow and white corn mostly yellow , which is milled to remove the bran and germ. Flakes resemble the breakfast cereal, corn flakes, and can be used directly in the mash. They can be milled with the malt and or crushed by hand and mixed with the grain. There has also been some misinformation about the use of corn and corn sugars in beer floating around.

Corn syrup that is used in the brewing process and high fructose corn syrup are two very different things. Additionally, the corn syrup used does not actually end up in the finished product. Rather, it is used as a fermentable sugar to feed the yeast to create alcohol. Rice, another popular adjunct, is used in a very similar fashion. Rice comes in aromatic and non-aromatic varieties. The non-aromatic varieties are used in brewing. Brown rice harvested from paddy fields is milled to remove the bran and germ and the whole kernels are sold for domestic consumption.

The kernels that get broken are sold at a lower price to brewers. With the evolution of craft beer, anything from fruits to even salt may be. Many breweries are also growing their own crops. Rogue Ales, for example, has a line of beers that are crafted from ingredients exclusively grown by the brewery. From rhubarb and currants to specialty hops, they are growing it all. Abita has used Louisiana produce in its harvest line for years. Strawberry, the most popular by far, is still made with Louisiana strawberries.

Right here in Monroe, Flying Tiger Brewery tries to use as many local ingredients as possible, even having special strains of yeast created just for them. They also work with local cattle farmers, providing spent grain to feed the cattle. So next time you pick up a glass or can of your favorite beer, remember to raise a toast to the local North Louisiana farmers responsible for all those great ingredients.

Be sure to like Choice Brands on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with local happenings and new product releases. Find us at facebook. This is not to suggest that one ought to ignore those problems that they bring the flowers that bloom in May. Sometimes, we are confronted whenever April showers come along. But Jolson was not pretending that there is no reason for singing about just how rain falls into concern can prove dangerous and costly. We need to recognize and then deal with Al Jolson, himself a man with our problems. In the short epistle of James, with which we have to cope.

Where, in dealing with troubles, can one find cause for joy? In addition to that, it is also true that God can bring good out of of us. That was the day when Jesus, who was innocent dreaded, burdensome levies. So, if we are able to see some good in this of any wrong-doing, was crucified. But that act of appalling infamy resulted in the pardon for sin for all who trust in Him. What incredible tax system, perhaps we can endure our burden a little better. So, when the rain falls, look for and expect the flowers.

Collecting wall art in particular, can be inspirational from various designer ideas, travel, personal taste level, color necessity, available space and investment budget. The good news is usually a level, hammer and nails can make your update easy. Immerse yourself in all facets of wall art and discover what your inner artist is trying to teach you.

Her style is drenched in travel moods, textiles and naturally ornate material and her philosophy is that people need to live and enjoy their environment that excites, soothes and pleases.

  • India Migration Report 2011: Migration, Identity and Conflict: Volume 2?
  • Gehe nicht in die Dunkelheit! (German Edition)!
  • Ulysses by James Joyce.
  • Grazie aglinganni tuoi, K532.

Themes in wall art selections in particular are many times composed of local artisans and their take on cultural flavor and pride. A mid-century abstract painter, her work has been the subject of several retrospective exhibitions. Her abstract expressionist style is a theme in several home and commercial projects by our friend, Austin based interior designer, Mark Ashby.

If he is working with an art consultant or choosing directly for his clients, he likes to present ideas in wall art that would complement their home, their mood and their environment. Also a fan of emerging artists, many of his high-end clients base their art collections not only for future investment, but having a passion for the piece ultimately chosen. Known for its challenge to traditional fine art, strong imagery from mass culture and iconic advertising remains the theme. For spring, their presentations of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring pop art into their integration of street wear, along with interior vignettes is over the top and inspiring.

It is somewhat of a secret that many high end interior and clothing designers fill in their own everyday clothing wardrobes with these modern, simple pieces. If choosing an entire theme of wall art or just a piece in the genre of Pop Art, it is best to go bold. Embracing this theme of art and its definitive use of color and lines might be the statement mix you have been searching for in your ongoing collection.

Those facts, coupled with crippling financial hardships, is what drives the team behind St. Their goal is to provide leading care for critically ill children at no cost to the family — because their belief is that the only thing parents should worry about is helping their children get better.

Kids & Y.A.

Jude organization. Among these fundraising initiatives is the St. Coburn Supply is a family-owned business, and the company has always operated with a huge heart for helping others in critical times of need. When it comes to St. What a gift St. The St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway is an annual fundraising initiative spearheaded by St. This year alone, over 40 homes are being built and donated to benefit the fundraiser, generating hundreds of thousands in research funds and financial support for St. Jude families. Open house tours begin April 13, and the grand prize drawing will be held on May 5.

All mail-in tickets must be received by April 30 to be eligible to win. The summer sun warming our spirits and gets everyone in the mood to get up, get outside and get on the water. One way to make this a summer to remember is finally getting yourself the boat you have been wanting for years. Bill and Hazel Buckley started the dealership in In , their son-in-law, Pat McDonald came to the dealership and started working his way up.

He purchased the dealership in from Bill and Hazel and continues to run it today with the help of his son Nick McDonald. They continue that philosophy today with great customer service, the best products and the ability to handle any boating need that you may have. Stop by their showroom and see all they have to offer. Their knowledgeable staff is ready to help you make your decision. Their Xpress and Crestliner boats are all aluminum, with no wood, all welded, and both offer a lifetime weld warranty on their boats.

Xpress is a name that has been around for a long time and has a reputation for being the best high performance aluminum boat on the market. Xpress can be stacked up against any other tournament bass boat on the market and usually for less money with more durability. Veranda Pontoons are a luxury pontoon and are a step above other pontoons on the market.

Their patented aluminum interlocking deck allows the entire boat to be built without wood. That means Verandas are built to last a lifetime. The Relax series is the most economical way to get on the water in style. They are available in twin toon and triple toon versions and multiple interior formats. The VP and Vertex series are the best of the best in luxury and durability. Like a little adrenaline in your system?

Then check out the new Moomba Tow-boat lineup. Moombas are consistently. Whether you enjoy wakeboarding, surfing, skiing or tubing, Moomba will get you on the water without breaking the budget. Already have a boat? Before you hit the water this summer, make sure your boat is in tip top shape. They also have a wide array of Slingshot and Hyperlite wakeboards and bindings.

Nick, their watersports know-it-all, will have you out on the water in the best gear on the market at internet prices. They carry the ropes, lifevests, and other accessories needed to wakeboard. They also carry a large inventory of kneeboards, skis, and tubes from HO Sports. They offer a variety of marine products, and their selection of high quality boats is second to none. It is their goal to help our customers find the perfect boat to fit their lifestyle, along with the right parts and accessories to truly keep you on the water!

At press time, the action continued, but some of the early winners and fans are posted here. Francis, and coaching legend Nick Bollettieri will headline the action in coming weeks. I recommend all three! Contact Mark or Kelly Taylor Francis — April at the MAC for all ages. Contact Tori Fisher Contact Scott Smith or The meaning of Easter and Passover is essentially where life triumphs over death; freedom over bondage. The Passover and Easter symbolizes that all does not need to end in bondage or death.

One can experience a life filled with freedom and hope as the behavioral and spiritual principles are embraced. The same is true for recovery. Recovery can triumph over alcoholism and addiction, and life can be a rewarding experience, again. Alcoholism or other addiction can progress to an individual becoming more afraid of living than dying. Regardless of the amounts consumed, the individual exists in a life of repeated negatively despairing, depressing, calloused, and cynical experiences.

When this occurs the structural, cerebral and electrical brain functions have been altered. The individual has truly been taken hostage. Lacking healthy cognitive, ethical, and spiritual capacities, one cannot cease abusing oneself and others. Alcoholism and addiction create an ultimatum for the individual.

One can attempt to drink or drug away the conscious reality of the intolerable circumstances while repeatedly self-destructing or accept spiritual help. At this designated crossroad, the individual is afforded a choice—continue the prideful self-sabotage or embrace humility and accept divine empowerment. Recovery begins with admitting one has a problem and asking for help. Optimism is born when one is told there is hope to recover from this seemingly hopeless condition. With the help of God and others, abstinence and recovery become a possibility.

Faith unites one with God, oneself and others. Family, whether the family of origin, the family of procreation, or the new-found family of other recovering persons, one begins to feel at home with self and around others. Responsibility is the interconnected catalyst or fifth spoke in the wheel that energies the recovery. A light in the dark tunnel emerges—this is HOPE! As lessons from the Passover offer insights into recovery, equally does the Cross and Resurrection of Easter.

Grace is the empowerment from God to live differently than before with more liberty and unification to self and others. It is said that the cross represents the vertical connection between God and oneself while the horizontal reflects the connection between oneself and others. Just as the Passover and Easter and recovery are really about freedom and second chances; it is about hope.

Hope is actually confidence which means selfassurance or sureness. Embracing these attributes results in confidence of freedom and opportunity for second chances. Convictions aligns the individual with principles offering a grounding foundation of truth. Commitment is the voluntary willingness to be honest and open-minded to whatever and whoever is the component for recovery. Humility is the opposite of pride. All that is needed is a personal surrender. Begin the journey of recovery. Begin the journey of discovery.

That sentiment has helped me reframe Sunday, April 8, , the day my little family survived a car accident. I was in the passenger seat, listening to an audiobook with Tim. Weston was sitting behind me in his car seat, wearing his favorite red headphones, and watching cartoons on the Ipad. I snapped a photo of him wearing his blue shirt with white stars and yellow stripes on the sleeves and texted it to my mother, knowing she would appreciate his ensemble.

Suddenly, another driver sped through the stop sign at the intersection, struck the passenger side of our Toyota 4-Runner, and threw us feet across the median into the opposite car lane. Later reports indicated our car flipped about eight times. Tim saw the other driver accelerate toward our car, but I did not. I remember a loud noise and staring at the digital dashboard, trying to make sense of what was happening as our car began rolling. When we landed, upside down, I was eerily calm.