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There's no word on where his mother's gifted place is, nor whether it, too, is made with limestone and steel, but one can only hope it contains a guest room for her generous son. An oft-repeated story of Reeves' generosity is that he gave the stunt staff of The Matrix movies Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The definitive stunt sequence on the film was a choreographed martial arts ballet comprised of over separate moves that left Reeves and the stuntmen seeking ice baths for their bruises and strains. The five-minute scene remains a fan favorite. You don't get to be one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood without some strange rumors coming your way.

Reeves was sued by a woman who suggested that he had used hypnosis and impersonated her ex-husband to impregnate her. Speed made Reeves a big deal, catapulting him from young actor to certified action star. The bomb-on-a-bus thriller was a huge box office smash. A script was developed for Speed 2 , and despite an offer of significant cash, Reeves passed.

Though this isn't exactly an example of him generously giving away cash, he did pass on a million-dollar deal to maintain his professional integrity, thereby giving another actor a shot at fame and fortune. Despite rocketing to fame, Reeves is uncommonly grounded and not focused on earning. As he told Hollywood.

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I've made a lot of money but I want to enjoy life and not stress myself building my bank account. Speaking to the New York Post , he summed up his motivation to pursue quality acting rather than big pay, saying "I guess I don't connect the enjoyment and the money," he says.

Some of the successes I've had I'm grateful for, because it creates other opportunities. Such unassuming pursuit of acting experiences may be why he has played such a diverse array of roles: a computer hacker in another world , an adolescent goofball , a young doctor , an assassin and a scab quarterback , among others. Motor-sports enthusiast Reeves helms a customer motorcycle company called Arch Motorcycles. The high-end machines are painstakingly built to order in Los Angeles.

But the company not only creates the machines, it made one rider's dreams come true. Damian posted a thanks to Reeves and Arch Motorcycles on his Facebook page when the deal was inked. Reeves' support of this biking prodigy is helping the kid racer compete at the world's highest levels. So far the partnership has been successful, with Jigalov riding well at events throughout the Italian speed circuit. All rights reserved.

Ways Keanu has secretly given away millions. Getty Images. He put money back into the Matrix franchise Getty Images. He cut his pay to hire others Getty Images. He donates time and money to cancer research Getty Images. His goal: healing spinal injury Getty Images. He bought his mom a house Getty Images. He gifted his stunt crew motorcycles Getty Images.

More filters. Sort order. Apr 17, Trevor rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-reads , , lady-lovin , lgbtq , romance. Meanwhile, Anya decides to go through with hers because that's what she's supposed to. Isn't it? I really enjoyed the premise of this but unfortunately feel that it fell short of my expectations. She spends a great deal of time wondering if she should act on her feelings for Catie because it's obvious both women feel attraction or if she should continue being a people pleaser.

Meanwhile, Catie is trying to come to terms with managing a life without Anya. I liked the interaction between them but am disappointed with the ending. If more time was spent on the buildup between the girls instead of wedding fears, I believe this would have worked better for me. That said, I will be reading her other book because the writing is nice. Apr 24, Heather Henkel rated it really liked it. Good story I can't imagine not figuring things out sooner but I guess not everyone evaluates their relationships as often.

I liked the ending. May 26, moxieBK rated it it was ok Shelves: coming-out , lesbian-erotica. Bad thing about this book: With a little more editing and tightening of the story, it could have been an even quicker read. This felt like a first time writer. Also there was wrong word choice: plain instead of plane, for example.

Also punctuation errors. Usually, for that age group, those stories end up being more erotic than plot, but this one had both.

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Kind of disappointing, but not a totally bad story; it just needs more tightening and more editing. Two stars. Good storyline, but where was the editor? The storyline is cute, and I think that with some editing this could be a really good book. There are a lot of misspellings, missing letters, and confusing name mistakes. I also think the flow needed some work.

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The j Good storyline, but where was the editor? The jump between the beginning of the story and the bachelorette party seemed too sudden. All of this broke me away from enjoying the story, and instead I found myself critiquing it. Aug 05, Faraona del sol rated it really liked it. Excellent Excellent story, sweet, spicy and romantic. Catie and Anya have been best friends since childhood, they had sleepovers, hangovers and they even planned their single bachelorette party together until Catie started doubting if marrying Derek was what she really wanted Very good story I'm waiting for the next one!!!!

May 25, Marguerita rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-unlimited. Overall this story was a good read. I liked the characters. I enjoyed Catie and Anya's relationship and the ending. I would have given this book more stars, but I couldn't get over the typos. It was a few in the beginning, but towards the end there were too many. It distracted me from really enjoying the story because it had me rereading and thinking the ending was rushed just to finish the book.

Nov 21, Jouliana Jean Paul rated it liked it. I liked the story and book but the mistakes throughout the book really distracted from it.

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I would start getting lost in the feelings and the story and the error would bring me out. I still liked it and liked that it had a happy ending but for a published book these errors should not have been left behind. Sweet tale of two long time friends who are more than a little dense about the true depth of their friendship. Text could use a little additional editing; for example, fiances' names appear to have been swapped in a few places.

Oct 07, G L Meisner rated it it was ok Shelves: lesbian , lgbt , romance.

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The book was poorly written, erasing of bisexual identities, and difficult to follow. Had the author chosen one narrator rather than having two different characters narrate things would have been much better. Apr 29, J. An interesting story about what it takes to get married. Two bff's from school decide to get married together with their boyfriends. But that is not how things turn out when they start to really talk to each other! Interesting It is a good story but there are many, many typos. Also, the author had a hard time keeping track of her characters, for example, who was with whom; a totally different name even was used in one location.

May 27, Nancy rated it really liked it. A very sweet, kind of light-hearted love story with more than a little angst thrown in, exactly what I expected and more. A very sweet story of BFF evolves into a beautiful love. Georgia rated it it was ok Jun 06, Donn Ault rated it really liked it Dec 18, Jim Dragon rated it it was amazing May 21, Natalya rated it it was ok Feb 12, Robin rated it liked it Mar 15, Rebecca Sullivan rated it really liked it May 25,