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We're Gonan Catch a Heffalump. Mike Himelstein. That's What Tiggers Do Best. Cornwell responds by saying that the Federation is close to defeat and that they do not have the luxury of principles.

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Burnham says that principles are all that they have, and that Cornwell sent the Emperor on the mission because she knew that the Terran could do what Starfleet officers could not. Burnham then notes that a year ago, prior to the Battle of the Binary Stars , she thought survival was more important than principles, but that she now knows that she was wrong.

She threatens a mutiny to prove who they are as Starfleet officers, and the crew stands to support her. Cornwell then asks what Burnham is suggesting as an alternative. Burnham visits Georgiou in the shrine and tells her to stop her plan, though her freedom is still guaranteed. Georgiou says that when she did the same thing in her universe, it did not wipe out the Klingons, and that it will not do so now.

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She offers Burnham the chance to join her, but Burnham again demands the detonator and Georgiou pulls a weapon on her. Burnham tells Georgiou that she can either turn over the detonator and leave with her freedom, or kill her and escape with the Federation hunting her down as long as she is alive. Georgiou cannot kill Burnham, and agrees to turn over the detonator to Burnham. However, Burnham does not want it, and calls in Tyler and L'Rell.

As an alternative to her home planet being destroyed, Burnham offers L'Rell the detonator, which she can then use to unify the Great Houses under her rule. Upon L'Rell taking the detonator, Georgiou then leaves the shrine.

Tyler tells Burnham outside the shrine that he is going to go with L'Rell and try to help both sides, as he is no good to either side alone. They share a kiss and he departs. The Klingons present scoff at her claim until she shows them the detonator.

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She then orders them to lay down their arms, and the Klingon fleet headed towards Earth veers off. Burnham is in Paris outside a Federation building. Her foster mother, Amanda Grayson , approaches her.

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Burnham is grateful to Amanda's advice when growing up about not forgetting her Humanity, something which Burnham did not appreciate until now. Sarek then arrives and tells Burnham how he is disturbed that he had nearly played a part in genocide, but Burnham says that he was desperate to save the Federation and that she understands. Sarek is grateful that she found an alternative, and he informs her that the President of the United Federation of Planets is as well.

Sarek asked to be the one to inform Burnham of their decision to pardon her for her crimes, expunge her record, and restore her to her former rank of commander.

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He presents her with her Starfleet insignia. Burnham and several members of the Discovery crew are presented with the Starfleet Medal of Honor , including Hugh Culber posthumously. Paul Stamets is promoted to lieutenant commander and Tilly is given the rank of ensign and accepted into the Starfleet Command training program. Discovery then leaves with Saru in command as acting captain to take Sarek to Vulcan , as well as to pick up their new commanding officer.

Stamets tells Burnham and Tilly that Starfleet wants to find a non-Human interface with the spore drive and as such it will not be used. In transit, the Discovery receives a priority one distress call.

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After some initial difficulty, the call is identified by communications officer R. The Constitution -class starship drops out of warp and slows in front of the Discovery. What kind of damage can it do? Water flashes into steam and triggers a massive explosion. September 22, Event Feedback. Molly G. Amazing Cakes By Jean.

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