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Coachbuilder: Pininfarina. Other Chevrolet. Tony Riddick. The top photo of the Chevrolet Rondine Pininfarina was photographed in Arizona to promote it's sale at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona January of Remember me. One example is cement tiles, which — with a history stretching back over more than a century — are right up there among the main trends of the moment.

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Traditional cement decorations, extremely popular in the early 20th century, have today been given a ceramic twist in po The intrinsic characteristics of Rondine stoneware — The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. Spring at last: new solutions for outdoors Ceramica Rondine. Add to MyArchiExpo favorites.

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Wooden floors even in the garden Versatile, frostproof, weather-resistant and exceptionally low-maintenance: these are just some of the many features that make stoneware an unbeatable material for outdoor floors, even with a wood effect. Stone-effect stoneware paving for outdoors A perfect blend of technology and beauty, the Ardesie stone-effect stoneware collection is an excellent outdoor paving solution, thanks to the sizes 40x H20 with a thickness of 2 centimetres and More information.

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Associated Trend items Oxyd, the new collection by Rondine in which imperfections are turned into an unmistakable style. The eclectic, sophisticated 60x60 and 60x sizes embody all the superb quality of Ceramica Rondine porcelain stoneware. A material able to blend beautifully and seamlessly with the most innovative architectural choices, guaranteeing a contemporary style able to stand the test of time.

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Bringing a striking , confident look to commercial premises requires a smooth, attractive combination of the various furnishing elements with the floor and wall covering solutions. Larger sizes are proving popular with project designers looking to bring a contemporary slant to their projects, and these large ceramic slabs are ideal for placing the accent on visual continuity , in both residential and commercial settings.

The palette of shades that can be created on the various sizes is truly impressive: the pigments added to the body allow for an endless variety of nuances. Large-size tiles in pale, uniform shades are ideal for smaller rooms, because they create a visual effect that makes the setting appear more spacious.

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Vertical stripes bring height to the proportion s of a room, while horizontal stripes make it look wider. Square tiles are able to create both effects, creating a sensation that amplifies the space they are used in. Mixing different sizes brings a graceful , engaging allure to the floor. The pattern the tiles are laid in adds to the effect created by the different shapes, colours and sizes. Industrial decor marks a return to the raw look that was once the preserve of industrial settings, featuring elements such as cracks and rough finishes.

This mood can be created by skilfully teaming vintage or even recycled furnishings with steel or technical elements. An excellent solution for the floors is provided by concrete-look stoneware , for a solid effect, in shades ranging from anthracite through to black.

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Whatever the mood of our living spaces or the architectural trends marking our homes — living area, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms — or our workplaces and leisure facilities, it must be evident even before we walk through the door. Thanks to the innovative 2-cm-think self-supporting flooring system , an exceptionally simple solution can be adopted the tiles can be dry-laid on gravel or grass, glued onto slabs or raised on rigid supports , requiring no particular technical expertise or complex labour.

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SixZeroSolution comprises a broad variety of tiles in the large sizes 60x60 and 60x , guaranteeing unrivalled beauty and ideal for laying in residential or commercial settings, both indoors and outdoors, rising to meet a variety of style demands and at the same time guaranteeing outstanding technical performance. Amarcord Amarcord, patterned floor tiles, arises from research aimed at defining two products that can live together in the same dwelling. Ardesie The raw power of rock shines through in all its vigour, in this new porcelain stoneware collection inspired by natural slate and characterised by a welcoming and exclusive feel.

Betonage Betonage: porcelain stoneware covering tiles by Ceramica Rondine that offer a faithful interpretation of the most refined types of concrete, emulating the shades of the raw material.