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Like Frow, Webby blames the marginalisation of Australian fiction primarily on funding cuts and lack of student interest. She says that at a time when the federal Government spends more money on private schools than on universities, "the main issue, really, is funding". The students we have now do not read as much as students did 20 years ago, let alone 40 years ago. That is simply because they've grown up in a culture where there are so many other things competing for their time.

I am a 5'10" tall, jocular former university teacher aged 65 at the time of writing in late who still has a fair bit of hair. I am Australian born of working class origins and British ancestry. My doctorate is in psychology but I taught mainly sociology Research Methods in my 14 years as a university teacher. In High Schools I taught economics. I have taught in both traditional and "progressive" low discipline High Schools.

My main interests are blogging, classical music, history, the stockmarket, current affairs and languages. I have been married four times to four fine women with whom I am still on amicable terms. I have one son born in I am totally non-sporting and have never owned a firearm. My brother has enough guns for the whole family. I did however enjoy my weapons training in the Army. Fuller biographical notes here. View my complete profile. Sunday, December 31, The "Liberal" party is Australia's major conservative political party.

For American readers: A "pensioner" is a retired person living on Social Security Two of my ancestors were convicts so my family has been in Australia for a long time. As well as that, all four of my grandparents were born in the State where I was born and still live: Queensland. And I am even a member of the world's second-most condemned minority: WASPs the most condemned is of course the Jews -- which may be why I tend to like Jews.

So I think I am as Australian as you can get. I certainly feel that way. I like all things that are iconically Australian: meat pies, Vegemite, Henry Lawson etc. I particularly pride myself on my familiarity with the great Australian slanguage. I draw the line at Iced Vo-Vos and betting on the neddies, however. So if I cannot comment insightfully on Australian affairs, who could?

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On all my blogs, I express my view of what is important primarily by the readings that I select for posting. I do however on occasions add personal comments in italicized form at the beginning of an article. I am rather pleased to report that I am a lifelong conservative. Out of intellectual curiosity, I did in my youth join organizations from right across the political spectrum so I am certainly not closed-minded and am very familiar with the full spectrum of political thinking.

Nonetheless, I did not have to undergo the lurch from Left to Right that so many people undergo. At age 13 I used my pocket-money to subscribe to the "Reader's Digest" -- the main conservative organ available in small town Australia of the s. Recurring Nutrition Expert March 31, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert March 24, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert March 03, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert February 25, Syndicated. International Housewares Association Featured February 13, Recurring Nutrition Expert February 11, Syndicated.

Recurring Nutrition Expert February 04, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert January 28, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert January 21, Syndicated. America Now Feature January 10, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert January 07, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert December 31, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert December 24, Syndicated. American Fitness Magazine Feature December 12, Recurring Nutrition Expert December 10, Recurring Nutrition Expert December 03, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert November 29, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert November 19, Syndicated.

Recurring Nutrition Expert November 12, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert November 05, Syndicated. Today's Diet and Nutrition Feature November 01, Recurring Nutrition Expert October 29, Syndicated.

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Recurring Nutrition Expert October 22, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert October 15, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert October 08, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert October 01, Syndicated. Recurring Nutrition Expert September 24, Syndicated. Doctors Tv Appearance September 05, Syndicated. The Dr. Country Accents Magazine Feature September 01, Book Release March 09, The 10! Another US president who liked tariffs was Herbert Hoover before the Great Depression started, who also raised interest rates.

The US Federal Reserve is now raising interest rates. The Great Recession of we are now supposedly out of was bad enough. According to mainstream media the US economy is now in fabulous shape, thanks to the Mad Hatter, with unemployment, counting only unemployed people looking for jobs, of only 3. Unfortunately counting all people of working age not in the work force, counting unemployed people who have given up on finding a job, no longer looking for a job, unemployment in the US is about twenty percent, and the four percent economic growth number counts a lot of jobs that do not pay a living wage and a lot of jobs that do not produce anything real, such as the reported profit increases of too big to fail banks, apartment rents, gambling profits, and what have you; and inflation may be as high as ten percent when you count price increases in drugs and medicine, education, food, and other things.

Hopefully the Mad Hatter and his buddy Mad Dog Mattis in the White House will not impulsively decide one day the way to get the US out of its depression and make it great again is to start World War III, since WWII worked for getting the US out of the Great Depression started in the Republican Hoover administration in with a trade war because during the Democratic Roosevelt administration in the s WWII created lots of new real jobs in factories making tanks, airplanes, bombs and such in massive quantities, and because the US had relatively little debt at the time.

In the short run there is no danger the federal government cannot balance its budget: if worst comes to worse it can just keep on having the Fed punch more funny money digits into its computers and use the resulting numbers to buy more treasury bonds from the federal government, presto, producing money in treasury accounts for the US to pay for its standing worldwide military machine, and what have you, manna from heaven you might say.

Unfortunately if the US keeps making funny money for too long, making too much of the stuff, eventually interest payments on the debt will become absurdly large and the debt itself will become absurdly large, so large that hyperinflation will ignite in the economy at large, causing financial hell on Earth. Pretty high I would say. What sort of chaos, anguish, and suffering would that cause for citizens with savings and pension plans?

Would all intangible assets, including so-called money, become worthless? Cutting the corporate tax rate from thirty percent to twenty percent will cause the rate of increase in the federal debt to increase, not go away, like he said it would. It will enrich the rich and make things tougher for everyone else. This sort of risky and precarious financial behavior is not confined to the US and its Federal Reserve System.

The central banks of China, Japan, the European Union, and England are essentially doing the same thing. Economic, religious, military, and political affairs aboard Spaceship Earth seem to be worsening, especially now in Yemen, the most poignant hellhole on Earth at present; and here we are stuck with this Mad Hatter-like president only caring about himself and his right wing voters, most of whom having no idea what is really going on, wildly stirring the global political pot any way he can to get personal attention, while the US aids and abets the Saudi attack on the helpless Yemenis.

I proposed in the article a democratic way to rejuvenate democracy. The upshot of the article is that the fate of Spaceship Earth depends on people like you. We need your help. Read the article and set up a De-Gaming Democracy group in your community. To heck with what their own people want. Here is another sermon by international lawyer Courtenay Barnett on problems meting out justice for Olympics athletes. Repug administrations have tried to ruin just about everything for we the people, and this is the next step.

Do what you can to make sure the House of Reps goes along with the Senate and overrules the corrupt bums in the Trump admin on net neutrality. Here are some videos created by my longtime friend William John Cox. Wm says he is getting tired of writing books and articles and just wants to talk about what is on his mind in the morning.

Well worth a listen. Here is another article explaining principles, procedures, problems, and opportunities posed by educators using a Classroom De-Gamer in teaching and learning situations. Here is another relevant article by ELR colleague Courtenay Barnett on his efforts to instantiate Free Child Caribbean ego state energy and culture into his Critical Parent London culture during the s. We now desperately need to instantiate more Free Child ego state energy into US culture to combat creeping fascism and the bowling alone phenomenon.

Kaepernick had a good cause but one unfortunately outlawed by the NFL because it hurt its bottom profit line. Consequently Kaepernick has been persecuted, and he can no longer find a job playing pro football, despite his considerable competitive skills as a quarterback, having been blacklisted by owners of teams in the NFL.

What was the big deal in the first place about his kneeling instead of standing for the national anthem? Kaepernick courageously refused to pretend to cathect his Adapted Child ego state in a ritual designed to force obedience to and reverence for the militaristic powers of the US. Well, here it is folks. The US govt admits it uses fake news to manipulate its own people. Here is an egregious example of the media letting us know in the last few days that over four thousand people died in Puerto Rico in the last hurricane there, September 20, , not less than one hundred as we were told up until the last few days.

How is it news like this can be suppressed this long? To quote that intellectual paragon Bush II, the stupidist president of US history, this was a heckuva job investigating and reporting ie, ignoring and suppressing by media reporters and publishers for eight months, no doubt as instructed by the current lying US federal administration.

A fine kettle of fish. Here we have this beautiful military as Madelyn Albright called it, the most powerful military force in history to protect and expand the US empire, and yet it cannot win any wars. The Romans used to just crucify large numbers of people and leave them alive, their cries and moans audible for all to hear, nailed hanging on crosses on roads leading into towns to cow local populations into submission; but nothing the US military does now with all its airplanes and bombs cannot cow any enemy into submission. Somebody started the war on terror by knocking down the World Trade Towers supposedly with hijacked airplanes that cost about four hundred thousand dollars, but the US military after spending some five to seven trillion dollars cannot end it.

Absurdity of absurdities. A sad commentary on human nature and life, replete with tragedies, and joys, indiscriminately distributed among the lot, inevitably and accidentally caused, a tale of human lives prematurely ended en masse. Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows, because nobody knows what will cause what in international affairs; but here is a man who knows more than almost anyone else.

The human world has always been an unfair screwed-up place, and things are coming to a head. How long it will take for the collapse to happen is another matter. Nobody knows. Well said. Feel free to forward, share, print, reprint, or otherwise disseminate this issue of The Earthian any way you see fit. Running for president was just another Game he was playing to get structure, recognition, and stimulation, and to make more money. The rabbit licked the tar off him in the briar patch and escaped, making a fool of the fox.

Unfortunately for Trump, assuming this story is true, he over-estimated his Republican opponents in the primaries; and after he won the Repub nomination, a smart rich hedge fund fox, Robert Mercer, decided he wanted to see what would happen if Trump won the general election, so he shelled out big money and helped craft a winning strategy for his campaign, thereby throwing Trump in the briar patch.

Sociological and Philosophical Perspectives on Education in the Asia-Pacific Region

Regardless, he is now burrowed up in a political briar patch in the White House, having been thrown in there by oligarchs and his voters. I just ran for the fun of it. You gotta find somebody else. Some Red State evangelical religious folks said after he won the election they thought Trump was chosen through some sort of divine intervention, and decided he would help them promote their religious brands. The current Catholic Pope who is fine with Trump recently blurted out to a reporter in a private conversation that hell does not exist, which the reporter reported in a mainstream medium, which was quickly denied by lawyers in the Vatican who know the Catholic religion needs hell to sell their brand of religion to sinners.

What better promoter of sinning and possibly going to hell could evangelicals and Catholics find than Donald Trump as president to promote their brands? President Jimmy Carter, by far the least sinful of US presidents of my lifetime, who was not very popular with a lot of religious folks in Red States when he left office after one term, recently appeared on a late night mainstream TV show hosted by Stephen Colbert where he said he was praying for Trump and he hoped he would do a good job.

On the other hand, US presidents are supposed to entertain people and make them feel good about themselves, which is why most US presidents have movie-star looks with good teeth and nice smiles, and can memorize humorous lines in speeches, or at least read lines from teleprompters with effective emotional body language. Probably the more sinful presidents are the more entertaining they are for most viewers. Who wants a boring president who is only concerned about justice, reality, fairness, productivity, paying bills on time, and that sort of thing?

That would be worse than having a boring teacher in school. A good leader of a good organization according to organizational behavior educators such as I is a person that causes an organization to do what the sign on the door says, whether it says building houses, growing food, selling clothes, educating people, curing the sick, enforcing laws, creating good laws, or protecting people from miscreants and criminals. This may sound a bit counter-intuitive since all these things but sex are required for an organization to succeed in external markets; but if any of the sins are applied in excess internally by participants they will sub-optimal organizational performance.

If all organizational participants care about is their personal money received from the organization, they will not focus as well as they might on the organization doing what the sign on the door says. If all organizational participants are concerned about is proving how smart they are the organization will not be as successful as it would have been. If all participants care about is proving how right their ideologies are the organization will not be as successful as it would have been.

And if all organizational participants care about is proving how sexually functional they are obviously the organization will be less successful than it would have been, in competition with other organizations. In this light, all organizations are somewhat sinful, but some are worse than others. The US government is unquestionably a world leader in light of the five deadly organizational sins, which are often considered job requirements for participants, especially presidents and their close advisers. There is no way a president of the US can please everyone.

According to recent surveys, despite his past sins coming home to haunt him, e. Unfortunately, sins, as most preachers, priests, and people commonly consider sinning—adultery, lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, and the like—are now job requirements for a president of the US, with the possible exception of adultery. Presidents have to lie by keeping state secrets secret; they have to murder by ordering drone strikes and bombings; they have to steal from other countries by erecting tariffs against them and sometimes bombing them to steal their resources.

Loving his neighboring countries as he loves his own would be considered insane and traitorous in a US president.

Table of contents

Trump may have been better qualified for being president than most past presidents were, with one possible deficiency. I have yet to read an article in any supposed information medium alleging Trump had someone whacked or rubbed out by a mafia-style hit man to cover up his sins and crimes, which is not the case with Lyndon Johnson, George H. Bush, and Bill Clinton. But, Trump is fully qualified to legally steal for the US as evidenced by his bankruptcies he has bragged about, enabling him to walk away with bundles of cash in his bank account, with creditors left holding an empty bag.

For sure he has not loved his neighbor as himself, being a firm believer in always putting himself first. Stuff like adultery is chump change to him. He has said most people are too moral to make any money. Most people would readily agree a good US president should want to make the US money at the expense of other nations. This is almost guaranteed with Trump, since he can make money for his Trump Organization as he enriches the US.

I think Trump is probably one of the most experienced and skillful psychological Game players we have had as a US president. Psychological Games have various outcomes in which people win and lose, not merely money, but self-esteem, power, and high positions. Born with money, high self-esteem, and a high social position in his environment, Trump does not know what it is not to have these things. How much money he has actually made with his own intelligence after the fortune he inherited is adjusted for inflation is debatable, since he refuses to publish financial statements or tax returns; but, to his credit, he has not yet lost it all.

Evidently his supporters think he is a real winner, financially, and presumably in other ways. Trump has by now fired several people close to him who were unwilling or unable to act as if he is superior. Psychological Game-players act out Rescuer, Persecutor, and Victim roles. Unfortunately the US has never been fully OK and has steadily become less OK for decades regardless of who was President or which party was in power, although I must say it does seem to me the Repubs during their terms caused the US to become less OK at a faster rate than the Demos.

To his credit or discredit, Trump has tried to get that wall constructed for his voters, however foolhardy it might be. He has also tried to please his voters in the Rust Belt by starting a trade war for them, however insane it might be for everyone else. He has also repaid his rich donors by signing a new tax cut bill and the largest military budget increase in history. Yesterday he decided to send the military down to the US southern border to keep Central Americans out of the US, who were marching through Mexico in caravans with intentions to enter the US, since he had not been able to get his wall built in time to stop them.

After getting elected Trump promptly forgot about that promised reduction in military activity after getting confronted face to face by the deep state, the US military-industrial-intelligence protection racket, the largest Game-playing Persecutor and Rescuer on Earth, that needs wars to keep its cash flow flowing and meet its payroll, that not only starts wars but destroys nations because they posed an economic threat to the US. But here lately he seems to have changed his Tweeting tune about using the US military to enforce his will, switching from Persecutor to Rescuer on the Drama Triangle in a few cases.

Psychological Games vary in terms of hardness. By various accounts first and second degree Games are omnipresent in the Trump White House. It seems he is attracted to and enjoys pretty people and buildings more than most people, especially big tall pretty ones with his name on them, so he might be less inclined to destroy buildings and people with bombs in foreign countries than most presidents.

On the bright side, it does seem to me there is some evidence his life script is not as anti-social as it appeared to be when he first came on stage as a possible new dear leader of the US. The briar patch Trump is now burrowed up in is probably stickier and thornier than he ever dreamed it would be. He cooperated with the deep state, and he merrily vacated the White House briar patch after eight years unscathed. Who knows what sort of tar pit Trump fell into doing business before he got thrown into his White House briar patch. Most people would never think of Donald John Trump as a psychological Victim, but in some ways he is, like most of us.

He could even decide to become a martyr, at age seventy-plus, if necessary script messages were automatically absorbed into his life script before he was eight years old, that are now stored somewhere in his brain cells, that might get cathected. Regardless, we can always hope for the best. Richard John Stapleton, PhD, CTA is an emeritus professor of organizational behavior and business policy and a certified transactional analyst, who writes on business and politics at www. Please forward, share, publish, print, reprint, or otherwise disseminate this article any way you see fit.

If you do this, the page will pop up, or the article will pop up in the right column of this page on your computer screen in larger print, where this one is now, that is easy to read, and you will be given the opportunity to forward the article to social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, or email it to your friends.

To share articles positioned below this article on this page on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or email just click on the title of the article and the article will pop up where this one is now with linking options exposed. If you click on this you can find articles that were published in various months of years that will pop up in easy reading form where this one is now with social media links.

This blog contains thoughts and opinions written as articles by me as they happen from time to time, and essays and articles written by other authors, published in various intrepid Internet journals, and elsewhere, primarily attempting to paint a generally accurate picture of the true state of affairs around Earth and what should be done to increase the satisfaction of human beings individually and in groups around Earth. Opinions in this blog are not political in the sense they were created to further the aims, interests, beliefs, dogmas, and doctrines of a particular political party, or any other type of group or organization.

I am not a member of an established political party, but I am a member of a few organizations, including the International Transactional Analysis Association, the United States, and Spaceship Earth. Want a free subscription to the Effective Learning Report? New articles are added to the Effective Learning Report as the muse moves me to write something new. Therefore there is no publishing of new editions at regular intervals, and no way to price a subscription. Please add the word Subscription in the subject line of the email. The purpose of the Effective Learning Report is not to cover current events.

The purpose is simply to provide insight into how the world works and what might be done to improve things. I have supported and voted for particular political candidates in the US because I thought the person was the best available person for the job, not because he or she was a member of a political party. I supported Bernie Sanders until Sanders dropped out of the race. While I let my wife know my opinions from time to time face-to-face, I make no effort to coerce or cajole her into adopting them, having long since learned such efforts are futile. I rarely discuss my opinions in this blog face-to-face with anyone at Effective Learning Company.

As a professor teaching business policy, ethics, and entrepreneurship in a business school, political opinions were sometimes discussed in my classes as issues and students made recommendations, as I did, but no recommendations were ever taught as truth to be memorized for any sort of test. A troll is someone who infiltrates the psychological, intellectual, or physical boundaries of a group or organization, such as a group of Democrats or Republicans, with the mission of changing the minds of members to further the aims and purposes of a competing group or organization.

While I am not a troll, I consider contrary honest opinions people are randomly exposed to to be good for them, and for all people and groups aboard Spaceship Earth, since it causes everyone to learn something. We need more dialogical dialectic discussions, preferably face-to-face, however challenging, that might cause all of us to learn something.

The trick is to learn how to do this in a civilized manner. For more information about the book click on the Effective Learning Publications option at the top of this blog page in the left column. Comments, criticisms, and recommendations from readers are welcome. Please write your comments, criticisms, or recommendations in the block below articles on this page, or email me at rjstapleton bulloch. In order to write comments, etc. If you came to the page from Facebook or some other link the linking options are automatically visible and ready to go.

While this page is relatively user friendly it forces people using it to become programmed robots to some degree in some ways, as does all computer technology used for any purpose. There are, alas, always tradeoffs, and no free lunches, in any entrepreneurial venture. In order to read free articles from this page, you have to conform to a computer algorithm, paying a price by giving up some autonomy and human dignity.

In some ways we increase our freedom and satisfaction by using computers; but in other ways we lose freedom and satisfaction by using computers. As in all ventures we come out ahead only if we gain more than we lose. I sometimes wonder if humanity is actually getting better off because of developing and using computer technology, especially when talking with a robot on the telephone trying to get something straightened out, such as a problem with a medical bill or an insurance payment. This article presents a new metric I invented, the CITP, the Composite Indicator of Teaching Productivity, which has now been cited in sixty-one refereed professional journal articles in several disciplines, from physics to psychology.

To verify the 61 citations just punch Optimizing the Fairness of Student Evaluations into Google and read the sources. Optimizing the Fairness of Student Evaluations gets to the heart of intractable problems of the teaching profession, the most serious of which is probably teacher evaluations. What sort of criteria can you use for making this judgment? Certainly the purpose of teaching is to cause learning to occur in students, but how do you measure this? What kind of learning? How much learning? How much learning relative to what? What percentage of a prescribed content or syllabus a teacher causes students to memorize?

Or how much learning a teacher produces in students relative to how much peer teachers produce? In other words are you attempting to measure absolute learning or relative learning? Optimizing the Fairness of Student Evaluations presents a unique Composite Indicator of Teaching Productivity CITP , one of the most sophisticated metrics of teaching productivity yet developed in the teacher evaluation literature. This insanity must end. Once upon a time there was a young man; the young man was rich and powerful and over time started to grow old.

In his youth and in his most vibrant days he was rich, attractive to many and his name was well known around the world. As with many a wealthy and attractive young man, the ladies flocked to him. Back then he had vigour, vim, vitality and was a most able performer. But, as time went on there were changes in his body and so too in his life; and this made him unhappy.

One night Casanova came to him in a dream and explained that it was only natural over time that certain things would rise quite vigorously and same would wane and even fall over time. Not as it used to be when one was young. But, the old man held fast to his youthful ways and with time it seemed that many of his former friends, whose advice he steadfastly chose to ignore, steadily began to lose respect for him.

It remained so for a prolonged period and both friends and foes became significantly upset with his vacuous and vapid ways and so sensibly sought distance from him. The world moves and advances in epochs. Empires rise and empires fall.

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With each cycle — the ancient Egyptians — the Roman empire — the Persian empire — the Mayan and Aztec empires — the period of Columbus and the Conquistadors — the British empire — and post- British empire — the global empire of the United States of America with some military bases around the world. There are certain specifics which the US and all of us might observe and learn from as the major issues prompting a global paradigm shift. Even up to with the collapse of the then Soviet Union, a golden opportunity was afforded America.

This becomes a little personal for me — for I visited Moscow and St. Petersburg in and saw there the tremendous hardships which the Russian people were suffering at the time. So, what did America do? At the end of the Cold War, America was the lone superpower; Russia was economically very weak; America was singularly strong.

Old man — really? I believe that there are four 4 central lessons President Trump might learn to steer the US in a more viable direction relative to his domestic concerns as well as those of all the other nations. Abandon the Luddite approach. At and around the time of the Industrial Revolution in England textile workers found themselves displaced by textile machinery. In a certain way, the Trump administration is reacting to the shifts in the world economy below is a short example in a similar manner.

Example: In the early s during the Nixon administration, corporate America and the then President made a pragmatic decision. It was recognised in both political and economic terms that China presented an opportunity. By way of rapprochement with China, American influence could extend directly into the Chinese economy. The solution was found to increase profits for corporations and lower the costs of goods for the consuming American public.

In a sense for a while at least it was a win-win formula. However, over time, as the Chinese economy grew there was an expanded Chinese middle class and in turn greater domestic demand for products which China itself could now produce. So, President Trump, there is both a history and a rational explanation for the process which unfolded over some five decades.

If that starting point is considered then the way forward would be more readily seen to be via negotiations within the WTO system. That has been the financial architectural structure since the last World War. President Trump and if not him then the major advisers of his in the US Government are aware of a few facts The options to President Trump might not seem immediately obvious so he appears to want to bully Iran into ensuring that they do not move to a dollar alternative option.

Trade and isolationism The first and second points above serve to explain how the US has arrived at the position it is presently in. Sanctions on Iran, China, Russia, Japan and who next? While President Trump states that he is making trade fair — he is misleading in his pronouncement with China for the tariffs imposed impact the American consumers as well as producers, such as US farmers who pay the price and then have to be subsidised by the US government at the expense of the US tax-payers. US dollar as world reserve currency and global financial markets. I am not suggesting that the challenges of a shifting global economic and financial paradigm are at all easy.

I am saying that the way President Trump is responding to the obvious challenges faced are not evidently rational, carefully thought out and thus over time simply shall not be viable on the trajectory he wishes to take dominate the world economy. His areas of study were economics, political science and international law. He has been a practising lawyer for over thirty years, has been arrested for defending his views, has been subjected to death threats, and has argued public interest and human rights cases.

He lives and works in the Caribbean. The most telling single fact in the still unfolding international tensions between the US and Iran is this. But, we shall return to this point once historical context is given. But, for purposes of brevity — let us be selective. Yet another false flag operation. Since there was direct UN Security Council involvement in the establishment of the JCPOA — and — since the UN is specifically established to be the main arbiter for resolution of international disputes between nation states — then would it not be logical, sensible, fair and reasonable to proceed as follows A blessing to the US for it shows that it has fire-power in close proximity to Iran; a curse because that very close proximity permits Iran immediate US targets which can readily be struck.

A US military attack would also have the unintended consequences for the US of advancing the drive by China and Russia to provide an alternative currency to that of the US dollar as current world reserve currency. I think there are translators around here. I was supposed to get a script in to them.

And I think that might be as far as I will be following it, so I apologize for confusion. I blame it on my showering this morning. And thoughts led to other thoughts. And then I got out of the shower, and I went and grabbed my speech, and I went back into the bathroom and I started writing more things down. Actually, there are a lot of themes that Jamaal, and Grace, and Izzy, mentioned in their speeches. So look out for superpowers and procrastination and Siri. Clean your room. Clean your shop if you have one.

Stack wood. Take a shower. In fact I think this is the number one killer of epiphanies. But when we fail with good intentions, we need to forgive ourselves, learn from the failure, and then try again. The rest is just supporting details. I first started thinking differently about failure when I heard an NPR radio essay. It was written for [the series] This I Believe. The essence of his message was that failure promotes growth. He said we should embrace failure as a natural part of learning. I had a chance to witness a humorous application of this when I was teaching at Burlington High, right after I heard the essay.

A teacher brought in a student. The student had his head down, and he had two pieces of a meter stick, on in either hand. Stapleton what you did. I just wanted to see how far it would bend without breaking. There really was no other way to find out the full potential of a meter stick. There had to be a sacrifice. I forgave him, and I hope he forgave himself. I try to provide just the right balance of challenge, failure, and success.

In contrast to what I try to orchestrate in the classroom, real problems are not designed to maximize your personal growth. And if I have mistakenly given you the idea that adults have all of the answers. But we can still be helpful. I kept going down the list, and I finally got to one that sounded good, but it turned out to be a verb.

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So, apparently, I can adult. I did make the mistake of going out and weeding the garden, and showering, and that kind of thing. And I wrote it and rewrote it. I had doubts. In general, however, you really should try to avoid failures. This may have happened to you already.

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Your parents, the color of your skin, or the politics of the moment. The only thing in life you have control over is how you act right now, in the present. A trick that I use is really an application of this. I step outside myself, and I think of myself as a character in a story. And the character has gotten into a pickle, and I ask myself, what do I want my hero to do. Sometimes it take a little time, but that helps guide my next step. The corollary to this is that, when you judge yourself, judge yourself not by the hand you were dealt, but by how you played it.

So… the Serenity Prayer works for acute failures, and it also works for mild failures that sneak up you. So, finally, one last tool that I want to offer you is a tool for dealing with inevitable failures, or at least failures that seem inevitable.

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I first heard this poem, which is my tool, 21 years ago on a backpack trip with my wife and some good friends, in the Bob Marshal Wilderness of Montana. So after about 40 miles, on the way up a very steep pass, we finally got to hear it. This is the part that resonates with me. Class of , thank you for asking me to be your speaker. Thank you for inspiring me and motivating me every day. And thank you to Mark Mendes for teaching me that greeting. He was selected to deliver the commencement address this year by the graduating seniors at Essex High School.

From the perspective of individual users since Facebook is free how could you know if having more Facebook-like companies to choose among would be better, or even know what better is? Looking back at the breakup of ATT in , how much has telephone service improved? My wife and I used to spend about fifteen or so dollars per month on telephone service, which was basically good enough.

Now we have our own cellphones but still have a landline phone. Counting Internet charges we now spend about two hundred fifty dollars per month on telephone service, about three thousand dollars per year, compared to about two hundred dollars per year before the breakup of ATT, and we were better off then than we are now in terms of basic telephone service, especially considering the robo call situation, causing us to be subjected to unregulated con artists invading our space numerous times daily interrupting our lives with random calls touting scams.

I cannot see how ordinary users would get better off by breaking up Facebook, especially considering they would probably have to pay for what they now get free. Zuckerberg and his buddies at Harvard accidentally hit upon a business model of vast potential playing around with their laptops in their dorm rooms, primarily thanks not to what they invented, but to what had evolved and been invented by others, including governments funded by taxpayers.

They were very lucky to be the first to connect the dots and get a patent giving them monopoly power to use nothing more than computer code, that enabled them to develop one of the most profitable and powerful businesses in history, enabling humans all around Earth to communicate with one another at no charge about any subject, in writing, visually, and auditorially. How much better can it get than that? Rather than break up Facebook as a natural monopoly it should be run like all natural monopolies should be run, natural monopolies such as electric power companies, through government regulation that makes sure they are run in such a way as to produce the greatest good for the greatest number.

Unfortunately when any organization, government or private, gets too much power it can be used in harmful ways. Running Facebook by government regulation, however, would be far better for ordinary humans than breaking Facebook up and subjecting them to the machinations of smaller organizations that will exploit them several orders of magnitude more than Facebook has, assuming Facebook has exploited users by selling their personal data. If so then cure the exploitation through governmental regulation, not by breaking up Facebook.


Approximately one hundred twenty donors to the two institutions came to the gala from various parts of Georgia and elsewhere. We were feted with an excellent dinner, wine, and drinks, with time for socializing on the roof of the hotel before and after dinner. I especially enjoyed talking again with Nick Henry, one of the more effective presidents of Georgia Southern University during my tenure as a professor of business during Dale Lick and Erk Russell started football in , causing a major spurt in enrollment, making it possible for GA SO College to achieve university status under the leadership of Nick Henry in While I never stayed for long in a chain of command administrative position, I never gave up trying to improve the functioning of GA SO Univ and the effectiveness of teaching and learning in general.

Debbye is an emeritus assistant professor of mathematics at Georgia Southern. Research for Optimizing Fairness enabled me to convince GA SO Univ in to add study production, learning production, and expected grades questions to the permanent I hope annual student evaluation form used campus-wide that provides data for faculty evaluations that generally eliminates unfair pernicious effects of inverse correlations between instructor excellence, study production, learning production, and expected grades.

Excellent teachers are just like excellent producers in any field; they want to be recognized and rewarded commensurately to how much they produce, in the case of teachers, learning, not popularity. When only instructor excellence was measured and ranked on the student evaluation form, as was the case at GA SO up to , I generally ranked in the bottom twenty percent of the department as a teacher.