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Published: March 27, A high altitude military satellite orbits the Earth with 60 nuclear warheads poised and ready to fire at a moment's notice. Also on board resides a megalomaniac gorilla that attempts to take control over the system. Published: August 6, The Nexus Odyssey is an epic journey of human exploration. Overpopulation and its attendant problems force colonisation of another planet. Having achieved this salvation, the relations between Earth and Mars become fractious, and this leads to the development of interstellar propulsion capability, a joint strategy of humans and intelligent aliens.

The problems are immense, and benefits uncertain. Europa Awakenings by P. Published: April 28, When Europa's mother is killed, she discovers a secret - she was never meant to be born human. She must find the truth of who and what she is before her assassin finds her.

Visionary fiction

Helping her survive are four companions: A protector, a male who has an unknown connection to her, her brother transformed as a dog and a mighty sperm whale. Published: October 15, A doom looms over the planet, a great darkness that could bring about the Closing of Days. Two women would be brought together. One a legal assassin or Life Closer known as the Phoenix and the other an experiment known as the Pandora Project who would either bring about a Twilight that would be the first rays of dawn or would usher in the darkness forever.

Follow these women as their paths cross. Words: 22, Published: October 26, While she is forced to face her fears, including Xavier and the Seekers, a brutal battle unfolds all around her. Elle has no choice but to stand up and fight for her life—and not just her own.

Published: June 2, by Haunted Computer Books. When NASA scientists detect intense solar activity, the warnings go unheeded. Soon communications fail, power goes out, and the world's technological infrastructure collapses. But the solar radiation has also inflicted an unpredictable change--a disruption in the impulses of the human brain.

Billions die. And they are the lucky ones Prequel to the After post-apocalyptic series. Words: 27, Published: January 15, Myrha wins a poetry contest for a free vacation to Lieval: a world supposedly made of beaches, babes and barbecue. But when guests start disappearing, it quickly turns into a world of mayhem, mystery and muscle-munching zombies!

Published: September 19, As the struggle for dwindling resources plunges the world into chaos and "Mindlink" technology opens cyberspace to the masses, injured soldier John Raimey is transformed into a powerful bionic warrior known as a Tank Major to retrieve the King Sleeper: a computer hacker so powerful on-line, he can decimate government infrastructure, subliminally persuade the masses, and even kill. Dwelling is a certain, care ful way of living, for Heidegger.

The building activity humans live out is two-fold: it constructs and it cultivates.

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This mark of maintenance, of preserving, in human living or dwelling requires that we stand in a certain relation to our environment. Standing in a certain relation to experience is the mark of a dweller, for Heidegger. Letting things be, sparing them, is the essence of dwelling. On my old blog Dark Chemistry I once wrote:. All of these steps set the fourfold into motion. Space and Culture How do autonomous withdrawn objects ever communicate with external objects?

By what mechanism does an object carry on internal communications between its real and sensual aspects? One can think of openness. To this extent, poetic dwelling operates for Heidegger as a kind of propaedeutic for our task to think beings in non-metaphysical ways: ways which we do not pre-determine, or prescribe as the only way of thinking beings. This would now be termed non-philosophy. And, it is the aesthetic or perspectival approach onto beings that is rooted in a non-philosophical method or some would say, a gnosis or non-epistemic way of knowing.

There, if we recall, aletheia was not yet truth. An ambiguity, an un-truth or concealment, always makes up the wondrous character of the fact that beings present themselves to us. And to think this, according to Heidegger, is the task of thinking. Heidegger never gets out of his dwelling, his box of metaphysics, locked in the mystery of his own conceptual framework he exchanges a struggle for the world for the world itself. American author and social philosopher Michael Gurian , one of the first to promote the genre on the web, wrote: "'Visionary fiction' is fiction in which the expansion of the human mind drives the plot.

Where science fiction is characterized by storytelling based in expanded use of science to drive narrative, visionary fiction is characterized by storytelling based in expanded use of mental ability to drive narrative. The Visionary Fiction Alliance defines the term thus: "Visionary Fiction embraces spiritual and esoteric wisdom, often from ancient sources, and makes it relevant for our modern life. These gems of wisdom are brought forth in story form and in a way that readers can experience the wisdom from within themselves.

While there is a strong theme, it in no way proselytizes or preaches. Visionary is a tone as well as a genre. Every moment of our lives there's some of that interchange between inner and outer, of course. Stories written in this genre draw our attention to how our visions inform us and impact our lives Edward J.

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Their fiction expresses rebellion against all the values of Western civilization—personal, sexual, familial, religious, moral, societal, and political. Yet even though they are anti-realistic, they do react to specific aspects of modern reality, such as the recurring promise and failure of social revolution.

The Wikipedia article inspirational fiction mentions Michael Gurian and others as promoting the term visionary fiction and cites it as "possibly a subgenre of inspirational fiction. An analysis of available sources [15] cites the following characteristics as essential to Visionary Fiction, noting that such elements, like the definition of Visionary Fiction, intentionally remains fluid to accommodate innovation.

The plot of the novel is generally more concerned with internal experiences than with external. In any credible story, the characters must change, but in VF this change is from the inside out rather than from outside in. Growth in consciousness dictates that Visionary Fiction be optimistic. With realism, birth inevitably results in death. In VF, death tends to rebirth at a higher level. All of the usual elements of suspense, conflict, even romance and mystery, are interwoven in the plot.

The other layer, deeper and more archetypal, is that mystical inner journey of spiritual awakening. In Visionary Fiction, esoteric wisdom is embedded in story so that the reader can actually experience it, instead of merely learning about it. Besides telling a good story, VF enlightens and encourages readers to expand their awareness of greater possibilities.

From Newton to Einstein

Readers have progressed beyond where they can just be told the authority paradigm ; instead, the visionary model gives them the bare essentials and invites them to try it the Gnostic or experiential model. The best VF is multi-layered to suit readers at different awareness levels. The VF Alliance definition states: "[Visionary Fiction] embraces spiritual and esoteric wisdom, often from ancient sources, and makes it relevant for our modern life.

VF's spiritual focus does not require it to have a "feel good" flavor. While Edward Ahearn's dark apocalyptic leaning in his definition may be extreme, it serves to remind that the spiritual conflicts addressed in VF are serious, existential, and often life-threatening in the process of becoming life changing. The word visionary indicates an ability to perceive beyond the normal purview.

Growth in consciousness implies transcending the five senses when assigning validity to an extrasensory experience. They often carry us deep into a consciousness once thought to be the domain of seers, visionaries, oracles and psychics. The magic of this genre is the magic of human consciousness itself, our ability to see beneath the surface and create new visions of what our lives can be.

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A detective story with a mentalist as the crime solver might only be considered visionary if it demonstrates how the psychic's gift produces a higher state of consciousness. Determining what is and what is not visionary fiction suffers all the ills of any classification system with the definition of genre in fiction being especially problematic. For the last century, the library profession has held fiction in endemic disdain, [24] and both the Dewey Decimal Classification system and the Library of Congress Classification system assign all fiction to a narrow range of numbers without any further breakout into fiction type.

Largely as a response to seller and buyer demand, an ad hoc fiction genre system emerged during the 20th century, although some of its labels remain loosely defined or duplicative. Nevertheless, in recent years visionary fiction has emerged sufficiently into a recognizable genre that it can now be distinguished from its ancestors and close relatives. As noted above, Carl Jung divided all serious literature between psychological and visionary.

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  • He further explains the fiction type he designated psychological , and thus not-visionary , as taking "its materials from the vast realm of conscious human experience—from the vivid foreground of life. Works of fantasy by definition go apart from the world of the senses for story material, and thus are not mainstream or realistic. A rule of thumb to differentiate is given by author Margaret Duarte: "What separates VF from other speculative fiction is intention.

    The Eden Model - Dark Mountain

    All visionary fiction is driven by new and uncanny experiences mystical, spiritual and paranormal in the neural web. The new sciences have shown us over the last three decades how vast and limitless is the increasing power of the human mind.

    As in so many eras of human life, where our science goes our literature follows. Since visionary fiction concerns itself with consciousness and its evolution, it requires a spiritual component. However, as Gurian notes, it should not be equated with religious fiction: "Religious fiction is a phrase that generally means Christian fiction. The most famous examples would be the Left Behind series. In this kind of fiction, plot is driven by a religious topography. Whether Christian, Jewish, Hindu in base, religious fiction is a footnote to the already written topography of the religion itself.

    The topography or structure of the narrative is not very important in new age literature: the teaching is most important. In spiritual fiction as in new age literature , spirituality rather than mental ability drives the plot," Gurian maintains.