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I think Stephanie Kate Strohm writes some very fun and light books, so definitely check this out! I love all the gelato in this book, and the romance was very sweet. If you like a little bit of spice as a friend group potentially fractures and a lot of touring Europe, definitely check this one out! In a Perfect World by Trish Doller — This one takes place in Egypt so yes, very fun and different and I really enjoyed the romance in it? Summer romances are what I totally wish I had. If only I actually left my house, lol.

But these are cute and hopefully not fleeting and something about summer can make a romance all the more magical! Over the course of the summer, Stay Sweet is both sweet as well as heartwarming as Amelia tries to keep Meade Creamery afloat, all while falling in love. But be warned, Adam Silvera still had his influences brb crying. I just love Clara and her witty brashness as well as the Korean Brazilian food truck and Hamlet the love interest and well, every thing about this book!

This book is just so much fun—the summery romance, the amazing bi protagonist, Babe, the Maine feels and cute coffee shops—and I definitely recommend you pick this up! Like, preorder it. High school romances are honestly what I would say are the most accurate depiction of teen romance.

High school is honestly most of our lives I know, we suck and seeing romance happen here is definitely very very cute! Match Me If You Can by Tiana Smith — This book was so adorable with its journalist main character and a love triangle that was actually done well and all the swoony love interests Logan, not Vince, lol! So I definitely recommend! Somehow I just got sucked into the story, so I applaud Mafi for doing that! YA college romance is few and far between, but here are a few that I definitely found sweet and fun and YA even though the protagonists are at college as opposed to the NA college romance feat.

Emergency Contact by Mary H. I know some people love it, and I think that if you like the premise more texting based romance, very low key , then you might want to try this out! Also, Penny is my fave. This section is dedicated to books with very niche and cute settings that feel very distinct to me!

Save the Date by Morgan Matson — Weddings! I think the wedding planning was so much fun and actually really enjoyed how there was way more family going on than romance, but the romance was still a defining feature. If you like that Morgan Matson chaos, I definitely suggest you pick this up! But nevertheless, Once and For All was really sweet and I adore the cover and obviously you should pick it up!!! I just loved this book so much, and the setting was so sweet and fun and added a bunch to the story!

I totally suggest you pick this up if you want something romantic and a little bit different than normal. Deep breaths. I am so ready for all the amazing stories feat. Three Sides of a Heart edited by Natalie C. Meet Cute edited by Jennifer L. I actually read a few of the stories in this when I had the chance to pick it up at the library, and it was really adorable and I enjoyed it a lot! So, I definitely recommend from what I read so far! Summer Days and Summer Nights edited by Stephanie Perkins — There are actually two anthologies edited by Stephanie Perkins about romance—this one and the winter one!

So yeah! Nevertheless, I have a quick list of some non-contemporary books sci-fi, fantasy, and one historical that feel decently romance-centric for me to add to this list! Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider — This is my favorite Robyn Schneider book, although all of her books are great. Extraordinary Means plays both with romance no promises on a HEA, though and the way the story teases with an almost sci-fi illness is really fun and interesting. I really enjoyed The Beginning of Everything as well though, and Invisible Ghosts is my second favorite of her books!

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi — Although there are a LOT of other things going on in the Shatter Me series, I think the romance between Juliet and [redacted] is a big defining feature and v important to the fandom ahaha and I definitely suggest you pick this up! Although it gets a little explicit at times, though not SJM level, so be warned! It was so entertaining and I definitely suggest you pick this up if you like sci-fantasy with a healthy dash of romance! So many!

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Love and Other Unknown Variables by Shannon Lee Alexander — Reading about kids who think they have their entire life planned but then somehow mess up the entire plan is just one of my favorite things ever? And this book is about an MIT bound boy who ends up getting into a sticky situation feat. Girls trying not to fall in love but ultimately?

Once Upon a Summertime

I like the idea of a female protagonist staying unattached, not just male ones! I have three! This first section soon is for upcoming books that come out before the end of June and I am sooo excited to get my hands on them! Love from A to Z by S. This sounds like such a cute novel—an airport meet cute? Umm, YES.

Ali book to be coming out! Symptoms of Heartbreak by Sona Charaipotra — I admit that I am The Worst and have never read any Sona Charaipotra books yet, but she is wonderful and I bet this book will be awesome as well! I love it. Red bean is the best. Followed closely by chocolate ice cream. Also, the pun!!! This is the enemies-to-lover story of my dreams and Mia and Jake hatch a plan to get their parents off their backs, but as you expect. I just—the summary sounds so awesome I want to cry Sana and Rachel sound so awesome and I ship them already.

Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith — This book sounds soooo cute! I love these sort of sweet romances and hopefully I enjoy Jennifer E. Also, yay for black joy novels! This second section soonish is all about books that are coming in the second, later, half of ! So you do have to a wait a while, but not as long as section three.

Taiwanese family in a midwestern town! Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett — First love! Queer black teens! Please applaud! The cover reveal happened really recently and this book sounds so awesome both in the romance and fake-dating trope cOUGH and the way it deconstructs Korean parent expectations! A Pho Love Story by Loan Le — Another Vietnamese-American story about two teens who fall in love but their families have a feud about competing restaurants and like.

I am ready for Ahmed to kill us all with more awesome books. It sounds so cute and perfect for me.

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I know. I just.

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She has so many books and everyone says you should start with different ones ashlkdfjslk. One day. Diplomatic Immunity by Brodi Ashton — This actually sounds really cute and a lot like my jam? I mean, queer girls in the South and also that peach imagery [insert eye emojis]. Yeah, well Now a Major Motion Picture is at the very tippity top of this list! I know I said YA in the title, but look! I have some adult and new adult romance recs too, ones that I have read and loved or are on my TBR!

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne — The Hating Game has become like, the epitome of enemies-to-lovers in a contemporary setting, and I just loved this part of the story! The slow burn was so worth it as the characters took their sweet sweet time to realize that they actually do like each other, and it was so fun ahhh. This was really great though, and I thought the romance was sweet!

Vicky is a reader, book blogger, writer, and artist. Feel free to ask her about her favorite books or find her on Twitter VickyCBooks , Instagram vickywhoreads , and more! View all posts by Vicky Who Reads. Thank you for this epic post — I loved the categories you used and I have added so many books to my TBR! Red White and Royal Blue also sounds so cute. Like Liked by 1 person. And I am conspiring against your TBR to make it topple with these recs—so glad you found new books to read!

Like Like. This is a mammoth post, but it was so exciting to read. So this post basically wrecked my TBR! I force myself to loosen my grip on the doorknob, hoping it might help relax the rest of me. I just want him to tell me what he knows about Cassie and then be on his way. And I am really not interested in having one of my episodes in front of him. Jasper crosses and uncrosses his arms, lifts his shoulders even closer to his ears. Now he officially looks guilty.

I press my lips together and swallow hard.

Summertime is Coming! Are you a Mountain or a Beach Person?

I am not a member of the Jasper Salt fan club. Back to zero lies, that I know of. But we are just getting started. Jasper somehow walks right past me, uninvited, into my living room. So I dodged her at school. Later Maia told me Cassie must have bagged school anyway. Have you seen her, or heard from her or anything? And he must know that. Did you tell her mom that you got this?

13 YA Beach Reads to Take on Your Summer Vacation

He reaches for the phone again, tapping in search of yet another message. He holds up the phone a third time. At Jasper. But I am sure this is somehow at least a little bit his fault. Cassie has been acting weird lately. Screw you, Jasper Salt, I want to shout. Things that might help find Cassie. And there are definitely secrets I know that Jasper does not. Things that Cassie would have been way too embarrassed to tell him. For instance, maybe Cassie peed her bed again, but this time her mom caught it. It was how Cassie managed not to hate him. Instead, the next time it happened, she decided it was funny.

And I have to respect that, right? Jasper holds up his hands. And she was already talking about sending Cassie to some crazy boot camp boarding school. Because now Cassie getting snatched off the street is all I can think about.

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As I reach for my phone, I feel like it might bite me. Please, Wylie, I need your help, the text reads. I messed up big. I need u to come get me. I sent Jasper so he can drive. But the person I really need is you. More soon. I take a shaky breath. And even after everything between us, I have to admit there is a tiny part of me that likes that Cassie feels like she needs me specifically. Of course, there is one additional, teeny-tiny problem with this plan. Or really less of a problem, because that sounds like the kind of thing that can be worked around.

This is more of a brick wall. It started with not being able to get myself to school, then having a hard time running errands in the car. Then just taking a walk was pretty uncomfortable. Like Dr. I am a full-on agoraphobic. Only three weeks in the making, but I am here to report that three weeks is plenty long enough for something to feel like the way you always were.

At some point during this Project Rescue Cassie discussion, I am going to have to give this problematic little tidbit some thought. Like the text you got.

See a Problem?

It could be anybody. Maybe somebody stole her phone. And him being suspicious like that defi- nitely goes down in his not-guilty column. I turn back down to my phone. Are you pulling a Janice? An oldie, but a goodie. It makes me miss Cassie just thinking about it.