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Once you find it, simply interact with it to reveal the map which, in turn, will lead you to the treasure. Here's where to find the Signpost once you land in Junk Junction, in the Northwest corner of Fortnite's sprawling, ever-changing map:. The Treasure Map Signpost is in the north-central portion of Junk Junction, just west of the basketball court.

'Fortnite' Challenge: Where To Search For The Treasure Map Signpost Found In Junk Junction

You can find it past a stack of pallets on a blue shipping container see image at the top of this post. Be warned: This area will be swarming with other players when you land, at least if you're doing this challenge right away.

This is not a bad time to get some pickaxe damage to complete that challenge, or to camp and get some extra eliminations though I always say let other players interact with the challenge first before picking them off; it's the honorable thing to do. Once you've interacted with the Signpost, you'll see the Treasure Map appear.

Then it's off to the second stage of this challenge. Remember you'll want to finish this round first before tackling Stage 2.

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For a helpful map and guide for that stage, go here. Fortnite's Season 8, Week 10 challenges have arrived just in time for the month of May. How to solve it - As the name and image suggest, this treasure is right by the body of a giant. By the climbing block barred by branches at first, in the room on the right. How to find it - Head over to the Landsuther Mines to the south west of Lake of Nine, and mosey on down to the lower levels down the wooden planks.

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If you go all the way down, head down the track a bit and jump into the lift on the left. How t o solve it - The treasure that lies at the feet of the God of gods can only be in one place - the base of the Thor statue. How to find it - Head over to Iron Cove at the west of Lake of Nine and the treasure map is just up the beach in the little alcove at the top left of the beach. Keep the big stone head with the waterfall for a mouth in front of you and then the treasure pile is just to the left of the Valkyrie throne in line with that. How to solve it - Head over to the Light Elf Outpost at the north of the Lake of Nine, just south of the Ruins of the Ancients, and make your way to the top of the island.

Then work your way to the small opening underneath it. From the mystic gateway, head up the side of the mountain, sidle past the slim edge of rock, and climb up to the first ledge.

The New Treasure Chest is Here · DLive Community

Here, turn right, and head through the tunnel. How to solve it - Head to the Northri Stronghold to the very north of the Lake of Nine, and climb up the side of platform between the two giant metal doors on the water by the boat dock. The treasure is lying on a small platform in the centre.

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Check out all of the God of War treasure maps in our video below:.

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