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Pretty amazing huh? Because people are still filled with shame around buying and using sex toys we have found ourselves in a lovely Catch Because of our shame and embarrassment over using and buying sex toys, the sex toy industry often gets away with using materials that are dangerous. And when was the last time you saw a Senator or Congressman want to stand up for healthy sex toys? Therefore, American consumers many of whom have sex toys in their night stand table are unsuspectingly using a wide array of sexy toys that can be toxic not only to themselves but to their eventually offspring, You can be proactive when you buy your sex toys.

Brands like JimmyJane are phthalate free and state so on their packaging and website. Just like you were buying your organic groceries, read the labels to make sure that they are phthalate-free. Another hint is to avoid rubber jelly sex toys that do not list their ingredients! Or to be on the safe side when choosing phthalate-free sex toys is to pick hard plastic products, silicone, glass, metal and wood toys.

These are usually phthalate-free. The good news is that many sex toy stores have developed phthalate-free sections - even on line.

And there are plenty of soft rubber options available. So if you haven't bought a new sex toy in a long time, it might be time to discard whatever is laying in that night stand and go shopping! Glass feels amazing! We at Sexcare understand your concern. We sell high-quality sex toys online and deliver them at your door step. You have the chance to explore the endless possibilities of sex without saying anything to anyone. Just visit our website and buy sex toys online which best match your interests. Not only are the "smelly jellies" full of phthalates, but are also porous enough to easily harbor bacteria.

What's bad is that I would put a clean produce bag over the porous jelly vibrator, for sanitary reasons, so didn't have to wash the unwashable, and, bc I realized soft rubber smell was probably toxic. Bag, toxic too, just read. By the way there are a lot of material used in sex toys production that are completely free of phtalates, also some peculiar Jelly and Silicon based materials! One specific sexual disease that you can catch using fleshlight and other sex toys is chlamydia. Syphilis and gonorrhea are also the most common sexual diseases spread through sex toys. This issue is very controversial because a lot people think that sexually transmitted diseases can only be transferred through sexual contacts.

The fact is when you use sex toys and leave it without cleaning it, bacteria and viruses would penetrate the fake pores.

It's Surprisingly Hard to Ban Toxic Sex Toys, But Here's How to Protect Yourself | Glamour

When your sexual partner uses the same sex toy without cleaning it, he or she then catches the STD virus or bacteria that would cause the infection. This usually happens to gay and lesbian relationship who shares their sex toys with their partners. I can never imagine myself using those glass made sex toys. Great work! This is the kind of info that are supposed to be shared around the net. Sex toys are devices that help you stimulate and give you pleasure during sex. There are numerous types of sex toy available that are made from different materials. Your post shares wonderful information about the sex toys.

I really wenjoyr reading your post. Sex toys are very helpful as they increases the excitement in you life. I think there should always be first and foremost a very good hygiene before and after each event to also minimize the risk of infection. Glass sex toys Dildo's have been on the market for some time now and are an excellent addition to the already massive range of dildo's out there. Personally I love the feel of glass and it is perfectly safe, durable, and the most hygienic product out there, it can be heated or cooled to suit and works perfectly in combination with a clitoral vibrator.

We are the best in sex toys like vibrational toys,rubber toys,and not only for her it is for him also and a new sex toys to use safe a wide rang of sex toys for adult to know about more information just visit site. This is a very important article and an important discussion.

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Sex Toys are fun addition to a healthy sex life. So does that mean if you are a daily user, it may be time for you to use your beloved sex toy in moderation? Probably yes. Look at the relationship that obese people have with food.

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Look at the relationship of smokers and cigarettes, alcoholics and their bottles, drug users and coke. Everything should be done in moderation. And when you decide to put your sex toy back in its box and not in your bedside drawer, who knows? You might not only save yourself but your relationship or future relationship too. Long time no speak, huh? Sorry guys!

There will be lots of famous adult industry workers on tour, and this year holds one of the best line ups that we have seen in a long time. I actually got quite lucky and was asked by several brands to test and review some of their products. Which I did, duh! Funnily enough I was asked by one particular brand if I would like to be their official Australian representative. They were adamant that they wanted my partially naked body on the front cover of a range of their premium range of vibrators, as well as doing a few recorded promotional videos to advertise the products on their online adult toys site.

Much to my surprise, I was impressed with the amazing selection on offer. Some of those toys look like so much fun. You may just miss out if you do. When I first started out in the industry as a fashion model , I was convinced that I could not pursue a future in such an environment. Should you be worried? We would rather people have a laugh in our stores than stand there in awkward silence dying of embarrassment.

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