Coffee with a twist - Part 2 (Samantha Series)

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All Charlotte wants to do is help a man she thinks may be in need. So begins a journey that will change both of their lives! Charlotte is friendly, sweet and loves to help others when she can. She is all heart. Julian, being disillusioned right now, does not react the way she expected.

But what she does not know is who this man truly is, and he is taken off guard by that. People always want something from him and she is so refreshing! For a story about a musician, it was truly sweet and adorable read. I loved the characters so much and their story. I am excited to read the previous books! Read and reviewed for Sultry Sirens Book Blog. Happy reading! Sep 14, Bec rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-magic-reviews , septemberreads , septemberrecommendations.

Taking time off from the band and the spotlight is the right thing for Julian Grayson. He needs time to sort through the anger and get past it after the betrayal of his bride-to-be, but it isn't easy since her betrayal has cost him a lot. However, the moment he meets Charlotte Clark, he finds he's more alive than he's ever been, especially since she doesn't know who he is.

Yet, the more time they spend together, the more Julian discovers how different Charlotte and his ex are. Will Julian be abl Taking time off from the band and the spotlight is the right thing for Julian Grayson. Will Julian be able to convince Charlotte to take a chance on him or will she walk away from her chance at happy ever after because Julian doesn't realize why she doesn't need anything else but him? This is the first book I've read of this series, and I've got to say that it was absolutely engrossing, fast-paced and a story I was totally charmed by because of the wonderful main characters; the compelling dialogue that had me loving this couple's growing relationship, their back stories and the obstacles they face to be together; and the secondary characters that entertained me just as much as the main ones because they would do anything for Julian.

The way this story started with the prologue had me sympathizing with the hero because how could his bride-to-be believe she could get away with everything she was doing and I liked that he wasn't about to continue to let her get away with everything she's done to him. Was the way he goes about exposing her too much? However, it was from the moment where Julian and Charlotte come face-to-face for the first time where this story really takes off, as Julian can't believe anyone could be as generous as the heroine without a motive. Will he find she's just a good person? As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main characters back stories, especially that of the hero, because he's angry for what his ex did to him and it's made him question everything and has him wondering who he can trust.

Moreover, I really liked both the main characters. They had me reading this story quickly, determined to discover more about them and what obstacles they would face to be together. Will Julian realize that all Charlotte wants is him before it's too late? Certainly, she's nothing like his ex in needing to be given something extravagant every time something goes wrong between them. With the heroine, she's resilient, hard-working, kind, caring and I liked how determined she was to help Julian, even though it seems he doesn't need her help.

He's not helpless, but just angry at life. Will the hero be able to overcome his issues? I also liked how good Charlotte is for Julian because he needs to get past what's happened. No way can he keep going like he's going. He needs to face the past if he's to ever have a future with her. While the hero, he's struggling to move on from what his ex did and I could understand why he finds it hard to trust people. Still, I liked the hero's progression, as he begins to live life again by helping the heroine and then realizing that music is still very important to him.

Really, it isn't easy for him to give up, no matter how much he thinks giving up his music career will help him to move forward with his life. Overall, Ms. Chase has delivered a well-written and wonderful read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was intense; the romance was delightful and sweet and shows how good these two are together; and the ending had me loving the hero's determination to win back Charlotte after their relationship goes awry.

However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up nicely, as I liked how far Julian's come since meeting Charlotte. Jul 28, Thuy Taylor rated it really liked it. The opening of this book pulls you in immediately. He is crashing at a house in Malibu picking up the pieces of his life and trying to figure it out. He's a famous drummer in the band Shaughnessy Brothers. Enter Charlotte Charlotte is a happy, friendly, do-gooder. She is at a coffee shop, waiting in line behind this guy who looks like he's down on his luck.

She is a social work The opening of this book pulls you in immediately. She is a social worker, but helps people with jobs, and everything else when they're down on their luck. She assumes he's down on his with the way he looks, and the fact that he ordered coffee and food, and realizes he forgot his wallet she comes to the rescue and pays for his order. He doesn't get it. People usually want something from him, and he realizes she doesn't know who he is.

So, he plays along. He shows up and volunteers, doesn't give up any information, but eventually people do realize who he is. This was a cute read. For some reason, I couldn't feel the connection between these two. While I thought the story was cute, I didn't find that they had much chemistry. I wanted a little more of a connection.

But overall, the story was cute and I've enjoyed this series with the guys. Aug 31, Pennie Morgan rated it it was amazing. This was an absolute delight! Charlotte Clark is waiting for coffee behind a disheveled looking man who is grumbling and when he gets to the front of the line and orders he realizes he forgot his wallet.

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She offers to pay for his coffee when she orders his and he is angry and dismayed and follows her out of the coffee shop. Julian Grayson has never gotten anything before without someone asking for something in return. He is insistent she wants something. Charlotte is convinced he is homeless and This was an absolute delight! Charlotte is convinced he is homeless and just wants to help. He is actually a rock star who has been running from his life for the past 3 months. What follows is a remarkable love story that renews our faith in others. Charity given for the sake of just a good deed with nothing expected in return is the best thing and we really do reap what we sow.

This is the end of this series and since I have not read the rest of the series I was not lost. I did read several of the Shaughnessy books and loved those. I think it is time to go back and finish that series and find the rest of this one. I will say that this book will be more enjoyable if you have read the others in the series. The other characters are present and having some knowledge of their backstory is helpful.

Julian Grayson has always been the most mysterious of the Shaughnessy band members. It was clear he was the drummer and that everyone around him thought he could do better in the girlfriend department, but that was all we knew.

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What I can tell you is that Jules is SO much more than that and I was so excited to learn more about him. He's passionate, loyal, stubborn and he's wickedly talented. Charlotte Clark loves to help people. She is a social worker and wants to do the best she can for those that come through her office door and sometimes it is at her own expense. She's passionate and she's committed to her work without a doubt, but she wants more than that.

She wants the family and the white picket fence and what she wouldn't give for a beachfront view. When Julian and Charlotte meet in line at the coffee house, Charlotte mistakes the circumstances and believes that Julian is in need of her professional skills. Liking that Charlotte has no clue who he is, Julian doesn't correct her.

Dir. Neil Jordan—1.5 STARS

As the two begin to spend more and more time together, the attraction grows and finally it can't be stopped any longer. The question is, will the baggage from Julian's previous relationship not only tank this one before it really gets started, but will it also end his music career? This book was fantastic from the start. I loved all of the characters and the way that everything unfolded. It seemed like this could really happen in the real world.

To me, this book was about finding your inner strength to overcome the things that are put in your path and you have to be ready to deal with them to finally come to that conclusion. Watching the way that both Charlotte and Julian grew, both separately and as a couple, was lovely to see and it should show people that sometimes you have to lean on others to get back to where you really need to be. Jun 30, Isha Coleman rated it really liked it.

In life and in love we tend to take ourselves too seriously. One More Moment is a complicated tale of hardship and appreciation for the simple things. The key to living is to not sweat the small stuff but enjoy the important moments. Julian and Charlotte have much to learn about life, love and each other. Samantha Chase takes readers on an insightful and entertaining road trip. Sep 06, Karen rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I thought story was a bit long and then I wondered why it felt that way. I think I was not interested in Julian at all. I didn't like what he did at his wedding and him being a doormat and then taking his anger out at every one. I just think counseling was needed from the get go. Author alluded several times as Charlotte was someone qualifed. So it felt dragged on to me. I'm happy to see the band back though.. Aug 29, BookAddict rated it it was amazing.

When vocational counselor Charlotte Clark buys a coffee for the guy ahead of her in line, she thinks he's in the same dire straits as her clients, possibly even homeless. She tells him not to worry about repaying her, but to pay it forward. After a few more not-so-random encounters they get to know each other a little better. Imagine Charlotte's surprise when Julian eventually reveals he's Julian Grayson, drummer for the famous rock band, Shaughnessy. The early copy I read of this book was my first by this author, and for me it was certainly unexpected.

I figured I was reading another common romance in a vast, cluttered sea of them. I anticipated a few hours of escape and that the characters would leave my mind as soon as I was on to the next book. Instead, Charlotte and Julian snuck into my heart and now refuse to leave. These characters were a delightful, evocative, spellbinding, heart-gripping surprise. Charlotte is such an amazingly good person that her goodness infuses everything she does. Of course these are all things that draw Julian to her.

Suddenly Mine

Now Julian is a different story. He has a lot of anger, even rage, to work out and his preferred coping mechanism is avoidance. Chase made them so authentic and realistic I felt like I knew them personally and was completely invested in seeing them get their forever, as I would be for any good friend. She also exemplifies something I wish a lot of authors would figure out.

The reader's connection to and investment in the characters come from the depth of the emotional connection between the two characters, which may or may not include detailed sexy times in the bedroom. Because of this, I found the story fully complete and satisfying even without the bedroom details. In some ways, I think it made the connection between the characters stronger since the focus was on their interactions, their thoughts and their feelings. One More Moment breaks the mold and shatters any preconceived notions of the rock star romance trope.

There is little of the rock band trappings, and Julian is definitely an atypical rock star. All of his internal fighting and wrestling and being stuck just made his figuring things out and overcoming his demons that much more rewarding. But be warned, Charlotte and Julian will undoubtedly steal your heart. Sep 03, Evelyn rated it it was amazing. Reviewed for www. He no longer wants to deal with the paparazzi or his rock band lifestyle, so he decides to quit the band.

While visiting a Starbucks, social worker Charlotte Clark mistakes Julian for a homeless man and buys him coffee. He is not used to people doing things for him without wanting something from him in return. Charlotte convinces Julian to volunteer at the homeless shelter. He is intrigued by her passion for what she does, and by the time she finds out who he is, there is a strong attraction between them.

He continues to find ways to help her at the shelter, but the band and the fans want him back. This is a classic story of opposites attract. Charlotte is happy, confident, and generous. Julian is grumpy, uncomfortable with his life and had serious issues with trust. Charlotte is very good for Julian, but he is his own worst enemy.

The supporting characters remained true to the characters established in the previous books, and I was glad to see that they had major roles in this book also. All in all, this was a well-written, fitting end to the Shaughnessey Band series. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Sep 09, Marsha Spohn rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-romance , z-keeper-bookshelf , keeper-bookshelf , series.

Her first encounter with Julian shows her core beliefs and she, frankly, was a joy to encounter. Julian is… harder, more cynical, definitely wounded in ways that he himself keeps perpetuating. I admit, there were times that Julian was hard to take. It was fun to run into familiar faces, and I leave this world happy with the series and the people I met in Band on the Run. I would definitely recommend One More Moment to any Romance reader who enjoys touches of reality, a believable couple and a very good story. That does not change what I think of this story.

It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book. Sep 01, Ruthie Taylor rated it really liked it. I have however read many Samantha Chase novels and enjoyed them all - so was certain this would be good. If you are a big fan of rockstar romances, like me, then you will definitely enjoy this one. Julian has spent the last five years with someone that he now finds himself about to marry A really dramatic start to a book, and an act which it turns out affected him almost more than anyone else.

Will there be a 3rd?? View all 5 comments. Jan 25, Tahsin rated it really liked it Shelves: favourite , hilarious , baby-baby , favorite-couple. This was seriously so funny! I already knew what to expect, having just finished the first one. I actually liked this one so much more because I found it to be relatable as all hell. Dec 22, Jessen Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance.

Feb 10, Shannon Patterson rated it really liked it. Classic Sibby. Entertaining, funny and the right balance of Sibby's Law. Sibby Slicker is a bit of a play on city slicker although not all of it actually takes place in the city. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Sibby so much out of her element while camping, even if it was sort of glamping.

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  8. Of course there has to be a few twists and turns along the way. I loved how the relationship between Sibby and Alden evolved get still seemed fresh. They understand each other and their personalities really compli Classic Sibby. They understand each other and their personalities really compliment each other. I also liked the interactions and friendship that was introduced between Stacey and Sibby it has just the right level of conflict to start.

    The only thing I didn't enjoy about this book was pretty much the entire interaction between Annie and Caleb. Without that I would have given a solid 5 stars.

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    Jan 27, Ashley rated it liked it. A DNF I loved the first book Sibby and Aidan were fantastic in that book. This second book Sibby is very immature, shallow, and childish in this book. First, she makes a huge deal about a camping trip that Aidan wants to take for vacation But while on this trip, Aidan reveals that he wants to have a baby with Sibby Aidan is too great to be treated the way Sibby is treating him. I get that she's not ready for kids, but she doesn't have to be so childish about it.

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    I couldn't make myself finish this book. I hope things work out for Aidan because he is a gem and really deserves it. Sibby needs to grow up. Nov 17, Rebecca Armstrong rated it liked it. I finished Sibby Slicker. I was able to read through this book as quickly as I did the first only because I wanted it to get better. I was disappointed that there was no venue regarding a wedding and the planning of that. I think the highlight of this book for me was introducing Jasper into the mix. As well as the scene on the subway with the Folgers container.

    Despite not being as hyped up about Sibby 2. I truly look forward to Sibby 3. Oh so happily married, they still have a few life decisions to fret and stress about, though they seem to always stop short of outright arguing. Aiden is beyond patient with his lovely wife, which gives Sibby the room to navigate her own complicated feelings before stumbling into the answer her husband is hoping for. Hijinks abound along the way, complete with camping adventures, canine interruptions, sneaky fans, overwhelming in-laws, and of course, another viral internet scoop. Underneath it all lies a solid foundation of emotional strength, wonderfully quirky characters, and a birds-eye view of life in the big city.

    I truly enjoyed this lovely story. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. Apr 26, 2shay rated it really liked it. Review by 2shay Having been on a few great camping trips and a couple that were disasters, I laughed my butt off! Her sweetest-in-the-whole-world husband, Aiden, made everything as pleasant as possible, and still the Queen Of Klutz manages to find trouble.

    Sibby freaks! Sibby has more to freak out about than Aiden wanting a baby. All Sibby wants right now is a puppy. I loved this story from page one of Queen Of Klutz my review of that book can be found here. Grab your copies now and Jan 03, Jessica rated it it was amazing. Sibby is back with more laughs for us. Her and Aiden are enjoying married life and their new jobs.

    It took a bit to realize how much time had passed but it worked. Sibby and Aiden are both in ruts which would make it seem like more time had passed. Aidens wants to take Sibby on a camping trip. Sibby does not do outdoor but agrees to go. While there Aiden drops the bomb that he wants to start a family. Even though she is in Sibby is back with more laughs for us. Even though she is in a rut she is determined to make it work. A freezing night leads to an ineffective condom and a misstep leads to a broken wrist.

    Never a dull moment for Sibby. Dec 16, Liz rated it liked it Shelves: marriage , kidswhocan-tstanduptoparents , pregnancy , funny , cheating. There better be a goddamn third book because there are a billion unanswered questions. This felt like the middle book to a trilogy. Aidan and Sibby get married; Caleb and Annie are living together. Much to Sibby's chagrin and stupidity she agrees to go camping with Aidan and that's where things fall apart.

    He wants a child; she wants to stay married and have one eventually. She gets a rash and breaks her wrist in a span of 2 weeks. And then she gets pregnant. And I'm wonde There better be a goddamn third book because there are a billion unanswered questions. Lots happens in this book, but does not get resolved.

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