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History of The Thin Man -- in print, on screen, and over the air

Murray , Helene Costello , Myrna Loy. Passed min History, Romance. A nobleman studying for the priesthood abandons his vocation in 18th Century France when he falls in love with a beautiful, but reluctant, courtesan. Passed Drama, Romance. John Wyncote's father dies, leaving him a bankrupt business. He instructs the family attorney, Thorden, to sell the business and all of his father's other interests. One of the now bankrupt Director: Harry O. Passed 70 min Drama, Romance. Director: Paul L.

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Scott McCaughey's The Minus 5 & Young Fresh Fellows: Because We Hate You (Part 1)

It is unknown whether Director: John G. Passed min Drama, War.

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Directors: Michael Curtiz , Darryl F. In order to get back some very important papers from her father's business rival, a young woman pretends to be the rival's new secretary. Complications ensue. Passed Crime, Drama, Romance. A bank officer steals valuable securities from his bank to pay off debts owed to a notorious gambler, but the disgrace is more than he can bear and does himself in. The handful of examples of the programs over the years come from the various AFRS electrical transcriptions that have survived. Most of the information we'd normally find in the opening or closing credits of the recordings of Thin Man programs are absent in most of the AFRS produced transcriptions.

We were therefore forced to rely almost entirely on contemporaneous newspaper articles, spot ads and Radio program listings to prepare our research for this article. World War II played something of a role in the evolution of this program over the years. From the January 2nd edition of The Binghamton Press:. Adventures of the Thin Man to Shift Networks.

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But the suspension of disbelief comes quite quckly when listening to the Radio examples. The snappy patter, while not rising to the level of that between Detective Sam Spade and Effie Perrine, nor to the level of either the on-screen Thin Man or Sam Spade personae, is still well paced and the dialogue is consistently entertaining. Indeed there seems to be a direct correlation between the popularity of the Radio programs and the continuing release of new Thin Man films over the period.

First with a series of guest star exchanges, which saw guest stars appear on the Thin Man programs followed by Nick and Nora Charles appearing on the guest star's own Radio program.


But that required them to park it in the only available post-curfew time-slot-- p. Of course, rather than salvaging the format, the impromptu revamping virtually assured an exponential drop in its already dwindling audience. Button, button, who's got the button. By the Summer season it wasn't even being promoted in Radio listings any longer. ABC was never much of a believer in newspaper spot ads to promote their Radio programming.