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It is called Senda and it is worn around the neck by elders. That was the beginning of an unexpected relationship with this Asian country. Later, he included pieces of iconic Andalusian composers such as Manuel Castillo or Falla in his repertoire. They led the way to success of this Sevilian young orchestra conductor , who in was chosen to conduct the inaugural concert of the New Concert Hall in Hanoi. However, he confesses that he has found a second home in Vietnam. When we plan to go on a trip , one of the problems that we may come up with is finding a person who takes care of our plants.

They also have a hospital , where withered plants can recover, and organize workshops where they teach how to take care of plants. Bacteria are his specialty, both the good ones and the bad ones. His work is focused on the relationship between plants and bacteria. One of his goals is finding new therapeutic targets to combat infections. He has written several papers for international magazines. This researcher claims that one of the most necessary aspects of his profession is scientific spreading. It can be caused by obesity, a bad diet and sedentarism.

A study conducted in Cordova allows to detect the illness early in future patients through an app. This tattoo artist became popular thanks to a portrait of the Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos , and since then, many football players want to wear his tattoos. Some of them are Isco, Samu Castillejo or Kameni.

His work, focused on realism , is demanded by studios in Madrid and Barcelona. This is the largest telescopes network in the North hemisphere, headquartered in La Palma island, and will allow scientists to study gamma rays : the most powerful energy source of the Universe. The access tower is an instrument that gives stability to the telescope chamber and eases the reparation of the equipment in case of failure. Collaborating in its construction will allow these scientists to have access to the collected data.

She arrived in the Granadian Alpujarra and decided not to leave. In her workshop, Alizares , she makes pieces for architectural works; however, she has worked all over Spain and in countries such as France, Denmark and Holland. In she was finalist in the Spanish National Crafts Awards, in the innovation category. This project, Atlas Beach , consists of a daily free mailing service that sends pictures of the beaches of Tarifa to thousands of subscribers, including weather information.

This entrepreneur initiate has more than 4. She began to play tennis at the age of four. Watching a Rafa Nadal match aroused her interest in this sport. Bilangus is an idea from three Sevillians who went through a range of difficulties to learn languages when they were studying abroad. So what is Bilangus? His first guitar was a Christmas present, and he has applied the knowledge he has about this instrument to pedagogy and research. He also teaches guitar lessons in Granada, in the Iniciativas Musicales School. It uses wireless sensors to inform users about what is going on in their homes through a smart watch : if someone is ringing the door bell, a phone call, a fire alarm… It is a way to adapt spaces to the needs of deaf people.

An architecture studio that was created in Seville in with a clear international vocation. Success has been a constant since its creation. Their projects have been selected to transform urban spaces in China, Germany and Poland. Researchers from the University of Granada have developed an app that uses artificial intelligence to create accessible routes.

It can be downloaded for free and allows users to design walking routes avoiding slopes or stairs, or including pedestrian and green areas. Its name is ProA and it is available on Android devices. He finds the world of radiology fascinating. He has been elected vice-president of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology , and in he will become president of this institution, composed of more than six thousand professionals. Ebooks and Manuals

Artisan jewels created using sustainable mining materials. These materials are accredited by the international organisation Fairmined. Luz is the only jeweller in Spain that works with them. She was number one in the Andalusian championship in and meters freestyle, and in meters backstroke in She also won the silver medal in the championship of Spain in metres freestyle. She claims that her dream is going to the Paralympic games of Tokyo. She is a member of C. Al Andalus , a Sevilian club where swimmers of all ages, with or without disabilities, train.

A decade ago he left his job in private enterprise to commit to teaching. She claims that she has always loved to write, because it was what she saw at home her father is a journalist and a writer. Olalla Castro has written in multiple genres, but poetry is the one that has brought her awards. When I woke up the dinosaur was already there. The lack of specific information for this age group about cancer and her desire to help others, have resulted in her writing this book which also gives life lessons to people that suffer other illnesses, and those who are healthy.

She quit her job in a Japanese technological company to dedicate to her passion: porcelain. Yukiko Kitahara lives in Andalusia since a few years ago. In her workshop in Gelves, Seville, she makes original pieces that imitate catering disposables, but characterized by the durability and delicacy of porcelain. This is her message to protect the environment : use but not throw. Yukiko sells her works to high-end decoration stores and museums shops , such as the Thyssen museum shop.

Touch, smell, sound or even taste. Art can be experienced in many ways and the Amalio Foundation offers blind art , this means, enjoying art blindfolded. Visitors will be able to discover the works by Amalio, an unknown painter that captured in his paintings the urban evolution of Seville , using the Giralda as a referent. He remembers that he wanted to study the outer space when he was a boy. Seven institutions from five different countries are part of this project. They count of the support of dozens of people and old tyres that are becoming part of the urban furniture.

Antonio had no idea about gas stations but he had knowledge about business that he acquired by working with his father in a frozen vegetables company. In he entered the gas sector and seven years later he started his own company. Today, he works all around the world and his business model, focused on specialization, is unique in Spain.

A restoration mortar that is not distinguishable by normal light but is perfectly visible with an ultraviolet light.

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The Patronage of the Alhambra has a patent on this mortar to differentiate between the changes made in the heritage. He thought of becoming a painter when a drawing teacher told him that he was good at it. He studied Fine Arts and started a risky adventure: making a living out of art.

His large scale portraits opened him the doors of Spanish galleries, and have even been exhibited around the world. He claims all the referents that have made him grow as an artist and as a person are reflected in his works. The tool they use is a short film , a five minutes story that we can all identify with. Most of her clients are the tourists that visit her workshop , who come from all over and that can see her working with her loom.

Researchers from the University of Granada have developed an app that significantly improves reading fluency in children with dyslexia. He has also been champion of Europe with the Spain national team. He began to practise this sport at the age of three in the Adecor Club. Currently, he is a member of the El Pozo Murcia Team , playing in multiple positions.

An app allows us to learn about the historic aspects of the fortress through augmented reality. He paints when he feels like doing it, and the main reason why he does it is because he has fun with it. He began to paint at the age of Three decades later, he can tell that his work has been exhibited all over Europe and the United States.

His work is influenced by Surrealism and defines his style as Oneiric Realism. The Institute of Easy Reading has been opened in Seville. Its goal is to adapt any type of text to a simple and clear language so they can be understood by people with any kind of cognitive or intellectual disability. He studied Physics in Seville and then he specialized in Astrophysics in Madrid.

This project is an instrument used in the search for this type of planets. His company is in charge of verifying the state and characteristics of the product before the buyer receives it. In addition, buyers can also receive their products one they have made the payment via credit-card. More than 30 years ago, her family bought this emblematic business that was founded in Two young people dedicated to visual arts have decided to recover ancient techniques and open El Laboratorio The Lab in the Granadian Sacromonte.

This is a cave where they make portraits by following the collodion process , the most popular photographic technique during the late 19 th century. They also offer workshops and an artist-in-residence program aimed at other photographers. He has worked in his workshop for decades. He began to work in this trade when he was 14 years old, and started his own business at the age of For Juan Luis Casillas working with leather is much more than a job: it represents the idiosyncrasy, the culture and the history of the village where he was born. Their most important subject, the human, has been approved by nearly all of them.

She won a gold medal in the Youth Boxing Championship of Spain in and the following year she won a silver medal in the Amateur Boxing Championship.

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She claims that her most important asset is her willingness and her determination on the ring. She works every day to improve her technique in the gymnasium of the Huelvan Club C. Bienvenido Alloza. Colourful ropes which identify the paediatric department in the Cartuja Health Centre in Granada. Over the last years he has won several trophies in swimming , aquathlon and triathlon.

He claims that today he is happier than before, and likes his life even more, as he considers that he could have never achieved what he has now achieved if he were in his previous situation. Eating seaweeds has become more than just a trend, it is also a pleasure. The result of this mixture are tasty dishes that delight everyone. At first, he was a professional scuba diver but finally he decided to become a location manager for cinema and TV productions.

He currently works as a location manager for the seventh season of Game of Thrones , and he also did it in seasons five and six. Santa Ana la Real , in Huelva, has a forest where you can lose yourself in literature. The Forest of Letters. The small town has put in place a pioneering initiative. A simple hiking route , which starts and ends in the town, where the trees are improvised reading points which are home to undiscovered treasures: the texts of nine of the regions authors.

He will go down in history for becoming the best, in , among the top fifteen surf photographers in the world. His pictures are so spectacular that they have been plagiarized by Internet users in several occasions. This picture entered the rank of the top hundred pictures without Photoshop.

Despite this, Tozzi is an advocate for photo editing, as he claims that it is the photographic processing of this century. The Botijo Online project is joining a risky business gamble, on the unusual product, with the social labour development of the mentally handicapped members of the Cordovan town, La Rambla. Through the commercialisation of botijos to everyone, the aim is to revitalise La Rambla artisan works and support the inclusion of these people by employing them. A writer , a journalist and curious by nature, he expresses his peculiar view of the world in his books.

He has won thirty national literary awards in Spain. Pyjamas fighting baby colic. That is the idea from a young Malagan entrepreneur after a difficult experience with his first son and trying different natural solutions, he has come up with Okene , a pyjam a that uses a bag of lavender seeds or gel which produces heat in the abdomen of the baby, improving the intestinal passage. This off-road woman has won the Wice Award , a prize that gives recognition to women who excel in the world of construction and engineering.

A team from the University of Jaen has developed an information tool to create tactile maps , tools which can train blind people. This software can create specific didactic material , adapted, automatically in barely a few hours. A task that usually is carried out manually and which they spend a few days working on. Emilia Paunica was born in Romania, where at a very young age she excelled in athletics.

From the age of 11 to 25, she lived in a high performance centre, becoming one of the top ten athletes in her country. She worked collecting tomatoes and unloading watermelons, and she would train in the afternoon to accomplish her dream. During those years of hard work, she lived in abandoned farmhouses and gave classes in a convent for shelter. Once she obtained her residence card, she joined the Spanish Federation of Athletics and, since then, her career has been unstoppable, both in the absolute and the Masters categories.

She has been runner up in several world championships and champion of Spain and Europe on various occasions. The coach who left the biggest impression on her was Emilio Campra , to whom she has dedicated several victories. Summer school for little chefs.

This is what Azahar Salud , from Granada, is offering, through which young children are learning how to cook , but from a healthy viewpoint. The children learn about international cooking in this campsite as well as cutting edge cuisine. It was the reward for more than three decades working as a cabinetmaker. After school, he used to help his father, who was also a carpenter, grinding mouldings. Juan Carlos is from Valverde del Camino, in Huelva, and directs JUCAL , his company, which is one of the most important carpentry businesses in this town, which has a long tradition in this sector.

His next challenge is to export his handmade furniture outside Spain. The project is overlooked by the University of Granada Fine Arts Faculty whose professors select the projects and guide the artists in their creative process. Writers of diverse backgrounds are taking part in this experiment. This judoka has been in two Paralympic games, is a nine-time champion of Spain in the blind people category and won a silver medal at the European championships. All the good work done over the last year, has enabled him to compete in the Rio Paralympics.

This was a hard year for him as whilst he was working towards this competition, he was studying to become a Physical Education teacher at the same time, something that he finally achieved. Abel feels that this is his last big opportunity to win the medal that seemed so close in London That was one of the hardest moments of his sports career, along with the knee surgery he had to go through following Beijing , when he was barely 16 years old, and that kept him away from judo for a year. He began to practise judo at the age of six to be just like the other boys in the neighbourhood.

Now he aims to teach the same values he learnt, to the children of that same neighbourhood, impressing them with an Olympic medal the first day of class if possible. The web site user finds specialist videos in which they propose exercises that can easily be carried out at home. She works with different photography techniques to detect plant stress and achieve precision agriculture.

The Experimental and Applied Neurology Research Group from the University of Almeria has proved that people aged between 60 and 70 can rejuvenate their cognitive performance by up to 10 years by doing physical aerobic exercise. They have demonstrated that daily exercise improves both cognitive functions as well as memory. Seba Ventana is the name of the man behind Wild Welva , the art project that in started improving the appearance of degraded areas in Huelva and that has already been spread to Seville, Paris, London, Berlin and New York.

Seba, born in the Huelvan town of Bonares, tells human stories with ink and crayons on paper, through the beauty of wildlife. However, he claims that his natural space is and will be the street, where his works belong to everyone. Using a low cost plastic material called PLA, they have built with 3D impressions the prototype of a system which can treat bone fractures in the limbs. Facing this, Skin 3D is waterproof, which is useful in bathrooms, is light and can be personalised. They are both architects from Granada, and one day they decided to team up and create Cuac Architecture. And they returned there in , a year in which Spanish architecture has once again been awarded.

They have several European awards and their projects have won various international contests. Faced with the difficulty of explaing different scientific topics with words or images, researchers from the Andalusian Astrophysics Institute have opted for animation.

To do that, they have teamed up with professors from the Granada Faculty of Fine Arts and with animation professionals. With more than 30 years of experience, The Andalusian Council awarded him the Artisan Mastercard in This company also has projects in countries such as Equatorial Guinea and Brazil. Etnosur has spent 20 years as one of the top festivals in Spain and all whilst maintaining its essence: a meeting between cultures in which music is more of a mixed element which plays on literature , gastronomy or the circus.

He used to watch his elders making chairs, long before even learning to say the word. With time, he has been recognised with an Artisan Mastercard awarded by the Andalusian Council. The association Granadown has designed free tourist visits for the Grenadian suburb El Realejo in which young people with Down syndrome are the guides. In , the Sevillian Pablo Tovar was involved in a bike crash. At the time he was a student in Administration and Business Management, but his life changed dramatically.

A spinal injury lead to him losing mobility in his legs. Pablo decided to throw himself into sports such as swimming , alpine skiing , water skiing and adapted surfing and has become the national runner up in Spain for adaptive surfing and an alpine skiing national champion.

He now studies psychology and dreams of becoming a sports psychologist. Several Andalusian centres have joined a group of students who are among the best Spanish school choirs. The choir is composed of members from various villages in Seville and Huelva. Despite they usually rehearse separately, they coordinate thanks to new technologies.

From a young age he liked creating comic books , so this Malagan ended up becoming a scriptwriter and comic editor. As a script writer he has received various awards. A videogame and a story to help hospitalized children get used to being in hospital. He began his Medicine degree, at the University of Granada , taking an almost natural step, given his father was a town doctor. Pedro Serrano is an expert in epilepsy , moved by the fact that it is one of the neurological illnesses that is most ignored by society.

He has spent more than 20 years committed to researching this illness, aiming to ensure that his patients lead a normal life. Work that, together with others, has earned him the Epilepsy Award from the Spanish Neurology Society. Cortijo El Puerto is a ranch located in Lora del Rio, Seville, committed to ecological olive and almond tree farming. In their hectares they have installed 14 insect hotels , panels built with natural materials that house wasps, lacewings, bees, bumblebees and ladybirds. Some of them help to pollinate the fields whilst others fight moths and louses, the main enemies to these farms.

In this ranch everyone is looking to improve biodiversity. She reached the end of her medicine career, but during the same period she caught the theatre bug and ended up studying dramatic art in Madrid. Since then she has produced over ten shows aimed at family audiences. In he had an accident. Having left the hospital, he started playing basketball and table tennis. In his career he has won five European medals, four bronze and a silver, and a bronze medal in Korea at the World Championships in A team of researchers from the University of Jaen have created a spin-off to commercialise a software which lets you create digital musical scores.

The software is called Beatik and allows the conductors to follow a composition without having to turn the page, incorporating annotations whilst they study and even sharing them with others. The idea began when they were researching other technological uses applied to music. Their field of expertise has been Baelo Claudia , a major roman city located near Tarifa Cadiz which reached its greatest stature in the 2 nd century AD.

Thanks to the work of these entrepreneurs, visitors will be able to get to know the original aspect of the temples, palaces and public square before time and neglect covered the ruins. In Andalusia there are more than 2, children waiting to be hosted by a family. In it they narrate through photos and texts the experience of eight host families , one for each Andalusian province. The first time he repaired something was a piano when he was Since then he has spent close to 40 years dedicated to creating musical instruments.

The Grenadian Daniel Gil de Avalle is specialised in the making of classic guitars , both flamenco and historical. They cultivate vegetables in the garden so that, through contact with nature, they can reach the ideal balance. Furthermore, the idea is to sell them to businessmen and restaurants in the region. Malagan Dani DaOrtiz is one the current role models of card magic.

Except for Oceania, he has performed in festivals and congresses all over the world. A mobile app so you can find other people close by and practise languages. There are already more than 35, users around the world. He admits that, from the beginning of his scientific career, he is truly fascinated by carotenoids, a group of compounds that can be found in certain foods and whose consumption can help to prevent eye diseases and certain types of cancer. He achieved great success however, with guitar tutorials through the Internet.

With his channel Guitarraviva , which has more than a million subscribers, he is the world leader in YouTube content for Spanish speaking guitar players. Juan Garrido decided that he wanted to work on his own in So he used his experience in the garlic sector and learnt what was necessary to commercialise this product. Surfergalaxy is an Almerian website and app which is unique in that it offers specific information on tourist destinations for lovers of adventure and board sports such as surf.

Its creators wanted to move the information from mouth to mouth between lovers of these types of sports, to a portal that collects all the information in a contrasting form. A big screen of 72 square metres. An area of almost a thousand squared metres with a snacks shop. Chairs, a film projector, and a sky full of stars above the spectators. Rafael Cansino is its creator, a 70 year old man who inherited his passion for cinema from his father. He confesses that gets emotional every time he watches a movie starred by Margarita Carmen Cansino, who was a distant relative of this cinema lover.

We are talking about Hollywood star Rita Hayworth. Shining whilst you skate. A dream on wheels made real thanks to a bright idea from Manu, a young Sevillian, who decided to set out and make his own skate board and snowboard. He is one of the most popular Spanish poets of the 20 th century. Swapping theatres and auditoriums for hospitals and child facilities.

That is what Sinfonendo , an independent association of musicians and professors from the Angel Barrios Conservatory of Professional Music Granada is doing. Their musical notes are played, for example, in the Hemodialysis Unit at the University of Granada Hospita l. Her first racket was a birthday present from her grandmother, who was also the one who gave her 30 euros so she could sign up for tennis lessons in the municipal tennis school Los Molinos , located in her neighbourhood.

Since then, her career has been unstoppable. She has been second in two championships of Spain and in two Andalusian championships. She has also played in the junior division of the Spanish national tennis team. To achieve this she has a secret weapon: a lethal forehand. A platform allowing students to easily find a flat or flatmates without any nasty surprises. Soon she discovered Parasitology and she was fascinated by it. She has since dedicated much of her life to this field, and the research of illnesses such as malaria and tuberculosis, which are caused by parasites.

For years her work has been carried out with international collaboration and she has committed to training professional nurses in countries such as Mozambique. Its simplicity is due to it needing only a low power computer server. Therefore, lowering its cost. At the same time, it has a user identification system with a double security filter that guarantees you being on the electoral register and your anonymity. The system will remain available to any organisation that wants to use it as free software. Francisco Parra was born in the twenties in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz and he has spent 70 of his 86 years getting up early to go to work.

He gets up with the same aim he had when he first entered the Grupo Caballero wine cellars as a kid who was underage. He is the person who has contributed the most to social security in Spain and works in the region with the highest unemployment rate. Malagan entrepreneurs are designing a software to automate and test the billing process of medical receipts dispensed in pharmacies. It involves saving time and costs, and offers more effectiveness for pharmacies, while avoiding possible errors that can entail financial side-affects. This project forms part of the Minerva Programme of entrepreneurial technology which is supported by both Vodafone and the Andalusian Council.

Her passion for it faded only to be reignited after reaching forty. And she came back with such vigour, that she is the current world champion of masters kayaking both in K-1 and K As well as in the marathon , the hardest category. The secret, she assures, is her determination and her competitiveness. His family has always been tied to this field. They export these products throughout Europe from the main Malagan factory and its headquarters in France.

Through their ties with Avomix they produce other derivative products such as guacamole. Their turnover is approaching 40 million euros. The University of Cordova has a developed a precise irrigation system which allows for a considerable amount of water to be saved in strawberry farming in Huelva. The initiative is carried out through a water saving mobile phone app: Irrifresa. The app allows you to accurately calculate the watering times whilst considering different factors. Born in Seville he is a role model in the world of crystallography.

A work which is taking him to study in landscapes which can currently only be found in places like Kenya and Ethiopia. Classrooms in which tablets and mobile phones are a work tool. This is a Cartima Secondary School class. A way of involving students with something they usually carry in their pockets. The Sevillian Benito Moreno is a painter, singer-songwriter and author.

A multifaceted lover of culture he gambled on the creative world as a child. He has an extensive work of designs and paintings. He also stands out in the literary field for his short stories. The Family and Mental Illness Association of Cordoba Asaenec has developed with the support of the Cajasur Foundation , and the business Singlab a free Android app , available on Google Play, which allows help and care networks to be created by family, friends and specialists.

With the outbreak of the economic crisis he started to think about how to create a product that was ecologic, innovative and that would allow him to open up a gap in the market. He started by recovering the lime which is traditionally made in a firewood oven. And he continued by adding graphene nanofibers.

The result, more resistant and natural paints and mortars and, after only three years on the market, Graphenstone has managed to reach 60 countries around the world. The Francisco Montoya High School in El Ejido is on one of the few junior theatre groups in Spain which is made up of different nationalities. Through rehearsals and improvisations this theatre studio has gone beyond the stage and has turned into an integration tool for students from other countries.

The games in Rio de Janeiro will be his sixth Paralympic games. He won a silver medal at the games in Sydney in and a bronze 12 years later in London. His dream is to win an Olympic gold , although being the Spanish flag bearer would also be a great honour. For months, the homeless have been trained in photography to portray their reality. The aim, to put an end to the neglect towards this corner of society.

His mother practised medicine and instilled in him a passion for this field, and above all, for the most human part of profession. Enrique Ruiz Alonso is a role model in Spain for cardiac surgery and is currently the head of department at the Mother and Child Hospital in Malag a. Innovation forms part of his day to day work. Words that are built with hands and breakdown the barriers that more than a million deaf people in Spain come up against every day.

And not only to be a well united couple but also because the editorial world was and is their shared passion. From Seville, he is an architect and she a graphic designer, they decided to gamble on creative and risky editions to stand out and find a gap in the market, as well as removing the creative limits for their writers, that they themselves have come up against in their careers.

A mobile app which serves as a notice board at the University. This is Pinanad , and it was developed by two young engineers in Malaga to facilitate information for students. From exchanging notes to car-pooling. The only prerequisite, being part of the student community. They are counting on the support of the Technological Entrepreneurship Minerva Program , which is driven by Vodafone and the Andalusian Government. In that time, he did a good job, he managed to get his cheeses to feature in the top ten worldwide.

In he again repeated this feat, having already done so in and , at the prestigious World Cheese Awards where the title of best cheese in the world is awarded. Art is for everyone. This is the premise of Kaleidoscope , a non-profit organization in Granada that organizes and prepares guided visits for people with different capabilities.

Through audio descriptions and specifically prepared material, they bring the contents of the expositions and museums to people with visual impairments. However, injuries and studies had forced her away from the sport in which she promised so much. Years later she returned to competition: this time in different disciplines, the duathlon and triathlon. She is currently a member the AD Bikila Club Seville and has been most successful in cross duathlon , a category that includes cycling , and cross country running.

In this she is ranked fourth in Europe in and was second in Spain in Two out of every ten species of Spanish flower are at risk of extinction. However, sometimes she needed original ideas. Since , Perfecto4U , which was created with an international vocation, is also operating in Spain. Bioprofe is a study support system that motivates students but also offers teachers the option of creating, correcting and evaluating. He is a Doctor in Economics and a Professor at the University of Malaga , where he instils in his students his passion for research and, above all, Experimental Economics.

A free app to call taxis with authorised drivers. It allows the passengers to get the most affordable price possible through a bidding system where taxi drivers compete to offer the best price and service. It is designed for routes outside of the cities. He debuted in at the Campoamor Theatre in Oviedo. Accessible beaches for people with disabilities, beaches for windsurfers, ones with parking, with black or white sand, and those that rely on a nearby hospital… The Sevillian company Ximdex has created a web application which allows you to find the beach that best suits what you need.

Is has registered more than 3, sites throughout Spain. The information is based on data provided by the Administration. In they were nominated for the Max Theater Award. Their first gamble is turning a short story, a competition winner, into a multimedia and interactive text base, such as asocial network, which enriches them with the contributions of the reader.

Their objective: getting readers with a new language. As a result, designs inspired by the tastes of her daughters are destined for the international market.

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Open the door with your phone. This is the latest smart feature to be developed by young Sevillan engineers, the same creators of the digital key. You can easily install the device on any conventional lock and it communicates with the phone through an app that creates unique codes that are impossible to hack. This system allows keys to be created and sent through your phone in three ways: permanently, regularly for access at certain hours and days , and temporarily directed for the vacation sector. In the Paralympic shooting category, he won a silver medal at the World Championships in Germany in He also competes with fully able competitors, in the second division.

One of his aims is to move up to the first category and take part at the Olympic Games. Alma de Africa , a Jerez football team, is made up of 12 different nationalities. Alma de Africa was created to improve the integration of foreign citizens who have a difficult history. After their first season of competition, they launched a crowdfunding campaign. When he was a child he would consume Astronomy books and look up at the sky contemplating lunar eclipses. A professor at the University of Huelva , he combines his work as a teacher with researching.

His work allows for the analysis of interplanetary material so as to give light to the forming of the solar system. Entrepreneurs are patenting a modular cultivation system which does not use soil, but instead relies on a water circulation system which facilitates the maintaining and growth of leafy vegetables and ornamental plants.

From activities in which children with reduced mobility can take part, to monitors that communicate in sign language, walking past magnetic loops so that children with hearing aids hear everything. After practicing different sports, she poured her efforts into the different forms of cycling , becoming a world champion in tandem, and a Spanish champion on both road and track, among other titles. In she moved to Madrid for her Sport Science studies and she happened upon electric wheelchair hockey , a sport in which she has specialised to now be the coach of the Spanish national team.

He combined these two aspects of his life and created, along with other members of the Andalusia Astrophysics Institute , based in Granada, the project Accessible Astronomy with which he brings this branch of science closer to the blind or those with poor vision. This is the founder of Obtindu , a company based in La Algaba in Seville and dedicated to the design and construction of customized machines.

He studied to be an industrial designer and throughout his life in this sector, created his own project in Obtindu specializes in machinery for filter, wrapping, and packaging production. The short-term is to open a path to the international market. A device with GPS that does not need to be charged and helps locate lost people. It is completely autonomous and it locates the person through a mobile app.

His father, a fan of photography opened the doors to a world that would conquer his heart and that would become his profession. Recognition of many years of hard work in which he has tried to distance himself from the conventional and climb the ladder in the world of innovation to offer unique photography. For years he has travelled with grooms and bridegrooms around the world to make their journey an unforgettable memory through his photography. Its aim is to solve problems faced by guitarists when on stage.

Moreover, it can be programmed through a mobile device. Rafael is a technician, but his real passion is for extreme sports, particularly canyoning. Since he has been one of the heads of the active tourism business Vivak Nature which, located in Granada, has been the first and only ICOpro centre in Spain. A pioneering agreement is allowing Grenadian students to dub short films and documentaries premiered at international festivals into Spanish.

It is an initiative promoted by the Andalusian Council, the University of Granada , through their Audio-visual Translation Masters programme, and the dubbing and speech department from the Remiendo Theatre School. The device notifies the owner if they move too far away from the object, or if someone tries to steal it. Anyone can leave with any item they want or need.

He is a renowned expert in working with sourdoughs , and his own creations, both in bakery and in pastry making, are highly valued in this field. Currently he gives master classes and seminars throughout Spain. A smart signposting traffic system has been created in Cordova and is made up of a combination of sensors, LED lights and an innovative composite formula. It has been developed by the Cordovan business Interlight , whose first system on the market is a smart pedestrian step , that when detecting the crossing pedestrian, lights up to alert vehicles that they have to stop.

Interlight forms part of the Minerva Programme of technological undertaking which is driven by Vodafone and the Andalusian Council. The work and experience of the business Nufol also supports this product. Around the world there are places like this, open to anyone with ideas that have anything to do with emerging technologies. On one condition: that the generated knowledge is shared. Its path has been marked by the study of cold gas and atomic hydrogen , which is what formed the first stars and galaxies. At 16 she dived into the world of comics and today she animates for huge editorials such as Marvel and DC Comics.

In the Malagan town of Mijas a group of retirees have dedicated part of their time to accompanying people older than themselves. This program fights against the loneliness that many grandparents and elderly people feel. Marta Borrero is Her brother Sergio is Sergio reached third place at the same tournament.

The aim is to keep the children curious and incentivise a passion for archaeology among the hospitalised children whilst also forgetting for a short time at least, where they are. Granada was one of the cities in which you could find a telescope when Eduardo Battaner finished his career, and his passion for Astronomy lead him to spend a year in an observatory in Sierra Nevada. He was one of the researchers that created the Andalusia Astrophysics Institution and has published fifteen technical disclosure books.

As well as a novel. His current research focuses on the Planck space telescope. The Smart Systems Information Access team from the University of Jaen is working on developing a tool to measure, in real time, opinions posted on social media covering any topic. It is one of the first Spanish measurements and is trying to incorporate all the complexity of the language in its analysis, including aspects such as irony and sarcasm. A recognition which adds to a long career of national awards. Quevedo is a specialist in Architecture and Historical Heritage and has carried out diverse studies regarding restoration and History of Art at the Universities of Rome, Granada and Seville.

Anyone who manages to complete the challenge will get a reward: The Granadian Ana Alonso is the first Andalusian to be selected for the Spanish mountain skiing team and the first to participate in an international competition. She participated in the last World Cup and won two 4 th places. She is the Spanish Cup champion in the category of newcomers as well as the Spanish champion in alpine partner newcomers category and third place in the general category.

In Seville more than 20 years ago, Esmeralda Valderrama created Danza Mobile , a company created for dancers with mental disabilities. Committed choreographers from all over Europe have been interested by the project. But Danza Mobile is more than a business. Esmeralda believes in art as an instrument of expression and growth for the mentally disadvantaged. The information received is designed for both patients and nurses. And so started Coffeeneta , a van from the seventies restored and converted into a traveling coffee stand.

An innovative idea in Spain which is already succeeding throughout Europe. Their idea is to offer quality fresh coffee at events such as weddings and conventions. Since then, his stake on specialized accounting along with constant innovation have been the points on which his business, Software DELSOL , has pivoted. In he made a decisive decision: to offer his apps for free and to center his business in follow-up services. His business has grown exponentially and, with almost 33, clients and more than , users, he is a SMEs management tools leader.

This patent aims to extend this mode of payment to all mobiles regardless of the brand and operating system given that it only needs a speaker to broadcast and a microphone to receive. PayThunder forms part of the Minerva Programme of entrepreneurial technology that is supported by Vodafone and the Andalusian Government.

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His current research involves testing whether cellular therapy is effective on illnesses such as ALS and multiple sclerosis. The technology based business from UAL has developed a unique type of bronze in the global market, especially designed for architecture.

It is an innovative material , exclusive and sustainable as it is made from recycled materials, mostly boat propellers. He has been an eight-time Alpine Skiing Champion in Spain in the intellectual disabilities category, and holds 7 consecutive titles. He has participated in different international competitions and is currently part of the Sierra Nevada Natura Ability Club.

His dream is to become the world champion and to participate in the Olympic Games. Using the body as a musical instrument and as an educational tool. Presented in rhythmic and corporal expression education workshops, it is oriented towards future teachers as a way to teach math or language. At a young age he left for Paris to play guitar. This move changed his life and his career as a guitar player was cast aside. In the nineties he settled in Almeria and since then, he has sold his instruments from this part of Andalusia to the world.

A hard task driven by his passion: transforming a piece of wood until he discovers its musical soul. Adopt a grandparent is a voluntary programme to fight loneliness among the elderly. Volunteers are organized in pairs and are assigned to a grandfather or grandmother, with them they carry out visits lasting an hour and a half.

Passionate about flamenco , a versatile artist, and a tireless worker, he gives classes to new talents in the Andalusian Dance Centre whilst working on his own productions. The latest, inspired by the life of Edgar Allan Poe. For centuries, Andalusia was an industrial hub, the center of production and the cradle of large companies. As a witness to this activity are the remains of a few buildings.

It offers routes to visitors as well as the possibility of accessing more information with a QR code. It is a different way of touring Seville and approaching its industrial heritage in order to get to know the depth of its history, its installations, and the productive processes of this Spanish city. For a few years he developed this welfare aspect, but this field of research has been the focus of his work. His lines of research speak, for example, on the world of witch doctors and traditions, but also on current themes such as public drinking.

He has received varying recognition and takes part in conferences around the world. The Granada Exhibition Centre and Conference Hall is becoming the first public Andalusian building which is accessible to the blind , thanks to a ground-breaking system called BeepCon. Commite is a studio that designs and develops digital products for other business, its main clients are startups from Silicon Valley. Along with this, they create their own products. A Cordovan startup has developed an early detection tool for optical conditions, which is now being piloted by the Andalusian Health System and has been validated by the Andalusian Integral Plan of Diabetes.

A test which allows for the detection of anomalies in the retina in a short space of time and with great precision to avoid the advancement of blindness causing illnesses such as diabetic retinopathy , glaucoma or macular degeneration. Lynhce Diagnostics has also adapted the use of this system to the opticians, so that any individual has access to this test.

This is one of the young businesses integrated into the Minerva Programme of technological entrepreneurship supported by Vodafone and the Andalusian Council. In Malaga, we find a bookshop with a difference. It is also known for its collection of globes, one of the biggest in Spain, with products originating from various countries. From Huelva and a member of R. Labradores Seville , this kayaker rows as she breathes, out of need, she assures us.

Araceli Montero is the current two-time champion of Spain in the Masters 35 category over meters. In she won, among other titles, the Masters championship of Andalusia over and meters in K1. Important notification: the doctors that participated in this project warn that this play can create an addiction to science.

Scientists acting as scientists, rising to the stage to interpret the stories of remarkable female researchers, women that fought not only for science, but to demonstrate that women are equal to men. The Almerian born artist Antonio Flores has dedicated more than 30 years to the world of ceramics. From a very young age he felt a passion for this craft and decided to study Applied Arts and Artistic Professions with a specialty in Ceramic Art. Over the years of his career he has used his profession to work with the training of new artisans. He also gives classes to underprivileged groups using art as a method of social inclusion.

He is at the forefront of creativity for his constant training and research of new technics, and for always keeping a close relationship between tradition and innovation. Today his work is centered around the creation of tableware designs, a work that has put him in contact with various restaurants around Spain. In barely a few hours the comic project Fantasy West reached its target in a crowdfunding campaign to move from digital to paper.

More than people from all parts of Spain have contributed to the campaign and they have managed to quadruple the predetermined target they set. Her aim was to then commit to the traditional creation of goat cheese. Using old telephone boxes as a free phone charging point and for citizen information. This is the iUrban. In he won his first Spanish championship and in he competed in his first Paralympic games , in Beijing. At Rio he will take part in 4 individual categories and 2 team events.

His disability, caused by arthrogryposis which he was born with, has never been a hindrance for a track record that includes medals at various world championships. Its name is PIRASOA , which has an online platform on which all the hospitals and districts in Andalusia provide information on antibiotic consumption and resistant bacteria, so that they can improve the use of medication and put an end to persistent infections in the hospital area.

This group began in the 70s with a clear direction: finding markets outside of Spain. He has created almost 10, works, which have been exhibited in Spain, Germany, Italy or the United States. He has participated in 48 individual and 50 collective exhibitions. She studied law in Granada, and received her doctorate in In she became first woman Dean in the Spanish university, having being elected for this position in the Spanish National Distance Education University.

For 11 years she has been the magistrate of the Constitutional Tribunal. Professors from the Modern Language Centre at the University of Granada are taking part in a European project together with institutions from another six countries who are aiming to teach languages through graphic novels and comic books. She is considered to be one of the best breaststroke swimmers in the history of Spanish swimming. She has won over 50 gold medals in championships of Spain, in different categories, and in 20 absolute championships.

She keeps competing in the master category and coaches rising talents of swimming in the Navial Club. The massive consumption of alcohol in short periods of time can lead to damage in lipids, in proteins and even in DNA. Faced with this fact, researchers from the Faculty of Pharmaceutic s at the University of Seville have shown that the consumption of folic acid , a strongly antioxidant substance, can help to alleviate these negative effects.

He began to write poetry by chance. What started as a novel became a poetry book that was awarded with the Young Poetry Prize of Andalusia in Juan Manuel claims that it was in the Antonio Gala Foundation where he learnt to raise his literary expectations, and met other writers with similar interests and experiences. He teaches Spanish language and Literature and collaborates with several media. He continues to be a writer and defines his literature as versatile, but always linked to a poetic essence.

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