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What are your favorite all-natural products at the drugstore?

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Byrdie uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Byrdie, you accept our. Skin Skincare. Who do we look to for advice? Related Stories. I started to breakout horribly with little red bumps on my forehead and above my eyebrows. It is now moving down my onto my temples, cheeks and chin. Along with recipes for a cleanser, toner and mask! I just wanted to tell you that I greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge. It saved me a lot of time and research. The only thing that would have been better is if you bottled these and sold them on your site. But, believe me when I say that I am not complaining.

If this works, I will be forever grateful! Aww yay that makes me so happy! And how is everything going — are you seeing results? I am currently perfecting 3 face oil blends I want to start selling through the site and will hopefully be launching that by the end of the year! At seeing this skin-care routine I was astonished to read that you only wash your face once a day, and at night. My question is: what do you do with your skin in the morning?

Do you rinse at all? Please advise! That being said, I do think everyone should wash their face at night since our faces face for lack of a better word! But the way I see it, the only thing my skin is contacting while I sleep is air and my pillow. When I wake up, my face oil has really settled in well and my skin is pretty matte, so I just go ahead and apply my CC cream or more face oil some days just right over top. Thank you for your reply. To answer your question, it has been going well. I went onto Amazon like a crazy person and purchased every single item from your beauty routine and started making face washes, masks and oil blends.

I followed your recipes to start, but am finding they need to be slightly altered to suit my personal skin type.

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I also have to be careful because my husband has bad allergies and the lavendar oil throws him into sneezing fits. So far the Rosehip, Tamanu and Jojoba combo seem to be the winners. My daughter is 13 and your face oil recipe is working beautifully for her. I have no doubt I will find the perfect blend for myself.

Thank you so much for giving me a starting point. I greatly appreciate it. I do work for a pretty cool company. My sister and I actually own it. Please get in touch with me once you start selling. I would like to discuss the possibility of featuring your blend in our box.

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I love your website! I started with OCM, did it for only 2 weeks because castor oil made my skin dry and dull. I also started to have closed comedones on my jawline at that time. Sometimes I feel like resorting back to the nasties. Any suggestions please? Why am I having a bad case of closed comedones? Hey, Marie. Closed comedones… blackheads? Do you exfoliate?

Is your skin super irritated or would you be comfortable exfoliating a little bit? Whiteheads and blackheads are just oil and dead skin cells trapped in the pore. Exfoliating can help keep dead skin cells from clogging the pore, and oil helps because of the whole like-disolves-like principle. Especially if your skin is dry — and castile soap may be drying it further — that may be the issue. But you know your skin best! I started your wonderful regimen as i have hormonal acne on my chin.

However my skin is really dry. Its a weird combination I know. Any advice on how to increase my moisture? Also should i avoid the castile soap since I am so dry? What would you recommend in place as a facewash? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Hey, Jill. Not only can this keep pores from getting clogged, but it sloughs away the dead, dry skin, allowing the oils to penetrate and moisturize more deeply.

Yes I exfoliate. I use my clarisonic a few times a week. I also user he other exfoliating tips you suggested. I was just wondering where you get your containers for your moisturisers and toners. Thank you x. Do you hve a recipe for lip moisturizer without the wax. Any product suggestions? Hi, Lyndsey!

Hi, Barbara. Hi Nadia, Lovely tips. Thanks Sanghametra. Do you think sandalwood essential oil will be good for my combination skin?? Please help. What type of skin do you have? I am really keen to try out this skin care regime and do according to your receipes. My skin is already a bad state, im 29 and constantly having breakouts or pimples come up. Anyway I dont want things to get worse so wondering id we have similar skin and age range to have the hope it can work for me too. This breakout skin has only been happeninh to me in the last 6 months before it was normal, a pimple here or there if I have my period or didnt take care of my skin all to well.

Took a blood test and there was no problems there. So love to try something natural and have it work. Morning routine? And would you recommend washing the face after a morning yoga session after getting sweaty? Or do you think that once at night is enough? I just found your site and am excited to try your recommendations.

Thank you, Ju. Have you heard of Cacay oil? Do you think its a gimmick? Do the oils need to be diluted before mixing them? How do you dilute them? Also you list top five oils but can you make a moisturizer us in all five. Hey Maria — yes, you need to dilute essential oils in carrier oils. You can do whatever you think is best for YOUR skin! Our skin and our bodies!

But toning should always come after cleansing or exfoliating or a mask and before you moisturize. I have recently subscribed to your website and I am completely obsessed!! It is absolutely breath taking and exciting all the things we are able to accomplish with a much healthier, chemical free lifestyle. I am aware that what may work for others may not work for me, however I am more then willing to try new things so I can find something that works.

I did read both the acne blend post you have as well as the 10 best EO for the skin. Also, would you recommend any of them to be used alone? I believe they both have high quality oils so that choice is really up to you! ALSO I just want to throw this out there: both eczema and acne are caused my inflammation and gut issues. I would suggest looking into that more.

Hi, Muntaha!

Nowadays, with 30 just around the bend, my skincare routine is also geared towards anti-aging.

Beautycounter makes great eyeliner and brow pencils! Hi, Nik. Sorry for the super belated reply! A lot of the makeup brands I like sell products in all shades, and the skincare products I use are natural and non-irritating. Hi, Ashley! Really, you can make the oils however you like! Though some are more moisturizing while others are dry, which is something to consider depending on your skin. That can only happen by resolving the internal imbalances like balancing your hormones, as you mentioned.

Hello Nadia! May I know which jojoba oil you use? I want to know which brand is the best in terms of being organic and pure. Thanks a lot!!

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Hey, Jackie! I dream of the day where I can be one of those annoying girls who can freak out from a single pimple before my period! And to look at putting on makeup as a choice and something fun, instead of a MUST DO to try and cover up all the nasty… With that being said, I have a few questions. If yes, how much do you make at a time and in what kind of container?

How long does it last? Thanks again for all you have shared! I like your ideas, very realistic tips, clean, easy, no non-sense famous labels inclusive reasonable products prices.

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Thank you!! I was wondering that since you only wash your face in the evening and apply face oils to sleep, do you apply sunscreen in the morning with the oils from last night on? Or how do you do?! Hello, I just wanted to let you know that your website is beautiful! Most of my research online has taken me to cluttered looking websites, but yours is just lovely!

Just wanted to let you know. However, the website you suggest mountain rose herbs for buying oils does not deliver to the UK. I can recommend iherb. I am looking to become more natural in my home and my personal routine. I really enjoyed reading about your beauty routine and your recipes sound wonderful!

I live in small town Canada. Other than Castile Soap is made from olive oil and from what I read Glycerine is derived from the act of making soap. Is glycerine soap a comparative soap to castile soap in your opinion? I mean, I can order Castile soap online, but love to shop and support local shops.

Nadia, What an inspiration you are! Just trying tea tree for the first time tonight, fingers crossed!


Thanks, Lisa. I love your tips and information on the essential oils. However, I wanted to know if your skin care regiments and suggestions can work for African American skin? Everyone knows that when you start to really look after your skin, your beauty routine becomes so much more of a joy than a chore.

I feel my best when I am able to let my skin breathe without makeup and have a natural glow shine through. What would you recommend to use? I would greatly appreciate your guidance. Konjac sponges are awesome for exfoliating if you have sensitive skin which I do. So informative! I love you it! All the love from the Philippines! Particularly before you started using the DIY foaming face wash? My daughter recently sampled some makeup from Sephora and the next day she woke up in hives. The hives settled and then dried out around her eyes and lips, and then the skin started to flake off for upwards of a month.

Any idea what might have caused this? I came across your blog on Google because I discovered DIY make up wipes on Youtube, and it involved lavendar oil and I just had to do more research. What do you think of the ingredients? Also, could you please make your own DIY make up wipes video? I would LOVE to see your version. Love your routine and will definitely incorporate into mine. What do you recommend for dark under eye circles? I have been battling this all my life.

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It looks like I have 2 black eyes! Thank you so much for providing this fabulous skincare routine! I purchased products for your entire routine and have seen magnificent results in only 3 days! Or do you sometimes overlap? I wash my face with this too, starting 2 summers ago and it has been amazing. My skin is combination and while I never had cystic acne I seemed to be chasing a zit around my face. And then around my period it would get worse and my skin would just look blemish-y and just unhealthy. What do you use as your cleansing routine for your body?

Is there a way to go soap-free? Just a quick question. I was checking out the Mountain Rose Herbs website where you link the essential oils. I noticed that they have a lot of the ingredients that you use in your products jojoba oil, betonite clay, castile soap, etc.. Would you recommend any of their products? I have read your blog and insights on the various essential oils with great interest. I am actually looking to go all natural. Yep I only wash at night to get rid of makeup and pollutants. Hey, Ashley! Definitely — they are a great company with outstanding quality.

Most of their products are certified organic. I have been an acne sufferer for many years and have used Proactiv since I was In the first few days it seems to work great, my skin was looking healthier, but as time progressed I started getting large painful pimples all over my cheeks and forehead.

I figured it was just a transition period, but it continued as I went through a full month of the routine. I decided that after the month was up with increased issues, I would switch to water only. I am now a week into water only and my skin is healing. I had never had such large painful acne before, it was different than anything I had experienced, and I think it was likely a reaction to one of the essential oils in the face wash or moisturizing mixtures.

When we choose clean actives, they are safe, effective and kind to Mother Earth. What exactly does that mean, and what kind of training is involved? I first apprenticed as an herbalist in Santa Fe and eventually traveled throughout the U. What kind of degree is required to work as one of the people who formulate your products? They may include green chemists or herbal specialists that can help me to dive deeper into ingredient innovation, or sourcing and optimizing our botanical extracts. We look at the root cause of skin imbalances, not just the symptoms, and use our skin care, herbal remedies and treatments to heal the body, resulting in beautiful and heather-looking skin both immediately and over time.

I do tend to be wary of greenwashing language and fear-based claims that are so off-putting. Skin care should always feel inviting and accessible, not overwhelming. Just how natural are your products? Are there regulations or certifications that you abide by? Although we choose to use select safe synthetics in our formulas, we believe in transparency and partner with Ecocert natural and organic cosmetic certification for 16 of our skin and body remedies. I was surprised to learn Vitamin C is synthesized.

In the select cases that we use synthetics, like Vitamin C , they are well-researched and thoughtfully chosen for their extraordinary results and sustainability.