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Search Denton record-Chronicle Archives. Latest News. And a big sound that we've put together, quite an accumulation of stuff, so we're going to take it in the studio with the best of the boys and see what happens. This weekend, we're off to sessions. We're recording for 10 days or so.

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We're going into the studio next week. Mick and I have been busy this year, trying to knock some interesting stuff together. We're doing what we feel we're good at, and in order to be heard. I don't think there should be any time limit on that. Ron: We're getting ready for recording in L. Keith Richards Mid-January : The Glimmer Twins in You know, Mick and I, the way we've reacted to things over the years, we've both been very critical of each other. But at the same time, here we are.

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I just spoke to him yesterday, talking to him about a song we're about to record, and so it goes on. It's an overriding love. We discussed a few alternatives — but she really chose them. Part of my job is to make sure that they all run together smoothly, do the links and the edits so they work together. So they flow nicely and the highs and lows go together and the keys work going from one song to the next—that sort of thing.

Charlie Watts is playing his arse off! You only hear about the odd bust-up.

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  • I really hate letting you down like this. Once again, huge apologies to everyone.

    Keith: A big disappointment for everyone but things need to be taken care of and we will see you soon. Mick, we are always there for you!

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    Ron Wood Late April : Cheering Mick up Sally and I went on a break to the Caribbean with Keith and Patti and sent him videos of us playing and singing get well songs on the guitar. That cracked him up. Keith Richards June : Mick's surgery Mick went through it very easily. As I say, it seemed to be no problem at all really