Its Not Cricket!

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It's Just Not Cricket

Failing to notice that their new batman is the wanted war criminal Otto Fisch, he vanishes on arrival in England. Back in civvy street and not knowing what to do, Bright and Early decide to utilise their army intelligence skills and set up a private detective agency, inevitably called "Bright and Early". The fiancee of their new secretary, Primrose Brown played by Susan Shaw invites them to a weekend country house party for a cricket match. Fisch and Felix watch the cricket match from an ajoining copse of trees with the objective of stealing the ball and recovering the diamond.

It's Not Cricket

In the ensuing chase, Bright and Early recover the ball and diamond. Here in Northern California, you may find a bunch of folks, some British Commonwealth ex-pats and mainly South Asian high tech workers who know a lot about cricket.

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There are quite a few clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area link. I think the common USn confusion with cricket is the inability to comprehend something in which getting to first base is the same thing as scoring.

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  6. With the warning that the information comes from a novel, I think I remember the narrator saying that there was an active cricket culture in the 19th century, which was replaced by baseball. I recall the silver-age O that my youth has become an age! I think this must have been one of the first times I encountered the phrase, if not the very first, so it stuck in my mind.

    For those of you well-insulated from the world of comic books, Green Lantern is a comic-book superhero, and the Silver Age, acc.