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I embrace my Quiet Time as a poet embraces a muse. A little bliss and a generous muse?

You want it to enrich your options. But what you can do is use the Psychological Martial Arts that I wrote about in my book to still the outside world and create the illusion of seclusion, so that you can focus on the questions at hand. By all means, cultivate your meditative practices. Embrace solitude with meditation and let them lead you.

Edward G.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Solitude: a surprise tool for making important decisions by Edward G. Benefits of meditation As a devoted practitioner of meditation, I understand how it brilliantly serves the purposes of relaxation and renewal. Meditation: Has the advantage of being practicable anytime and anywhere.

A Morning of Solitude

Relieves stress. Helps prepare us mentally for a dreaded encounter or a high stakes meeting. Tunes out the incessant distractions.

MOMENTOUS: Kent Narrows Sail

How did you work on the new songs? Any difference in the songwriting process? I will usually bring in a skeleton of a song or idea and as a band we tweak the arrangements, add or remove second guitar parts etc. The vocals are typically the final thing we do. This time around there was more collaboration with Steve and I on lyrics and melodies than in the past which I feel has helped make this our best effort yet.

Can you identify an overall theme or atmosphere overarching the complete album? As with most AoS material on a whole the tone of it is rather somber. Themes dealing with everyday tragedy and despair are present in nearly every song. As always, you have very strong melodies. How important are melodies for a doom metal band? It just depends on the band to me. For Apostle, yes strong guitar and vocal melodies are important but for some other bands maybe there is more emphasis on guitar riff style or vocal style. Equally, the songs express quite a melancholic feeling… Do you need to feel melancholic to play doom?

Seen from the outside, doom metal seems to be quite a homogeneous genre, which is actually not. Which bands share your same vision of doom? How difficult is to differentiate yourself, staying on the track of doom? What are the reasons behind this choice? It could also have a religious feeling…. Since a couple of years, doom seems to be quite in favor with media and fans. Why in your opinion? It also functions in connection to my earlier work, via small references. While Avery works with more classic materials, such as painting and drawing, it resonated with me and made me rethink my own practice.

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The Islanders is a painstakingly detailed and diverse description of a fictional island in drawing and painting, sculpture and texts. Every drawing and every installation that Avery puts on show unveils a little part of The Island. I find that inspiring; I prefer projects that do not exist in a vacuum, that do not just simply begin and end. I like it when a practice keeps building, when it is part of a larger puzzle. This is why I am making all these creatures meet in some kind of absurd transmission ecology. In my world, they can all visit and have an exchange with each other!

And while I have considered that the joining of these four words Ecology of Compression Complexities sounds dense and complicated, I believe they are the best ones to sum up my practice. Which is why, for now at least, I am sticking with them. Could you explain a bit more about that? The first paper was part of the Additivism cookbook. Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke started Additivism in , as a manifesto on speculative materialism, 3D and plastics.

Because the legibility of an encrypted message does not just depend on the complexity of the encryption algorithm, but also on the placement of the data of the message. The encrypted message, hidden on the surface of the image is only legible by the ones in the know; anyone else will ignore it like dust on celluloid.

In this recipe I describe how DCT, a cryptographic language technology that I build in , can be used to write secret messages on digital images, steganographically masked as JPEG artifacts. In this exhibition, DCT formed the basis for five institutions five statements against the politics of modern institutions, written in manifesto-style. It was published as part of the Machine Research peer-reviewed newspaper, printed in DCT and in human readable code. In this short text, I outline some basic statements on Resolution Studies:.

But resolution studies is not only about the effects of technological progress or the aesthetization of the scales of resolution; which has already been done under headers such as Interface Effect or Protocol. Resolution studies is research about the standards that could have been in place, but are not — and which as a result are now left outside of the discourse.

With resolution studies I am taking a step away from my old research on glitch, in the hope to open up a broader set of conversations between the discourses such as medicine, architecture, and law. By the end of —15 any kind of compatibility with an analog video signal was completely erased, and today it seems kind of nostalgic and irrelevant to revisit the material of PAL. What finally pushed me in favor of writing something new on TCoP was actually Syphon as well.

With Syphon, analog and digital signals can again coexist during a performance. Imagine, here we have PAL, a zombie medium that can suddenly communicate and function besides other media, due to the implementation of a new protocol. RM: Not forever — although digital media are often believed to answer to the myths of lossless transmission and migration, in fact, degradation and data loss are a not to be ignored part of the digital material.

“Solitude” by Marc Chagall

Undead data and dead data are as much part of our digital reality. BW: Your methods speak to a post-studio way of working; there is no beginning or end in the work. What does your studio look like; what is your set-up? Which means that right now, I am living in a castle. But I actually gave up rent quite some time ago and have since been traveling with a little suitcase and a computer. Recently I bought a desktop computer.

How crazy is that? This is a real computer that is heavier than a laptop and that has the dimensions of a piece of carry-on luggage; it is actually too heavy to carry with just one arm. I am not sure but I think this might be the start of something new. Are you using iOS? RM: Yeah, for now I am. But I am also noticing a massive migration: a lot of my friends are changing to Windows, as will I when I finally install the tower in the castle.

Why do you think this shift is happening so rapidly?

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RM: Of course one reason is that iOS systems are closed, not just in terms of software but maybe more importantly — when it comes to people migrating — in terms of hardware. A few weeks ago, I had such a bad accident. I fell all the way down a staircase … and while I was falling all these meters down, the only thing I could think about was this laptop in my arms.

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