Fascination of Fire: Charcoal

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An inspiring book that surely takes away and barriers to teaching and learning in natural in natural environments inside, outside and beyond. Simple, clear and easy to use for anyone working with children from 3 to 11 years old. The fascination series is designed to offer support to staff to raise their own knowledge and skills to empower them to use authentic experiences to deliver a broad curriculum, whilst celebrating children's voices as guides to the potential learning possibilities.

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In it received three accolades and was described as 'inspirational and sector leading'. Simple, clear and easy to use for anyone working with children from 3 - 11 years old.


It provides information, curricular links and progression in learning with benefit risk assessments all in one place. Most fires children see are small—candles, matches, lighters. They are easily extinguished with a puff of breath. Any child who watches an adult struggle to light the barbecue with old charcoal or start a campfire with damp wood can easily conclude that fire is hard to get started and easy to put out.

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Typically, fireplay is not a sign of an emotional problem. In research conducted in Rochester, New York, we found that 9 out of 10 children who started a fire that was reported to the fire department never started another.

Even when started without any intention to do harm, fires set by children can cause serious damage and injury. Although child-resistant lighters are helpful, they only provide a temporary margin of safety. Given enough time, many children find ways to light them.

Lighters of any sort should never be left out, and ideally should be kept in a locked drawer or cabinet. Many adults assume children are safe when they are in their own bedrooms.

Fascination of Fire: Charcoal – By Claire Warden

In fact this is where most of the fires set by young children are started, often in closets. Parents need to both monitor their children, and restrict access to ignition materials. Parents and caregivers must firmly state to children that matches and lighters are tools for adults only. Children should tell an adult if they find these materials left lying around. Many cooking fires start this way. Think about at what age you would consider someone responsible enough to babysit your children.

Most people want a sitter who is older than elementary school age, because they want someone who can respond if something unexpected happens. Elementary school children are not good at anticipating what might go wrong and how to respond if something does, such as if grease from cooking catches on fire. The Babysitting Training Courses sanctioned by the American Red Cross and the National Safety Council are designed for toyear-olds, setting a national standard concerning the age of responsibility.