Treasure of the Sun

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Serien Episoden. American Gods episodes which I saw. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Ricky Whittle Shadow Moon Emily Browning Laura Moon Crispin Glover World Orlando Jones Nancy Yetide Badaki Bilquis Bruce Langley Technical Boy Mousa Kraish The Jinn Omid Abtahi Salim Demore Barnes Ibis Pablo Schreiber Mad Sweeney Ian McShane Wednesday Sakina Jaffrey Mama-Ji Kahyun Kim New Media Niamh Carolan Fiona Clare McConnell Edit Storyline In Cairo, Mr.

Certificate: TV-MA. Runtime: 53 min. Edit Did You Know? Goofs When Shadow give Sweeney the twenty-dollar bill under the bridge, Sweeney says "I can smell the whiskey on your breath already, Ben Franklin!

‘American Gods’ 2×07 Recap: “Treasure Of The Sun”

Quotes Mr. Wednesday : [ sniffs ] Oh, I know that smell. That smells like a hot bottle of whisky and sex in an alleyway with a top note of failure! Hey, yeah, eau de fuckup, it's gotta be - it is - the one and only Mad Sweeney! Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page.

‘American Gods’ 2×07 Review: “Treasure of the Sun”

Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. He asks Mr. Ibis and the Jinn if they are ready for war. Ibis and the Jinn reassure Wednesday that Jacquel , other ifrits, Mama-ji , Czernobog , Bast , and Nancy will all come when he calls, however, it is still unknown which side Bilquis will be on.

Shadow enters and informs them of Sweeney's poor condition. Wednesday dismisses Jinn and Ibis before pulling out the broken Gungnir and laying the two pieces on a table. He apologizes to the tree and cuts off a branch.

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He recites a charm over the branch and the broken spear as the spear repairs itself. He tosses the fixed spear to Shadow and tells him to guard it as if it were Wednesday. Mama-ji collects money from a table at a Motel America diner in Hermitage, Tennessee. She approaches Laura at the counter drinking coffee and threatens to call the health department on her. Laura warns her that she can rip people's limbs off. Mama-ji explains that she is not just Kali-ma, the nurturer, but also Smashana Kali, the destroyer. She reveals her godlike form on fire with four arms, one holding a sword and another holding Laura's decapitated head.

Mama-ji asks for respect and offers to help her with direction or cream and sugar. Laura explains to her about the potion she received from Baron Samedi that requires two drops of love-infused blood. Mama-ji questions why Laura wants to take the potion in the first place and tells her she has the power to destroy within her. Later in Nashville, Laura hitchhikes toward Shadow's glow and a van stops to pick her up. Sweeney arrives at the funeral home where a wife, a mother, and a daughter are grieving outside. They appear as banshees to him.

‘American Gods’ 2×07 Recap: “Treasure of the Sun”

Salim opens the door to Sweeney and he stumbles inside, asking if Salim sees the banshees too. Salim offers to make him tea but Sweeney pushes him aside and makes his way to the chapel where Bilquis is giving a sermon on the sacrament of communion. She speaks of ingesting the divine and the sacredness of offering flesh before reading from Song of Songs, seducing her congregation as she reads about tasting their "fruit.

After the service, Bilquis approaches Sweeney and explains that she is adapting. She asks him about his origins, having heard stories of who he once was.

American Gods S2 Ep7 "Treasure of the Sun" - D's Reviews

Sweeney claims to not remember but Bilquis asks for his confession. Sweeney remembers a girl who told him his fortune: he would "be undone and abandoned west of the sunrise, and that a dead woman's bauble would seal [his] fate. He remembers a story that St. Moling , or a swineherd, or one of his cooks killed Sweeney. Bilquis denies both the fortune and his death and reminds him that he had a wife. Sweeney awakens alone in the darkened and empty chapel. He enters the Preparation room and finds Wednesday digging through the fridge.

He tells Wednesday that he is quitting because he has done what Wednesday told him to and now that Laura has his coin, he no longer owes Wednesday. Wednesday has no sympathy for Sweeney and criticizes him for not trying harder to get the coin from Laura. Wednesday warns him that he made Sweeney into who he is and Sweeney still needs to finish the job of getting rid of Laura before Wednesday will grant him his battle.

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Sweeney wanders outside the funeral home, drinking Ibis' homebrew. He sees the grieving women outside and tells them he knows they are banshees.

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He punches the empty bottle in his hand, breaking it and causing his hand to bleed with ants. He flashes back to a time after he had gone mad and was eating ants for food. His wife, Eorann, and daughter, Moira, arrive to bring him food and a blanket. He asks his wife what happened to the yellow dress she wore on their wedding day.

She explains how they lost the dress, the castle, the lands, and the war because he abandoned their allies, the Gray Monks, on the field and Bishop Ronan cursed him. Sweeney does not think of the Gray Monks as allies and becomes enraged, causing Eorann to take Moira away. Salim joins Sweeney on the porch and explains he is there because the Jinn owes Wednesday. Sweeney points out the grieving women as banshees but Salim does not believe him. Sweeney tries to warn Salim about Wednesday and tells him he does not have to stay but Salim replies that Sweeney must not know what love feels like.

Sweeney remembers when he had a kingdom and loved his pregnant wife. She tried to convince him to change with the world and side with the Gray Monks but Sweeney believed they were destroying their lands by building churches and are "poison. Ronan cursed him to madness and death by a spear. During the Battle of Mag Rath , Sweeney heard the banshees and fearing death, he walked away from everything and went mad. Bilquis tells him that is not the version he told her. Sweeney awakens alone on the porch. In the bathroom, Sweeney splashes water on his face. He heads to Shadow's room, where Shadow is taking care of Wednesday's spear.

Sweeney warns Shadow to keep Laura away from Wednesday and that Shadow will one day fall out of Wednesday's favor. Shadow signed on as Wednesday's bodyguard and will have to hold Wednesday's vigil when he dies.