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Harmony is just beautiful. By this means he demonstrated that the intervals , or distances between tones, that the string sounded before and after it was divided are the most fundamental intervals the ear perceives. These intervals, which occur in the music of nearly all cultures, either in melody or in harmony, are the octave , the fifth , and the fourth. An octave, as from C to the C above it, encompasses eight white notes on a piano keyboard, or a comparable mixture of white and black notes.

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A fifth, as from C to G, encompasses five white notes; a fourth, as from C to F, four white notes. In other words, a string divided in the ratio yields the octave c of its fundamental note C. Likewise, the ratio or two-thirds of its length yields the fifth, and the ratio , the fourth.

These notes—the fundamental and the notes a fourth, a fifth, and an octave above it—form the primary musical intervals, the cornerstones on which Western harmony is built. The organized system of Western harmony as practiced from c. Although the music of ancient Greece consisted entirely of melodies sung in unison or, in the case of voices of unequal range, at the octave, the term harmony occurs frequently in the writings on music at the time.

Harmony music. Written By: Alan Rich.

What is HARMONY?

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At the age of 40, I became pregnant with my second child, a boy. We had experienced a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, so it was important to be armed with as much information as possible about the health of our baby. We wanted to also be prepared if our baby faced any potential chromosomal conditions. NIPT seemed like such a better option than other screenings that were available to me previously. The test would provide a more accurate result for Down syndrome than the older screening tests.

I had a wonderful experience with the Harmony test. It was easily administered, and we received the results, which came back normal, quickly. This screening provided the information we sought. I am a mother to three beautiful children — two on Earth and one angel who watches over us.


I remember this clearly as I learned of a possible chromosomal condition in my baby from a routine ultrasound and blood test in my second trimester. My husband and I confirmed through amniocentesis that our unborn daughter, Joan, had trisomy We learned that trisomy 18 is a rare condition that causes serious differences in development — so serious that most babies with trisomy 18 pass away during birth or shortly afterwards.

Our doctor discussed our options with us, and we chose to continue our pregnancy with Joan, knowing the difficult challenges we faced. Given our experience losing our daughter to trisomy 18, we were interested in NIPT for a variety of reasons. We knew that if the NIPT result had shown a high likelihood for a chromosomal condition, it would have allowed us more time to prepare for our child's unique needs and the road ahead.

In both cases, our Harmony test result showed that our children were unlikely to have three of the most common chromosome conditions: trisomy 21, trisomy 18 and trisomy Having NIPT in the first trimester helped ease our anxiety throughout the last two pregnancies.

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It helped give us some peace of mind. I know firsthand how important a noninvasive prenatal test NIPT can be in helping parents prepare for their babies.

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While pregnant with my second son I had standard blood testing with a nuchal translucency ultrasound, and the results showed that my baby had a high chance of being born with Down syndrome. I was very worried, and wanted more information. The follow-up options presented to my husband and me were not satisfying to us. I found out that the Harmony test has a higher accuracy than the older screening tests, so I asked my doctor for it. I soon received the results, which showed that my baby had a very low chance of having Down syndrome, and other two conditions tested.

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I am so glad that I chose to take the Harmony test. Your results are sent to your healthcare provider in about seven business days. Find answers to your questions. The Harmony prenatal test is also much less likely than traditional tests to give you a f alse-positive result, meaning there is much less chance your doctor would recommend follow-up invasive testing like amniocentesis.

The Harmony prenatal test is a screening test. Read more about the accuracy of the Harmony prenatal test. When you are pregnant, your blood contains pieces of DNA from your developing baby.

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The Harmony prenatal test is a test that analyzes DNA in a sample of your blood to assess the chance of Down syndrome trisomy 21 and other chromosome conditions called trisomy 18 and trisomy Other screening tests for Down syndrome are performed later in pregnancy and require multiple office visits. Recent professional society guidelines support the offering of non-invasive prenatal testing to the general population.

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