Crossbows & Crucifixes

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She is a good writer with an excellent education she received a Degree in English Literature at University College London but she is shy and she needs somebody who encourages her to publish her work. She has written already tens of short stories which are exciting and inspirational to read. Could I send you samples of her work for possible publication? Many thanks, Giuliano Mennella. Hi Giuliano, Thanks for contacting me! I would recommend looking at my short story editing page. I would love to edit a story of hers and help her become a better writer, as well as improving that single story.


If they have, hit them up with a pitch for how your book is different. Bookfox, I have almost 40, words of fictional Anglican characters darting in and out of the temple and doing good works. Most of the Catholics are only in the prologue, one epilogue and the first chapter. Is there any such animal? Hi, As far as I know, no publisher funds partially written fiction books. Dear me, Bookfox.

Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I hope I have a bona fide calling to write this, and that the Lord will help me through this morass of historical research. God bless. They were little short stories in the bible. I loved them and would like to find them again if they are available.

If anyone knows of a company that sells something like this I would appreciate it. I am seeking UK-based Catholic literary agents, but not having much luck. Does anyone kindly have suggestions? Many thanks in advance from London, England. Hi Elsa, have you had any luck about UK agents? Perhaps we can help each other. You can reach me at moc. Blessings… Patrick Hannibal.

I am writing a handbook with different problems we face and giving short tidbits of Christian advice with supporting scriptures. Do you think I can get a publisher not vanity press for this and if so, who should I contact when I am finished? Also, I printed what I have done so far and tested it with friends. When they opened the sample book, they opened a page with the problem they were facing and felt hope after reading the advice.

Pls recommend Catholic publishing houses that print books in many languages, most of them seems to be tied up with only English and Spanish. There are many good publishers out there and lots of scammy ones, too. Thank you for the information. Do you know any Catholic publisher in the US that would accept manuscripts written in French? Thank you beforehand! Thank you for all the excellent research, John. Trying to sell the concept of Shakespeare as a Catholic thinker and writer. Thanks again. The book is being written from a Catholic perspective through my experiences as a hospice and critical care RN for many decades.

Do you have thoughts on the likelihood of a publisher being interested in this topic? Thank you for your useful site! I have a novena for children before they make their first communion in the Catholic Church. We have used it in our own family for four generations. I was wondering about having it published for all children to enjoy.

Do you think there is a certain publisher I should be talking to about this particular kind of book. I would look for a Catholic publisher that publishes nonfiction for children. Tumblar House is not accepting mss. Do you know of another publisher interested in science fiction with a Catholic foundation?

I have written a book about my son who had down syndrome and congenital heart disease. Vince lived until he was almost six. Before his death, our family experienced religious revelations that changed our lives for the better. I wrote his story to tell of a wonderful child; to educate parents of children about resources available to them and to educate the general public about children with disabilities.

Can you advise me as to which publishers I should send my manuscript too? Most of my resouces came from my catholic study bible and the Rodef Shalom biblical garden. Have any suggestion for possible publisher for how to care for creation. Concurrently with his struggle, our family was under diabolical attack, so there is a compelling subplot. All documented and true. Is there a publisher you might direct me toward?

I would see which of the publishers on this list seem like a good fit for memoir. None are popping to mind as an excellent fit for this book. I am considering writing a book on my struggles with depression and anxiety and their lifelong influence in dealing with issues of life like death of a brother from AIDS, loss of parents, leaving the church, male infertility, seeking treatments for anxiety and depression,returning to the faith, and healing.

Do you think it would be of any interest? And which Catholic publisher would you recommend? Thanks, Bookfox! I have a Catholic historical mystery novel, here, and a potential publisher is pushing me to do otherwise.

Crossbows and Crucifixes

Very difficult to publish anonymously and not to do marketing. The publisher needs you to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing the book. Let me know if I can help you with editing in the future! This is a Catholic book that evokes imagination and a fantastic message of courage. I call it…. Do you know of any body who might be interested? I published a book of poems with comments with Westbow Press.

I make very little with each book sold. Do you have any ideas for marketing? Thank you. I am searching for a Catholic publisher that would be interested in publishing my Black and Native American Stations of the Cross. I have done the artwork and the meditations. I am a British citizen resident in the Czech Republic. My wife is from Prague. Having passed on the leadership I have had time to write a short book cca.

It describes the psychological mechanisms of contraception use leading to marriage breakdown and abortion, and how NFP leads to stable families. Could you recommend a UK publisher who might be willing to publish it? All word of mouth. I am ready to have someone else publish, as I am too busy to be a salesperson any longer.

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Check out the book here on my website, and let me know if you have any interest. Or if you know another publisher who might. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ignatius Ignatius is one of the premier book publishers of Catholic fiction. Learn about novel editing … 4. Emmaus Road Publishing Emmaus Road is publishing some of the most interesting titles around. Do you think about it in a Christian way? Or has your view of the body been shaped by popular culture?

Shakespeare the Papist. Was Shakespeare a believing Catholic? This book examines the plays to look for evidence of belief. It did something to the blood of Renaissance painters as well. The crossbowmen pictured preparing their weapons in Pollaiuolo's Martyrdom of St Sebastian are homoerotically conceived savages, red-legged, muscular, tight-arsed and brutal figures, whose sole concession to delicacy is the rapt attention they're giving to their work, dragging the awful wires up the body of their crossbows before turning them on the naked, porcupined figure of the saint.

Feet in their bow-stirrups, hands between their legs, they are clutching and tensing every sinew to yank the instruments of death into proper working order. Yes, well - I never realised the fascination of the crossbow had anything very sexual about it until I tried to describe its workings to a woman friend. All this stuff about bolts and the shaft and tautness and readying the weapon? Elizabeth I, for example, was a great crossbow shot It's hard to explain the power of a fetish.

The dictionary doesn't help much, glossing it as "any object, activity etc to which one is excessively. The crossbow didn't seem exactly magical to me. Certainly it was decorative, in the sense that you could hang it on the wall and admire it. I came to haunt the Wallace Collection in central London, for its sensational display of crossbows. But my "devotion" was mostly a physical thing.

I liked the way it combined the heft of a gun with the breadth of a shield; how you carried it before you like a trophy, its arms spread wide in a deeply untrustworthy greeting. I always remembered the crossbows I'd found, in such weird profusion, in Spain, and the packed energy of their tensed wires, the way the whole gorgeous cruciform shape seemed to hum with murderous intent when the wire was cocked in place.

It was a device in which form and function were indivisibly joined, the holy cross and the fatal wire, a blessing and a death combined. I liked the look and feel of the things, the starkness of their beauty. And I felt, and feel, curiously attracted by their shocking reputation - years as the black sheep of the marksmanship world, the wicked-upstart strain of the weapon family, the unfair machine of war, the sniper's first friend, the reification of mankind's sneaky inhumanity towards its fellows.

The other day I decided to buy one. Don't get me wrong. I had no interest in firing bolts at any living thing, nor of stalking Dulwich Woods playing the mighty hunter, nor of dressing up in medieval doublet or Tyrolean sheepskin and blasting away at an apple on my son's head. I wouldn't necessarily ever fire it. I just wanted to have it, to possess it at last. It was a year itch I finally had to scratch. But I'd almost left it too late. Today, the crossbow has never been less popular. You can comb Yellow Pages for archery retail outlets, fruitlessly. You can ring round sporting-goods stores, sounding like J R Hartley, to no avail.

You can try sporting clubs. But none of the archery clubs in Kent and Sussex traditionally home to the best archers in Britain accept crossbow shooting as a part of the sport any more. But it's not. In archery there's a different degree of tension in every shot, and the skill lies in getting it consistently right. With a crossbow, you get the same thrust, the same propulsion every time, mechanically. And you have a barrel to guide the bolt, which you don't get with a bow. And you have a front sight and back sight. There are crossbow-shooting tournaments, mostly in the Midlands, but most clubs won't touch the things.

I rang the Hastings Arms Company, where I'd once seen a frightening array of modern tubular-steel crossbows bristling in the corner of the shop, spare bolts clamped into the metal arms like some great spiked fish. There was an answering machine. I left messages, saying I was anxious for some information. Nobody called back. I tried a few more times, until I was sick of the Bee Tee answering service. The shop appeared to have closed. Crossbows attract the wrong sort. It takes a long time to become a skilful archer. If you bought a bow from my shop, you wouldn't be able to hit anything until you'd put in hours of practice.

But with a crossbow, anybody can pick one up and kill a sheep in 10 seconds. They're natural for poachers. Every time a sheep or a deer or a calf or a swan is found with a bolt in its neck, archery gets a bad name - and it's always a crossbow bolt that's responsible. The chorus of disapproval had even affected the central sporting body. No, he said, he wouldn't put me in touch with any crossbow clubs. No, he wouldn't given me the names of any enthusiasts. No, he wouldn't tell me the names of any suppliers.

You people He blames the papers for giving the crossbow a bad reputation, possibly not realising it's had one for nearly a thousand years. It was tantalising beyond endurance. At every turn I was thwarted. Nobody would sell me what I wanted, or talk to me about where to get it. You'd think I was dabbling in some frightful perversion, rather than the noble sport of projectile shooting. Then, by chance, as I was driving around my home patch of south London, I spotted a shop. It promised a range of "deactivated firearms and militaria".

The windows were full of replica revolvers, hi-tech catapults, swords, a huge longbow. It was a shop from another decade, like the places that used to sell mysterious rubber goods and trusses. Inside was murky and dusty. Gas-masks hung from the ceiling like dodgy fruit. A heavy, razor-sharp Rwandan machete in a leather scabbard dangled from a hook. A sweaty whiff of testosterone filled the air. The owner was large, bearded and enthusiastic. Sure," he said, reaching for a catalogue.

William Tell? Some were unspeakable cutaway-steel things that breathed East End villainy. Others were shaped like rifles, their stocks sculpted in polished wood or tough-guy black metal. On other pages was a slew of smaller versions, hand-held titchy crossbows like sling-shots. Who buys those? They're not much cop, though. That one there - " he pointed at one weedy specimen, with a bow shaped like a Dutch hat " - you could fire it from here and I doubt if it would reach the window. The burnished wood gleamed on the smooth body. The black metal bow spread out like wings, surmounted by a foot-stirrup.

I picked up the crossbow and held it wonderingly in my arms, as though it were a long, threatening baby with a massive head. I held it up to eye-level and squinted through the back-sight. Through the open door of the shop and across the road, the cross-hairs discovered an elderly lady wheeling her shopping trolley towards the local Sainsbury's.

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Was I turning into a mad bomber, a monomaniacal sniper, a sick voyeur? I didn't believe so. I looked at the deadly weapon in my hands, simultaneously amazed to have found one at last and sorry that it wasn't anything like the stunted, Gothic device, festooned with spikes and chains, that had lurked in the corners of my imagination for so long. I got some here. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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