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Mid-century names, which were once considered too quaint for our tastes have now begun to resurface, primarily because of the American and British television series. Perla is the Spanish variation of Pearl. This moniker would make an excellent choice for parents who do not like the grandmotherly vibe in the name Pearl.

This variation of Sarah has begun to gain some traction lately. Tabitha may not be as popular as the name of her mother Samantha, but it has its magical charm. This long favorite of the Russians has started to catch on with the Americans as well. As a Latin family name, Tatiana carries a touch of the exotic. It is derived from Titus, the name of the ancient Sabine king. This distinctive, strong and energetic name is recommended for babies with congenial last names. It was once a unisex name but is now used exclusively for girls.

Top 1,000 Baby Girl Names

Even though it has religious resonance, Veda has made a strong place for itself as a modern name. Warm names are now beginning to be eclipsed with names with a chill factor. And to be honest, this name sounds much more refreshing than the warmer ones. This elaboration of Yara is used greatly in Spanish and Portuguese countries.

Perhaps, one of the unique names of all the baby girl names, this carefree name could work well as a substitute for Hayley or Kaylee. This Biblical place name has taken off for both boys and girls, with boys lagging behind a little. It feels uplifting because of its Z beginning.

In the Bible, Abdiel was the name of the ancient prophet who could withstand Satan. The ever-growing popularity of sci-fi movies and fantasy books has made a strong influence on the Gen-ex parents. Apollo, the name of the Greek god and the space shuttle could make a great choice for your son. Arlo is short, sweet, unique, easy to spell, and sound extremely cool. It probably originated as a nickname for Carlos or Marlow.

Arlo will also balance out a long last name. Gwen Stefani is not the only one following the trend of naming children after the Greek mythology. Several parents are opting for the names of Greek gods and goddesses. But Atlas is a unique name. More and more parents are turning towards names with uplifting meaning. Even Megan Fox named her son Bodhi. A perfect example of bad meanings to good names, this not-so-common name currently sits at the th spot. So technically, this name means son of Shawn or Sean.

DeShawn Stevenson, the former professional basketball player, is its namesake. This Latin name is facing no problem in fitting in the American classroom. It made frequent appearances on the top list but never made it past This old-timey name is not used much these days.

60 Most beautiful baby girl names in the world 😍

So you can consider this name if you want to pay tribute to anyone in your family named Eugene. So grab it before it becomes common. This one goes well with the craze for one syllable name. This macho name came into the forefront when Brandon Flowers used it for his son. You can use the spelling Gunnar to make it sound less militaristic. This cool and attractive African name has distinguished representatives in literature and sports. Celebrities are the ultimate standard for finding weird and unique names for your children.

For instance, Joe Don Rooney chose the name Jagger for his son. Of late, we are seeing video game influence on the baby name choice as well. Jaxton, Merrat Jaxton would make an uncommon alternative to Jackson and Jaxon. And it was popular enough to be on the th spot last year. This one has a little bit of J, a little bit of V, and an ending with —ion, everything that you need to make a name unique.

Juelz, the masculine form of the name Jules shares its association with Juelz Santana, the stage name of Louis James, the American rapper, and actor. This New Testament name would make an unusual alternative to Justin or Justice. Besides being our guilty pleasure, reality television has also become a source of trendy baby names. This modern name is perhaps a combination of Kash and Ashton. What do you think?

1,000 Most Popular Girl Names

This moniker made its first appearance on the SSA list last year. And it was quite popular when it was coined, but is now seldom used by parents. This one belongs to the former category. Not much used, but sounds pleasing and usable. This English surname puts in the stem with the current trendy names like Ash, Cash, and Dash. It came into prominence via the portrayal of the character Nash Bridges by Don Johnson. You can view Niko as a diminutive of Nikolaos or as an exotic and unusual spelling of Nico.

People have been using last names as first names since the ancient times.

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This name is chic, cool, and trend-setting, just like your son would be. Once used mainly for girls, Oakley made a sharp rise for males last year.

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You can also use it for your baby girl. This is one of our most favorite nature inspired names.

200 Pretty And Meaningful Baby Girl Names:

It reentered the popularity list for the first time last year since We feel that this name shares the quirky appeal of names like Hugo and Bruno. And Madonna glamorized this name when she chose it for her son.

105 Unique Yet Beautiful Girls' Names

You can shorten it to Rodge for the nickname. This name would appeal to parents who want a trendy, Ry starting name for their sons.

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  7. It hovered in the top list for past five years, but never really made an impact on parents. Todd is one of the most stylish and masculine animal-inspired names. So go for it! An offbeat name with loads of character, relating to number five, Quentin is the subtlest and the most usable numerical name for your son. It made its appearance on the top list just last year. Now, let's take a look at the top most popular baby girls names for , also if you are still not sure what sex your baby is, don't forget to check out our top boys names!

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