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A very difficult period started. Rosemary was obliged to stay in Antwerp even after completing her Master program, in order to give her son the medical care he needed. Yet, her dream was always to return one day to Uganda to her home, family and friends. In Uganda no such facilities exist and children or people with disabilities are mainly excluded from all regular social and economic activities, including basic social interactions, support in their development and education.

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Children with disabilities are mainly kept at home, due to a lack of opportunities to go elsewhere, a lack of means to give them proper support, and basically also a lack of acceptance. In Uganda there is still stigma about having a child with a handicap.

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The more Rosemary was experiencing the contrast between the care for her child in Antwerp and the harsh reality for disabled children in Uganda, the more she became convinced that the future work she wanted to do was to strengthen the rights and capacities of parents of disabled children, and the disabled children themselves, in Uganda. As soon as her son Abryl had had a successful heart operation in the university hospital in Ghent and he recovered well, plans to return to Uganda became more concrete.

If children are frightened you can do all sorts of things to help. You can buy these on the internet or rock and crystal shops or mind body and spirit festivals. Maybe buy a couple; you can often buy them for less than a pound. They can hang the crystal on the end of the bed by placing it in a net bag or pop it under the pillow make sure the size is appropriate for the age of the child.

Or during their home time, an angel pin on a coat jacket or other piece of angel jewellery may also be appropriate. Jacky Newcomb is a multi-award winning, Sunday Times best-selling author and paranormal experiences expert. Jacky is regularly featured in magazines and the national press as well as being a frequent radio and TV expert. You can find Jacky on Twitter and Facebook. For more information about Jacky and her work: www. Telephone: admin holisticshop.

Angel Kids

Twitter Facebook. Spirituality and Clairvoyance Articles. By Jacky Newcomb. A what? Rational Explanation? Telepathy or Gut instinct? I personally believe that we live many lives and in fact around a third of the world population believes in reincarnation.

General Advice As the parent or carer of a psychic child, the more information you have to hand the better. Enjoy your unique and special child!

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The angel answered, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. The baby will be holy and he will be called the Son of God. God could have chosen anyone to give birth to Jesus, but he chose Mary, a young virgin living in the little village of Nazareth. She wasn't very important, but she was important to God, and he chose her to do the most important thing one could imagine -- he chose her to give birth to his Son.

God still chooses unimportant people to perform important tasks. He has given you and me the task of sharing the good news of Jesus and his love to the whole world.

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This year, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, let us, like Mary, answer God's call. Dear Father, we thank you for this story about how you sent the angel Gabriel to take your message to Mary. We also thank you that you have given us the task of taking the message of Jesus and his love to all the world.

Guardian Angels Caring for Kids