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I thought I would fail and had to reschedule for the second exam. Unbelievably, I made it. Thanks, Edward. I passed the PMP on the first attempt with 4 above targets. All your links were real lifesavers. I thoroughly used them in my preparation. One suggestion if you want to incorporate. I did not find a lot of really good sites explaining Point of total assumption. If you want you can incorporate that also in your series. Had only a few evm ones and a very high amount about change whose answer was simply follow the change plan or something similar. Lucky you! The information provided by you and some of the fellow commentators on PMP exam has helped me to prepare and gauge my preparation from PMP examination.

I did put effort to read ITTO to understand the logic behind it and that helped me answering several questions. About exam, there were questions wherein knowing correct ITTOs would help prune out wrong answers. Few questions can be preplexing, either because it looks very straight-forward or none of the options seem to be right. It took me two, forty minutes hours to finish the test and used remaining time to review answers.

Reviewing answers, saved me from wrong choices an assumption, since the answers are not revealed. I gave my exam in Mumbai. Though I am resident of the city, I booked a hotel close to the exam center to avoid the stress of navigating through Mumbai on exam day. Just cleared my PMP. Thanks for making this site. It was amazing place to do quick revisions and learns about confusion terms and EVM. However I felt that its your true experience as a PM which helped me to cross the line with overall above target.

Congratulations and thanks for your sharing. I am so glad that you find my website useful! In fact, your hard work paid off! Thank you very much for all your efforts for fellow aspirants. I referred your notes during my preparation and it was very helpful One suggestion which I want to share with everyone else is that do not trust all the mock exams very seriously as many of them are designed to fail you. Oliver Lehmann and Simplilearn were some of the best one I came across.

Congratulations on passing the exam with such great results! Thanks for your insightful recommendation which is extremely true! I took the exam on Dec 24 and passed with overall above target and above target in all five domains. I would like to thank you for this wonderful site. This helped me alot, while preparation. Especially the confused terms page. Also study notes for quickly remembering what i read in pmbok. I read Rita first then read pmbok chapter wise. Once I read all chapters in Rita, pmbok , I finished the exams provided by my training centre Infocareer Chennai, India It took almost wewks for me to finish above.

I started preparation in august last. Once I complete exams from training centre, I checked the above exams for readiness. Then on 10th of December, I scheduled my exam for 24th. It was two weeks prior. I reviewed all those questions where I made mistakes. Each time when I took exams either from. I scheduled my exam for 8 o clock slot. I reached there by 7, after security check and other formalities I started taking exams by 7. For exams I got almost all situational questions. Everything was scenario basis. And questions were very very long paragraph questions. I got formula based questions.

Eerything was straight formula application. But explained in a lengthy way. Once I end the exams, i didnt even have the courage to look at the screen. I didnt even realise that i cleared, until the pprometric gentleman came and told me, madam you have cleared it. The result of 4 months of preparation. My sincere gratitude to god, my family and my training institute and edward for helping me to achieve this. Thank you for the sharing. Your advice will be greatly helpful. For the Oliver Lehmann online test, you will be able to know which is the correct answer after submitting the test by scrolling upwards, the correct answers are marked in blue though there are no explanations for why the answers are correct.

I scheduled the exam on Dec 31st and cleared the exam on 12th Jan ! I am really happy that i could clear it in such a short time!! Basically I had plans of taking up PMP for a long long time, never tool it seriously though! Finally after applying online for the 2nd time, as my eligibilty to write the exam would expire on Jan 29th, I took the leap of faith and scheduled the exam. To be very very honest i was not at all confident, but i just had 12 days to properly prepare. I read some material i found online not the PMBOK , took around mock tests just the question doing at my own leisure, not a time based test and scoring not too well and reffered one fantastic excel file i found online that had the whole PMBOK covered in 2 tables.

Read that times and luckily could pass the exam today with Above target, target, target, target, target and below target. Your website helped with the mathematical questions! I just practiced the math questions 1 day before the exam and i think i got all the math questions accurately! What you are doing with this website is very helpful! Thanks to your blog post, discussion thread and all the good work you are doing for fellow professionals.

I was scoring between in all the Mock tests listed by Edward but some of them like the 2nd one which you need to download the software is made complex way more than PMP exam. Oliver Lehman and Simpli learn were very near the complexity level of Exam though. Firstly, I would like to thank you very much for your site and all the useful information you freely provided here.

Here are my mock exams scores:. Based on this score, I was so nervous but fortunately, the real exam was much more understandable for me. I also took PMTraining sample exam package and I did more than tests and reviewed all correct and incorrect answers. Something that I wanted to mention is the PMTraining test samples were very close to real exam in my point of view while PM Exam Simulator was very difficult in comparison with the real exam. My advice for others is focusing on Rita book and 47 confusing PMP words of your website as the most helpful information.

Again, thank you very much for all your great website which helps a lot of future PMP candidates. Dear Edward, Thanks a lot for putting this together and this had helped me in my preparation and understanding my exam readiness. I took the exam yesterday and passed with overall above target and above target in all five domains. I am not able to find the link for one exam in the above list. Its going to the scrum master certification details. Can you please help?

Edward, your website and all the links with your personal experience inspired me to continue studying PMP after my first failed attempt. I spent five months between the first and the second exam reading, doing tests and analysing mistakes made during mock tests. At the exam, first thing I did is put all formulas, 49 processes and other useful references on the paper that the test centre provided. As I said, writing down also helped to settle into the exam.

The exam itself seemed tough at the start and my confidence level was not at its highest at the start, but as I was moving ahead I started to feel more confident in what I was doing and finished with almost 6 minutes left to review 8 or 10 marked questions and hit the button….

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That was unbelievable feeling, adrenaline rush. I am thankful to my wife and kids who had to put up with my studies at their expense although I tried to also find time for them, but now I will have even more free time for the family. Oh, I am so thrilled to learn that you have made it! Yes, taking the PMP Exam ate up all my time and I also spent more time with them after passing the exam.

Congratulations again! Hi Edward, Firstly, I want to thank you for your contribution to this website as it becomes my primary source when I want to know the difference between processes or ITTO. I finally passed my PMP on the third attempts. And I must say If I came across your website prior to my second attempts preparation, I would have passed by then. I failed badly. My whole journey on my 3 attempt started on Oct and exam was scheduled on 04 Dec From my 2 attempt, I realised exam questions are tricky and all the answers can be a possible solution in real life.

PMI is testing your competence in handling those situations, hence answering the way they want. From self-study, you can learn the ITTOs and step by step processes but you won't learn how to handle those situational questions in the exam. Rita was my primary source of study guide but headfirst was the first book I completed reading as it is so much more interesting however it is less comprehensive. Rita helps to open up my thinking on how to handle exam questions and my lecturer gave us some pointers on which chapters to focus on Quality, Procurement, Risk and Stakeholder.

After my exam, I strongly recommend focussing on communication also. This time rounds, I practice mock exam every weekend and I have practised at least exam. Even practising with questions, the real PMP exam is like a total new set of question. In those mock questions, you can identify the question is focusing on which knowledge area and progress group. Exam question. What should you do based on this scenario 1 Fire the team member 2 Record the change into decision log 3 Check with CCB if they have documented this change 4 Raise CR If you study enough, you should be able to recommend 1, 2, 3 is totally out of the option.

My ans is 4, do you think so? Edward, I think you have built a PMP community down here and I would recommend you, to create another page dedicated for listing down possible scenarios and solutions which can help PMP inspire to be ready for the real PMP exam. Hi, Edward I just did the Fabmarks mock test questions 3 test in your free mock test list but cannot find the answer key anywhere. Do you know if the correct answers can be found anywhere? Thanks much for help! I passed the PMP exam on my first attempt on 23 Nov The resources here were useful.

I skimmed through both twice again before the exam. I also attended the 4 day workshop. I took a break from studies from Nov for a planned vacation. Apart from the planned break, I spent around hours on most weekdays and almost all day on weekends and holidays studying for the exam. I did a quick revision before I took the remaining mock tests and my scores were in the 70s and 80s.

Actual exam result was Above target overall and in each of the process groups except for closing where I got an on target. I would like to thank you a ton for your guidance and your effort in this website which I felt was immensely relevant and useful throughout my PMP journey. I am glad I came across your site during the start of my preparation.

I prepared for the exam in the span of almost 2 months. I spent significant time on reading and re-reading the chapters. I started pretty late with the mock exams and couldnt complete the free ones as well as the paid ones. During the preparation, I spent significant time trying to memorize ITTOs but failed miserably and then started focuing on understanding the logic behind it. Exam had a mixed difficulty level.

Few questions I could eliminate wrong answers easily, few it took a lot of thinking. Feels absolutely wonderful to accomplish this prestigious credential. I am a mother of a 6 year old and have a 12 hours long work schedule. I dedicated 3 — 4 hrs everyday for around 1. Below is my strategy and exam exp:. Did practice questions out of which 4 were exam style mocks. Wrote my gaps in a notepad and joined the missing links by revising those concepts.

Last four days I only revised and did short mocks. Be sure to do mocks that are on 6th edition, I got many questions on the revised edition. Ensure to invest time only in good quality mocks. Pace ur mocks in a way that u can spare 30 mins for review. Will be crucial on the exam.

While giving the exam yesterday, the surrounding was very noisy with a couple of people typing on the keyboard, so be prepared. Exam time just flies n questions have multiple knowledge areas in the same question. Got around 8 numerical. Most questions were on risk, quality, stakeholder and scope. I did not memorize the ITTOs like a robot but made it a point to understand their usage in their respective knowledge areas. Did not do any brain dump as it is waste of time and could easily remember formulas and concepts by the understanding I took while preparing.

PMP Mock Exams

I wanted to reserve any saved time for reviewing the answers. I stopped studying the previous evening of the exam day and had a relaxed time. Free your mind to help it work at full capacity on the exam. Eat and hydrate well before you start the exam. Overall, the entire PMP prep has been an enriching experience for life — not just professionally but on the personal front as well.

I have been referring to this blog often and got valuable info which I used for my prep, thanks Edward for the great job that you have been doing!! I had tried the mock tests. I read answers of all questions which were wrong. I realized understanding the concepts in PMBOK is more critical than referring to multiple reference materials. Hi all, I cleared the PMP exam a week ago on the first attempt. I was on target for overall with 2 above target in Initiating and Planning. Here are few lessons to share: I studied the pmbok 3 times, Rita book 2 times and made the list above of mockup exams.

The key thing is to review and understand all mockup questions. It took me also hours to review each mockup. Then do the links with your real work experience situations. These mock exams are easier than the real exam. I have a good memory, so it was not so difficult for me to memorize main ITTOs for each process. It helped me to get answers for the exam, these questions were the easiest ones. To get them will help to win some time in the exam. I got maybe 5 formulas questions. I got a LOT of quality, change and procurement questions. What to do, what next… Personally Rita book helped me a lot.

They present the processeses in an easy logical way. Questions were hard, with change questions linked with procurement, resources, quality, communication… The 50 last questions were the easiest. I used the rule 1 minute per question. Learn to manage the best your 4 hours. Identify fast the process described in the question, try to figure out the answer once you finish the question, then use eliminatation technique if needed.

I will be happy to respond to any of your questions. Good luck to everyone, keep working hard and stay focused. Thank you Mr. Chung and for all your comments. The total period was 45 days but 4 days gone for a short UK vacations and one Sunday to visit to Anne Frank house and post mortem of world war 2!!! Although the real preparation was started after I bought membership and got a copy PMBOK and scheduled my examination exactly 1 month after this date making sure that it should be before the fall vacations from next week of my daughter.

The real preparation was started only after I had bought the membership and got a copy of PMBOK —V6 and scheduled my examination on 18th. Only change was that I had studied it by process group wise rather than knowledge areas real world scenario. I had made my notes and even many charts in that format for my use and your notes were helpful in saving my time. Your review of mock exam is correct and gives a real time idea about your readiness for the final exam I had also taken those free mock test great help , thanks to the content writers and my results were as follows,.

Question Banks Question No. In last 4 days before my exam date, I did not attend any of the test and did not even try to open the book on the day before the examination. Just relaxing watched a movie and old episodes of few favourite comedy shows. Examination : It was straight forward but testing. I finished my first round in 2. Tips : Do not try to memorise all of those ITTOs I had not came across a single question in my exam but try to understand the concept and logic behind it. I cleared my PMP on Sep Thanks for your website, as it was great support for PMP prep. Few Lessons to share.

One thing which I realised late was to review all questions of mock instead of only wrong one. Reviewing All questions help you improve faster by filling gaps. You make mistake repeatedly beacause you have not know the correct way of answering the question. Solution to this which I felt was ample amount of mock practice, as in crunching time intuition helps you find right direction. Questions in real PMP are not lenghthy but poorly framed.

Agile was not a hurdle as I faced only 1 question regarding retrospective meeting. Numericals 3 to 4 only in my case and no CPM for me. Last but not the least — PMP prep is like churning out the cream out of curd, keep studing and practicing mock until to skimm the cream. Hi Edward,ont Thanks for this helpful site for people like me to get ready for exam. Now I have less than 2 month left to take test after that my application will expire and I think this will be my last try to attempt the exam because of my family situation.

I am so confused what should I do to get more practice. I will really appreciate your suggestion. It takes a lot of courage to start it all over again. You indeed rock! As you are scoring 70 — 75 in your mock exams, you are indeed quite ready for the exam. I passed my PMP yesterday first of all thanks for your support and advices all your notes and all other information is very helpful for PMP students. Here are some tips and lesson learned after failing first time:. Read Rita book twice and solved all exercise question after that. Read all notes on your site.

That was a big help for exam prep. First I thought it will be extra money if i feel I am ready I should just get the exam done but It was worth it because they had lot off question with same strategy not same questions but like question on change management and issue log were detailed and that helped to understand concept behind that and since exam had lot off those question I will thanks to Prep cast also it explained all 4 option like why the other 3 are not right which helped me understand.

After doing all that I worked on my knowledge gaps. Did not studied on exam day even day before exam only studied my notes and took 2 test with 50 question on my week knowledge. Question on exam are easier to understand than simulation but some of the answers are really close to each other lot of question on change management,issue log,Contract and resouce management only question that i have to use formulas each critical path float ,for CPI , for EAC and 1 to determine EV.

I spent 7 minutes for brain dump formulas were useful but process map i didnt used so wasted 5 minutes there after 2 hours i took one break for restroom and also i needed water and food so hard to sit without food or water for four hours when you 9 month pregnant but that break was less than 10 minutes and helped me to calm down. Only thing i can suggest is if we want to pass the exam need good guidance which include good material specially choose simulation very carefully I tried Gray campus but honestly that was confusing me more so I never got back to that. Prepcast and Rita was the best choice I made.

Also remember this exam need lot of knowledge and practice so make sure you commit lot of time if you want to pass for 3 weeks I studied from 6am to 3pm even it was saturday or sunday I knew I have to get up at 4am if I want to get this done. Good for you Randeep! Wish you every success! I cleared my PMP exam on 16th September. Your study notes were quite helpful. I cleared the PMP yesterday, much thanks to your website. Hats off to the hard work you are doing for people like us. I have cleared my PMP certification yesterday with above target score.

I followed your site, it helped me a lot. Notes prepared by you is quiet good. You rock it! I am so glad that you find my website useful for your PMP exam prep! Many congratulation to you…can you please share the list of mocks that you attempted along with ur scores…? This would help PMP aspirants for reference.. Hi Edward I wanted thank you for this article. So I want to share my experience and it may help someone else too. I started studying early June and here is what I did in order to pass the test first time: 1 Read Rita book twice and solved all the questions at the end of each chapter.

I like this book it summarizes the PMbok guide and focuses on the areas that come on the actual test. I solved their 19 lite exams 50 questions each. Also it allows you to generate questions mockup exam. I highly recommend this website their questions seems easy but it is very close to the actual test. I used to spend 10 to 15 minutes before going to bed every day solving their free questions. Why would you spend 5 mins from your exam time to do this? Extremely thankful for your detailed sharing which is very useful to fellow aspirants!

Congratulations on getting such good results in your first try! Also the top 5 full mocks that you recommend …thanks and congratulations…. Have you found questions on Agile also? Hi Satish , Sorry for the delayed response. Hi I also put new year resolution like others to pass PMP. I tried once in June but failed in my first attempt. I gave only free mock tests yet. This way, you are ready for the real exam. Wish you PMP success! You will only need an overall Pass to really pass the exam irrespective of getting any below targets.

Sorry that I cannot answer your question. Hello Edward, Your articles came at the right time to me. I was about to pass my exam when I saw your website. I used them to do a complete revision and you also helped me to better understand formulas. Hi Edward, Thanks for these useful tips and really opened up my eyes to be realistic about the my exam readiness. My goal is to get PMI certified this year.

Rest assured that you are now much closer to getting certified now than ever. And yes, I did clear it in the 2nd attempt. Perhaps, after failing, people understand it, so a caution. I was even comforting myself that so many other folks read idiot folks in my organization have done it, so I should be able to crack it easily, but I was wrong. Everyone has his own journey and they deserve the success of their hard work too.

After all, I have NOT done it for my many of my earlier certifications. I, again comforted myself that there are many online free exams, let me take them and I should be good. But, the biggest mistake is, these online exams do NOT tell you why you are wrong. I had answered almost all the free questions available online but never bothered to understand why I was wrong. Pay attention to that. Mistake no 3: When it comes to an exam, I can put myself together for 4 hours.

Take it again. Many of aspirants here are working professionals with family, kids and many other responsibilities. Gone are our graduate, college days when we used to sit around for an exam for 3 or 4 hours. We are NO longer habitual to it. Many online mock exam kits make you sit for 4 hours. Time management on this exam for 4 hours is also a key. I remember, I spent a lot of time on many questions in my 1st attempt.

These MOCK exams, for that matter, prepare your brain for 4 hours and enforces you to learn the time management of 4 hours. Bare it, it was a very close call but nonetheless a failure. Wish you all the best for PMP success. It is a wonderful journey, tough at times but NOT impossible. I decided to get PMP certification in Jan and after 35 Hours of training , i started with PMBOK 5th version reading , knowing that in March the exam will change and may not get quality materials for 6th version , i took risk and started preparing for 5th version , by spending hrs daily reading and preparing notes.

Completed reading in weeks and scheduled exam on March 22nd which gave me 3 weeks time to do mock tests. Initially i did some 2 tests and scored avg and was not feeling good about it. But since i had scheduled exam , i went over book again , my notes , took notes on questions , elimination methods and tricks. But if I have to take exam , i will have fill out new application again. Take exam with 6th version before June 24th and I fail , then i can take one more exam free of cost. Sure enough i went with 2nd option, started reading 6th version.

But this time , after scanning through quickly i realized its more same but except few changes in certain areas like procurement, Quality etc. Plus i didnt time as before , as i was busy with my work. But still completed the book and preparing new notes again. But anyways , i went through Agile part , role of PM etc from 6th and when i went to exam center , they did not allow me to take test because , my name did not match with my Government issued ID card.

After hour of arguing with test center person and checking with PMI Customer care, they said they cant anything and took my request to change my name as per ID. So , now rejected, frustrated , broke , disappointment — i basically gave up. But this time, i didnt get any time going through my notes, book or tests , as my work got busier , my 2 toddlers extrem hyper and all. Basically , i went to exam center blindly, almost certain that at least i will exposure to real exam. Took the exam, as relaxed i can be , went through questions and answered with my best knowledge.

Initially first questions , i was confident of me selecting correct answer but as the questions went by , i was not sure , i am doing right.

Time check, i had 70 questions more to go , in 27 mins. I wanted to attempt all questions, so i basically ran through questions and selected answers , first thing i know was correct. Just 1 min 37 secs remaining , i thought i had enough , finished all questions , and without thinking much , i submitted.

And then , the longest wait of my life , secs boom. Here are my few cents: 1. Get the concepts in your head. There is No point remembering sequence, tools and techniques for each process areas. Its impossible remember pages of book.

Take as many tests as possible, dont worry about results just go with it and your instinct , but be care full in elimination methods. As i remember , i had at least Qs out of like what do you do, what do you do next and what do you do first. Most scenario questions around changes — scope, schedule and mainly communications.

I am sure that, PMP questions are not meant to trick you — if they do , it will be in subtle way and fair- unlike many of the mock test i think many of them went overboard in framing questions. The questions wont be long and lengthy at least not , what I got. For 2time reading , i devised something like this — Areas where you need concentrate on Documents — like Procurement, charter ,resources,part of quality, part of risks.

Areas you need to understand what tools and tech used like — Quality, risks, communication,scope, SH. Areas you need concentrate on overall and decisions — like integration, time, cost,communications. Lastly but may be most important of all — Go into exam as relaxed as you can be, like nothing to lose, but dont be careless. There is very thin line between relaxing and careless- that means, you should know what ans you are selecting and why — ask yourself if you have gone through pmbok and handled projects or scenarios , your mind will most probably give you rational answer.

I still wait for my certificate , as i said anything can happen to me. I took this PMP certification as a one of the resolutions for the year I planned to study 4 hours daily except weekends since March in total around 50 Days time. I did not memorize any formulas or ITTO as after reading it with close attention i found its very easy to relate all the processes in PMBOK once you have understanding about those concepts it works well in your mind. After reading all the study material twice I attempted all the mock questions given below and analyzed all the answers wrong and right to improve my understanding from PMI point of view and it worked well in exam.

I wish success to every body who are planning to pursue their exam for 6th edition. Yes, Its achievable with persistence and continuous improvement in your own ways. Make a best version of yourself and do whatever suits to you as per your schedules and achieve the target PMP. Happy Learning!!!!!! Your sharing is really extremely valuable for all PMP Aspirants to really try the new exam! Thank you for sharing! Were there agile specific questions on the exam?

Do I also need to read the Agile guide? Thank you a lot for providing such a phenomenal resource and your contribution to PM community is immense. I list here the lessons learned:. However, it still takes time for the free PMP mock exams to be updated. Some paid ones have already been updated, e. KG here. You advised me not to worry too much for 6th Edition as I missed taking my 5th Edition exam. I am working towards taking 6th Edition PMP certification. I want to check with you if you are planning to include the mock up question links that includes 6th edition changes two new processes and Agile concepts..

Yes, I will be updating the info here once available. I am still collecting advice and experience sharing from fellow PMP Aspirants. Will surely update in due course! This makes me little nervous. Thought of checking with you. Have you met anyone who has taken exam based on 6th edition? Sorry, not yet. People are still waiting for others to try and succeed first every time things are changing. If you have done your part, just have a go!

First of all thanks much for all you do. I have been following your site after I decided to do my PMP and I must tell you I am a big fan of you — the way you provide your opinion and guide PMP aspirants like me is commendable. Thanks a lot for maintaining this website active and sharing the necessary information, help and guidance needed for PMP aspirants. You have been doing an awesome job and I should definitely thank you for all your efforts. It feels so good to see the score after all the hard work you put in. After visiting your website, I came to know of the mock links you have shared. Then I Started taking mock exams, which built my confidence.

I never memorized the ITTOs like many here had commented. I took all the free mock tests in the link you have provided. Initially I scored very bad and was bit disappointed. The turning point was the PM Prepcast simulator exam that you had mentioned. It helped me to think through the situational questions and more than that sitting through the 4 hour exam is what I learnt the most from the simulator. I took few tests from pmpexamforfree. I did not spend any time doing brain dump during the exam. I am very happy with my achievement and this would not have been possible without your site.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the folks who have shared their experience and strategies for PMP preparation. I am full time working mom of 2 kids — 2 year and 3 year old so if I can do it anyone can pass the exam with some good prep and guidance through your site. I got my 35 hours mid of December and my boss wanted me to pass the Exam and put it in my Objectives! For I started studying beginning of February.

At the beginning I was very relaxed and had hard time to motivate myself: I read the Rita once and the PMBok also once. I finally decided to register for the Exam mid of March and this stressed me out!

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I really started to study and do questions, questions, questions and Mock Exam. I found your website when I registered for the Exam 2 weeks ago and it helped me a lot. First I used your results as reference to clear the Exam. This completely freaked me out! Then I read all the comments on this page and I started to realize that I could actually clear it. So I was very happy to see my results. Very useful!! The last day I used PMaspire. Thanks Edward for creating this website and thanks also all the people who shared their results, experience and feelings here!!

Thank you for your fabulous website which has contributed in my success. In addition to the above I believe practice tests scenario based mock tests helped me to manage my time in the real exam. Thank you again, Regards Sridhar. Please do help to spread this website to anyone you know would benefit from it. Hi Edward, I passed the exam yesterday with the following results: initiating: above target — planning, executing, controlling : Target — closing : needs improvement ouch.

Thanks for your website. EVM explanation, confusing terms and mock exam links were very usefull. Quite accurate about the topics of questions to except in the exam. Regarding the exam difficulty, I was surprised as the most difficult was to understand the questions. Thanks a lot for your detailed sharing which is very useful.

And congratulations on your perfect scores in the exam!

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You have been doing a fantabulous job, especially your explanations on 47 confusing terms is really helpful and much needed for PMP exam preparation. Midway through my preparation, I was clueless as to where I was standing with regard to PMP preparation. After visiting your website, came to know of the mock links you have shared.

Then I Started taking mock exams, which built my confidence and I made sure I was ready to take up the exam. Would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the folks who have shared their experience and strategies for PMP preparation. Hello, Thanks for a great resource. Your website was one of the few resources that I used. My wife and I took the exam today and both passed. My wife had 3 Above Target and 2 Target. As you can see, I seemed to be just above water. The exam was more of a logical, thinking hard type of exam. To fellow aspirants, I say read take as many questions as you can and always think as a project manager.

What would you do, what would PMI want you to do? I am also a believer in spending a bit of money to get ahead. If you have or you can, get some of those courses that cost money. First of all, thank you so much for helping fellow PMP aspirants by creating this website, sharing your experience and sharing your personal study notes.

Your have done a great job. Thank you once again. I now will have to plan for 6th edition. Can you please advise if 6th Edition has drastic changes? I want to plan to give exam in next 30 days. Is this a right decision? Does PMI loads new questions for the test whenever they come up with new edition? Please guide me how to plan for 6th Edition. Thank you in advance. Sorry to hear that. But you will also need to have knowledge of Agile. Most of my free resources have been updated for the 6th edition already.

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Thanks so much Edward for all the info! Passed mine today with 4 above targets and 1 below target closing process. Happy to share that I passed the PMP on my first attempt today…your website was extremely crucial in passing, that much I can swear by! I got the following scores:. I started on Jan 3 this year as part of a New Year Resolution to get this exam done!

I work as a Construction Project Manager and found a lot of the material relevant but also had to learn a few other areas which I was not that familiar with and mostly found challenging the terminologies within some of the process groups. As for practice exams, I pretty much only did the mock exams listed on this page starting a week ago and scored as follows listed in order taken :. Needless to say, I am certainly relieved and cannot thank you enough for your extremely valuable website! Wow, what an achievement as you are a mother of 2! Please help the growth of this website by sharing it to anyone you think will find it useful.

I have passed my PMP examination today and this is my first attempt. I am great follower of your website, your explained the EMV concepts and confused terms in the best way and it helped me a lot. I suggest everyone to go thru your website for guidance on concepts. Overall my performance was on Target which is a good one for me. Congratulations on getting PMP certified on your first try! I am so glad you find my website useful. Please do help to share this website with your friends and colleagues should they need to take the PMP Exam.

On weekdays I use to study from PM to AM, after my 20month old kid sleeps, and same during the weekends but extra hours. I spent like this till March. I knew the judgment day was near, so I had to speedup the process and make most of the time. I increased the timeline of my reading to extra one hour each day. The concepts were very clear for me now and all I had to was to connect the dots.

Went thru EMV concepts which are crystal clear and made my journey easier. Last three days before the exam I intensified my reading more from PMBOK and made notes for myself to make easy reading on exam day morning. On my exam day,19March , I woke up early and went thru my notes again in all knowledge areas.

First 60mins I took 60 questions, next 60 mins next 60 questions and next mins all the questions. The questions were simple to understand and the options were very confusing, I had to breakdown the possibilities and eliminate the answers and find the right one. I was left out with 30mins yet, so I wanted to review my questions now.

After I submitted the exam, the survey time was there, I quickly filled it up. I felt happy and thanked to God and family. This exam will test your logical thinking and common sense. Eat well before you take this exam, questions, 4 hours of sitting and thinking, you should physical and mentally fit. So Last three day before my exam, I wake up at Am and attempt questions exam with a timer to practice for D day.

After all this, I wanted to tell everyone is that, please give your full for the preparation, no substitute for hard- work. Regards Karur Nagarjun. My study materials were a combination of resources including LinkedIn Lynda. Thanks again for the assistance you have provided to me and many others on the journeys to achieve the PMP certification. Congratulations on passing the PMP Exam with extraordinary results!

Would you like to share your lessons learned to benefit fellow PMP Aspirants? Thanks in advance! Sure, a lot to share. First, I was fortunate in a sense insofar as my wife went through a PMP Bootcamp last fall that her employer paid for. My wife is not pursuing the certification — she was a last minute sub for one of her colleagues who got sick with the flu That was how I got the prep book from Sohel Akhter, which was very helpful in providing questions that, while wordy, were in essence similar to the exam.

Second, as I have a LinkedIn subscription, I used their offering to fulfill my contact hours requirement. And the best part is, all it takes is a library card. The Kim Heldman and Pearson books also have online sites that offer practice questions and other test prep help. The site for the Kim Heldman book also allows one to download a PDF copy of the text, essentially provding the eBook version for free.

Overall, what worked best about this strategy was that having questions from many different sources provided several different angles at learning material and preparing for what might appear on the exam. Among the published sources I used, they each had their own styles, and interestingly each provided additional depth on topics not really covered elsewhere i. That was both a blessing and a burden. Additionally, the Kim Heldman book, published in , had some material and questions that were tied to concepts which have been discontinued from the PMBOK, in particular the Quality Baseline.

Another thing I found in going through practice questions from many sources were inaccuracies. Overall, I would say about 1 out of every questions I came across had an incorrect answer. And I found at least 1 incorrect answer in most sources that I used.

Eleven important questions for PMP

So one helpful hint to fellow PMP aspirants, if you come across a question for which the chosen correct answer seems odd, fact-check it by doing a Google search or consulting other sources. It is possible that the publisher made a mistake. That said, fact checking among publishers should also be better than it is, as should grammar use i. Maybe some quality audits are needed? One last improvement that I would like to see: the exam I took allows takers to highlight text from questions and strike out answers in the process, something that I did not come across in any of my online sources and I think would be very helpful.

Hi Chung, I am Godara. While doing all this I was also attempting different mock tests. Mostly I attempted from pmpexamforfree. I Scheduled my exam on 17th March. Am I ready or should I postpone? Please Reply fast, only one day to postpone. Just try to keep your cool during the real exam and you will surely be alright. Thanks Edward. I wrote and passed with all groups above target. My take on exam is no different from what other people have written here.

I will emphasize one thing here as Rita says, think as if you are a PM and answer the questions. I have a lot of PM experience that helped me a lot. I got more lengthy questions, One numerical question was wrong. I am still sure, it was wrong. Some questions will try to kill your time, do not fall prey to it. As Edward says keep cool. Its only an orientation change nothing else!!! All the very best to all readers of this blog who are yet to appear and get certified! Thanks again Edward for your helpful communication. I havent yet completed the pmbok 5th edition. I havent yet taken any mock tests.

I need your advise how to go about with my last minute preparations. This is urgent and I request your quick response in the matter. Serving on the board is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the Chapter and the development of project management in Thailand. PMI Thailand Chapter members are eligible to cast their votes in the annual ballot for election of Chapter officers to serve on the Chapter board of directors.

It contains content that would not be found on other reference books and would appear in the real PMP exam. PMI Thailand Chapter provides its members and other professionals opportunities for training and professional development. The Chapter provides monthly lectures, workshops, field-trips, and orientation programs, which are currently and primarily hosted in Bangkok.

Please visit our Calendar of Events on our website here and plan your upcoming training session with us. The fee indicated above is the PMP exam fee for the computer based examination for membership holders. The exam consists of multiple choice questions with each question has 4 answer choices. The allocation time to complete the exam is 4 hours. Based on analysis, participant usually able to answer all question in 3.

Once the PMI approve and you are eligible, PMI will e-mail you examination scheduling instruction with eligibility code which you will need to key in when you scheduling your exam. You can re-take the exam up to 2 times within your 1 year eligibility period. After that, you are require to re-submit the PMP requirement to obtain a new eligibility code. Email Address:.