The Education of Historians for the Twenty-first Century

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Thinking Historically_ Educating Students for the Twenty-First Century

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  • Thinking Historically_ Educating Students for the Twenty-First Century | Historian | Teachers.

Overview In , the American Historical Association began a study to determine the status and condition of history education in U. Published in and addressing such issues as the supply and demand for teachers, student recruitment, and training for advanced degrees, that report set a lasting benchmark against which to judge the study of history thereafter. Now, more than forty years later, the AHA has commissioned a new report. The Education of Historians for the Twenty-first Century documents this important new study's remarkable conclusions. Both the American academy and the study of history have been dramatically transformed since the original study, but doctoral programs in history have barely changed.

This report from the AHA explains why and offers concrete, practical recommendations for improving the state of graduate education.

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The Education of Historians for the Twenty-first Century stands as the first investigation of graduate training for historians in more than four decades and the best available study of doctoral education in any major academic discipline. Prepared for the AHA by the Committee on Graduate Education, the report represents the combined efforts of a cross-section of the entire historical profession.

It draws upon a detailed review of the existing studies and data on graduate education and builds upon this foundation with an exhaustive survey of history doctoral programs. This included actual visits to history departments across the country and consultations with scores of individual historians, graduate students, deans, academic and non-academic employers of historians, as well as other stakeholders in graduate education.

As the ethnic and gender composition of both graduate students and faculty has changed, methodologies have been refined and the domains of historical inquiry expanded.

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By addressing these revolutionary intellectual and demographic changes in the historical profession, The Education of Historians for the Twenty-first Century breaks important new ground. Combining a detailed historical snapshot of the profession with a rigorous analysis of these intellectual changes, this volume is ideally positioned as the definitive guide to strategic planning for history departments.

It includes practical recommendations for handling institutional challenges as well as advice for everyone involved in the advanced training of historians, from department chairs to their students, and from university administrators to the AHA itself. Philip M.

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Katz is the research director for graduate education at the American Historical Association. Show More.

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Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Sound transformed British life in the age of noise between and The sonic The sonic maelstrom of mechanized society bred anger and anxiety and even led observers to forecast the end of civilization.

The Education of Historians for Twenty-first Century

The goal is to help science historians understand the materials that craftsmen used centuries ago, as well as the technologies and techniques that were available at the dawn of the scientific revolution. Elsewhere in the lab, a dozen students in white coats bustled about. Siddhartha Shah, an art-history graduate student, was making counterfeit emeralds. The sixth and seventh attempts produced two translucent green buttons.

Shah removed his own emerald ring—he also wore emerald earrings—and held it next to the buttons for comparison. Smith founded the Making and Knowing Lab two years ago, in a moment of self-reckoning. Many recipes omitted crucial details or used obscure ingredients—swine paunch, jujube syrup, prunes of St.

Smith decided that the only way to really understand the recipes was to try them out herself, assisted by a platoon of graduate students. Danielle Carr, an anthropology graduate student, was making paintbrushes from a squirrel tail. Over at the gold station, two students were puzzling over how to extract yellow pigment from turmeric.