HIStory : The Coming of the Prince of Peace

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Jesus is the avenue by which human beings, alienated from the Father by their sins, may enjoy reconciliation, hence, be at peace with their Creator Rom. Knowing that we are on peaceable terms with the Lord, Christians are blessed with an inner peace, a tranquility of spirit, that allows us to live a contented life, even when the world around him is mad Phil.

Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith

Christ also provides for his people the motive to work for harmony among various cultures of men who, by longstanding tradition, are hostile to one another e. The latter text, however, is perhaps more challenging. Here are the intriguing words from the Savior. This text comes more sharply into focus when one recognizes the idiomatic language that is employed for the sake of forcefulness.

What does it mean that Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah )?

Everything that God does, Jesus does. Jesus is fully God. He is not part-God and part-man.

He is the God-man. There has never ever been another like the Lord Jesus Christ, supernatural in His nature. There never was a time when Jesus was not.

Chaminuka: Prophet of Zimbabwe, prince of peace

There never will be a time when Jesus is not. He is God from everlasting to everlasting. Jesus did not begin in a manger.

August 2-4, 12222

He came to earth and was manifest in a manger. That little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes was the great, eternal, uncreated, self-existing Word made flesh, the One who swung planets into space.

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The baby in Luke 2 is the mighty God of Genesis 1 who made it all. This child is the very Son of God. I know there are people who sneer at the idea of a virgin birth.

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If Mary had a child out of wedlock, then Mary was an impure woman. By nature we are children of wrath. If there is no virgin birth, none of us is going to heaven. Our salvation is inextricably interwoven with the virgin birth. No virgin birth, no deity.

Prince of Peace

We pray for peace. But what does that mean? The Bible tells us that all people who do not know Jesus in a saving way are hostile to God and his ways Romans Even the Christian life is marked by internal struggles against sin Romans and external conflicts with other people, including fellow Christians see all of 1 Corinthians , that sabotage our best peace-making efforts.

If there were a program for peace, we would have found it by now. This, then, is why we pray. We get with God to ask him to do the thing that we, very obviously, are mostly terrible at doing ourselves. This peace, this good news of forgiveness secured by the violent death of the Prince of Peace, is the peace that makes any and all other peace possible.

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This is what we pray for when we pray for peace. We pray that all the doors of the kingdom will be flung open wide by this one key: hearing and believing in the name of Jesus for salvation. This is how we live when we pray for peace—joyfully training our eyes to see the doors of the kingdom, gladly searching high and low to find as many as we can, testing each knob with the knowledge that, no matter how rusty the hinges or broken the frame, the bolt has been slid open.

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