The Life of a Professional Rock Collector

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Currently unavailable. My daughter is a rock collector and absolutely loved this! See All Buying Options. As a student seeking a bachelors in geology, I needed a reference book in which to go on, not just the textbooks required for class. This is definitely a great reference book to have, I thought. The book gives you a paragraph overview of each mineral. Also in the mineral portion,the book lists: Specific gravity, hardness, chemical formula, cleavage, how the mineral forms, and any tests that you can use to identify the mineral. They are also separated by the groups the minerals are in, such as sulfides, etc.

Some of the pictures are right on to what the minerals that I see in the labs look like, but then some don't even look close to what my hand samples look like. But as a geologist, we should know not to go strickly on looks. The rock section of the book I thought was better done. It is separated into Sharleen Harvey.

Why Is This Rock Worth $400,000?

Strangely enough, he had been asking for a "real diamond" for the past three months - repeatedly. In this rock collection, a Herkimer Diamond quartz specimen is included! Oh my goodness - he was so excited! He does not allow anyone else to touch "his diamond.

Kins California. Ordered 2 units, very pleased with the quality. All 24 geodes except for 1 were hollow with great crystal matrices inside. Lots of variation in size, form i.

The Best Female Rock Climber In the World Is 14 Years Old

Only advice would be not to do as the kit advises by just taking a hammer to the rock. What I did to achieve clean breaks on about 19 of my geodes: examine the rock for where it might be likely to break open or where you would like it to break if you want to take a risk haha, it can pay off. Use a chisel and hammer to score it around that line. Try to find two "flat" spots on the rock mostly opposite each other and on the line if you can't, just one flat spot on the line will do and take the chisel to those spots specifically.

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Do all of this with If you are a novice like we are, this is a great easy guide to understanding the differant rocks and minerals. We are newly prospectors and this book has been a great help in understanding what to look for and what we find.

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Uniquely beautiful, these gifts are perfect for the geologist or rock enthusiast who has everything. We love this site. Sphere's To You They call themselves the biggest seller of stone spheres in the world, and we believe them. Their selection is incredible. The Soft Earth Pottery artist, Joan Lederman, uses pedigreed seafloor mud from Woods Hole's oceanographers to make wonderful objects and collectibles.

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Geological Survey Bench Mark Replicas Full-size reproductions in pewter of those cool brass benchmarkers from all around the world from the most famous summits to the South Pole. They even make earrings, pins, pendants, and more. Share Flipboard Email. Andrew Alden is a geologist who writes extensively about all aspects of geology, and leads research expeditions for professional organizations.

Forestry Suppliers. Thoreau in his boat at the foot of the path. After briefly describing my book project, I inquired whether they had rights to the drawing, which I had mistakenly identified as the work of Louisa May Alcott, rather than of her sister Abigail May Alcott. Mike agreed to have one of their interns look into it.

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When I phoned back the following week, he said they no record of the photo, and suggested I try the Concord Free Public Library instead. Just before hanging up—and perhaps to mitigate my disappointment—he mentioned that somewhere in storage on the property was a rock and mineral collection by Henry Thoreau. He then described how it had been on exhibit for decades in the original farmhouse museum before being moved into long-term storage a few years back. I could barely contain my excitement.

Within few days he had found the collection and brought it to the main administrative building. Within a week, I was in their conference room, appreciating, inspecting, and photographing the specimens, which rested within a simple glass case measuring about two feet on a side. I also transcribed the labels and read the Thoreau file, which linked him to the physical specimens.

All issues of content were supposedly behind us. Thankfully, the staff at Harvard Press agreed to my appeal that something so relevant could be included, even if it contributed to some delay. Happily, I was able to mention it in my introduction, add several paragraphs in different sections, insert several lengthy notes, and acknowledge those who helped.

Several specimens were either unlabeled or mislabeled. Taken together, this seemingly random collection is dominated more by natural history oddities than by gem-like minerals. Also present were mundane specimens of local rock, labeled accordingly. A technical description of this collection is now underway.