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Hook turns can be done at any intersection except at intersections with signs banning them.

Do older drivers pose a risk to other road users?

At some intersections there may be special marked areas to stop in at the halfway turning point. It should be noted though that hook turns can be done at intersections with or without the marked stopping area. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation. About other road users Sharing the road Information for other road users.

About other road users Information for cyclists As a cyclist, it is important that you follow the road rules and guidelines.

Information for cyclists

Safety rules for cyclists Cyclists must wear an approved safety helmet. Always fasten it securely, by following the manufacturer's instructions.

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It's a good idea to wear brightly coloured or reflective clothing when cycling. That way you'll be easier to see.

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Don't ride your bicycle on a footpath unless you are delivering newspapers, mail or leaflets, or there is a sign indicating it is a shared pedestrian and cycle path. At intersections, you must: follow the rules for motor vehicles , or get off your cycle and walk across, or do a hook turn.

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You can only ride alongside another cyclist or moped. You must not ride alongside a car, truck or other motor vehicle. Always ride in single file if passing another vehicle. Your cycle must not be towed by another vehicle. Your cycle can only tow a trailer one designed to be towed by a cycle and must not be fitted with a sidecar. You must not carry a pillion passenger on your cycle unless you have a pillion seat and footrest.

Nearly six years after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, many residents are still trying to recover, while others have been permanently damaged not by the storm or floods but by the prolonged and ineffective arrangements of recovery aid, suggesting that calls for privatization of public-sector institutions should be met with skepticism.

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About other road users

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