Lesbian Fiction - Dark Theme Series: Vampira: Blood, Lust and Murder

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Hence they mainly point at individual deviancy and isolated monstrous beings rather than mass ideological culpability, which would entail some necessarily challenging form of self and collective questioning. Ball uses his murderers to dynamite the very American ideologies contributing to the perpetuation of serial murder.

The escalation from hallucinating to feeding on a few humans and finally on everyone in some lust for total power is so dizzying that it touches on the grotesque. The use of gore underscores the trivialization of violence as squirting blood, bodies and body parts fill the screen. It also highlights the way in which the conventions of popular movies and popular culture have turned viewers, into accomplices who revel in their loathsomeness, thus chronicling the death of affects and hence the generalization of psychosis to all strata in a post-industrial society.

Whatever the context and genre, we are made to find these acts of mindless violence unexceptional, an integral part of an existing social and economic system which seems to have become the only viable one. In his essay The Evil Demon of Images quoted by Keith Grant in Mythologies of Violence Sharrett and Grant 32 , Jean Baudrillard suggests that in this postmodern age, not only has the distinction between the real and the representation collapsed, but any form of experience is now tainted by the simulacrum of images.

The fact that the scene should take place in the iconic urban scape of the French Quarter calls upon an ancient tradition of reversal of order and momentary chaos.

My Beautiful Sin - Chapter 1 (Lesbian Romance Audiobook)

Representing the ultimate death of affects: a vampire guardian feeding off a child [S5E7]. It literally exposes the mechanisms leading to ethnic cleansing as such an Eden was traditionally associated with the national myth of Manifest Destiny Grant in Sharrett Ball rather conventionally ends season 5 with a cliff hanger, once again using the serial format to the fullest to hook the spectator. The Wire. Becker, Howard. Telling About Society.

Homosexuality and the Vampire

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Paranormal books (Lesbian Book Bingo #21)

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Joy Robinson

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Best Vampire Books | #1 Guide to the best fantasy books, games, movies, and more!

Flamand et J. Schmitt-Pitiot, chez McFarland Plan 1. Violent mythologies and the construction of otherness. The Gilda Stories by Jewelle Gomez features a lesbian who escapes from slavery in the s and becomes inducted into a group of vampires. The novel won two Lambda Literary Awards. Elfriede Jelinek 's stage play Illness or Modern Women , a modern re-telling of Carmilla , has two lesbian vampires as its protagonists. Emily, a wife and nurse, becomes a vampire and transforms her friend, Carmilla, into a vampire as well.

The two become lovers and drink the blood of children. Ultimately they are hunted down by their husbands and murdered. In Jody Scott's "I, Vampire," the central question is: after seven hundred years, lesbian vampire Sterling O'Blivion worries the joy has gone out of life, until a knock-down brawl with Virginia Woolf in the ladies' room of a Chicago dance studio. But Woolf is really Benaroya, a dolphin-like alien anthropologist here to learn all there is to know about humanity and to fight the good fight against the evil, slave-trading Sajorians. Sterling falls madly in love with Benaroya.

It's just the sort of romp an aging vampire needs - but first, to defeat the Sajorians, they have to sell millions of Famous Men's Sperm Kits to every woman on Earth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Part of a series on Sex and sexuality in speculative fiction Main topics. Sex and sexuality Gender Women Reproduction. Women in comics Feminist science fiction Slash fiction. LGBT themes. Recurring elements. Awards and cons. Award Wiscon Broad Universe. Other topics.

Homosexuality and the Vampire

Women in Refrigerators website Sexuality in Star Trek. LGBT portal Speculative fiction portal. Blackwell Publishing. The Horror Film: An Introduction. The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies revised edition. New York, HarperCollins.