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Beyond Mendelssohn you get good examples of other aspects of the group's work: music by an unfamiliar composer Gottfried August Homilius , some favorites of the later nineteenth century by Brahms, and some black-belt pieces from the end of the century: hear the tonal consistency at a punishingly high pitch of the Sanctus from Rheinberger's Cantus Missae, Op.

No original recording dates are given, but the recordings must span a considerable length of time; the choir has been in existence since the mid-'80s, and the Mendelssohn project alone involved 12 CDs. Given this, the remastering job is impressive; the sonic ambience is consistent and never less than clear and warm. Knabenchor Capella Vocalis : Cantate Domino Review: Musical and artistic success depends to a great degree on the ability of all those involved to work together harmoniously, in every sense of the word.

At the same time, the diversity and individuality of each member of an ensemble needs to be taken into account and nurtured. These are the guidelines which the founder of the boys' choir and present choir director of capella vocalis, Eckhard Weyand, has adopted. The success of his concept is demonstrated by numerous concerts both at home and abroad and the way in which the choir has rapidly built up a reputation since it was founded.

Following on the success of the ensemble's debut "Kein schoner Land" here is their latest release featuring this top-notch boys' choir singing sacred choral works. Knabenchor Capella Vocalis : Christ ist Geboren Review: Founded in and not associated with any religion or institution, Holzgerlingen, Germany-based Capella Vocalis performs religious and secular music in churches as well as in other venues.

Herrmann's "O schlafe, schlafe, gottlinger Knabe" and Franz Gruber's "Stille Nacht, heilage Nacht" give us a sweet taste of what the spirited young voices of Capella Vocalis can do. This is clearly a recording to treasure. Bob Chilcott has been involved in choral music for most of his life, as a boy chorister and choral scholar at King's College, Cambridge, and as a member of the vocal group The King's Singers for twelve years.

Over the past seven years he has poured his energy into the amateur choir world as a composer, conductor and choral clinician, with an emphasis on work with and for young singers. Chilcott has contributed a growing body of work to the repertoire of adult and children's choirs. As reflected in Canticles of Light, Chilcott's gifts are not limited to writing for adults, and he has gained an international reputation for his work with, and compositions for, children and young people.

His song with sign language, 'Can you hear me?


Bob Chilcott continues to be in great demand as a conductor and workshop leader worldwide. As a conductor Bob has worked extensively with choirs and festivals throughout the world. Nordic Chamber Choir : John Rutter Review: Conductor and composer John Rutter has worked in many facets of music, but is best known for his work in the choral realm. This dynamic CD shows the stylistic and subject variety found in Rutter's music. The first set of five sacred pieces includes the amazingly beautiful wedding song, "I my Best-Beloved's am," which combines sacred Latin texts with an English love poem, the jubilant "Cantate Domino" and virtuosic "Deck the hall.

The recording is rounded out with five settings of traditional songs and five childhood lyrics. With music ranging from Mendelssohn to Part, this collection leads the listener to the heart of Christmas Night and to rejoicing at the Savior's birth. Composed in the year of his death, they are probably the finest works of religious music by this composer whom Berlioz had accused of being "a little too fond of the dead".

But the most romantic of Bach's votaries had more than one trick up his sleeve and it would be a mistake to underestimate these extraodinary psalms and motets that Mendelssohn went on producing throughout his life, in spite of his rather strained relationship with the eccelsiastic authorities.

Tradition and inventiveness are the leading principles of an artistic credo based on the skilful and beguiling mixture of counterpoint and melody, of harmony and brilliant orchestration. After having devoted three universally acclaimed recordings to the choral music of Brahms, the RIAS-Kammerchor is here on familiar ground. Figure humaine is probably Poulenc's most original choral score. Quatre petites prieres de saint Francois d'Assise was composed in at the request of the composer's nephew, Brother Jerome Poulenc. Poulenc's Sept chansons for mixed chorus bring together poems by Apollinaire and eluard.

Influenced by Monteverdi, they belong to the tradition of Debussy's Trois chansons de Charles d'Orleans. Contemporary music has always been at the heart of its repertoire and these performances, led by Daniel Reuss are presented with innate understanding and deep reverence. Francois d'Assise, Chanson a boire, for male chorus. Siegmund-Schultze as 'formally the most perfect of Schumann's choral compositions', The Pilgrimage of the Rose was composed in , a few months after the composer had received a manuscript from the poet Moritz Horn with a subject he found fascinating.

This fairy tale, deeply impregnated by the spirit of the Biedermeier period, tells the story of a little rose that aspires to the human condition - and thus, to love. In a few weeks Schumann composed this huge fresco for chorus, soloists and piano, orchestrating it in with the aim of reaching a larger audience.

But it is undoubtedly in its original form that the work is most pertinent, because it is entirely in the glorious tradition of the Romantic Lied. A large number of works have been written specially for the occasion, right up to the twentieth century. This anthology offers a specific choice of Romantic and post-Romantic pieces for a cappella choir. Mendelssohn's lovely choral music tends to get overshadowed by that of Brahms and by Mendelssohn's own works in other genres. This disc makes a strong case for a reassessment of the musical merit of his work in this genre. Berlin's RIAS-Kammerchor has established itself as a world-class ensemble which owes its reputation chiefl y to the performance of a cappella works.

Led here by their new principal conductor, Hans-Christoph Rademann, the group continues its tradition of heartfelt music making. These traditional songs transport the listener on a musical journey of Europe during the Christmas season. These beloved melodies have touched the hearts of millions for generations just put this disc on and you'll be tempted to join in singing yourself. The sound of the Stuttgart Hymnus Boys Choir will transport you to that magical Christmas kingdom where memories are made and wishes are fulfilled.

SWR Stuttgart Vocal Ensemble : Elliot Carter - Choral Works Review: Last year, in celebration of Elliot Carter's th birthday, the thoroughbred of choral ensembles performed and recorded a program of the great man's complete works for choir - a cappella, men's voices, and accompanied. Now, for the first time, a thoroughly modern recording of Carter's complete works for choir is available - and in performances that will serve as the template for all future ensembles.

Once again, the SWR Vocal Ensemble under the direction of Marcus Creed has distinguished itself as one of the most adventurous and capable choirs performing in the world today! Wondrous Christmas pieces from the 16th to 20th centuries, sung by a multitude of talented voices. Even though a late work, and a religious work at that, Rossini manages to bring his sparkling wit and operatic flair to the proceedings.

The present recording is the first CD recording of the original version for four voices accompanied by two pianos and harmonium. Rupert Huber and the SWR Vocal ensemble Stuttgart perform with style and commitment bringing their enthusiasm for "New Music" to this rediscovered masterwork.

Gyorgy Kurtag was long overshadowed by his fellow Hungarian Gyorgy Ligeti, but in recent years his music has become far better known. Songlist: Omaggio a Luigi Nono op. Beginning his career as a dedicated tone composer and Schoenberg's son-in-law , Nono consciously sought to revolutionize both music and society in his large output. Significantly, many of Nono's compositions were highly expressive and individualistic settings of texts from authors as diverse as Nietzsche and Latino Labor Leader, Caesar Chavez, to the anonymous inscriptions of political prisoners.

The miracle of Nono's music is the tremendous beauty and intensity he was able to forge using such disparate material. The compositions on this disc, masterfully performed by Rupert Huber and the Vokalensemble Stuttgart, are definitive readings of some of the most difficult choral music EVER composed. And yet, despite all the avant garde techniques, the sonic impact of these scores has the otherworldly beauty of Gregorian chant. Make no mistake; this is an essential recording of music by one of the 20th century's greatest composers! Consulting Rachmaninov's manuscripts and correspondence, and working with Russian language and cultural specialists, the virtuoso SWR Vocal Ensemble, under the direction of Marcus Creed, has drawn upon every artistic source available to make this new recording of Rachmaninov's transcendent Vespers.

If I were to tell thee how I had to struggle with my heart in my early days, I should make thee weep; and I was quite a different fellow from thee, with thy soft skin and delicate hands. Yes, yes, love will sustain thee. O, er kommt selbst hierher. Lass sehen.

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Seyn Sie auf Ihrer Huth, und suchen Sie sich sicher zu stellen. Rocco and the Guards recede. He sets out to-morrow to surprise you. Be on your guard, and endeavor to keep yourself right. A bold deed can—and shall—dissipate all my anxieties! Verstehen Sie? As soon as you see a cavalier with noble escort, give instantly a signal. Neglect them, and your head shall be the forfeit. Rocco, come nearer. Kein Wort, keine Sylbe! Eine Uebereinstimmung mit einem solchen hergelaufenen Jungen, der, Gott weiss woher kommt; den der Vater aus blossem Mitleid am Thore dort aufgenommen hat, der—der—.

Glaubst du, dass ich das leiden werde? Not a word—silence!

8 German Rounds for Children and Adults

I do not wish to hear another word of your silly love-sighs and nonsense. Why did you not say as much when first I took it into my head to fall regularly in love with you? Then I had none of your rebuffs and snubbings;—then I was your dear Jacquino: But the moment this Fidelio—.

I liked thee at first, or I fancied so—I may as well be frank and open with thee. But, since Fidelio has been among us, my mind has changed: for him I feel much more liking and sympathy. And do you imagine that I will suffer it? No, no, believe me.

POL1Z1STENS0HN a.k.a. Jan Böhmermann - Ich hab Polizei (Official Video) - NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE ZDFneo

If ever I catch you together, you shall see what I will do. Ja, ja, sie soll mich lieben, sie soll mich wenigstens heirathen, und ich—. Brechen wir davon ab. Ihr verspracht und verschobt es immer. Der Gouverneur kommt um diese Zeit nicht hieher. Aber er sprach so lange mit Euch? Einen Gefallen?

Du hast Recht, Marzelline! Wohl denn. Yes, signor; and if she will not love me, she shall at least marry me; and I—. Hold your tongue, sirrah! But weighty matters now engage my mind. I understand, dear father. Enough of this. Rocco, often I have begged of you to allow the poor prisoners, in this dismal cell immured, to come and breathe the pure air of this garden. Though often promised, you have never yet done it.

To-day the weather is so beautiful! The Governor never comes at this time of day. But he was talking with you so long: perhaps he was asking a favor? A favor? Well guessed, Marcellina. I think I may venture. Jacquino and Fidelio, you may undo the door. Die Gefangenen entfernen sich in den Garten. The Prisoners retire into the Garden. He sits on a stone: round his body is a long chain, the end of which is fastened to the wall. Wir brauchen nicht viel Zeit um an die Oeffnung zu kommen. Gieb mir eine Haue, und du stelle dich hierher. No, no; he only sleeps. The moment is propitious. Give me your hand.

Here, under this rubbish, is the cistern of which I have spoken. It will not take us long to reach the opening. Give me the pickaxe, and stand thou there. Thou tremblest! Das Duett wird durchaus halblaut gesungen. Ohne Zweifel wird er wieder tausend Fragen an mich stellen. Ich muss allein mit ihm reden. Was verlangt Ihr denn von mir? Ich vollziehe die Befehle die man mir giebe; das ist mein Amt, meine Pflicht. Wenn ich denn verdammt binn, hier zu verschmachten, O so lasst mich nicht so langsam enden! Aus Erbarmen, gebt mir nur einen Tropfen Wasser—das ist ja so wenig!

Ich kann Euch nicht verschaffen, was Ihr verlangt. Alles was ich Euch anbieten kann, ist ein Restchen Wein, das ich im Kruge habe. Mein Schliesser, und in wenig Tagen mein Eidam.

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Ihr selbst, Meister Rokko—. The Duet is sung in an undertone. Doubtless, he will again put a thousand questions to me. I must speak with him alone. Well, it will soon be all over with him. What do you ask of me? The orders I receive I execute: that is my province, my duty. Tell me, at all events, the name of the Governor of this loathsome prison. What you require I cannot procure: all that I can offer is the little wine I have remaining. At present my assistant; a few days hence to be my son-in-law. You yourself, Master Rocco—. Do not forget, whatever you may hear and see, that there is a Providence over all!

Yes, yes, there is a Providence over all. Sollten Sie trotzdem auf eine Urheberrechtsverletzung aufmerksam werden, bitten wir um einen entsprechenden Hinweis.

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Behold a Branch Is Growing 4. Bells Never Sweeter Are Ringing 5. Children, Watch Tomorrow's Wonder 6. Christ the Child Is Coming 7. Come Now, Ye Shepherds 8. Come Running, Ye Shepherds 9. Daughter Zion May Rejoice Father Christmas Calls Next Day From Heav'n Above From Heaven On High In Bethlehem, We Gather In Dulci Jubilo Joseph, Dearest Joseph Mine Let's Be Merry and Rejoice Maria Walks through Thorny Groves Merry Christmas Everywhere Now at the Manger Here I Stand O Come, Little Children O How Joyfully Praise God the Lord Ring, Bells Silent Night, Holy Night Softly Float All the Flakes Still, Keep Still The Christmas Tree with Candles Burning There Comes a Galley Tiny Snowflake Unlock the Gates What Does This Foreshadow When Shepherds Awoke German first lines 1.

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Freu' dich, Erd' und Sternenzelt 3. Es ist ein Ros entsprungen 4. Morgen, Kinder, wird's was geben 6. Alle Jahre wieder 7.