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The Plan: Lose Weight by Eliminating Reactive Foods

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Archisbang Associati Villa in Reano. Most folks live in small houses or apartments, go to work everyday, have nice cars and drink alcohol on a regular basis.

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But look beneath the surface and you can clearly see the results of the plan - people are dependent on the government in Berlin and there is little upward mobility. The German economy is vibrant but workers cannot accumulate much money to invest, to make their assets grow. German workers in Munich pay 8 percent of their income in local taxes. Add it up, and German workers cannot save significant money or improve themselves much economically. Thus, they stay where they are, year after year after year. The result is that almost every German is the same materially.

There are few ostentatious displays of wealth in Munich. The folks accept the plan because it offers security.

After you pay the tax, medical care is free. Pensions are guaranteed. The addicted are supported but barely. Not much homelessness.

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But forget about ever accumulating enough money to buy that chalet in Gstaad or a villa on the Riviera. That is not going to happen in the working precincts.

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The German government makes it impossible. That is the vision of the present day Democratic Party in America. From sea to shining sea, we will all be similar: dependent on Washington for medical care and retirement entitlements; happy to be secure with what we are allowed to keep after the government decides how much to take from us.

That is the Plan and it does not include gold stars for achievement. Most media and many American citizens are solidly behind it.