76 Ways to Build a Straight Referral Business, ASAP!

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Now, you can complain about how the Internet is driving people away from physical stores, or you can use the web to your advantage. So, have an ecommerce presence. Set up a website that showcases your catalog and allows people to browse and buy. Doing so not only gives you more chances to generate sales, but it can lift brand awareness and foot traffic.

Will Hatton, co-owner of Pace Athletic, says having an online store has helped drive up interest and traffic to their store. Already selling online? We also strongly urge you to offer click-and-collect services in your stores. Such initiatives will not only get people to your physical location, but they can potentially increase sales in the process. Check out how it works!

Lorna Riley CSP

So, set up your listings ASAP. For best results optimize each listing by making them as detailed as possible. It takes a bit of extra time, but doing this will make your listing more attractive and, as a result, drive more traffic to your location and website. Consider the example below. Which listing do you think gets more traffic: the one on the left, which contains detailed info, reviews, and lots of photos?

Or the plain listing on the right? Shoppers use the local storefront to view in-store inventory, get store hours, find directions, and more. Kelly Ehlers, founder and president of Ideas That Evoke , encourages retailers to use social media to their advantage. One way to do this is to use Facebook ads. These ads include coupons that can only be redeemed in store, are location-enabled show up when you are near the location and give you guidance on how to get to the store via maps.

Not too enthusiastic about ads? Then at the very least, you need to keep your social accounts active with updates and interesting tidbits.

If your business is not growing, watch this video. - video dailymotion

Do you have specials going on in store? Are you partnering with another local business? These are all good content to showcase on social! Use them to your advantage. You can, for example, post images showcasing your new arrivals. Do you have any in-store promotions going on? Got an event coming up? Keep your customers posted via email. Mention the perks of showing up in-store, such as exclusive offers that can only be redeemed on-site.

Why Customer Feedback Is Important?

Take a look at what New York and Company is doing. That brings in groups of in one shot. We host fundraisers. We believe that being genuine and truly caring about their buying and using experience is key. We want them to get the right product, instead of just selling them what we think they need.

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We like being available to answer any questions they might have. Do you sell products that require maintenance? Consider offering those services for free in your store to encourage people to stop by. According to owner Jeff Moriarty, they provide in-store services such as jewelry cleaning and battery replacement, and doing so helps them increase traffic and sales. Customers can bring in any jewelry they have of course we have a limit , and we will clean it for them while they wait.

During this time, they get to browse our store and hopefully make a purchase or at least have us in their heads for future purchases. And again, while they wait, they browse our store. Cara Wood, a marketing associate at Capterra, a trusted resource for retail software, recommends that retailers employ stylists and experts who can educate shoppers on-site.

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According to Cara, retailers should also consider offering classes or workshops that are related to their product. This is a fun thing to go do on a Saturday, and it has the added bonus of again teaching people how to use your products and letting them sample your merchandise.

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  • 76 Ways to Build a Straight Referral Business, ASAP!.

Lululemon has also found success in holding free yoga classes during slow business hours to drive traffic in-store. Classes feature products sold by Lululemon and this increases basket size in the process. Credit: Bess Sadler on Flickr. Identify social influencers and brand ambassadors in your space and see if they can help you increase store traffic.

Tamer AlMasri, the co-founder and CEO of apparel store Jobedu , says that they work with local community brand ambassadors to drive traffic to their locations. Another great example of using influencer marketing to drive foot traffic comes from Google. To encourage people to show up, Google worked with influencers like Wong Fu Productions, MyCupcakeAddiction, and Us the Duo, who then helped spread the word to their fans.

It could be a designer showcase, a talk by a local artisan, or a fundraiser. This allows you the opportunity to draw in more traffic by a offering your customers something unique, b leveraging the audience of like-minded people to grow your fan-base and c growing your relationships with individuals and organizations in your community.

How to Get Quality Customer Feedback?

Address this by being more targeted with your offers. She frequently contributes to trade publications and shares her unique philosophy of success in international seminars, workshops, keynote presentations, and interviews with radio and TV audiences. Her family has been featured in national publications such as Glamour Magazine and TV talk shows. Was I ever impressed! You not only held their attention for the two hours, but you had group participation the likes of which I have never seen before…and a standing ovation!

She really gave me some great insight on how to re-evaluate my career path…Loved Lorna…Bring Lorna back! Your presentation was exactly what I was looking for…Blockbuster knowledge, humor, and corporate direction into a one-hour breath of fresh air. She had us laughing and crying! We gave her a standing ovation. Best speaker I have ever heard. I have never been more motivated…Lorna is superb…Best part of the whole conference. Sheryl owned several businesses, since age 16, before becoming a full-time inspirational, motivational keynote speaker.

Her current business, Sparkle Presentations, an international seminar and training company, offering inspirational programs that rekindle the spirit, raise the bar, and create excitement.

How to Build Customer Referral Marketing Program, Explained in 90 Seconds

It was followed by Heart of a Mother , recounting stories, poems and thoughts about motherhood. Her current book, Heart of the Holidays , has just been released. To celebrate the release, and give readers a taste of the stories, poems and memories, Sheryl held a book signing event at two Borders this past week. One of the remarkable things about Sheryl is the ease with which she creates information products. Her other books include Sparkle-Tudes scripture plus quotations by and for women , and Heart of a Woman stories and poems celebrating our inner strength, wisdom and faith.

Now you know her too!