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Thank you a lot! I appreciate your work. And your article is a big support!

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Kind regards, Katherine. Thanks for this blog post. Very cool. Thank you for your advices I think this book could help people to become professional and successful writers. Since when did becoming a successful writer morph into reducing your work to a commodity and becoming a master social media marketer, salesman and shill for yourself? Why not skip the writing part and become a marketing genius?

The greatest writers put everything into their work. Such good insight. You can write your way to success simply by jotting notes, too. Success Stickies are a great way to reinforce your top goals, see your affirmations and encourage yourself by posting them up in your workspace. Five more clients! I always win! My team also uses this process to reach their weekly goals.

You can walk into any of their offices and see their computers decorated with motivational sticky notes! Many of the writing suggestions mentioned here can be kept and recorded in a journal. Writing with intention can turn an empty book into a best-selling novel or a million-dollar business plan. Writing allows you freedom of expression and creativity. Your thoughts and dreams are often a gateway to your greatest success moments.

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All of my best ideas come from allowing myself to freely think and dream on paper. I challenge you to get a journal and start the process of intentional writing so that you can manifest more of what you truly desire in business and life. By extracting your greatest desires and putting them on paper, you set the ball in motion to goal achievement. Looking for the perfect journal to script your life? Try the Success Journal , a carefully crafted guided journal filled with writing activities to empower and direct you in the directions of dream manifestation. Pierce, This article, now -today, helped me to take a step at releasing a hurt.

I told a couple of people I had lost them, worried if the purchaser would read my journals. Simply I was hurt over all the commentaries I wrote from books of the bible, topics and ideas for speaking engagements…moments that I wanted to leave for my children as a part of our legacy. But the truth of the matter is, I have still been thinking about my journals, notebooks, napkins, sticky notes that were now gone.

I wondered why now when other aspects of life are aligning. So, thank you! Because of this blog I was able to really take a step at release of what I was unable to change. I am thankful for the one binder I took out a couple of months before the auction and guess what, it was the binder I created for all things Inspire Destiny. I am so sorry to hear that. I just wanted to let you know that I experienced something very similar many years ago.

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Trust and believe, everything you need—you still have. The thoughts and ideas came from you. God will bring it back to your remembers when you need it. You have your life and your health and your family. The best is yet to come. Goals require more than ticking tasks off an ever-growing to-do list. For better results you need a way to make a to-do list purposeful. You need a tool that keeps your vision top of mind, helps you prioritize, and evokes emotion into every activity.

Your journaling keeps your goal front of mind. In turn, this serves as a benchmark to ensure your daily targets are aligned with where you want to go. This simple focus ensures you can win the day and invest your time wisely.

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Aligning daily to-dos with your goal also flags up those tasks you can ditch, which in turn reduces the overwhelm. In other words, planning your day against a well-defined goal creates and supports a sense of purpose that a to-do list lacks. You get a sense that your habits and actions are paying off and that alone can prevent you from giving up.

Effective journaling goes further than prioritizing your actions and ensuring your day is spent moving the needle. Journaling also helps you develop as a person and become who you need to be to hit your targets. Success is determined by your mindset as well as your productivity and performance. Especially when you ask yourself these sorts of questions:.

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By reflecting on your progress you get to figure out what you need to tweak and change to get where you want. When it comes to the process of journaling, you could type up your thoughts or use a selection of apps, but we recommend that you use pen and paper. There are many reasons for this. That's not to say we don't think there's lots of value in digital products.

Here are just four ways that you can write your way to success.

If you keep going on the right path you make success more likely. All these benefits happen because as you write, connections are made.

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The revelation is too personal. Numbers and trends are great for measurement but when you see the world— including yourself— as a set of ones and zeroes, a core element is missing from the equation. Nobody wants to see themselves as a number or a trendline.

We are not our success. Rather our success is a product of who we are. Writing a goal in a journal puts these aspects to the forefront in full view. On the page is who you are, in your mind is who you want to be. One can see the other with such clarity that the adjustments you need to make to achieve your goal become more obvious.