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A self teacher in all branches of decorative art, embracing every variety of painting and drawing on china, glass, velvet, canvas, paper and wood the secret of all glass transparencies, sketching from nature. Portuguese as Author El libro de las mil noches y una noche; t. English as Author London and its Environs Described, vol.

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Twelve Years' Experience in the South. Then and Now. A Full Expose. I, No. With Descriptive and Entertaining Ancedotes. May, Russian as Author Appel, Toby A. Henry De Jubainville, H. Louis U. English as Author Argilagos, Rafael G. Abenteuer eines deutschen Knaben in Amerika. German as Author Armando, A. Presented to the Boston Anti-slavery Bazaar, U. Day See: Day, Mary L.

George Mortimer, M. Army War College United States. Army War College U. War College Washington D. Army War College en. I English as Author of introduction, etc. And Sparm at That! Finnish as Author Suomalaisen teatterin historia 4 Bergbomin loppukausi: Kansallisteatteri. See: Turunen, Armas E. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc. Vickers T. See: Le Blond, Aubrey, Mrs. In Three Volumes. Jules , Auriac, J.

Jules D'Auriac, J. Oscar Phelps , ? He has already stated that the experience has been beyond measure. Communication junior, Matt Forner, worked with a General Conference crew that was responsible for producing a daily podcast, which received an honorable mention at the annual Society of Adventist Communicators convention. Students returned to the Southwestern campus to discover that the department had purchased three new Blackmagic Design cameras with production software.

Glen Robinson has a doctorate degree in Information Science. He is an author, blogger and communication professor at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas. At the time, the Union had a membership of approximately 3, The weekly, eightpage, newspaper-style newsletter was an important tool to share news of the Adventist Church with members scattered across the Union.

Each month, the Record is packed with inspirational stories, such as testimonies, baptisms, and outreach efforts, and news, including conference-specific news and announcements, as well as the latest important developments from the North American Division and the General Conference. Keep in mind that if you want to submit an article to be published in a particular month, it needs to be submitted at least two months before the date of the issue. Details about submissions below. In order to publish the Record each month, the Southwestern Union Communication Department collaborates with each of its.

The key contributor to the Record is you, the member. We encourage you to share your news, baptisms, testimonies, outreach efforts, ministries, and events, to inspire more outreach efforts. They typically think differently, make decisions differently, and, you guessed it, exercise differently! With that in mind, the FLAME enlisted fitness experts Brock and Courtney Reichert to craft specific routines that can be done virtually anywhere and by all fitness levels from beginner to experienced. We aim to provide our readers with tips to live happy healthy lives both spiritually and physically, so grab a partner or your headphones and check out these routines!

Start with your feet and hands on the ground a little wider than shoulder width, arms perpendicular to ground. Do repetitions on the ground. Immediately move to an object where you can place your hands about feet up i. This is one set. Continue to go up as long as you have something to place your hands on. The higher your hands, the easier it becomes.

Repeat two more times for a total of three sets, resting one minute between each set. Raise each arm out to your side. Try to keep your elbows in a locked position when raising up. Pause for a second at the top then lower your arms for your first rep. The workout we designed for this issue targets muscle groups that men and women usually try to prioritize and improve.

Men usually want the big chest and shoulders while women work on toning and defining their legs and arms. Most of these exercises can be made easier or harder with some mild tweaks. Courtney and I even broke a solid sweat shooting the pictures! Each workout routine includes three exercises to target different muscle groups. We encourage a minute warm-up prior to any workout to get the blood into the muscles and the joints ready for dynamic movement. This can include a light jog, stair climbing, or simply a brisk walk.

Complete reps per set, rest one minute between sets. Three sets total. Drive shoulder blades back first, followed by arms, then squeeze the elbows together behind your back for a good contraction. Three sets total of repetitions, rest one minute between sets. Slowly lower as you bend your knees and hips. Keep your head up the entire time. Lower to 90 degrees or about the level of sitting in a chair. Pause for a second at the bottom then drive through the heels back to the starting position.

Three sets total of repetitions, one minute rest between sets. For this, the higher your hands, the easier the exercise. Place hands on side of bench right outside hips. Keep the elbows in tight to body entire time. Bend elbows to lower down slowly until your upper arm and forearm are at about a degree angle, then push back up. Three sets total of repetitions, one-minute rest between sets.

Bring arms up and pause at top for a second. Slowly lower to starting position. They attend the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pedro and Amarilis Hernandez had permission to leave Cuba, not once, or even twice, but three times. One emergency or another kept them from escaping during each opportunity, but they knew this time was their last chance. It was and emigration prospects were quickly disappearing. This was a time of major unrest in Cuba. Rebel forces led by Fidel Castro had taken over the government in recent years and October would yield the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Both in their early twenties, Pedro and Amarilis had not yet even celebrated their second wedding anniversary. Three weeks earlier, Amarilis had given birth to their firstborn son, Peter, after a difficult pregnancy. Though overjoyed with their newborn, having a son changed everything and they desperately wanted to give him a better life away from Communism. Their third and final permission to leave the country was scheduled for March 27, , but Peter developed a bad ear infection just a few days prior to departure.

The doctor warned that if they flew to the capital of Havana in the small unpressurized aircraft before the infection cleared up, their son would likely lose his hearing. Distraught, they turned to God for guidance. Please give us wisdom. Show us what to do! March 27 arrived, and still nothing had changed. Finally, with little time to spare, they received good news: The delay had been approved. Pedro immediately called the house back in Santiago. Esteban answered. We got permission to change our flight.

Tell Abuela not to leave. We have time for Peter to get well! They were ready and willing to leave everything behind. Meanwhile in Havana, Pedro and Amarilis decided to go to the airport just in case Abuela and baby Peter were already on their way. The young couple waited.

The arrival time came and went, however no plane arrived. Thirty minutes went by as they sat watching the news on the television in the waiting area. Suddenly, a reporter interrupted with breaking news and pierced their anxious solitude. Cubana flight T There were no survivors. Panicking, they rushed to a pay phone. No answer. More waiting. He dialed again. Amarilis sobbed uncontrollably, but there were no words to comfort the young mother. More calls went unanswered. Thoughts of the worst possible scenarios flooded their minds.

Would they be conducting a double funeral for their only son and his grandmother instead of starting their new life? Seconds felt like hours. Esteban had arrived in time and caught Abuela just as she and the baby were in line to board the ill-fated aircraft. Three weeks later, Pedro, Amarilis, and a healthy little Peter sat on an American Airlines flight to Miami with tears streaming down their faces as they watched their beloved homeland disappear over the horizon.

As the coast of Florida came into view, the words of the pilot over the intercom overwhelmed their emotions. He was baptized, and ultimately enrolled in the theology program at Atlantic Union College. After graduating, he pastored for 35 years in the New Jersey and Texas Conferences until his retirement in He continues to serve as a volunteer minister. In addition to supporting her husband in ministry, Amarilis had a successful career as an attorney in private practice, as well as serving as attorney for the New Jersey and Texas Conferences.

Pedro and Amarilis have three sons and five grandchildren. Their firstborn, Peter, teaches photography at Milo Adventist Academy in southern Oregon, and owns his own photography, retouching and graphic design business. She is married to Peter Hernandez. It is important to keep this in mind and have it be evident in our lives.

This Christmas we challenge you to rethink the way you give gifts. As Jason Topp suggests in Wise Bread, before you lose your sanity trying to figure out what to give why not consider some gifts ideas that will inspire and many times change the life of the receiver? Take a moment and analyze the shelf life of traditional Christmas presents. Zoo Membership: A zoo membership is a great gift for a family with children. The membership can be used multiple times throughout the year and usually includes free passes for other activities in the zoo. Handmade Mementos: Are you an artist? Do you love children?

Make redeemable coupons with your phone number for a free night of babysitting per month for someone you know. Have a passion for cooking? Volunteer to teach your skills. Use your natural talents, be creative, and have fun.

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A Recognition Plaque: Not everybody gets to hang a recognition plaque on their wall. Choose someone special in your life and give them a small plaque or medal engraved with words of recognition and gratitude for what this person means to you. A Collection of Memories: Give a collection of family photos to your spouse, grandparents, or other relatives. Use a site like shutterfly. Perennial Flowers: Consider giving flowers that bloom each year. Here are two ideas. Sun perennials: Black-eyed Susan, coneflower, coreopsis, daylily, delphinium, gaura, hardy geranium, iris, penstemon, peony, phlox, pincushion flower, poppy, Russian sage, salvia, sedum, and Shasta daisy.

Find them on Facebook and online at BeForeverOne. Try this festive, 4-ingredient drinking chocolate infused with peppermint, and pair it with one-bowl gingerbread men.

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These are perfect for rolling out and stamping or forming into balls for making the most tender, delicious gingersnaps on the planet. Whether you need to entertain the kiddos or whip up something warm this season, these recipes are perfect for bringing a little warmth to a chilly afternoon. Recipes from MinimalistBaker. Instructions 1. Add milk to a small saucepan over medium-low heat and stir occasionally until warm. Of course we were disappointed with the weather forecast but the wet weather plan was put into action and all went exceptionally well.

We are very grateful to our dedicated PTA team who work so hard all year round to put on events that provide a focal point and entertainment for the community but that also serve to raise important funds for our school. The summer fair is our major fundraiser, all the more important in light of the current educational funding crisis. Through such events the PTA has been able to make significant contributions towards every child's school experience, from iPads to playground installations.

For such a large event the PTA, in turn, is supported by an army of people: staff, families and the wider community. On behalf of the whole school, Mrs Sage would like to thank all of our supporters, whether they ran a stall at the fair, distributed programmes or came along and spent money on the day. However, special thanks are due to:.

Green Team led an assembly last week to share with the school all of the different projects they have been working on. In the future the Green Team would like to try and limit single use plastic at school and remind the school about reduce, reuse, recycle which will include pictorially labelling the bins to make it clearer where things go. We also launched The Great Battery Hunt, to encourage everyone to recycle their batteries and each child has taken home a box.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported the Green Team this year. We really love having others come to share their knowledge so please get in touch if you can help. Mr Jenkins commented 'The children loved the activities and were really engaged and interested. Many of the children commented how much they had enjoyed themselves and how great it was to see real artefacts that were made by the Romans! Their 'souvenir' mosaics were a big hit too! Thank you to Mr Jenkins and the Year 3 and 4 staff and all the parent helpers who helped walk the children down to Pixash Lane.

Here at Saltford Primary School we embrace a whole school approach where all staff value and recognise the need to promote positive mental health and well-being in every child. We place great importance on developing the whole child academically, socially and emotionally. Happy children learn well and if you get that right at primary school you are then building on firm foundations. We're taking two weeks in early June to allow the whole school to focus on looking after ourselves mentally and physically. There will be a programme of activities involving the whole school and the wider community.

As part of our Well-Being fortnight, Michelle Baden, a psychotherapist working with adults, is offering a workshop aimed at parents who would like to learn about how looking after their own mental health can positively impact on their children. To read more and find out how to book a place, please click here. Keep and eye on this news page and on our tweets for more information as this theme progresses. You can read about how we support well-being throughout the year in our well-being section here. We were pleased to be able to share with her all that makes our school the special place that it is.

We are delighted that the final report recognises all the excellent work going on here at Saltford Primary. The grading cannot be changed as a result of a one-day inspection. Therefore we are very pleased that the inspector recognised that, since our last inspection in May , we have. Mrs Sage has thanked all the parents, our fantastic children and our dedicated staff for their hard work and commitment.

This has all contributed to making Saltford School an outstanding place for learning, working and succeeding. The inspector recognised the considerable strengths of the school but also recognised the improvement plans we have in place and the positive impact these will continue to have. This demonstrates that we know and understand our strengths and areas to continue to improve. The children and staff were amazing ambassadors. A particular highlight was the confidence with which the children spoke to the inspector, explaining how we keep them safe and them knowing who they can speak to should they need help.

We were also overwhelmed by the positive response to the parental survey. Mrs Sage has pledged to parents that we will continue to focus on raising standards and ensuring that children who attend Saltford School are given the very best education. It's clear from the pictures that this installation gets a big thumbs up from the children.

Everyone was delighted to play together. Alice, Isaac and Mo from year 5 said how great it was to have something "adventurey" that would be enjoyed by all ages. Mo particularly liked playing on the tree branches, and all agreed being right in the tree was exciting. This was all made from environmentally sustainable, English farmed larch, sourced locally and using the skills of local craftsmen. Beneath the equipment rubber grass mats provide a soft, but durable surface and a pathway of the same material links to the upper playground, allowing year-round access to these lovely resources.

Last Friday we held our annual Ascensiontide walk to the top of Kelston Roundhill. This is a very old Saltford School tradition which we revived over ten years ago and which has become a favourite day for many children and teachers. As a Church school we think it is important to mark the major Christian festivals and it is good that we can commemorate this special event at the end of SATs week.

We started walking in rather damp conditions but luckily the weather soon improved - after ten o'clock it was dry but cloudy. Ideal walking conditions for a large group of children. We walk down into the village, along the cycle track, over the fields to Kelston and across the main road. When we get to the top of the hill we have a short act of collective worship with readings, prayers and songs.

We were delighted that our new Foundation Governor, Mrs Emma King, was able to join us this year and she gave the children a very interesting talk about the meaning of Jesus's Ascension. After the service we ate our packed lunches and then there was an opportunity to play on the hilltop or just sit and admire the beautiful view, albeit a rather cloudy one on this occasion. On our way back, as we walked down the lane back to the cycle track, we met a very friendly herd of cows who had decided to move to an upper field.

All the children waited quietly and sensibly on the grass verge while the somewhat bemused animals passed by! Well done to all the children for their sensible behaviour on the walks and during the service. We hope you all enjoyed your day. The children along with their teacher get to choose items for the classroom, this could be games, toys, books etc.

We are getting a list together to give you an idea of what they have chosen this year and hope to put a little piece on here before the end of the school year. These donations help give visitors to our summer fair a wonderful choice to pick from and is a huge fundraiser, so please don't put your wooden spoons down just yet. More details will be available closer to the event.

At Saltford we are very lucky to have a swimming pool on site. This way we know that all our children can learn this life-saving skill with minimal disruption to the rest of their school day. We have not reached the decision to make this request lightly and we only do so after considering all other options, including using the public pool. We understand that not every family will be able to make a contribution but we cannot save costs by offering fewer lessons because if the pool is not operated regularly enough then it would become irreparably damaged.

If we do not receive sufficient contributions for this academic year, we will have to consider very seriously permanently discontinuing swimming at Saltford and pursuing the much inferior but cheaper public pool provision instead. Please take a look at our Swimming information for full details of costs and the options that have been considered. If we are to keep all children at Saltford School swimming we respectfully ask parents for a voluntary contribution to cover the lessons, running costs and repairs for this academic year September — July For those parents of children in our Reception classes, swimming starts in Term 5.

However, if you feel that you are able to contribute more we would be very grateful for any donations. Please donate online via the School Gateway. The children took part in numerous activities focusing on the three disciplines of running, throwing and jumping. Mrs Brook would like to thank all of the parents who walked with us, to Mrs Burston for organising this wonderful event and to the Sports Ambassadors for their guidance and patience throughout.

This year's Saltford festival aims to bring together the whole community in discovering and enjoying our village. There really is something for everyone over the nine-day event which promises to be sociable and fun. Saltford School will be fully involved; our own summer fair will be part of the celebrations on Saturday 15th June.

Please note that the school concert advertised in the Saltford Festival programme has been cancelled. There are many other festival events and free taster sessions of particular interest to families with primary school-aged children and toddlers.

3 Hours of Christmas Music - Traditional Instrumental Christmas Songs Playlist - Piano & Orchestra

The festival also provides a great opportunity to explore our local assets such as the Brass Mill, St Mary's Church and the library and to enjoy the open gardens. These highlights are just a selection from the packed programme of events. Please keep an eye on the Saltford Community Association's SCA facebook page or the SCA website where you can keep up to date with all events or download a full brochure.

Thousands of printed brochures are being delivered around Saltford, so do take a look. Most events are free, but some are ticketed. Don't delay as events will sell out. If you would like to help in any way, please contact or e-mail festival saltfordhall. There are lots of ways in which you can give a hand to make this year's festival a success. We are pleased to announce that we have purchased an award-winning online maths resource called DoodleMaths. As well as being an asset to teaching in school, it is available at home as a free app for your phone or tablet. We expect that children and parents will find this resource fun and enjoyable to use, while still giving children the motivation to challenge themselves at maths when working on the activities through the site.

As part of our commitment to making DoodleMaths an integral part of our maths teaching, we offered all parents the opportunity to come into school for an information meeting. Feedback from parents was very positive and children are already enjoying taking advantage of home access to DoodleMaths. You can revisit the DoodleMaths presentation here. There are a number of features designed to drive children's engagement: they will be able to take part in games and challenges designed to learn what their strengths are and what they need to work on.

From that, DoodleMaths will build a programme that is just for them.

Press releases

Doodle Maths is in use in lots of primary and secondary schools across the country, and has been shown to improve engagement in maths to help children make big improvements in both their ability and confidence in maths. Using for 10 minutes a day has helped children make 3 months' progress in just 1 month. For further details please see the DoodleMaths website. For more information about the whole maths picture at Saltford, take a look at our maths curriculum page. Open to boys and girls age 5 — 11 years of all ability to try a fantastic variety of sports and activities each day.

On 24th April, our entire Year 5 set off for their 3-day camp at Cheddar youth hostel. We packed a lot in, including a visit to Weston-super-Mare museum, followed by lunch under a soggy pier then a walk along Brean Down beach as it was too wet and windy to climb to the top of the hill. Day two was equally as busy hiking along Cheddar Gorge and gorging on ice cream in the village. We enjoyed our last outing to Wookey Hole with all its additional attractions. During the evening the children enjoyed playing games, exploring the grounds of the hostel and chatting in their rooms.

We thank the staff at the hostel for providing four delicious meals and packed lunches for our two day trips. One child commented on the exceptional taste of the honey sponge. All staff members were impressed by the manners and helpfulness displayed during dinner times. You can see from the photos below what a great time we all had, in the woods, on the beach and spending time together away from school. We are very proud of our Year 6 mixed tag rugby team who became county champtions at the West of England Spring School Games. You can read all about this remarkable achievement in our sports reports.

We were particularly pleased to be complimented on our fair play and sportsmanship in the girls' tag rugby. See our sports reports for pictures and full accounts of the matches. Thanks to our PE staff for their unwavering enthusiasm and to all the coaches, parents and supporters who keep us going. When spring arrives it's time for Year 4 to head out of school to go on camp.

We enjoyed another very successful visit to Barton Camp near Winscombe. After arriving and unloading the coach we climbed up to Crook Peak, from where we enjoyed stunning views of the Mendips, the Quantocks and the Bristol Channel. We also did a scavenger hunt in small groups - amazing how challenging it can be to find a feather in the countryside! We had new caterers this year, Mendip Outdoor Pursuits, and they did a great job. We all really enjoyed our evening meal and breakfast.

We also enjoyed playing outside in the sunshine until quite late and we finished the evening watching a film together. On our second day we visited Puxton Park near Weston-super-Mare and enjoyed the Farm Animals experience, finding out about dairy cows and other domestic animals. We finished our tour with a tractor trailer ride which was great fun. Awards are given for an outstanding contribution, performance or commitment to Saltford. All awards are to recognise those individuals and groups that have made and are making a positive contribution to Saltford life, and are showing leadership, initiative or commitment in the local community.

She is an expert in her field and a very engaging speaker. The aim of the workshop was to inform parents about our approaches to the teaching and understanding of number and other maths skills. We wanted to provide families with many practical ideas for supporting children at home from the Reception year onwards. You can find a copy of the presentation here.

We hope you found the workshop to be beneficial. What an amazing day we had last Friday. The children absolutely loved it. After all the practice and preparations, it was time to take to the stage. The children have worked so hard to learn the routine and really enjoyed performing it in front of a packed audience. Miss Jupp says "well done year 2! We are very proud of you! They brought a fantastic attitude to rehearsals and learnt the routine carefully. They really gave it their all on the night of the performance and put on an excellent show for all of the parents in the audience.

Mr Styles says "great job Year 6! In late March, 13 of our year 6 students spent the morning at Wellsway School working alongside year English students, thinking about equality issues. In groups they explored different areas of equality and presented their conclusions through stories, fact sheets, speeches, letters and newspaper reports.

The work produced in such a short space of time was fantastic. Well done to all students who took part and a big thanks to Mrs Hathaway and the students and English teachers at Wellsway. As part of our "computing matters" week, we had some amazing robot wars workshops for Key Stage 2. Each class worked in small groups to design and make their own robot, with a battery pack and radio. The groups had to create and put together their own wheels and strong frame and then battle could commence!

Poppy liked how she had to work out the control panel for herself. She said "my favourite part was designing the robot. It was challenging but it was fun! Pippa liked the competitive element and that it was a bit different from normal school days. She also "liked finding out how engines run".

Ella thought the workshop had "helped me understand how to program a robot and use the controls.

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I also liked designing and making". See our "computing matters" week news item for details and pictures of other activities in this special theme week. Our next focus will be a health and well-being fortnight starting the week beginning the 3rd June. It was an enriching experience, and great for the children to see and hear a live symphonic orchestra playing both original and classical pieces.

It was a lovely way to round off a Friday afternoon! They are both members of Phoenix Allstars cheerleaders. As a Church school, our celebration of the major Christian festivals is an important part of our community life. Therefore we would like as many children as possible to make an Easter garden to display at our Easter service on Friday 5th April. Children can use a plastic tray or dish, seed tray etc.

Soil, card, paper, sand can all be used for the base of the garden. They can be as creative as they like. There needs to be a little hill with three crosses, a cave beneath for the tomb and something to represent the stone that was rolled away. The gardens can be brought to school from Wednesday 3rd April and put in the hall. Please ensure the garden is named, and remember to take the garden home after school on the last day of term.

The display of these Easter gardens at the front of the hall helps the children to focus on the story of Jesus' crucifixion and Resurrection. Green Team have had a busy start to the year. They brainstormed a list of ideas covering 10 environmental topics, coming up with ideas of how they could help Saltford School to become more green! The KS2 Green Team have monitored energy use and class temperatures over a week and then fed back the results to Mrs Sage. They are aiming to write a report for the children and staff to share their ideas of how we can save energy.

We aim to grow these and then cook them in school. The Green Team have also been supporting Mr Jenkins with the management of the Secret Garden by weeding, planting bulbs with Mrs Butler and spreading bark on the paths. We would like to thank Mrs Hodgson who regularly weeds this garden. The children are also designing a bug house for a competition run by the Keynsham Rotary Club. We look for to seeing their designs soon. We will also be think about reducing our use of single use plastics.

We are looking forward to sharing our hard work in an assembly soon. We are also grateful if anyone who has any expertise in this area would be prepared to share it with us, particularly with regards to our future projects or our garden. We are taking part in the Million Minutes Reading Challenge — a global reading initiative from education charity Achievement for All. Beginning on World Book Day Thursday 7th March children and young people from around the world will try to read for million minutes collectively!

According to JK Rowling, "if you don't like to read, you haven't found the right book". Saltford children have received a special Million Minutes bookmark for recording daily how many minutes they are spending reading. There are prizes for those settings reading the most, so every minute counts! Miss Davis will collate the school's running total every week. We will be collecting minutes up until 1st April, so let's rise to the challenge!

The week of 11th March is our "Computing Matters" week in Saltford. In our "matters" weeks, we take a specific subject and raise its profile throughout the week, particularly in relation to the other subjects we are covering. There will be many different activities in the classrooms, with and without computers. We are planning some engaging "unplugged" activities that demonstrate computing concepts such as programming and algorithms. We are lucky enough to have a Lego robotics workshop for all of KS1 on the Friday where they will learn by making and programming a Lego vehicle.

At the end of March KS2 will be participating in a "Robot Wars" workshop, also making and programming their own robots ready for a grand inter-class battle! Key Stage 1 had an amazing time at their Lego robotics workshops on Friday. They built a mini robot out of Lego and created algorithms to make it spin, play music and speak. This was such a great opportunity to practise both programing and creative skills.

We are delighted to be able to provide an exciting new lunch time club especially for the children in Foundation Stage. We had to bid for the funding and were pleased to find that we were successful. The funding will provide enough weekly sessions for EYFS for the rest of this academic year from March. Debutots interactive storytelling and dramatic play sessions promote speech, language and literacy skills and encourage self-confidence and imagination. There is a unique interactive story each session, with movement to music and dramatic play.

NSPCC maths challenge

The children then jump into the story world and bring the characters and scenery to life. Each session is carefully linked to the Early Years Foundation stage. David's presentation was full of enthusiasm and fun, leaving the children inspired to read more. What a fantastic way to kick start our World Book Day celebrations!

We think you will see from the photos how much the children enjoyed this experience. Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts were invited to come to school on Tuesday 26th February wearing those uniforms rather than school uniform. This day has been chosen by nearly all Guiding and Scouting groups as World Thinking Day and is also recognised as Founder's Day for the Scouting movement.

All staff and children enjoyed 15 minutes of uninterrupted reading of a book of their choice- either from home or from the classroom and used their in some cases new book corners to their full advantage. For pictures and information of the event please see our website and Twitter feed. We always aim to be fresh and ambitious with our thinking and planning around the curriculum.

This spring we are revisiting our curriculum, ready to phase in new ideas in September. Staff are identifying key elements that they would like to see running through our curriculum and we would really like to seek parents' input also. Please see the letter for more detail on areas for development. Your input is valuable, whether it is handwritten or digital, anonymous or named. We would like to use the consultation evenings on 11th and 14th March to collect and display parental contributions. Why not talk to your children and see what they think? There will be a display in the library for recording and sharing ideas.

Please see the new menu here PDF. Available daily, we have an unlimited salad bar with a variety of salads including Greek salad, coleslaw, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot and sultana, pasta salad and potato salads. The drink of the day water or milk and fresh fruit are also available daily. All our fish is sustainable and MSC Marine Stewardship Council certified; all our eggs are free-range and our meat is farm-assured as a minimum standard.

Zest can support any allergies or food intolerances your child may have. Please call in to the school office if you would like to discuss this for your child. Zest catering constantly looks for ways to improve their service by seeking valuable input from our children and their families. This can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish and the teachers will be joining in too! These tokens can be redeemed at all participating bookshops from Thursday 28th February-Sunday 31st March We hope you enjoy sharing a new book during this special week.

Check out the World Book Day website for lots of tips and ideas. Click here to view the special menu for the day. The programmes are now on display on the wall opposite Mrs Sage's office. Do take a look when you are in school. If you are interested in the school's history, there is more information and some photos on our history page. At the time of the opening of the new site, Mrs Norton was a pupil in the final year of the school. It was lovely to hear that she still has fond memories of her time at Saltford.

On this year's Safer Internet Day , the call goes out to everyone to join together and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, and especially for younger users. In school, we will be marking this important day with a special assembly and classroom activities. Key Stage 2 are lucky enough to have a drama workshop on cyberbullying from Bigfoot Arts Education. Here they are, clearly enjoying the session. It's a great opportunity for parents to talk to children about the work they have been doing in school and any issues they may face when online, playing games and using the internet.

Key Stage 1 will be encouraged to think about the ways in which they ask for, give and receive consent online. Key Stage 2 will be focusing on how they can take control of their digital lives and consider how consent works in an online context. This could be in their friendships or relationships, how they take and share images and videos or how they manage their privacy and data. Our online safety page contains lots of useful links for parents and children. Let's keep the conversation going all year. The theme for our school art displays this term is 'An Artist's Room'.