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It had previously been under threat of disbandment. The one surviving gunman, Fowzi Nejad, was sentenced to life imprisonment nine months later.

Iran jails Iranian British Council employee for spying for UK

His fellow hostage-takers had opposed Ayatollah Khomeini and demanded freedom for the southern Iranian province of Khuzestan. But their cause was soon forgotten when war broke out between Iran and Iraq in late - a conflict that was to last eight years. Although Iran had supported the SAS raid, it took about 13 years for a mutual compensation package to be agreed whereby the British government paid for the damage done to the Iranian embassy and Iran repaired the British embassy in Tehran damaged during the revolution.

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Five Iranian gunmen were killed and one was arrested. Nineteen hostages were set free but one died and two were injured in the cross-fire. We sense what is coming.

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Thatcher decides to employ the SAS, and its operators stage at various points around the building. What follows is a gritty action sequence as the SAS battle the terrorists for control of the building. Interspersing real-life news footage with their battle scenes, the filmmakers remind us that war is neither pretty nor clean.

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One SAS operator is badly burned after being caught in a rappel line above an alight curtain, and some doors are jammed shut and cannot be breached. As we watch the operators move through the darkened embassy, the terrorists are eventually found, shot, and killed. Then it's over; all but one of the hostages are rescued, five terrorists are dead and one is captured.

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  • We're grateful, but not gleeful. Coming down off their adrenaline, the operators share a few smiles and cigarettes and head back to base. Nevertheless, "6 Days" isn't just an excellent movie simply for its historical accuracy and careful, non-glamorized depiction of hostage rescue. It's an important movie in that it speaks to a watershed moment in counter-terrorism history.

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    After all, until the SAS raid, Western Europe had spent over 15 years as an ideal place for terrorists to seize hostages and extract concessions. Thatcher's decision changed that reality by presenting Britain as a very poor place to do hostage-taking terrorist business.

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    • And to this day, the SAS's excellent reputation, as forged at the embassy, defines its reputation around the world. Editorial Cartoons. Beltway Confidential. Washington Secrets.

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      Wednesday July 10, John Bolton uses Twitter to try to flip In May , Britain sent a defining message to global terrorists. United Kingdom. Margaret Thatcher.

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      Tom Rogan. More Washington Examiner.

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      Wednesday July 10, It looks like the national security adviser is trying to get Venezuela's defense secretary and military chief to flip. What is the 'Conservative Energy Network' and why is it backed by leftist funders? Kevin Mooney. Organizations that market themselves as conservative while pushing left-of-center energy policies with financial support from left-leaning foundations have been showing up in force on Capitol Hill. There may not be a right to civic education, but there's certainly a crisis David Davenport.

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