Reunion with Her Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance)

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 24, Sofia Lazaridou rated it it was ok. The book had typos and the point of views were changing without a warning. Milas and Charles break-up seemed unnatural to me, as if the author was trying to find a way to separate them and didn't care how it would look to the reader. I wasn't sold to Mila and Martys relationship.

Dec 21, grumpyoldbird rated it liked it Shelves: a-kindle-freebie , pages , purchased , read , deleted-as-part-of-box-set , read Previously read back in December Re-read as part of Howl of the Alpha boxed set. It is what it is, a short shifter story. Wish it was longer and better edited typos. All-in-all a decent read for a short story. Mar 13, Kylee rated it it was ok. When I first started reading the book I thought it was going to be a bit longer. But it was kind of short. I was hoping for more. It was kind of fast.

Overall, not a bad book. Oct 12, Iris rated it did not like it Shelves: shifters , paranormal. The whole story was, even for a short one as this, too unbelievable, too random. I mean, it was worse than a soap or opera.

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We have fickle emotions, incomprehensible situations and no plot what so ever at all. I refused to let her see how torn apart I was now. I clenched my hands into fists, and the bottle of Scotch ale shattered. Pain bit my palm as alcohol seeped into the wounds. Opening my fist, I frowned at the large shard of brown glass protruding from my skin. Shite, what a waste of perfectly good ale. Crimson blood mixed with ale and dripped onto the floor.

This needed to be cleaned straight away.

A Paranormal Romance-Mafia Shifters-Mated to the capo

I cupped my wounded hand to my chest palm-up to try to slow the bleeding, then stepped over the broken glass in my now-damp socks to reach the kitchen sink. Caitlyn and I had visited a place not far from here for some time as kids. Our mother kept us on the move growing up, never settling down for long. Now I knew why. The ache in my hand tugged me back to the present. The skin around the wound was already trying to heal. The shard was buried deep, nearly penetrating all the way through to the other side. I firmly pinched the glass with the hem of my shirt, between my thumb and index finger.

My grip on the sharp shard slipped the first time, but on the second try, I jerked the fragment out of my hand, leaving a long gash behind. A new rush of agony ripped at my palm. Blood poured from the wound, no longer held back by the glass. I held my hand over the sink, letting the drain drink the thick red liquid as I searched the nearby cupboards for a first-aid kit. The kit was rather dusty, but it contained plenty of gauze to wrap the wound. My lycanthropy would likely push the foreign object from my body anyway, as it had done with a bullet once.

I learned my lesson. I turned on the faucet, rinsing the open wound before I patted it dry with a formerly white towel that hung on a hook by the sink. Tasks like that were a bit outside my area of expertise. I needed something that could clean up the blood and ale that had spilled all over the floor. I grabbed the bleach and set it on the counter. Panic rose within me like a massive wave. I stumbled away from the counter, slipped on the blood and booze, and fell on my arse.

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The scientists have taken Kelly to their lab and turned her into a shapeshifter for real. The full moon is rising, and soon neither Kelly nor Jacob will be able to control their inner beasts. Who knows what the consequences will be The lives of her witch mentor, Jessa, and her soldier boyfriend, Ethan Parker, have been changed forever. But when Ethan goes missing on duty, she'll harness every magic power she possesses to get him safely back.

Usually, Jessa was around. I leaned against the front counter, resting my forehead against the cool glass. Athames, crystals, jewelry and really cute dragon statues were locked in the case beneath my fingertips. While I enjoyed hanging out at the shop and seeing what new potions were available, I wished Jessa had given me some kind of clue as to why she wanted me here.

But she was my best friend and mentor; the reason had to be important, if for nothing else to spend much needed time together. I glanced over my shoulder at the wall of ingredients lining the shelves, ripe for the picking. Maybe if I could stock up on a few things The urge to see what she had nearly drove me away from the counter, but I held myself in check. Making potions was one of my hobbies. I loved the creativity and excitement that went into building something from nothing, and the brief connection with my power.

Tapping my fingers on the counter, I stared at the curtained-off backroom. Worry crept into my chest. She never stood me up. Biting my lower lip, I considered going into the back. Someone could steal things without her keeping an eye on the store. The black-haired and blue-eyed beauty swept into the front of the store like a hurricane of flowing skirts. I loved the way she dressed, but I knew that style would never be my thing.

Nolan would laugh at me, probably joking with his best friend—and my crush since forever—Ethan Parker. I was getting concerned. She appeared a bit too eager to pretend everything was fine. The man towered in the doorway, over six feet of pure muscle. What was he doing here? He strode in as if he owned the place. There could be no doubt: ladies would drop their panties at his command.

Stop it, Mia! Yet beneath his delicious exterior, something about him put me on edge. The hint of arrogance in his eyes and the sharp flare of power as he walked in the room were instant triggers. Jessa cleared her throat, as captivated by him as I was by the sound of it.

Too close for comfort. Since Jessa had business to take care of, I sidestepped toward the wall of ingredients, but Jessa grabbed my wrist, keeping me beside her. Glancing up his body to his eyes from so close strained my neck. My five-foot-six frame probably looked tiny beside him. An overwhelming sense of lust and intimidation washed over me. A small smirk tugged at her lips. What exactly do you need? This was great, just great. Besides, there were plenty of ways to do them.

Reunion with her Alpha

I knew some concoctions that cured the flu, helped with burns, even helped with migraines. The man cocked an eyebrow at me as if I was stupid. Are you serious? Jessa placed her hand on my shoulder. Sexy scratched the back of his neck, causing his shirt to lift. Somehow, knowing how hot he was under his shirt calmed my nerves a little.

Surely, he was fine. I was so not going to think about Ethan right now. Not food poisoning. Lead poisoning. What was he hiding? Sexy narrowed his eyes first at her, then he slid his gaze to me. My jaw dropped. When do you need it by? Jessa jumped in before I could say anything. Sexy turned on his heel and was gone before she could say anything, the bells chiming in his wake.

The Witch Who Cried Wolf was an enjoyable and fast paced read. The first book in the new adult series Cry Wolf is an intriguing short and fast paranormal romance with witches and wolves. The author has packed a lot of punch in this short and fascinating story that had me in its grip until the very end. But her problems are far from over Werewolves have little respect for other shifters, and she's trapped and caged at the Scottish Pack's HQ and at the mercy of Alistair--the vicious wolf who fathered Colin and abused her mother, and who's capable of murder Dougal, the Pack's new Alpha, hungers to strip her naked and satiate his fiery lunar lust.

But he also senses this beautiful feline with clover-green eyes that shine through the bars of her prison with burning desire is nearing the end of her strength. Will he deny his dominance, and the moon's lingering power, to be the protector she needs? My attempts had been in vain. The tall fences and heavy-duty searchlights would have been challenge enough, but the plentiful armed guards that crisscrossed the compound had made it impossible to proceed.

He was weary and solemn.

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With each minute, hour, day, I neared the brink of complete exhaustion. Sooner than later, I needed to rest up. The scientists had stayed so close on my tail for so long that I remained vigilant at all times. It was so hard to let my guard down. While I was in Scotland to support Colin, I craved the comfort of home and the ability to run in my feline form without having to keep constant watch over my shoulder.

Och, to feel the lush grass and dried leaves beneath my padded feet and to smell the forest air mixing and lingering with the soft undertones of early morning rain.

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My beast stretched lazily inside my chest, eager to unsheathe her claws and return to nature. But there was no luxury for that yet. Colin would be arriving back any day now, and I wanted to clean the place up before his return. His absence had made the house a dusty mess. Now that he was safe, I looked forward to rebuilding my life and getting back into a comfortable routine.

Tossing my duffel bag on the floor, I took a deep breath, trying to push aside the stress weighing on me. Another musky smell—of a wild beast—urged me deeper into the apartment, calling to me from just out of reach. A loose floorboard groaned behind me. I spun around, slinging my fist at the intruder as instinct took over.

But the hulking man looming over me easily dodged my punch and landed a hard kick to my outer thigh. My cat-like reflexes suffered from being so bone-weary, but I needed to persevere. Dark brown hair swept across his forehead, and he brushed it back with the swipe of his meaty hand. He stalked closer, invading my personal space.

Questions raced through my head. Who was he? Should I answer him? Keep the secret safe. He slid his blue-eyed gaze down my body, pointedly lingering on my curves. His momentary distraction was exactly what I needed to attack. To never meet her at all. Fate had other plans—and she walked right into his life when he least expected it.

But when she gets cagey with her pack and disappears, he has no choice but to follow her. To save her cover, they pretend to be a couple. But soon lines are blurred and neither can deny the incendiary attraction between them.

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As they race to stop a man who wants to sell out their people to the highest bidder, they find themselves fighting for a future together. Unfortunately, in order to save the woman he loves, Gabriel has to give her up. Local artist Keva might be human, but she knows about the things that go bump in the night.

Years ago, a dragon shifter saved her from certain death. But the feeling of security is only an illusion, because her past has come back to haunt her. A past with claws and fangs, demanding blood. Dagen has finally met his mate—except he insults her the first time they meet. Even if it means dying—or losing her forever. Victoria is about to have a baby. Join the crazy, fun Petronilla dragon clan for A Very Dragon Christmas and find out if their holiday season—and their unique family bond—can be saved!

Ana Cordona has been a strong leader for the lupine shifters who survived after all the males and most of the females in her pack were mysteriously poisoned. As tough as she is, with no Alpha male, the pack is vulnerable to the devious shifter Sean Taggart, who wants to claim both their ranch and Ana as his own.

The minute Connor sees Ana again, it reawakens a raw hunger. He must have her for his bondmate—his wolf cries out for it. But his human side knows he must proceed with caution because of their complicated past. If he is to truly have her body and soul, he must go beyond his burning desire and win back her heart. Whatever it takes, he is determined not to leave her side again. But Taggart and his rival pack are not their only enemies. A human element in town is targeting shifters.

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Sign up for Katie Reus's newsletter and never miss a new release or book-related announcement from Katie. Paranormal Romance. Buy This Book Online. Amazon UK. He spent more than a thousand years imprisoned in Hell… Drake is an ancient dragon shifter, one of the most powerful beings in existence, but over a millennium trapped in utter darkness has left him ill-equipped for modern society. Only to fall into the heaven of her touch.

Taste of Darkness He spent more than a thousand years imprisoned in Hell… Drake is an ancient dragon shifter, one of the most powerful beings in existence, but over a millennium trapped in utter darkness has left him ill-equipped for modern society. He thought he lost her decades ago. She'll do anything to save him.