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In the Eugene City Council took national leadership on climate action by adopting the Climate Recovery Ordinance , updated in to include some of the strongest greenhouse gas emission reduction goals in the nation. The Climate Action Plan 2.

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The goal of the Climate Action Plan 2. We seek to achieve this goal by applying the triple bottom line framework: environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic prosperity. As the cultural and political heart of Mexico, and an economic powerhouse in Latin America, the city faces many challenges and opportunities that are shared throughout the world.

For example, while the city flourishes in many respects, it grapples with the effects of rapid urban expansion. Poorly planned urban expansion, coupled with the proliferation of these informal settlements, has greatly exacerbated the risks and impacts of shocks and stresses, as earthquakes, long-term water shortage and land subsidence impact informal settlements at a greater rate.

The CRO’s Mandate

To better understand how these risk factors fit together, Mexico City is beginning to look at the links between problems — for example, between informal housing and economic inclusion, and building codes and water aquifers. This is crucial as it considers how to survive the next major incident, while building a city that thrives for all its inhabitants.

Pula, Rovinj & Panoramic Istrian Coast

Like many progressive, resilience-minded cities, Mexico City is now exploring new ways to combat shocks and stresses at the same time, with a clear focus on improving the prospects of vulnerable communities. We want CROs to learn from the work Mexico City is doing, while taking note of the historic challenges the city has faced.


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