Misfit Academy

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Instruction is private and beginner friendly! No experience necessary.

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Super, sexy LED color-changing lights in every room to set the vibe. We offer the most classes and the largest variety of dance classes and aerial classes every week. We offer a simple and consistent pricing model that's easy to understand. All prices are posted and up-to-date. Personality: Happy and carefree, or at least she tries to be. Smart and intuitive, sarcastic and generally friendly towards everyone.

Her parents didn't approve of her, so they sent her here. Personality: Highly intelligent, manipulative, and flirty. Likes getting what he wants, and doesn't mine taking it. Grew up as an orphan in the Scorpion Den, stealing was how he grew up. Natural thief. Annoyingly charming, and infuriatingly handsome. Gets on everyone's nerves, and is proud of the fact. Black with pale silver-gray underscales, dark silver gradient to paler silver horns, white with gradient deep purple wings.

Three Icewing spike horns, with two regular head horns. Animus, Clearsight-level foresight. Cheerful and friendly, likes teasing his friends, though not to the point of hurting their feelings. Can be a little nervous under pressure, but can also be reckless at times, though prefers to use tactics to create a plan first. Opal Winglet.

Very pale gray, dark gray underscales, dark blue top scales, medium gray middle scales, gray eyes. Wings' top black with blue ribbon-like markings, underside pale gray with identical blue markings, except with silver star markings. Diamond-shaped black scales marking where wings meet back. Always wears flower crown made from red, yellow, and orange flowers and necklace with silver, gold, and blue crystal compass rose pendant. Blue fire that acts like frostbreat. Not overly friendly, prefers to have only a few friends at a time. Book-smart, loves to draw, stargaze, and read, extremely overprotective of her scrolls and sister.

Not afraid to fight, but would rather plan first. Motto is "better to be safe than sorry", and will not allow anyone she cares about to be put into danger without a fight. Hates singing or dancing in front of others. Can get frustrated easily. Not too good in social situations, probably will close up and wait for the conflict to pass.

Diamond Winglet. Quietly intimidating, though doesn't blatantly go around scaring others. Tries to see both sides of the story whenever possible, not afraid of switching sides to fight for what she believes in. Doesn't look for friends, but doesn't push them away, either.

Misfit Academy

Slightly pessimistic. Math teacher. Appearance: Dusty pale orange scales with pale yellow underscales and hints and accents of pale gold. SkyWing wings and tail, SandWing limbs and head. No tail barb.

SandWing scale pattern. Has a SandWing crest that is the color of gold.

SkyWing horns. Has a small hoop in his left ear. Tall and broad stature. Dark orange horns and gray claws. Gold eyes. Personality: Curious but wary. Wants to explore but holds back. Has a tendency to closely examine everyone and everything. Not very good at talking to others and remembering things.

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Tries really hard to do everything right and likes to read. Good at breaking up fights. Looks intimidating but doesn't act like it. Other: Can breathe fire and radiates heat like a SandWing. SandWing-like hearing and can fly as fast as a SkyWing. Personality: Nervous and fidgety around dragons he trusts. Tries too hard to protect them. Holds grudges till the end of time. Lowkey bitter. Tries to be a good leader but constantly worries. Incredibly hard to gain trust of and is always lowkey thinking about how everyone could betray him.

Built like an IceWing, but completely pure black, other than a seemingly mask of silver around her eyes, which are deep purple. For an IceWing, lean and thin, always wears her black opal necklace, and occasionally a black leather bag. Has the ability to switch between two appearances and tribes, but both tribes eventually found out and kicked her out. When she's a Stream, she's deep emerald, with cyan eyes and cerulean tips.

She's slender with a strong tail, and a powerful swimmer.

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When she's Whirl, she's bright red, with flaming yellow eyes and tourmaline tips. She's lean and muscular, with huge wings and unusually sharp claws. Name: Polecat. Appearance: Dark sand colored scales --almost brown-- with a slightly lighter underbelly. His eyes are black. He was born without horns. Other: Has a very powerful jaw. He has stolen many times and even attempted to kill a dragon that accused him of stealing many times despite the fact he always had stolen whenever he was accused. Wears a black eye patch over his left eye, which he lost in combat, and a red bandana.

Misfit Academy [RP] (OPEN: Teachers only)

He has a belt that is positioned like a sash across his body that has various knives on it. Basically his parents died and his grandparents then had to raise him, though they hated him and that combined with him being shunned for his crimes and his lack of horns and an eye resulted in him being forced to come here. Personality: sweet and kind, loves art and nature and has a nack for making things, Appearal: dark sleek purple, skinny with a boney jaw.

Her wings don't have the thin skin embetween them. She is flightless and is a bit sinsative about it. Her eye color is deep blue. No powers. Personality: Illusive and quiet. She is mysterious. Loves nature, and is an outdoors type of person. She loves taking care of plants and animals. She doesn't like the have friends, but will warm up to you if you bug her enough about it. She hates it when people talk about her oddity. She is not fond of SeaWings, or royalty.

Appearance: Albino. Creamy white scales, with pale pink tints to each scale. Underbelly is pale pink.

Wing membranes and webbing is also pale pink. Glowing scales light up with peach color. Her eyes are an intense pink.