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Despite these promising initial results, the Rewilding Europe board decided to review the Eastern Carpathians rewilding area, before moving forward. This review relates in particular to ensure a number of critical factors are being met to create a good base for success.

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We have started to explore with existing and potential new partners how this can be done. Conclusions are expected in the second half of this year. Eastern Carpathians wolf. Back to news. Related stories. Wolf hunting ban on the Slovak side of the Eastern Carpathians January 3, Meet the local rewilding team members February 11, Subscribe to our newsletter:.

A wolf was found dead — killed by poison — in Rio Blanco County in In , a hunter mistakenly shot a gray wolf, thinking it was a coyote near Wolford Mountain Reservoir north of Kremmling. There are occasional unconfirmed sightings of wolves up north, in Routt and Jackson counties. Natural migration is one thing. Forced reintroduction is another, especially in a state grappling with wildlife issues caused by a growing population of recreation-seekers exploring public lands.

Agricultural and big-game industries last year started prepping for a political battle as wolf advocates eyed their endgame in Colorado. I need something besides humans to harass them. So the elk feel safer in my hay meadows. Fetcher would prefer that wolves just wander into his backyard.

And there are more people in Colorado. Any conflicts related to reintroduction will not be good for wolves, he said. I really would. And in Colorado, they have the support of the state wildlife commission and, perhaps soon, the support of the federal government, which seems ready to get out of the wolf restoration business and shift wolf issues to statehouses.

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Last month the U. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed removing the gray wolf from federal endangered species protection , a move that has been challenged by wildlife conservation groups in the past. Opposition to delisting is galvanizing, with conservation groups urging wolf supporters to comment on the Fish and Wildlife Service proposal before the May 14 deadline. The Colorado Wildlife Commission in rejected a proposal to reestablish wolves in Colorado, affirming the conclusions of the member Wolf Management Working Group, that cited millions of dollars invested in big game populations, and conflict with the livestock industry and big game management.

Colorado wildlife managers already are struggling with a declining mule deer population.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife in launched controversial predator control studies that involved trapping and killing mountain lions and black bears in the Piceance Basin near Rifle and in the Upper Arkansas River region to help boost dwindling mule deer herds. The health of the hunting economy relies on healthy elk and deer herds. Conservation groups sued the U. Fish and Wildlife Service to stop funding the plan until the agency conducted a deeper analysis of the environmental and ecological impacts of the studies.

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In La Plata County, the volunteer Living with Wildlife Advisory Board plans to give county commissioners a recommendation on wolf reintroduction by this summer. The Montana-based Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation last week sent out a warning to its members that a ballot initiative was looming in Colorado. This Colorado effort is driven by the same groups using the same tactics to accomplish their agenda.

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The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project is on a mission to change these perspectives on wolves with a campaign showing the animals are not a threat to humans, the livestock industry or the big-game hunting industry. A lot of people will have you believe the gray wolf has this almost supernatural ability to exercise its predatory will and whim, and everywhere they go they leave waste and desolation as these wanton killing machines.

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And once Coloradans are ready to embrace an honest portrayal of the wolf, they will conclude that coexisting with it is a rather straightforward affair. This reporting is made possible by our members. Start here: coloradosun. Your guided tour through Colorado news, compiled by your friends at The Sun. Raising the year-old dam near Boulder is essential to keep a stable water supply in a changing climate, utility says. Residents insist conservation could be just as effective. Skip to content A gray wolf.