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I must admit that I too hate Mickey Mouse, but I hate him for other reasons. Namely Mickey and his stupid copyright. Every time Mickey is about to go out of copyright the ever powerful Disney company pressures and copyright rules are redone. I understand that authors need their copyright and do not argue with that, but I do argue when copyright laws get so convoluted because of Disney and their mouse that libraries and archives cannot make preservation copies of a movie, recording, book etc in order to preserve it for future generations.

I would think if you asked an artist they would want their work preserved instead of letting the only copy disintegrate and not let future generations have access to it. So I hate Disney because they make preserving artistic works so hard on libraries and archives. They have millions of dollars to preserve them. This is one of my soapbox points.

The man destroyed Wales and Scotland, but sure as hell knew how to build a castle and he really did love his wife, which is sweet and unusual with a king. But I still hate him and always will. This hate relationship began when I was 4 years old and saw Bambi. On the other hadnd, I loved Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. But really, for all the other movies, they should be penalized.

What a terrible shame. Now Tweety Bird. I cannot abide that cruel yellow pack of feathers. Speaking of Disney…several years ago Disney was exploring the possibility of building a Civil War theme park on land here in Virginia right near the battlefields of Manassas as I recall.

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There was a HUGE outcry against it and the idea was shelved. See my Monday Blog. While I had planned to attend the conference in my hometown, I will not be traveling to Orlando.

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I sympathize with your hatred of Mickey. You crack me up, Megan! And I think it is very brave of you to come out against an American icon. Gets on my nerves every time! Most of the cartoon characters these days are a giant pain in my neck. Every time some parent shows up to order a cake for their child and wants a particular cartoon character on the cake I want to scream.

Wondering... Things I Love to Hate

The characters for whom we have cake kits is set by the home office in Bentonville. Apparently the choices Bentonville makes and the choices of the average indulgent Alabama parent are not the same! The only thing worse are the cake designs that come with some of the characters we do have. If I never do another Dora the Explorer cake again it will be too soon. And Jane I think there should be some categories of special circumstances with copyright laws when it comes to something being copied for our public libraries rather than have them go to the expense of repurchasing something.

I have to agree that I always pull for poor Sylvester. I like complex villains, those for whom while there is no excuse for their behavior there is an explanation.

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I like a villain who had the potential to be a good person and just chose the wrong path and has no way to turn back. I like a villain with a bit of an insidious touch, one you would never suspect of evil. Nobody would ever suspect him of being anything but concerned and supportive of her. And yet, our hero studies him and figures out that every bad thing that has ever happened to our heroine and her reputation has come from this male friend. The man set out to systematically destroy her marriage and her reputation in the hope she would eventually turn to him.

The hero, Wulfric Bedwyn, reveals all and everyone is stunned. It all makes perfect sense when Wulfric outlines what the man has done. That sort of villain is always great to read because you have no idea that is what he is until you reach the end. LOL Megan! I am not at all fond of Mickey Mouse, either. He does nothing but talk in that squeaky voice and wave those freakishly enormous hands. Ditto for Minnie. And Diane, I am totally with you on Tweety Bird!

I am sooooo excited!

Wondering Things I Love to Hate - VICE

I love those. With parents and grandparents all from the Los Angeles area, I went to Disneyland a lot as a kid. In the 60s it was an incredibly cool place, full of wonder and magic. When I went back with my own children, they had similar reactions while I rolled my eyes a lot at the cheesiness of it all. And Shakespeare played pretty fast and loose with his source material, too. I like subtle villains with redeeming qualities.

The charm of Disney is best experienced through the eyes of children, not adults.

And children need to have stars in their eyes, to dream dreams, even impossible ones, and not be rife with cynicism at the world around them. Have you made the standing princess castle cake? I have decorated wedding cakes that were less work. And of course most of the princesses must have the personal petite cake of the princess of their choice and those are really tough. For such a small cake it takes forever to shape it into the skirts of a ball gown. We have to sculpt them by hand! And did I mention the greed? After that sweeping statement I feel rather stupid in claiming that I like some moral ambiguities in my villains.

Ah, another Mickey hater.

However, everything with Disney is Mickey this, Mickey that. Donald Duck is always getting the shaft because of this mouse. Donald is way cuter, way better and all around times better than any stupid mouse. As someone mentioned, the subtle villains are better than the over-the-top Snively Whiplash versions. And the villain in Ms. As for Mickey Mouse, my youngest son is named Michael. When he was in middle school, one of his friends said there were too many Michaels, so he would call my son Mickey.

I grew up in Miami. I have returned with my children and see it for its commercialization. That being said, Disney sold its golf course resort near the Polynesian to the military, which operates it as the Armed Forces Recreation Center. It makes it financially possible for military families to enjoy Disney World.

Disney also offers discount passes to its parks where as Busch Gardens allow active duty and family members one day free per year. At the very least, Disney allows visitors to take in their own food and drink. The Dolphin and Swan Hotel two separate hotels akin to two towers is some distance from the themed parks.

But it is close to the Boardwalk by foot, boat, or bus where you can find alternatives to the hotel restaurants. For one, the sheer volume of work is not really comprehensible in advance. The Sisyphusian labor of dishes, laundry, housekeeping, admin, and childcare is just But the second major problem is more insidious.

This information puts mothers, even on day one of parenthood, way ahead of fathers in terms of know-how and expertise. This is slowly changing—men attend baby showers now, and daddy blogs are a real thing—but women are, generally speaking, still running the domestic show. Which brings me to resentment. She even sought help from an FBI crisis negotiator. He has to bond with his kids too, and you have to let him make mistakes.

That means not hovering and not signaling, overtly or subtly, that you know better. Total immersion is the only way, says Dunn. Get a coffee, or go away for the weekend. His way is not the wrong way. Then, Dunn, says, you are going to have to learn to You need to advocate for what you need, or stay on your own side. And keep having that civil conversation, weekly or monthly, as new responsibilities crop up and others fade away.

Goodbye diapers, hello baseball camp. Not staying on your own side means stewing in silent fury as you do the dishes, bathe the kids, pack lunches and fold laundry—while your spouse reads a magazine in bed. My husband and I long ago agreed that we would each get a half-day off, every weekend, in which we could sleep in and had no childcare or housekeeping responsibilities.

Answers: yes , yes , and depends on what it is.