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More advanced bindings replace the base plate with a set of rails, allowing your boots to rest directly on the board for better response and feel. They come in high and low styles, in hi-tech materials and good old leather, and have stubby, blunted toes which make your feet look small.

They also run about a size bigger than your normal shoes. Assembling all the equipment is fairly simple. Buying used gear is also an option, and often a good snowboard shop will have a selection of both pre-owned and previous model year stock. Most people board with their left foot forward. How to tell and you will be asked. It determines how the bindings are set up : Think of sliding into a base in baseball.

AASI Beginner's Guide to Snowboarding - Burton RigletBurton Riglet

Which foot would you extend forwards during your slide? Riding fakie opposite your normal stance is a useful skill, but one to develop down the line. Strap your front foot onto the board, which will place your toes over one edge and your heel against the other. In order to get around in the flats, you push with your free back foot, much like propelling a skateboard. When you are ready to start your decent, you strap the back foot in and allow yourself to drift down the mountain.

Be especially careful not to catch the front or back edge of your board too sharply in the snow: this will cause you to crash. Turns are made by leaning forward or backward and from side to side, using the toe edge and heel edge of the board for steering and speed control. Stopping is very similar to braking on hockey skates. You bring both feet perpendicular to the slope and scrape to a stop, hopefully without faalling down. Then you unbuckle your back binding, skate over to the lift, and head back to the top for another run.

If you are thinking about trying snowboarding for the first time, go to a local ski area, rent some basic equipment, and by all means take a lesson. This will also give you to opportunity to get a better feeling about the proper board size based on your weight, not height and to check out your compatibility with the sport before you blow a wad on equipment. It takes time to feel comfortable skating. Photo: iStock All slopes on the mountain will be graded to indicate whether they are suitable for beginners or not.

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Green slopes are the easiest slopes, perfect for snowboarding beginners. They are generally quite flat with a slight incline.

Here are some tips for riding in powder and avoiding some of the pitfalls I have encountered

Blue slopes are the next slopes up. They are slightly steeper and a great incline to progress your snowboarding from beginner to intermediate. They are included in the French system, but not in North America , for example. Red slopes are difficult blue slopes.

How to snowboard: 12 tips for beginners

These are often quite steep with moguls occasionally. Black slopes are the hardest runs. They are steep, often bumpy and generally reserved for experienced snowboarders. Keep your eyes looking forward where you want to go. Your eyes lead the rest of your body. This is the foundation for learning to control and turn your board. This means digging your heel into the snow with your body facing downhill. Start easing your weight off your heel edge and begin to press down with your toes. The board will start to move downhill.

To stop, press the weight back into your heels.

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  • Snowboarding is meant to be fun, so make sure you are enjoying yourself. With time, you will finally get there.

    AASI Beginner’s Guide to Snowboarding

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    Beginner Snowboard Lesson - Heels, Toes & Straight

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