Hawaii - Stolen Paradise: A Travelogue

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So all our action and adventure started from day 3. An early morning hike with Eric of Hike Kauai with me was the perfect way of exploring the beauty of the island on foot. Eric, personally guides you through the hiking terrain and shared his experience of the island with some of the history of Kauai. We were lucky enough to have a perfect climate for the hike.


The hike was fun and Eric made sure to stop us at points with beautiful views of the island. If you are interested in hiking, i would highly recommend Eric. He knows all the possible hiking locations in Kauai and suggests hiking trails as per your experience. After an absolutely refreshing morning hike and a quick breakfast, we headed to Anini Beach and later in the evening to Tunnels beach. Waimea Canyon also know as the Grand Canyon of Hawaii is a must see. You can easily drive and stop at all the look out points and spend as much time as you can.

Yet we managed to cover all the points :. Lush green and full of color this place will mesmerize you and will open up a whole new world of beauty. Have a look at it yourself…. If you want to experience Na Pali which is know as the most breathtakingly beautiful, stunning and spectacular attractions in the whole wide world, Na Pali Experience boat tours are the best of the best. However to thoroughly enjoy every moment of it I would suggest you book the mid size catamaran for 6 people unlike the large ones that will have at least 50 people on board. Na Pali coast is situated in the north west part of the island and is accessible only by boat or a helicopter.

Once on the boat you will get to see the most beautiful mountain cliffs ever. The erosions on the mountains that happened over a millions of years ago which still is an ongoing phenomenon has created a cliffs and valleys unlike anywhere in the world. They also provide really good snorkeling equipments and also refreshments during the tour. Do not carry too much stuff, wear swimwear under your clothes, take it off and leave it in your car because you are going to get wet.

Hawai?i - Stolen Paradise

Carry towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, waterproof camera and wear flip flops. Totally optional!!!!. You can go ahead with it only if you are as crazy as us :P. And if you do want to, just go the website of Skydive Kauai.

11 Things You May Not Know About Hawai'i and Native Hawaiians

These people are really good and thorough professionals, with tandem instructors having an experience of more than 5, 10, jumps. Of course you have to do it at your own risk so i am not recommending it but if you are some one who wants to sky dive then Kauai would be the place to do it. Ok so we were completely out of our minds to Sky Dive, at least i was.

Hubby had already decided that he wanted to do it come what may, I on the other hand was trying to convince him not to. And what happened eventually, i ended up taking a giant leap of faith. All i can say is I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment of it.

Hawaii The Stolen Land

It was scary at the beginning but boyyyyyy what an experience. I never thought Sky dive would be on my bucket list. So after an unbelievably out of this world experience we had brunch at a small little restaurant and headed to our next destination — Kilauea Lighthouse. The beautiful Kilauea Lighthouse was build in the year and aids in the navigation of commercial ships to Hawaii.

The Kilauea point is also home to a large number of nesting seabirds of the Hawaiian island. If you are a wildlife lover you are going to enjoy this as much as we did. We clicked pictures like crazy. But do save yourself some time to just stand back and enjoy the sight of the birds flying, catching fish and get lost in the beautiful sound of the waves hitting the rocks. So we explored Kauai by land hiking and on the waters beaches and an awesome boat ride.

Last but not the least it was time to explore the garden island in all its glory by AIR.

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Wings over Kauai is by far the best in business. We booked a Cessna tour. With only three of us on board including the pilot, our 70min flight was memorable in every sense. So instead of going on and on about our experience i would rather share the beautiful pictures that we captured through the Cessna. After an awesome 2 hr air tour of the beautiful island, we headed to spend a relaxing time at the Botanical garden.

Hawai'i - Stolen Paradise: A Travelogue : Stephanie C. Fox :

Beautifully maintained, family owned and operated garden, this is recommended if you are interested in exotic plants, flowers, fruits and organic home grown cocoa. We also got a chance at gourmet chocolate tasting at the garden. They visited the dead sailors aboard the U. Arizona Memorial. They took a ride in an electric submarine in the waters off Waikiki. They tasted delicious Kona coffee and saw how it was grown, harvested, dried, and roasted.

They attended a hokey lu'au on O'ahu and a wonderfully educational one on the Big Island. They walked through a tropical garden on each of the Islands that they visited, looking at orchids, butterflies, palm trees, macadamia trees, and cannonball trees. In short, the author led her parents on a fascinating tour of Hawaiian history, language, music, cuisine, culture, botany, zoology, and volcanology. Passar bra ihop. Vaccine Stephanie C Fox.

Stephanie C. A Brief History of Hawaii. The Flight Out. A Side Trip to San Francisco.

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The Ko Olina Resort A Hokey Luau Princess Kaiulani and Her Pet Peacock. Downtown KailuaKona on Alii Drive. Kona Mountain Thunder Coffee.