Towards a Unified Theory of Mechanics

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Mathematical modeling of cardiac growth and remodeling. Lik Chuan Lee , Ghassan S.

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Kassab , Julius M. References Publications referenced by this paper.

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Biomechanics of cardiovascular development. Larry A. The dynamic architecture of a developing organism : an interdisciplinary approach to the development of organisms L. How do sea urchins invaginate?

ASOIAF Theories: They Who Move The Pieces (Unified Theory)

Using biomechanics to distinguish between mechanisms of primary invagination. Lance A Davidson , Mimi A. Koehl , Ray E. Keller , George F. Buxbaum , Steven R.

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A volumetric model for growth of arterial walls with arbitrary geometry and loads. Growth and remodeling in a thick-walled artery model: effects of spatial variations in wall constituents Patrick W. Alford , Jay D. Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Page.

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Unified field theory

Maini , David Petrie Moulton. Wyczalkowski , Victor D.

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Varner , Larry A. Quantification of vascular morphogenesis in the chick embryo and its relationship to the hemodynamic environment William J. Strain-induced tissue growth laws: applications to embryonic cardiovascular development. Sandra Rugonyi. Using cell deformation and motion to predict forces and collective behavior in morphogenesis. Matthias Merkel , M Lisa Manning.

Mathematical modeling of cardiac growth and remodeling. Alert Subscription.

DOI: Recommend this eBook to your Library. With the application of the effective stress concept, the strength and volumetric behavior of saturated materials was clearly understood.


For the case of unsaturated materials, a universally accepted effective stresses equation is still under debate. However, the use of the effective stress concept to develop constitutive models for unsaturated soils is becoming increasingly popular not only because the hydro-mechanical coupling observed in these materials is implicit in the formulation but also because simpler and more precise models can be established.

Towards A Unified Soil Mechanics Theory demonstrates that the same strength and volume change equations used in saturated soil mechanics can be used for the case of unsaturated soils.

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  6. In other words, the constitutive models developed for saturated soils can be used for unsaturated materials once the effective stress equation has been defined.