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Download your copy here. For millions of students each year, the SAT is a defining feature of the college admissions process. While the importance of these scores varies from school to school, at many selective colleges, standardized test scores remain a determining factor.

While this raises the stakes for the tests themselves, it should come as good news for devoted students. This is because raising your SAT score is indeed possible, and there are specific ways to achieve your standardized test goals. In fact, significant test score improvements can be achieved, especially by students who receive lower scores initially.

In this post, we outline our top five tips for improving your score on the writing section of the SAT. These include:. You might improve an argument or clarify supporting details. You might also choose words that are more precise or concise. Here, you get back to basics with sentence structure, punctuation, and grammatical conventions. Master the subject matter above, and your score on this section of the SAT is bound to soar. Our free guide helps students learn how much time they should spend preparing for the SAT, how to score their practice tests, and much more.

Instead, passages are presented along the left side of your test booklet, and questions are presented along the right hand side of it. This means a lot of looking back and forth between the passage and the question. You can easily overcome any confusion caused by this by taking as many practice tests as possible. In fact, because questions tell you specifically which lines they refer to, you often need only to read a single sentence to answer a specific question, especially if it is related to grammar. Find out more here!

SAT Tips & Strategies

Then take advantage of the extra grid-in practice with 20 exercise questions, including detailed answer explanations, to help you score high on the grid-in portion of the Math SAT. In addition, the feature "Top 10 Strategies to Raise Your Score" offers expert tips to help you score high on rest of this important test.

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Identifying Sentence Errors

Katie O. Printed Circuit Board Assembly. What Makes a Professional Photographer. Blair Kasfeldt. Chris Smith. Mark R. Taeschner BSEE. Photography Basics SAT in Just 7 Steps. Shaan Patel. The Ultimate Loudspeaker Design. Deep practice is being your own toughest critic. More important than finding the mistake, is seriously understanding why you may have missed that question in the first place.

You need to always be able to justify your answer earnestly. This process is important because it allows you to identify your high level weaknesses early on to manage your time more effectively. Write down 1 the general idea of the question 2 what you believed the question was asking and 3 the strategy you will use in the future to answer the question correctly.

Home Contact Sheet. Each college has a unique process and considers the two factors differently. To put yourself in the absolute best position to choose which school may be the best fit for you, you want to do everything possible to prep and review for your ACT and SAT. So you are aware, with few exceptions, most colleges look for a minimum score on one of these two tests as part of their admissions requirements.

This means that you need a high score to be classified with other top students and, therefore, to increase your chances of going to the college or university of your choice. More points on either standardized test SAT or ACT will put you in the running for merit based scholarships and financial aid. While test prep resources may cost some time and money in the short term, merit aid saves you tens of thousands of dollars on college tuition in the long term Your Test Prep Scores Impact Your Future Major: A high score in the Writing and Language section can make up for less-than-perfect scores in other areas of the test.

A high grade in the Writing and Language section can help you to compete effectively for a place at the colleges or universities to which you are applying. Moreover, if you expect to major in mathematics or science, your SAT Writing and Language score may have a significant impact on your overall application. This scaled score is based upon the level of performance and data collected from all other test takers.

Simply put, you want to do as best as possible by answering as many questions correct as you can.

According to College Board, the passages topics are the following: Careers : technology, business, health care… Humanities : arts, literature, non-fiction narrative… Social studies : history, psychology, anthropology… Science : chemistry, physics, biology… One of the most important points for getting a perfect score in SAT Writing and Language is to know the type of questions in the test and the skills assessed. Pronouns : pronoun questions often require you to determine if a particular pronoun should be singular or plural.

Subject-Verb Agreement : when assessing subject-verb agreement, do your best to ignore the extras and pay attention to the fact that singular subjects require singular verbs, wheres, plural subjects require plural verbs. Comparisons : identify that the same types of ideas should be compared to each other. Idioms : idioms are combinations of words when combined have agreed upon meanings.

Diction : diction is the choice of words used. Sentence Structure The intention here is to test your understanding of the relationship between clauses and how to create meaningful sentences.

All complete sentences must have a subject, a predicate, and a complete idea. Run-ons : run-on sentences result when multiple independent clauses are improperly joined. Run-ons are often fixed with periods, semicolons, and commas. Conjunctions : conjunctions are used to connect ideas often independent clauses within sentences.

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The most commons conjunctions include and, but, or, for, nor, yet, and so. They often appear as lists. Modifiers : modifiers are descriptive words or phrases that elaborate on a sentence. Always check for modifying phrases that appear at the beginning of a sentence and ask who or what is being modified. The modifier should be describing the subject that directly follows the modifier. Conventions of Punctuation The purpose of these questions is to assess your understanding of punctuation.

What are the top tips for mastering the SAT?

Semicolons : semicolon questions often ask you to choose whether a semicolon, comma, or no punctuation should divide certain clauses. Be aware of run on sentences.

Colons : colons are most commonly used to introduce lists or elaborate on an independent clause. Commas : commas are used as scene setters, to join to independent clauses and conjunctions, to offset nonrestrictive clauses, and to separate lists. Apostrophes : apostrophes are used to indicate possession or replace missing letters in contractions. Watch out for singular possessive vs plural possessive. Organization Organization questions are concerned with an individual sentence, paragraph, or entire passage. Organization : semicolon questions often ask you to choose whether a semicolon, comma, or no punctuation should divide certain clauses.

Transition : transition questions ask you to choose the most logical sequence from one idea to another. Look for contrasting and supporting clauses as well as which connections have the best flow. Development Development questions target the overall purpose of a passage, addition, and deletion sentences. Main Idea : the main idea is the central point or purpose of a passage.

When approaching these questions, it is best to stay on point. Data Graphics Data graphics questions ask you to interpret patterns or relationship in charts or tables. When two independent clauses are joined by a conjunction and, but, or , there should be a comma placed before the conjunction.

3 Tips: Writing the Perfect SAT Essay! CRUSH THE TEST!

When clauses provide nonessential information about a subject they are offset by commas. Think of nonessential information as if you can remove it from the sentence without disrupting the flow of the sentence, then it is nonessential information.